my make up routine (+ an eyebrow video!)

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good morning! you guys definitely know how to flatter a girl, when you ask me about my eyebrows and over all make up routine. thanks for being nice! i love make up, but i’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to my every day look, and only use about 4 products and lipstick each day. i’ve listed everything here and share in detail how i use each product below. i don’t have the best skin on the planet, but as someone who used to be made fun of as a little girl for having a lot of freckles, i’m proud to say those days of ever feeling bad about having them are far far behind me, and i love the skin i’m in. now having a daughter of my own (and also two boys) who have the sweetest streaks of freckles appearing across their faces, i have no desire to ever try to hide my own!

the one thing i wanted to make sure i mention before we jump into it all is that i do wear lash extensions! they have changed my life since i can’t stand applying or wearing mascara to save my life. with the extensions, i just comb my lashes, but that is it! i get a double set and try to take good care of them each day so they last a lot longer than a usual set and i don’t have to get them filled as often. i feel like if anything, they just help me look a little more awake, in this very tired chapter of my life. ha! so i’m sticking with them a little while longer.

besides my lashes, below are the other products i use:

YSL TOUCHE ÉCLAT CONCEALER STICK i have the biggest dark circles under my eyes, and have tried so many different under eye concealers. this is by far the best out there in my opinion, and i’ve been using it for a few years. i wear shade 2 luminous ivory, and just use my finger to lightly dab and blend in about three small dots of it under each of my eyes. it is very light, and blends really well while hiding your dark spots and brightening your eyes.

TARTE PRESSED POWDER (i wear it in shade light.) i love this powder because it’s really light, so it never feels or looks heavy.  because i prefer to not cover up my freckles or apply a foundation to my entire face, i only use the powder on my t-zone area to help lightly even out my coloring and also help with my excess oil in that area.

NARS BLUSH my favorite blush i have been using for years. i switch between two shades depending on the season. in the winter when i’m even more pale than usual (lol), i prefer the shade super orgasm because it’s a prettier softer pink and has some shimmer to it. in the summer months when i have a little more color to me, i wear  the shade madly  because it’s a bit bronzier and works well when my freckles really come out to play in the sun (i’m wearing madly in these photos.)

ANASTASIA BROW POWDER i fill in my brows with this dark brown color palette using a simple brow brush after combing (and occasionally trimming) my brows. i embedded a video at the end of this post showing how i fill them in, but honestly, i don’t feel like i have any great tips or tutorials when it comes to my brows and how i fill them in because what i do with mine is just so basic. since i’ve grown mine out and they are already pretty dark, i just work with the shape to fill them in and make them slightly bigger (and to also make them even since my two brows are not shaped symmetrically and it’s kind of a pet peeve of mine.) i totally get that the heavier fuller brow isn’t everyone’s thing, but honestly i like my brows and i think that is what matters. so do what you like when it comes to your look and don’t worry too much (or at all!!) if people get all passionately bothered by it. (brow video below…)

EVERYDAY LIPSTICK you all know how much i love a bright or bold lip (see my entire blog post about lipstick right here), but when i’m not sporting a colorful lip, my every day go-to is currently this smashbox matte lipstick in the color mauve matte.


my everyday lipstick color.


there you have it! i hope this was helpful! if i missed anything, feel free to ask in the comments and i’ll try to get to your questions soon!

  1. brittany

    so pretty! i’m definitely in on that concealer because my dark circles are insane- very much a tired stage of life!

    fall boot roundup in every price range on my blog-

  2. elle

    How do you get that wavy texture in your hair everyday? My hair is naturally wavy, so when I’m lucky, I’ll wake up with it textured just how I like it, but on other days, I’ll wake up with a dead mop. (I go to bed every night with my hair wet and let it air dry overnight.) Thanks!

  3. So envious of your natural brows!!!

    And I also use Nars ‘super orgasm’. I love it! And I love how you keep your make up routine so simple and easy. I can’t be bothered with the contoured look every day.


