life lately.


life has been feeling incredibly speedy lately. it’s mid september and over the past couple of weeks, all three of my kids feel more grown up than usual to me. maybe it’s because i have a kindergartner now, my littlest is no longer nursing and also my middle child has made it his personal mission as of late to respond to any request i might ask his help with, with the most loving “no problem, mom!” that stops me dead in my tracks, it’s so dang cute. those listening ears have grown in nicely! for a while there, i thought we’d missed them entirely, which is probably why i appreciate and adore them all the more.

we moved all the furniture around in the nursery the other day at eleanor’s request. she started pushing her bunk bed over to towards the window because she “likes looking out at the street!” and before we knew it, we’d rearranged all of it together! it looks like she likes moving furniture around just as much as her mother. if that’s the case, she is going to annoy a lot of people when she’s older, and i’m so sorry about that, eleanor. but secretly, i love that you love rearranging a room as much as i do.

i thought we might be in for our first official night of uninterrupted sleep in about 2 years right about now, considering i just weaned conrad and usually once that happens, my kids start sleeping more soundly throughout the night. but josh and i had one of those major laughing attacks after an almost-melt down from me at about 3am the other day when i realized out loud that that was wishful thinking. lol. the first night last week that conrad never woke up to nurse and instead slept soundly, was the night one of our other kids was all of the sudden up every few hours needing someone to cuddle with, cups of water (with ice! never forget the ice!) and also needing to potty. all i know is, i’m tired. we’re tired. WHEN DO YOU STOP BEING TIRED?

does anyone else feel like six hours of school is just so terribly long?! i know this year is going to be really good for eleanor, but i miss her so much when she’s at kindergarten. i selfishly wish it was just two or three hours and also that i had powers to be a fly on occasion and hang out on her classroom wall. she’s come home with some very cute stories or little snippets to share and they really make my day after missing her so much.

i have been enjoying my time with just my boys, though. they’ve begun to interact and play so much more together in this short span of time and i know they’re going to become much closer this year. conrad looks up to samson so much, you can see it in everything he does, the way he mimics him and wants to do exactly what he sees his big brother doing. he’s my baby that didn’t stay a baby for long. the other day though after his bath, when i carried him to the nursery all wrapped up in his towel the way one cradles a baby, he started signing “baby” and making the “shuuuu shuuu shuuu” sound i used to make when i’d hold him in the cradle position all swaddled up and rock (or bounce) him to sleep. i started rocking him and making the sound and he was smiling so big! when i put him down, he kept signing for “more” and i couldn’t help myself from picking him back up and rocking him as long as he wanted me to. he’s heavier now, and i missed a solid month at the gym during our travels, so my arms were feeling the burn, but i’ll never forget it.

by the way, i wanted to make sure i said thank you to bloglovin’ and everyone who nominated and voted for us since we won  best family blog at the bloglovin’ awards last week in nyc! it means a lot to have you all here, whether you’ve been following since the beginning before i had babies and was barely 21 figuring out life as a newly wed in my tiny studio apartment in harlem (oh gosh! those days!), or if you’ve only been following here and there or even totally new as of this post! it just means a lot to have you here. i’m thankful for a space on the internet to document and celebrate motherhood and family, and to be a part of an incredible community that is supportive and loving. it’s what helps me keep going here, and i just wanted to make sure i said thank you!!!

leaving you with a few photos i hold so dear, that josh snapped of me and the boys playing together in the nursery. samson and i had built a brio train track that we were particularly proud of, and called papa away from his work at the kitchen table into the nursery to come check it out. he brought the camera in with him when he came and the rest is below!


this photo is blurry because we were falling over but i love it so much!


this face he makes with that little scrunched up nose is one of my favorites.

love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-23love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-11love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-2 love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-3 love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-4love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-15love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-16love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-12love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-5 love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-10

when the majority of your toys (and white walls) have crayon on them. please tell me this is the norm in your house, too.

love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-17love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-21 love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-22love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-7love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-8love-taza-trains-and-nursery9024jh663-9 have a wonderful tuesday, friends!

ps. wearing this white t-shirt and these leggings.

  1. THIS post describes every reason that we voted for you! (I know I did) You just scream joy in motherhood. Your videos show it too in every way. It’s super inspiring. So much of the world acts like kids suck and you make me so excited for that time in my life coming soon. I adore ya! Just sayin!

