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hi friends! happy friday! i’m posting a bunch of photos today, some from my camera, some from my phone, from the past few months so they don’t get lost somewhere! if you follow me on instagram, you may have seen a couple of these, but sometimes not everything on my phone or camera makes it to the blog or instagram, so that’s what this post is for!!! have a great weekend, you guys!


these next few photos are from when we made a quick stop in vancouver on our way to victoria in august. i had totally forgotten about them! and also, that blissful moment that conrad decided to nap while at lunch, which means mama ate food while it was still HOT and without anyone flinging rice into my hair with chopsticks. ;)


Processed with VSCO with f2 presetfirst signs of fall last week on our walk to church! (for those who have asked, my dress is from zara.) 


subway selfie that truly feels epic. ;)
love-taza-lately98j3g-3 love-taza-lately98j3g-4

from a few days ago while soaking in the last few days of warmth before they abandon us for fall completely and winter is here (it’s seriously freezing with 20 mph winds outside right now!)

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this photo will forever be one of my favorites because it’s from when our family got caught in central park during a sudden downpour, and we ran to central park west and stood under an apartment building awning all huddled together trying to call an uber since no available yellow cab was in site. we were completely drenched!!! but it felt kind of magical to stand there in the fortunately warm air and watch this water just keep pounding down around us. also, my bangs! hahahahahahah!


samson on his first day of preschool! (he just currently goes two mornings a week, which is how i like my preschool!)

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with my mister handsome when we snuck away for some US Open and watched the men’s semi finals for date night.


he sat so still last month for a haircut and i couldn’t get over how grown he looked in that big chair! he’s not a baby anymore and he’ll be TWO in december and you’d think it’d get easier watching them grow since i’ve been here before with two other little ones, but NOPE! still hard. still not ready for all of this to just fly by the way it’s flying.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

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speaking of my baby, found this gem on my phone that josh took from our over night flight to milan in july. that moment where i realized that despite buying conrad his own seat on the plane, i’d probably be sitting for the majority of the flight on the floor like this to nurse him because he just couldn’t get comfortable in any other position. i might be totally crazy, but i really never seem to mind these moments too much because they seem to go by quickly enough and i knew we’d be working on weaning him once we got home from canada the following month (which we did, and which i’m still heartbroken over) so all month it felt bittersweet to nurse him. love this photo so much for that reason.

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new york city has pops of color everywhere, and it’s one of my favorite things about her. love-taza-lately98j30-10

when josh and i found three bears in whistler canada on our way to lunch! and they looked an awfully lot like our children!


when it’s bedtime but your youngest refuses to take his helmet off and you know when to pick your battles so you wait to remove it until he’s in a deep sleep, about a half hour after bedtime wraps up.

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from that day i took the kiddos out to yankees stadium this summer for their first baseball game!!!! we met up with friends at the stadium and the kids basically ate their weight in ice cream, but we had such a good time.  (for those who have asked, my sunglasses are karen walkers.)

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

playdates in sheep meadow with little friends! love-taza-lately98j3g-2


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

ps. i found my wool fedora hat on sale online right now here for anyone in the market. i know i get a lot of questions about this hat. i also have it in the grey color which is still available online here.

have a great weekend, friends! here we come, october! WHAT!


  1. Sharina

    Love your jean jacket! Where from?

  2. Jessica

    Samson’s face in the rain pic and Eleanor in the bear ❤️ Your kiddos are too cute! Also enjoy those naps during dinner! My 2 year old us barely taking naps anymore. I seriously think my 3 kids need less sleep than I do!! Great post!

  3. Nancy

    Where did you get your booties you’re wearing in the first picture?

  4. Natali Karppinen

    Omg, that Asian food looks incredibly relish! Lovely photos, as always and you’re looking stunning in that Zara maxi dress!

  5. Cassie

    I really REALLY love this set of photos, just the bits & pieces of daily life, full to the brim of love and togetherness. <3

  6. Lisa

    I’d love to hear about your weaning process as well as any tips you discovered with tandem nursing. I have a 3 week old and an 18 month old I’m nursing and I could use any advice!

  7. Paige

    Your kids are getting so big! I can’t imagine how weird it must feel to have only one kid at home those two days when the older ones are at school!


  8. Kim

    Josh’s hair and beard are the PERFECT length in the US open picture of you two. Like, best they’ve ever been and I’ve been following the blog for almost a decade!! Please tell him! :)

  9. Kate

    Hey Naomi — The video/moving ads are super distracting. Just wanted to give some reader feedback. It’s a real pain to try to read text when there’s an ad moving off to the side.

  10. Lovely photos – but some is not shown!

  11. Claire

    These “life lately” category is my favorite! I love all the LIFE and joy we can see through all of these beautiful pictures and smiles.

    I can’t believe how big Conrad is now. Might seem a little bit (or a lot!) awkward but I remember exactly where I was when I first saw is little face on your IG just a few hours or days after his birth.

    All the best from France for the five of you, Naomi.
    Thanks for sharing,


  12. Hannah L.

    Loved the pictures! You can tell that your kiddos are truly loved and it’s really exciting to see what adventures y’all tackle next! I’m really inspired to try to get out more with our three littles and just explore. :-)

    What stroller are you pushing in the last picture? It looks like a double with a ride-on behind it? Would love more info since I’m currently shopping for a new double stroller.


  13. Sab

    Is the restaurant you guys went to in Vancouver called alled Dynasty?

  14. Dotti

    Hi Naomi,I just discovered your blog and I’m absolutely loving it :) beautiful family, amazing photos of the city I use to live in. Added to my top 5! I’d love to listen what advice would you give about weaning a toddler.. my girl is 14months and I know this time will come soon.. and I’m just terrified about the idea at the moment. xx

  15. hanna

    Your family is the cutest –Hanna Lei

  16. Ruth

    Your hair is always just perfect! I hope you love it, because I seriously pine after it. xo

  17. You are such an wonderful family! I love you! God bless you!

  18. nicole

    I love all of the pics! It’s fun to see the ones that never make IG. The unedited ones. Also, love your booties, where are they from?

  19. carly

    So many beautiful candid photos of you guys! I love the one of conrad passed out at lunch. If only all toddlers would do that from time time…..

    Also love that smiling picture of you two soaked in the ran.

    And oh my goodness, I never thought of nursing on an airplane that way. You are a super mom! I’m not sure I could do that without falling over with the turbulence.

    Carly from

  20. Frances

    Hello! Love your pink shirt in the photo! Can I ask where it’s from?

  21. Sophie

    I just looooove Pictures ! Memories of the little magical moments of life :)

  22. Maggie

    That picture of you nursing Conrad on the plane brought tears to my eyes! My daughter turns one on Sunday and I am just a big, blubbery mess. It goes by way too quickly!! What sweet moments you share.

  23. Chelsea

    Mommy/Daughter dresses with E. Rain picture with S. And awkward nursing position on a plane with C. #SeriousMomGoals

    So much joy. Thanks for sharing as always.

    Happy October!

  24. Katie

    Love all these photos! So adorable and funny!

  25. Tily

    Hi there.. I have been following alon for a while now, and i have to say you guys give serious family goals :) i mean that in the best possible way. I know many people asked before, but it would be great if you could share youe insight on weaning, and what worked for you guys. My son is turning one in a couple of weeks, trying to get prepared for the next steps.

    Thank you. As said before, you have a wonderful and blessed family. It shows in all the pictures.