summer picnics with friends under the brooklyn bridge.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge03278-4

i’m currently feeling all sorts of feelings with summer winding down and this cooler weather sneaking in (although i know it’s not permanent yet). the emotions are also possibly high due to my baby girl starting her first day of kindergarten today. HOW we have arrived at this point in life already is a lot for me to handle. it’s good and sad and scary and exciting at the same time and this was probably a terrible week to choose to wean my littlest baby.

the good news is it’s been a really great summer. and since we’ve been trying to stay busy this week chipping away at the last few things on our summer bucket list before summer slips away forever, the littles and i found ourselves in brooklyn earlier this week with friends for some pizza “picnic style” under the brooklyn bridge. the wind was full blast (but any excuse to start pulling out the sweaters and booties, yeah?) and the sky was feeling very moody. we somehow had the pier to ourselves for a good while there (it’s usually so crowded at every hour) and i just love my friends’ company so much.

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also, i shared this photo on my instagram the other day and a lot of you asked about my suede booties. they are from nordstrom a while ago and i don’t see them listed anymore, but i found some very similar ones for you here and here.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge03017

when these two ran off together i had to laugh. it looked like they were up to something. it’s been fun to see conrad really start to socialize with little ones around his age. he gets so excited when he sees his friends and he often spontaneously will hug them. he’s going to be a lot of fun these next couple of years as he navigates the social scene of toddlerhood.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge032701181LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge032701181-2

so this is conrad signing the word “please!” and his little friend denying him her pretzels. marlowe is a girl after my own heart, she keeps her friends close but her snacks closer. lol. (they made up though because she did end up sharing her pretzels!)

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge0893LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge0301711-2LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge0301711

give my girl eleanor the camera and she’ll get you a couple of really great pictures! she’ll also take a ton of photos of your legs and feet to be silly. she’s the best. as are these mama friends of mine. hey amanda, you sure you don’t wanna move back?!

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i love this photo of conrad looking across the water at the city’s sky line. he’s my little new yorker who has a birth certificate to prove it. who knows if he’ll grow up to love this place as much as his mother does, but i have a suspicion it’s in the cards. also, his little brown sweatshirt once belonged to eleanor and then samson and it’s up there in my five favorite hand-me-downs my kiddos have all worn. not sure how it’s stayed in the “decent condition” category all these years later (my kids are SO hard on their clothing) but it’s such a sentimental piece for me at this point and i know i’ve talked about it before… i just love seeing it on him.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge0307LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge10890

E’s panda (her very first panda she got when she was just ten months old that started her entire panda obsession) inside her panda purse because, obviously that makes total sense! also, i found this video from 2012 of a day when eleanor and i (and her same panda!) went to the national zoo in DC. holy cow, how time has flown and also can we just have my hair be that long again?! why does growing it out have to take 12,586 years.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge10893-2

that moment when his older brother is running around with his friends and you get to play with his remote control car because he isn’t looking!!!!!!!

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge10893LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge108930LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge108930-2LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge1089

her little bobby pins in her hair are my fave.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge032781-2LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge032781LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge03278-3

seriously, when i step back from a moment like this, with good friends and good food and a view that i guess is alright (i’m kidding! it’s a great view!), i just can’t believe life. yes, city life has so many cons and i get that it’s not for everyone, but it’s been really really good to me and it’ll always feel like home.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge03278-8

also, juliana’s for the win. forever and ever.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge03278LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge03278-2

i could seriously just sit and watch conrad eat food all day long. it is so entertaining! he ate like 4 different holes into his pizza slice (i do offer to help him and i even try to cut it into pieces for him, but he doesn’t want any of that! he wants to do it on his own, like the big kids! and i love that about him.)

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge03278-7

i had to include this one because i laughed so hard when i went through my photos after coming home. he’s like, MOM! THERE’S BASIL ON MY PIZZA! lol. jk.

LOVETAZA Brooklyn Bridge03278-5oh man. be still my heart. summer you have been so very good to us. and i thank you for it. also, thanks to all of you for following along! i see comments sometimes from some of you who have been following along for so many years now i feel like we’re good friends! thanks for being so good to me. i love having you here.

ps. wearing this laced high neck white blouse, this hat and these jeans. similar booties here and here.

  1. Eleanor always has the best accessories! // Conrad sure has a special way of eating his pizza! It looks like he’s hugging his slice in that first picture :P But I mean, who wouldn’t? Pizza is so wonderful and definitely deserves a hug. Also that last picture, his cheeks!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. Jessica

    I think it’s darling how all your kids wore the same sweater! There are definitely some of my kids clothing items I cannot let go of❤️

  3. Gabriella

    It’s been wonderful following along for so many years! I still remember the times before Eleanor was born and I also remember that zoo visit! Ha! What a lovely family you have, and what a joy it is to be a part of it in some weird, extended, internet way :)

  4. Paige

    I’m convinced that mommying with other moms in NYC has to be one of the greatest things ever.


