pizza dates and parent/teacher nights and long walks on the UWS.

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our date night this week looked a little different than usual, with the majority of it spent at a parent/teacher night at eleanor’s school. the funny part about that though, is that josh and i had been looking forward to the night at the school for a few weeks now. haha! we are such dorks sometimes. but it was a great evening together, and it just solidified our excitement for this coming year and the future.  we had plans to head downtown afterwards, but i was starving since we raced straight from the kids’ fencing lesson to dropping them off with our sitter so we could make it to the school on time. so afterwards, we decided to take a detour for pizza at motorino which just opened a new location on the upper west side! we got caught in a long conversation which carried us through a long walk around the neighborhood afterwards and we ended up never making it downtown. josh davis, you’re my favorite person to talk with.

we didn’t take too many photos during our night out, but below are the few we did take!


this dress is one of my favorites, but since it’s a little too short for me, i usually wear it tucked into a long skirt or else with pants. i don’t care if that’s weird. watch me do. (does meghan trainor get anyone else through their circuits at the gym? she’s my favorite to listen to when i’m working out on my own.)


that single strand of ivy went down the entire brownstone into that cute garden and it needed to be documented.


pink lips and bow ties. ps– i’ve been wearing this lipstick in mauve matte as my daily go-to the past few months since i think maybelline might have discontinued my usual go-to shade i’ve worn over the past several years (you can still find it online, but harder to come by and i haven’t seen it in stores in ages.) but this one is close in color and also a great matte. i love it just as much.


so so thrilled to have motorino on the upper west side! we LOVED the meatballs for our starter. don’t skip those if you go! also, please don’t mind the graininess of these photos since it was so dark in the restaurant and i had to bump up the iso on our camera like crazy since we don’t use a flash. it is what it is, which is grainy. i know. :/


did something i don’t normally do and had the sweet sausage and brussels sprouts on my pizza. delicious! this crust is the best i’ve had in the city and it reminded me so much of my beloved 2amy’s in washington DC.

love-taza-datenight01qtr73-3and there you have it, a bit of our date night right here! have a great weekend, you guys!

ps. wearing this mini shift dress with bowtie, these jeans (my high waisted mom jeans that i live in), my sunglasses, my pink cross body bag and similar booties here.

  1. Sally Mae

    I love how you have so many amazing clothes, and Josh wears the same green tie whenever he gets dressed up! ??

  2. Rena

    So cool you are wearing your really wonderful dress over the denims! And dispite the start you had obviously a wonderful date night together!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. This sounds a lot like our date nights and free time lately! Our son and daughter are at different schools in different languages for this year only, so all the school events are doubled. So looking forward to having all three at the same school some day!
    I’m curious how you guys decided on a school for E. There are so many factors to consider! For us, it was all about the closest school to our home. Bonus that it was also very highly rated. And our kids go to French school, but that’s easy to find because we live in Montreal :)
    But how did you choose between public/charter/private/faith-based/secular? When we lived in the UWS years back before our kids were school-aged we noticed so many great schools!

  4. Carly

    I love that you guys were so excited about the parent teacher conference! That’s very cute. I hope Eleanor is doing well at school. Clearly you guys have an amazing relationship when you still have tons to talk about after many years of marriage and 3 kids later.

    Love that top by the way

    Carly from

  5. Jessica

    I love that you guys looked forward to the parent/teacher night! I guess I’m a dork too. Also, yay!! for dresses with jeans because us moms ic little ones know that short dresses just do not work without something under them!

  6. Elishia

    I don’t mind the graininess one bit, I’ve always felt that it adds a little vintage charm to a shot. I’ve just moved to NYC, The Upper Westside and I’ll be trying it out ASAP! Thanks X

  7. catzestoli

    Hi Taza!
    first i love your blog is a good place to feel inspired by family. I follow your blog for years and it is wonderful that you allow people to feel the love that lives in your family and follow your moments. Your style is so lovely and artistic …. I love that about you. I just wish you would share a little of your strategy as a couple to balance your personal AND professionals projects, maternity / paternity, daily tasks and steel maintains a love life on track.

    I liked to hear / read your perspective, since I work full time and I am thinking in the very near future to make the leap of faith in motherhood;) ….

    When did your family visit Portugal?

    Whith Love
    From EstoliCatz (Portugal)

  8. catzestoli

    sorry for my terrible english

  9. Hi there! Just wanted to say I like and appreciate the grainy photos! Feels very real life and genuine. I love your high quality photos too, of course! But these are intimate and cute. Keep doing you mama.


    Sonia Cheek

  10. Karen

    Aw, this is so reminiscent of so many of your older posts, precious. Such a unique outfit, too!

    Best, Karen from Life in its Natural State

  11. Tanya

    I love to read posts about your date nights together! It is so important not to forget about you two while you have children. You both looks so happy, it gets me smile every time, such a nice couple. Thank you for this post! Going to make a cup of tea for my husband and tell how much I love him :) Have a wonderful weekend, you lovely family!

  12. Julie

    Seriously, you guys are so good at organising regular dates, well done you! We’ve finally got one in the diary, the first of the school year:-) Normally the cost of baby sitters + any kind of meal/show makes it a bit prohibitive. I hope someday my blog give me a bit of financial independence again so that I can take the lead and organise more outings as a couple. That meal looked so delicious! I hope you guys had a fun time. Have a good weekend! Hugs from London, Julie xx


  13. Victoria

    I wear short dresses tucked into my pants alllll the time! Also I’m loving the grainy pics! :)

    Looks like you and Josh had a lovely evening together! #couplegoals

  14. Jessica

    The brunch pizza at Motorino is my FAVE! I live in Nashville now but I still crave it. I always make the trip there when I’m back in NYC! So good.

  15. Enid

    Those brows! I think a tutorial is in order!

  16. Kelly

    This looks like the most incredible date night!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. Your outfits are amazing! You two look stunning!
    All your post make me want to jump on a plane and go to New York. Everything looks so beautiful.

  18. Saskia

    I love your colourful top! It’s great for fall! And I am definitely going to visit Motoring next time I’m in NYC. It reminds me of a place in Vancouver, you should go next time you’re there. It’s amazing!

  19. I hope the pizza was half as tasty as it looked!

  20. Kara

    I also like the graininess : )

  21. V

    Sounds like a fun date!

    Randomly, have done or thought about doing a video Tute about how you do your eyebrows?

  22. Kathy

    I love your blog! It is awesome how you notice beautiful aspects of the world and share them with others. You are spreading joy to others, thank you!

  23. LOVE the sound of sausage and sprout pizza, haven’t come across anything like that in the UK before- I need to try and recreate this somehow! x

  24. Et oppp now I’m hungry! hihi

    Kisses from France

  25. Rachel

    Sweet sausage and brussel sprout sounds amazing!! You guys in the US really do know how to rock pizza – the UK just does not compare!!

    Rachel //

  26. Alida

    I’m not sure if it’s the exact word I’m looking for, but I love how you can be a little bit prudent in what you wear. I think it adds to your air of mistery. And you have other fun and stylish ways of showing off your great figure. Also Taza, I would love to see a playlist of the music you use in your video’s (and life in general). Always a hit with me.

  27. Alida

    Sorry, prudent is not the word, I think modest says it better. ( English is not my first language!).