    • TAZA

      thank you so much, katie. thank you!!

  2. lola

    Hi, I’m a french mom of a 18 month old baby girl, whom I’m still nursing. I have a lot of interrogations about the weaning…
    How did you manage yours with Conrad (and your other kids as well)?
    Especially, if he wakes up during the night, how do you manage to put him back to bed without nursing ?
    Thank you very much for your answer !
    Have a nice (familly) day !
    PS : Sorry if my english is so so some time…

  3. Tracy

    Congrats on Best Femily Blog!!! Totally deserve it and love following along on the Davis adventures!

    I rearrange furniture every 5 months!
    Helps with creativity!
    Go E!

  4. nanette

    i totally feel you. my daughter goes to school from 9-5!! can you believe that??!! we’re living in turkey and that’s normal here! she is loving it though! i just wanted to say congrats on winning. i love reading your blog and living in new york vicariously though you!ha ha. it’s always so positive even in the midst of all things negative in the world. very much deserved! xo.

    • TAZA

      really?! amazing. so glad to hear she is loving it though! sometimes i wonder if it’s harder on us parents than it is the kiddos. i think (hope?!) time flies over there at school for the most part for them. :)

  5. i really love your little kindergarten. It’s so lovely. And congrats on getting uninterrupted sleep after 2 years! that’s awesome.

  6. Oh how sweet! I love seeing siblings interact with each other, I always wished I had a little brother or sister to play with when I was younger! I definitely voted for you for the Bloglovin Awards, definitely deserved! This is one of the few blogs I have been reading on the daily for YEARS. Goodness I love your honesty and I learn so much from you guys, I really do. Plus your style, it rocks! Have the loveliest day :)


  7. Gabriella

    Dear Naomi,

    It’s been so wonderful following you since before Eleanor joined the Davis family and it’s honestly a privilege to get a look into your lives so often. These life lately posts are some of my very favourite and I’m glad you’re not stopping them. You both deserve that nomination and win so much, and I’m glad that it’s a family who values love, faith, and joy so much.

    Keep up the incredibly beautiful work you do. I wouldn’t want to miss it!


  8. Corina

    may sound silly, but after seeing these photos (beautiful nonetheless), I miss Eleanor too…

  9. Karen

    Oh my goodness, that last picture. And the scrunched up noses and kisses, too. I love the way you guys rearranged! More importantly, thank /you/ for always sharing such a beautiful side of motherhood – I’m sure you could’ve shared more than a few posts complaining about sleepless nights, and some might argue that’s showing us your “life’s not perfect”-but we /know/ no one’s life is perfect, and it’s so absolutely refreshing to hear such positivity and celebration; your posts could never bring someone down.

    Best, Karen from Life in its Natural State

  10. Elishia

    This is such a heart warming post :) I must say, seeing how your family has grown since you were newly weds in your studio flat in Harlem is comforting. It’s like you wrote that line just for me, encouraging, very encouraging! xx

  11. fefe

    LOL at the shot of you playing airplane with Conrad, and him about to drop some spit on you! Love it.

    • TAZA

      oh my gosh, the best is that once the spit actually fell in my mouth!!! not this time, but once! lol. but such a fun game!

  12. Carly

    Aren’t those wooden train sets just the best thing ever? My son has one and we play with it non-stop. Definitely the most used toy in our house.
    Your kiddos are growing up but they are still cute as ever. Love that Samson says no problem. That is very sweet!

    Carly from

  13. My children have the same train!!
    And yes I have the crayon in the wall too. (my husband had finished to paint the wall when my little one wanted to imitated his father with a pencil!!!) Nice!

    You have a lot of light in the nurserie…

    kisses from France

  14. Jessica

    Been following your blog since before Eleanor. I love your way of capturing adventures, weather at home or out and about. Reminds me to pull out the camera more often!

  15. Catryn

    Such sweet little faces! I know you so cherish these moments with them. And my mom tells me all the time how I used to follow my older brother around and tried to do everything he did. I suppose that’s just kids way of learning how to interact.
    And I taught art at an elementary school this past year and those sweet little kindergartners have my heart! Eleanor is going to learn so much this year and it’s truly an amazing experience watching them all grow up. All of their yearbook pictures from the beginning of the year hardly look like them at the end!
    And congrats on the bloglovin award! So exciting and well deserved.