  5. Carly

    What a perfect way to wrap up summer and let the kindergarteners have one last hoorah before school. I can’t believe Eleanor is starting school! I’ve loved watching her grow up on this blog. Are there good public schools in NYC or are doing private?
    Carly from

  6. Emily

    This is my kind of play date! Pizza with a view! I know you said your booties are sold out but what brand are they?

  7. Christin

    I have never commented on here, but I have been following you and your precious family since before Eleanor was born. When you said today was her first day of school, I almost fell out of me seat! Time sure does fly! Thank you for sharing your life with all of us! I lived in NYC for 3 years and when I look at your pictures it takes me back to my own memories of that amazing city.


  8. Darlene

    How was her first day of school? Hope it was amazing. I cried every day for a week when my oldest started kindergarten. Going from being with them every minute of the day and then all of a sudden they are with someone else half the day..its so hard! But so good for them :)

  9. Lauren Bee

    I love the hand me down jumper :) And I can’t believe Eleanor is starting kindy! I remember when she was born!!

    Also, thanks to you I’m now craving pizza even though it’s currently 9:30am in NZ… NYC is high on my list of places to go, and I’m not gonna lie – pizza is one of the main reasons.

    Hope Eleanor has a great time on her latest adventure!

  10. McKinlay Otterson

    So fun!! Love Brooklyn. I seriously have such a deep love for the city now that I spent almost 2 weeks there. It’s my fav. And I have to say…your long hair was gorgeous but I LOVE your short hair!!! I seriously think it’s adorable and you rock it so well.


    Hi Naomi! I’m from Malaysia. I have never commented before but i really love reading your blog and thank you for regularly updating. Your kids also so cute with amazing personalities.


  12. Teresa

    Crazy, I started weaning my youngest this week just as my oldest started kindergarten too! Thought I’d be a weepy mess, but somehow it has been good. Hope the same happens for you. Love following along!

  13. mara

    i don’t know that i would ever be a true city dweller (we live just outside fo SLC, UT and i love being juuuuust outside of the ‘city’…the city that’s nothing like NYC i know, but still ;)), but i do LOVE to visit big cities and i’ve only spent one long afternoon layover in NYC. hubby and i have been craving to go back ever since. if/when we do, we’re callin you up!! :) these pics are great. eleanor’s bobby pins are adorable and conrad’s pizza eating is perfection. xo

  14. Your little newyorker is sooooo cute and his way to eat pizza!!! hahahahha

  15. aga

    Hello Naomi! Your kids are so adorable and Little C is so willing to do everything all by himself! Love that! And your Big City Life seems to be so colorful, active and positive. I just love to watch those small moments on your blog. Keep writing and taking pictures and making video. Coz your Big maile and energy flies to me with every post! Hugs for all od you from Poland ?☺

  16. aga

    Big smile*

  17. Megan

    Gosh I don’t think there is a better way to spend a summer afternoon than picnics with friends, especially when it involves pizza! Yum!! Love these pictures


  18. Alison

    I’ve been following you for YEARS and honestly can’t get enough. You inspire me to have a big, beautiful family! xoxo

  19. Meghan

    Yep! I started following you after my brother-in-law of all people showed me your road trip with your then-new VW Bug. I was pregnant with my daughter at the same time you were with both my daughter and my son (5 and 3.5 -March and January babies). We’ve been trying to get pregnant for quite a while now, and are looking forward to that sweet camaraderie and love that I see with your three kiddos. It’s been wonderful to follow along!

  20. Emily Gibson

    Your family is so sweet and adorable. I have been following since I was in college (back when Kingsley was your only baby!) and I feel like we are good friends who have never met! Now around six years later, I am married with a baby on the way, and you give me so much inspiration and advice on parenting and marriage through your posts. Thank you for being a “friend” for so many years! :)

  21. Carol

    Hi Naomi,

    Don’t know if you or anyone else will come across this comment…but I am excited to take my family to NY next week (we’re just going to do a 1 day trip in and out from upstate NY), we’ll be meeting in NY state as its half way between MN & Ireland (where I”m from) (MN where i now live!). I’ve been using your site as a basis for all the fun things we could do in NY, but if I was to choose one neighbourhood to visit with my kids (same age as yours) what should I visit? We arrive in in Penn or Grand Central.


  22. Lou

    I can’t believe how BIG conrad looks in your recent posts.
    Where has the baby gone?!

    Naturally Beige

  23. Tiffany

    These are some great pictures! You guys are seriously family goals…don’t ever change <3