  4. Thank you for an interesting post! It is always nice to read how others do the rutines and either conform or not, that what I do is okay:-)

  5. Marie

    You are so naturally gorgeous! I’m glad you love your freckles because they are beautiful!

  6. Elishia

    I’m so glad you grew to love your freckles, I used to be super freckly but now they’ve all faded and I only get a small smattering across my nose in the summer and I miss them.

  7. plum

    Can you share any side effects you’ve shared with the lash extensions? And how regularly do you go for maintenance. Final question, while recognizing NYC prices are extreme, can you share the initial cost and maintenance? I’m thinking of swapping hair color ongoing cost with lashes costs. :)

  8. Lorelei

    Hey Naomi!

    Thanks for sharing this with us! I’ve never thought of using eye lash extensions before. I think that would be a great thing for me to try because I also dislike putting on mascara! What brand of eye lash extensions do you use?

    Thanks :)


  9. hi! What lashes do you wear? They always look great!

    • TAZA

      the place i go to puts on a double set and they are J curl (the most natural curl!) usually in a 11 and 12mm length!

  10. Brittany

    Could you please share a bit about the upkeep for your lash extensions? I’ve been considering trying them and am curious how you make them last longer than usual.

  11. Ashley

    What do you mean when you say you have a double set of eyelashes? I have extensions and I love them, but sometimes I wish they had a little more volume. Anyway, wondering what a double set means and if it’s something I should ask for!

    • TAZA

      it’s when they place two lashes for each one of your own, instead of just one lash. i like it because it just gives a much fuller look!

  12. alexis upshaw

    You’re Gorg! Thanks for sharing with this tired mama of two!

  13. Carly

    I’d been wondering if you wore lash extensions. Your lashes always look stunning! How often do you have to get them re-done?

    I”ve been thinking about getting them too. Your right mascara and eyeliner is no fun especially when you’re trying to do it with toddlers around. Isn’t it amazing more moms don’t lose an eye mascara wands?!

    Carly from

  14. Jessie

    Naomi! you are SO gorgeous!
    there is a product for your brows (from Glossier) that will cut down the time you spending doing them, and make them look a bit more natural and full!
    check it out

  15. Abs

    Tell me more about the lashes!! This is something I’ve never really explored but am interested in. Would love to hear more about your experience with them!!

  16. Iwona

    Thank You for that, i Have asked on Instagram and Here You go answerig in full post ! You are a star ! Thank You !

  17. Jessica

    Thank you for you’re post and video. I want to tell you that you have a very beautiful skin and you’re right that you don’t want to apply foundation in youre entire face.

    From my side, i think you’ve decided me to buy the anastasia beverly hills product for my brow.

    Naomi, its possible for you do make a post talking about you’re morning and night routine (what you use for youre face, moisturiez…)

    Have a nice day !

  18. Erica

    Loved this. Thanks so much for sharing in such a genuine way, Naomi! This makeup routine post was so refreshing compared to most other ones I’ve read. Well, to be honest, I usually just skip over them! *Gasp.* But not this one, because you were so real! And I appreciate that. I am sooo over these generic “routines” (are they really an everyday routine? Really?!) that involve layers and layers of caked on makeup that takes approximately 1 hour to put on. Seriously, I don’t have time for that people! Anyway, I too only use 2-4 products on the reg, which I’m sure is closer to what most women typically use vs the excessive amount portrayed in makeup videos.

    Also, thank you for embracing your true beauty – I hope more women who read this post realize that over-the-top contouring, spending hours watching YouTube MUA videos or buying overpriced products isn’t necessary to look and feel beautiful. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    xo E

  19. Carmen

    Hi Naomi, just curious if the lipstick you mentioned as your current go-to is the one you’re wearing in these photos? I love it!

    • TAZA

      hi carmen! yes, it’s the one i’m wearing here!

  20. Emily

    I love your freckles! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Courtney

    What’s your skin care routine?? I think your skin is BEAUTIFUL. What cleansers, toners, exfoliaters, moisturizers, serums, ect do you use?

