me and my girl.

LOVE TAZA 01884-23

this sweet baby girl of mine started kindergarten this week and i can’t even believe it. i swear i blinked and my first baby, the one who was born a little after 1 in the morning on a freezing day in february, the one with the prettiest strip of freckles across her nose and cheeks which keeps expanding during these summer months, the one who first made me a mother and changed my world entirely for the better, who unknowingly pushes and challenges and encourages me because she is my daughter, and i want everything for her. this one, this first baby of mine, is growing up.

i’ve been trying to get in as many mommy-daughter dates as i can the past couple of months in anticipation of the new school year and not having her by my side during the days. i love our time together and i have seriously cherished these past couple of years getting to spend so much time with her. she is going to rock kindergarten’s socks off. i hope it’s ready. ;)

during one of our morning dates a few saturday’s ago, josh took these photos of us (pretty much paparazzi style, haha! he’s so funny sometimes, but he didn’t want to interrupt our date so he pretty much kept his distance although we loved spotting him and hanging out a couple times altogether). we took the train to the new york public library in midtown to pick out some new books to read in anticipation of school starting up and to also grab a breakfast of waffles and dinges (one of her favorites) while at bryant park. everything eleanor and i are wearing in this post is from levi’s, which is a brand we have loved for a long time in our home and are excited to be partnering with. my kiddos are very particular these days about wanting their clothing to be comfortable (me too!), so the levi’s kids jeans couldn’t be more perfect for them because they are stretchy denim, which also really helps with the kids being so active. also, they come in the color purple, which if you know eleanor, you know is one of her favorite colors. “blue, then purple, then gold.” those are her favorite colors, in that order, if you were to ever ask her favorite color. :)

a few photos from our morning:

LOVE TAZA 01884-27

popping in and out of the green pillars sometimes spotting our papa. haha! taking the subway when i don’t have a stroller with me just might be my favorite thing ever. i appreciate is all the more when i don’t have to wait for the elevator at the 1/2/3 train at times square. anyone who has taken that elevator before, you feel me?!?! (for those who haven’t, it’s probably the worst elevator in the new york subway system. although it IS better than a staircase, so i shouldn’t be complaining.)

LOVE TAZA 01884-25

if you’ve followed this blog of mine since the beginning, you’ll know i’ve come a long way in regards to wearing jeans. i used to hate them, because i find a lot of denim to be super restricting. i am so so so picky and choosey when it comes to my denim (maybe it’s the old dancer in me who longs to have mobility and not feel claustrophobic in my jeans), but i prefer to wear something that has some stretch to it. this is my second pair of levi’s 721 high rise skinny’s that i have owned, they are made from the good stuff.

LOVE TAZA 01884-24LOVE TAZA 01884-22LOVE TAZA 01884-21LOVE TAZA 01884-20LOVE TAZA 01884-19

when papa snuck around the the back window of the waffle and dinges shop and snuck this photo! it was impossible for us to hold straight faces.

LOVE TAZA 01884-18LOVE TAZA 01884-17

all healthy eating was put on hold for our special morning date. give us davis girls all the nutella!

LOVE TAZA 01884-15

this cute face! i just love her so much.

LOVE TAZA 01884-16LOVE TAZA 01884-12LOVE TAZA 01884-9

eleanor was pretending to be a lion like the statue. haha! she held this pose for so long. i don’t know what it is about statues, but my kids love pretending to be them.

LOVE TAZA 01884-10LOVE TAZA 01884-8

here she is again pretending to be the lion. but this time she is alive! “roooaaaaar!”

LOVE TAZA 01884-7

the new york public library at bryant park is the dreamiest. if you ever get a chance to go, do it! josh’s old office is around the corner so i’d go hang out there in the rose main reading room sometimes before meeting up with him to read or work. it’s such a beautiful space.

LOVE TAZA 01884-6LOVE TAZA 01884-5LOVE TAZA 01884LOVE TAZA 01884-4

when she always gravitates to the young readers section and tries her hardest to sound out the words and read. she’s doing so well! i love that she goes for the books recommended for a few years older than she is. she makes me proud.

LOVE TAZA 01884-3

kindergarten, here we come! get ready!

thank you to levi’s for sponsoring this blog post. you can see all the great back to school looks from levi’s kids right here.

  1. plum

    LOVE the editorial style photos. Props to your huzz. They’re fantastic.

  2. Bridget

    these pictures are so great, naomi! bravo josh. and best of luck to eleanor starting kindergarten! (and to you too–so emotional sending them off to school!)

  3. Vic.

    These images are awesome. (Way to go Josh!)

  4. Lindy

    Yay! So excited for Eleanor. Much luck and love to her as she starts school!

  5. Ann Marie

    Great post and good luck to Eleanor on her first day. Where are your shoes from? Been looking for a pair like that for a while! Thanks!