    Sweet Horizon

  16. These are my very favorite posts of yours… the life lately!
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Bruna

    Congrats on the award, you all deserve it for sure!
    Your blog is such a happy place to visit, it always makes me smile :)


  18. Pauline

    Dear Naomi,
    I love the paper garland !! Where does it come from ? Thank you !!

  19. amy

    regarding the length of kindergarten, i agree, too long! my son went to Half Day Kindergarten that i literally prayed we would find, because it’s so rare. He went from 8:10 to 10:45… !!! I was one happy mama. But I know the ache of missing your kid when they are at school because when he went to first grade I felt it deeply! It gets easier, but i do think that some Moms never “get happy” about sending their kids to school. Even when he went to second grade i still had many moments of, i want him home with me!!! Sorry, i’m not really helping.

    • TAZA

      half day kindergarten would be such a dream! your comment is so sweet, it helped! haha. getting used to the idea that i’ll probably always miss her and that it’s ok.

  20. Kelly

    Congrats on your award! I’ve been following you since Eleanor was born! And I agree with Corina above: I miss Eleanor too! I have a 5 year old daughter and I am privileged to be able to stay home with her, I have also decided to homeschool for many wonderful reasons. Maybe you’ve considered it? Then you wouldn’t have to miss that precious girl of yours. Just sayin’. lol

  21. Egle

    I don’t normally comment, but follow your family adventures rigorously :) and i will echo what has been said already. You’re a true inspiration as a family and mother and father and even though we have no children yet, you already inspire me to be a better mommy one day! Thank you for that!

  22. tilly

    lovely post as always! your family is very cute and well deserves that bloglovin award! does conrad share a bed with you and josh, or on the pull out mattress in the nursery? just curious as i couldn’t see another bed in the pictures and i remember you saying you lived in a 2 bedroom house! sending lots of love, tilly.

    • TAZA

      hi tilly, conrad sleeps on the trundle bed underneath the bunkbed! he pull it out at bedtime and it’s been working out really well for us. for now at least!

  23. Allie

    Baking soda and a splash of warm water. Gets crayon off of walls, toys, American girl doll faces…

  24. Paige

    I love all the tender glimpses into your family’s life! Also, you’re the second person I’ve seen this week with the triple bunk bed situation, and I kind of want to steal that for future children configurations.


  25. Yaffa

    I love the blog but as a full time working mom I felt this post was a bit insensitive to us working moms who out of financial necessity have had to send children to full day daycare from a very young age. Some of us have to work outside the home, some of us choose to and most of the time I love it. But it felt like a slap in the face to say you’re kissing your daughter when you’ve mostly had 5 years at home with her…my daughter has been in full time daycare since 4 months old. I miss her everyday and cherish the weekends. Maybe not many of your followers work outside the home, but personally I felt offended by this post.

  26. Caitlin

    I love how you can make the daily so spectacular in your photos! What a beautiful life you have!

  27. Laura

    I’ve been reading your blog since 2007 (that sounds crazy!) but I don’t think I’ve ever really commented before. I just want to say though that I think your boys are so adorable and would be the best of friends with my little guys (both 6 mos younger than yours). I love your blog and you have inspired me for years now to get out and play and explore our city with my boys. Now if only I could catch on to your awesome habit of getting out the good camera! Anyway, random thoughts for a first comment but I think you guys are great! ?

    xo from Pittsburgh

  28. Veronica

    Hello Naomi! I have some questions:
    How many hours a day you play with your kids?
    How is your day like?
    How do you get such a clean and tidy room with the children playing?

    Thanks! :)

  29. Evelyn

    May have shed a couple of years reading this post. Such a beautiful and happy family you have!

  30. Dawn

    Hello Naomi
    Could you tell us where you buy the train ?
    Thank you very much…!

    • TAZA

      it’s made by brio! you can find it in most toy stores on online! probably amazon!

  31. Rose

    Enjoy these days mama for they grow up way too fast! I love the train phase! Noah was in that phase for a long time, and even though he’s six he’ll still ask me where his thomas the train tracks, and trains are! Anyway, congrats on winning the bloglovin award! You are a great example to young moms out there!

    Take care!