  22. Justine

    Passionately bothered by it. ?

  23. Lavues

    You looks so pretty with that! Thanks for sharing the video with us, love it!

  24. tiffany

    please please please share more detail about your lash extensions, am wanting to get some and would love to know what type you have, how often you get them touched up, all the details! (; (;

  25. Danielle

    Thanks so much for sharing! I am a huge fan of eyelash extensions myself! They are just so much easier than applying mascara everyday! I definitely need to try that concealer! I too have massive dark circles under my eyes from having a 17 month old and a 10 year old! I am wondering though what do you use for moisturizer, eye cream & fash wash? I would love to know what products you recommend!

  26. I always love your makeup! I had no idea that you used lash-extensions and just thought you had amazingly long lashes!
    Also, I absolutely love your brows! And I always used to want freckles as a kid (and still do hah), they’re so pretty!
    xo April | April Everyday

  27. Sarah

    The first thing I thought when I saw the video was, “oh my gosh, her brows really aren’t symmetrical.” Totally not making fun, it’s just so funny to be reminded how perfectly imperfect we all are. I think my personal best attribute is the ability to see something in myself that bothers me, laugh at it and move on. I hope Eleanor grows up to understand that makeup can help us “fix”those things we don’t love and enhance what we do like but all the while never allowing it to cover up who we really are. And by the way, I love that you too believe that the more casual we are dressed, the funner our lipstick should be. Cause why not?!

  28. Jaymi

    You look awesome! The one little tip I do have, as someone with similar brows and routine, is to brush through them with a spoolie after I fill them in. I find it helps disperse the product more evenly.

  29. Kaitlin

    Love this post! What lipstick are you wearing in your recent post Morning at the Met? I did’t see it in the lipstick post you linked. I’m in love with the shade you wore that post!

    • TAZA

      that lipstick is stila “fiery” and it’s a really fun one!

  30. Laura

    Have you experienced any negative side effects from the lash extensions? I’ve wanted to try them but have heard horror stories about the extensions making people’s real lashes fall out, and never grow back–yikes! Needless to say, now I’m hesitant to try…

    • TAZA

      i haven’t! but i know everyone is very different.

  31. Marissa

    Loved this post. So true, if you like it then doesn’t matter what anyone else says! Thanks for embracing natural beauty and using products to enhance your look, not change it! Would love to hear about skin care roitine, what you use to take off your makeup, cleanser/moisturizer etc. have a great week!

  32. Katrina

    Love love love your freckles and brows! And I love your confidence about not caring what anyone thinks. It’s so helpful to girls all ages to see people embracing their own skin. Could you post something about how you organize your makeup in the small space that is NY apartment living??? I have hardly any bathroom space and I’ve been struggling with how to organize and store mthem makeup. Thanks! Xoxo

    • TAZA

      hi katrina!
      i just keep my make up in the small pouch you see in one of the photos. since i don’t wear a lot of make up, i don’t own a lot, which helps with organizing and keeping track of it all in a smaller space!

  33. Cara

    You’re adorable but the super heavy brows are unfortunate looking.
    Just being honest…

  34. bridget

    i am NOT passionately bothered by your eyebrows. in fact i think they look great :) i use the same on mine. love it.

    • TAZA


  35. Steffi

    Thank you so much for that post. Your routine is like mine, partially with the same products or colour types. Cool thing!

  36. Rebecca Y

    Your makeup gorgeous. Do you always use lip liner as well with lipstick?

    • TAZA

      i actually don’t use lip liner, ever! most of the matte lipstick shades i wear are enough without it!

  37. Kate

    Is that perfume in the final photo? What kind is it?

    • TAZA

      yes! sorry i forgot to link. it’s ralph lauren romance. i keep it in my make up bag since it’s a smaller one so i have it when i travel.

  38. Alli

    Thanks for sharing this! I was just wondering what double set lash extensions means? Do you get the 3D/volume lashes and what length?

    • TAZA

      the double set just means they attach two lashes to every one lash of mine! it just makes it more full, which i love since i prefer keeping them a bit shorter than most.