  6. Allison

    What a lovely date! I love how you guys support reading with your kids. It’s so important. Eleanor’s gonna kill it in kindergarten :)

  7. This is so adorable! I can’t believe she’s already in KG already too… I feel like yesterday we were watching Insta-videos of her with a walker and cracking up <3 such a sweetheart! x

  8. Coraline

    These pics are awesome : you both are so lovely ! I love your blog so so much !
    Kisses from France ??

  9. Kate

    Hi Naomi,

    Your lipstick is incredible in this post. Please tell us where it is from?

    Thank you!


  10. Alison

    Ohhhh gosh these photos are so precious!!! These are going to be so special to E when she’s older. Loving the Levi’s too, what a great partnership.

  11. johanna

    where are the sunglasses from?

  12. Oh, these photos warmed my heart so much! Eleanor is such a beautiful young lady, and I hope that she does well as she begins this new academic adventure!


  13. Courtney

    Love your sunglasses!! Where did you get them??

  14. Iolanda

    Hi Naomi (: I’m from Portugal and I would like to track that beautiful lipstick you have on this post. Could you tell me the brand and color, please? Thank you so much! Big hugs to your little family

  15. Kat

    naomi, you wear motherhood magically.
    good luck in kindergarten, little (big) E!

  16. Erin J.

    annnnnnnnnd I’m ugly crying at work. These pictures are so sweet! She is going to do so great in Kindergarten!

  17. Carly

    Such a sweet post. Your love is contagious. I’m dreading the day my little guy starts school
    Carly at

  18. Lindsay

    Wow, those photos! Josh rocked it. I can’t believe Eleanor is already starting kindergarten. I’m sure she’s going to be such a wonderful student! I still remember those photos of Josh holding her on his hand when she was so little bitty. How have I been reading your blog for this long??? :)

  19. Paige

    She is such a fun little girl, there is no doubt she’s going to thrive in Kindergarten!


  20. Cindy

    Goals, Goals, Goals. Good Luck Eleanor, you’re going to rock Kindergarten! :)

  21. Raynette

    oh taza…. how you make me want a girl! such a beautiful post. please share what lipstick are you wearing!

  22. Julie

    Hello Taza, how sweet to have been able to have those mini dates with E. I wish I could do that more often with my oldest (my boy) but my husband works really hard during the week so he is not around and at the weekend I’m always torn as I want us 5 to be spending quality time together…however, you have inspired to me try to make it happen more often in the year to come! I love all the spontaneous/semi spontaneous of you and E, Josh is a really good photographer I must say! My husband has tons of gorgeous shots of him and the kids as I love photography so much but sadly there are not so many me of the kids so treasure all those amazing shots! Great NYC vibes too! Hugs from London, Julie xx

  23. Bravo Josh you are a real “paparazzo” ? i love this kind of photos. Kisses from France

  24. Annie

    Awww! What a cute mommy and daughter date to go on! Could I get the brand of your shoes? They’re sooooo lovely!

  25. Stephanie

    Gosh your jeans look like leggings!

  26. Jessica

    This post made me extra thankful I have a daughter! You two are seriously adorable together!!

  27. Sabrina

    I love how involved you and Josh are in the kids’ developments and activities! And Eleanor looks so happy and pretty in these photos and so much like Conrad (a female brunette version)! I just wanted to ask if you get your nails done at nails salons or if you do them yourself (if so, what shades do you use) – they always look so on-point!

  28. Megan

    I’m a kindergarten teacher in California (and a former New Yorker!)… the excitement you and E are showing about kinder is making my heart smile!

    I really hope Eleanor had a WONDERFUL first day. I bet she came home with many stories….. :) Enjoy this special time. xoxo

  29. Hayey

    Man I love these photos so much! Would love the same when my little girl is older (but let’s not rush haha). And good luck to Eleanor! What a rockstar.

  30. Maria Vaccaro

    Huge favore slash question I have, am going to attend red carpet for a premier of my father in law movie “underfire” HBO production that will air in November and side pre premier privet at Museum of natural history. Any recommendations you may have one what to wear. I fallow your posts on Instagram and you have one amazing fun style. Since this was about you and your girl I was wondering what you can help with.
    Check our website when you are free .
    Hope you can help me link some ideas.

  31. Chelsey

    OK. OBSESSED with your stunning lipstick!!! Do you have a link?

  32. Amy

    Holy moly, these are gorgeous! Well done, Josh. You cool kids still using the lens kit and the nifty fifty lens on your Canon 6D? Or did you upgrade?

  33. Dani

    I loooove your blog! what lipstick are you wearing? matte colors are my favorite.

  34. Kate

    love love love this beautiful mom- daughter relationship!! I have to ask what is that lip color? It’s gorgeous!

  35. Meghan

    I’ve been following your blog since before Eleanor was born and holy cow did this make me tear up! Kindergarten! She’s grown up so fast.

  36. Amanda

    This is such a sweet post Naomi! I used to love dates with my mum. Just wondering what lipstick you’re wearing here? It looks so gorgeous!