  39. Meg

    The lash extensions are beautiful! I was hoping to get them, until my eyebrow stylist warned and said they were the equivalent of acrylic nails and over time could damage your real lashes. I’m not that brave! Beautiful Naomi!

  40. whitney

    May I ask kind of perfume you use? You and your family are so beautiful and inspiring!I adore you all so much! Thank you for sharing!

    • TAZA

      yes! i meant to link and forgot. it’s ralph lauren romance, one of my favorites.

  41. Frances

    You look so pretty in these photos Naomi! My freckles used to be my enemy, but I’ve come to love them just like you. I get so excited when it’s warmer out and they pop out all over my face. You rock the dark brow, btw. :)

    • TAZA

      me too! when they fade in the winter a bit, i miss them so much! such a change from my 12 year old self.

  42. Sara

    So that’s your natural brow at the beginning of the video?! Wow…having major eyebrow envy over here. Thanks for listing all of your products, I love trying new ones and always appreciate a “tried & true” recommendation.

  43. Tamara

    ‘but as someone who used to be made fun of as a little girl for having a lot of freckles, i’m proud to say those days of ever feeling bad about having them are far far behind me, and i love the skin i’m in.’

    GOOD for YOU!!!!! :)

    • TAZA


  44. linny conley

    thanks for this! i adore you and your family and your brows (that you rock!) love from arizona ❤

  45. Amy

    May i ask where you had your rings made with your families names on them that we can see in your fingerbthere? Many thanks x

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  47. katie

    FRECKLES FOR LIFE!! i can’t imagine what i’d look like without mine. i’ve loved them my whole life and now as an adult, i think they offer a more youthful look!

  48. Kelly Jo

    Thanks so much for sharing this! Such a beauty you are. I’m interested in trying the Tarte powder, as I don’t like wearing much foundation myself. I do have a question for you…what are your thoughts on ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ makeup? I felt like I wanted to ‘clean up’ my beauty products but it can be very overwhelming and expensive to do so. Just curious about other people’s opinion on the topic :)

  49. Alaana

    Cute nails! ? How often do you get a shallac change?

  50. Alana

    Where are your name rings from? They are so pretty and delicate! Thanks in advance!

  51. Veronica

    I just bought that brow kit you suggest!! Can’t wait to get some defined brows over here.

  52. Mariajose

    Hey, Where are your rings from? The cute ones with the names of your hubby and kids? I swear you have mentioned it in a previous post before but I couldn’t find where!

  53. Jennifer

    Hi Naomi! Where in NYC do you get your lash extensions done? I am having no luck finding a good place.

  54. Jennifer

    hi! how do you use the brow powder? do you mike the two shades or do you use just the darker side? i currently use the anastasia brow pomade but i’m curious as to how the powder would work.


  55. Melinda

    The video was helpful! Your brows look good before AND after! I have super dark eye bags and eyelids!! Do you need to set this ysl concealer with the tarte powder? I’d love to see a before and after pic because I cannot imagine that you have bad eye bags!!

  56. Hi Naomi, I was wondering where did you buy these pretty rings with your kids names. It is so adorable… Thanks a lot!
    Kisses from France xxx

  57. Anna

    Hi Naomi, I’m curious to know if you use any sunblock at all? I have 4 kids and usually don’t have time for makeup but tinted sunblock I try to
    Adhere to.

    Do you use any under your pressed powder ? If so, what do you use and recommend and also what sunblock if your kids use as well.

  58. Nancy

    Hi Taza!

    I was hoping someone would ask about your beautifulwhite lace shirt, but no one hasn’t yet! Do you mind sharing the source?
    Thanks for sharing all the other info in the post and comments section!

  59. Noémie

    Hi Noamie,
    Just one question, did you take a birth control like the pills to have a such beautiful skin ?

    I dont use any birth control and my skin have some pimples …
    Thank you

  60. Lacey Pritchard

    Your lashes are amazing! Where in NYC do you get them done? Yeah