  37. Serena

    Dear Naomi your blog is really Amazing and I Wanna thank you for sharing your beautiful experiences with us. I suffer of panic attacks and one night was really impossible for me to sleep, so I was wandering randomly on Instagram looking for something that could distract me from my heavy thoughts when I bumped into Conrad’s incredibly sweet and supercute smile. Rapidly I started reading your blog and it captured me with those beautiful pics of your Three sweet Little ones sharing their adventures
    and their growth. I Wanna thank you because reading your post really helped me to find some rest and fulfilled me with positively thoughts. It’s like a peaceful corner, a serenity dispenser and you have to be proud of your incredible work as a mum and as a blogger. I Wanna thank you also For the kind words you spent For my land (I live in Italy ,Liguria) in your amazing post about your holidays here and those incredible pics! You caught the colours and the light like you’ve always lived there! I wish an happy kindergarden start For Eleanor! P.s. I’m an ex ballerina Too so I perfectly understand the struggle with super restrictive denim trousers :)

  38. V

    These pictures are gorgeous! Love the one of you guys walking across the pedestrian crossing. Good job Josh.

  39. Erin

    Hi, just wanted to ask what style your jacket is?


    OOh I think your dates with your daughter are so lovely. In the future, she will always remeber these moments. I’m 31 years old now and I still do this things with my mum, like going to buy books, having breakfast or snack or just go for a walk, I hope in the future you can keep dating that way :) Hope she enjoys the school!

  41. I really like the style of your photos. And your girl is very cute :)

  42. Rose

    Eleanor is my favorite.

  43. Anne

    Oh Naomi! I cannot believe Elanore is in kindergarten. I mean, how did she grow up so fast?! She looks like such an energetic and happy kid. I hope her first day of school was awesome. I am sure she will make a lot of new amazing friends. You mother/daughter date photo series takes me straight back to when I was a 20 year old au pair in Melbourne, and babysat 4 gorgeous sisters. I was more like an older sister to them then an ordinary au pair which was absolutely amazing. Sometimes I would take the two oldest sisters to the city center where we had coffee (aka hot choclate), shopped in Sports Girl and played wee at the State Library. I loved those dates. Now, the oldest girl is 17 years and have her drivers licences (!) It is 7 years ago since I babysat her, haha. Time flies for sure. All of the sudden, they are all grown up. Thankyou for inspiring me Naomi. You look like such a hip, healthy and happy mother. Though I am normally not a “baby person” you really make me want to be a mother myself one day. Best of luck with Elanore! PS. Her purple jeans has totally convinced me to buy a pair of purple trousers I have considered for ages. Purple IS such a great color. Fun and bold!

  44. Oh my gosh have fun in kindergarten!!!! What a fun day with your oldest!!!!

  45. Camilla

    She’s so cute – she’ll be cute and fierce :-)

  46. Kristina

    I just love these photos of you two! You are awesome! I wish I had your jacket, Naomi. it looks perfect on you :)

  47. Jacqui

    Which style and color jacket is that? I love it!!

  48. hanna

    Her little bag is so cute! –Hanna Lei

  49. Sarah

    Love it. Any updates on the Polaroids you guys picked up a few months back? Got me into the hobby myself ;)

  50. Kat

    Wow, such an exciting time for your family with E starting school! My niece is just a month older than Eleanor and I have loved following along all these years (this is my first comment!) watching her grow and learn. Thanks for sharing your family’s joy!
    I am curious and would love to hear your thoughts on how you talk to your older kids about the blog. I know that is a challenging area for bloggers – do they know about it? Look at it? Get a say in what photos of themselves are posted? I know you’ve mentioned before you are so conscious and deliberate about their presence on the blog, so I’m sure these conversations are things other bloggers could learn from! :)

  51. I love your photos. Your daughter is so cute! What special moments.

  52. So sweet! You are so cute both of you! I like your makeup and glasses!

  53. Wauw, those photos are absolutely beautiful! And Eleanor is such a gorgeous girl!
    I was looking for an insider’s guide to New York, so I bumped into your blog. Already a huge fan! :)
    (ps: Wafels & dinges, isn’t that a Belgian company? So proud of the people of my little country ;) )

  54. What a great post! Love the pictures. It felt like a fashion story from a magazine. Well done!

    My baby is starting daycare soon… i can’t imagine school. I’ll soak up all these years before that step!

  55. I quite literally cannot get enough of these pictures!!!!! GREAT JOB JOSH! You can cherish these forever!

  56. Pam

    Oh my, I’m in love with you two. Eleanor is seriously growing up SO fast! Hope she has a great time in kindergarden! ♥

  57. Rebecca

    Beautiful post! It sounds like it was a great mummy and daughter date!
    BTW, where are your glasses from?

  58. taylor

    Love your sunnies! What is the designer?

  59. Joyce

    Naomi, I am obsessed with that lipstick!! What brand/color is it?

  60. Briel K.

    I love her little watermelon purse! Where is it from?

  61. Cris

    Naomi, would you mind sharing what lipstick colour/brand your wearing on this day? it’s seriously amaze.