  32. Meghan

    Just a heads up on a nyc laws / regulations regarding window safety! It’s suggested by that “Furniture that children may climb on should not be near windows.” In addition, all windows in an apartment with kids under 10 should have protective railing–but that’s for your landlord to provide.

    The suggestions stems from the heartbreak suffered by Eric Clapton in nyc. Just wanted to share that info with you, bec the couch and bed placement can be extremely dangerous, especially for 3 busy bodies!

  33. Lisa

    Haha, my son is also 6 hours a day at preschool but it feels incredably short to me because i am at office in between… lucky you!

  34. kathrin

    naomi, you are such an inspration! I say this as a mother of two boys (17 months/ 3years and 2 months) and a teacher of elementary school. “Give them kids wings and give them roots.” You are doing great, i even think a third little one wouldn’t be so bad. Someday.
    Best regards from Germany.

  35. Ashley

    Are there bars on the windows? I would be so nervous sleeping so close to the window so high up!

    Having E being in school all day will get easier, I promise!! :)

  36. Klaudia

    Hello! This is the first time I have visited your blog (found through Bloglovin’) and oh my God, it’s amazing!
    I’m just about to read all of your post with a cup of coffee (even though it’s 10pm) but I just love your writing, your style and the whole happy feel of your blog and your life! You’re gorgeous, your kids are gorgeous and your house has so much character and it’s so beautiful! I think you are my new favourite blogger!
    The best part of my day today was finding your blog! Hope you finally get a full night’s sleep (maybe tonight, fingers crossed for you!) and don’t worry about crayons on toys and walls, we even had our brand new sofa ‘customized’.
    Klaudia from Shoes Style Smile xxx

  37. Rachel

    I’ve been reading your blog since the days when you lived in that little Harlem studio with a blackboard wall in your kitchen! One of the first blogs I followed!

    You’re brave having your bunks up against a window! We have a daughter and a son who is 5 months and we need to sort out new sleeping arrangements as he has almost outgrown his crib in our London flat (only 2 beds) but we can only fit in bunks up against a window (ground floor) but it makes me too nervous that enthusiastic playing might send one of them through it.

  38. amy

    Pre-K might help you adjust into the schooling scene.

  39. I’m so happy you won! You guys are amazing and were totally deserving of it! Also, that little story about Conrad and signing… too too cute, and so sweet!

  40. Brit

    Congratulations on winning, it is much deserved. I’ve followed your blog for years and it brings me such great joy. Your posts are so genuine and you continue to reaffirm my faith that one good family can create a ripple effect of love and kindness out there in this world.

  41. Stef

    Hi Naomi

    Those pictures are really nice, and I am happy you won the bloglovin’ family blog award.

    i know it has been asked on your instagram before and on the blog, but I do not recall I have seen the answer, could you tell me where does the bunk bed come from?

    Thanks! ;)

  42. Jerlin

    I’ve been reading your blog since you had Eleanor and I absolutely look up to you and your family. Lovetaza is my favourite blog to read because everytime I come here, I feel like the world is such a lovely place.

    Am now at the stage of being “21 years and barely figuring out life” but I genuinely hope that one day I’ll be able to have a family as beautiful as yours and share such inspirational stories :)


  43. Stella

    One happy mess. I really like it, looks real :)

  44. KP

    you guys mention signing quite a bit lately – have i missed something? :o

  45. vicky

    congrats on winning! it’s well deserved. have loved this blog for years now and it’s *family goals* ;)

  46. lily

    i must admit that i scroll comments on occasion and what struck me was the one claiming she was offended by this post because you stated that you miss your daughter when she is at school. can i just say that is one of the weirdest comments i’ve ever read. so because she goes to work and has had to drop off her kid as an infant, you don’t have a right to say you miss your child since you’ve spent every day with her for five years? this is one reason why women bicker so much, because we find fault in other women who are simply feeling what they are allowed to feel!

  47. Tamara

    @Lily, I was surpised by it too. Then I figured, maybe, also as she says,it must have been hard for @Yaffa to leave her child the whole day. Even though completely ok and everything (I’m NOT judging that AT ALL, let that be clear: we all make our own choices to do what’s best for our family, and sometimes we don’t even have those choices)

    So maybe it is ‘simply’ a difficult subject for @Yaffa… Because even rereading, I could not see how this post would be offending or anything. There is no judgement at all to others.
    But maybe we should also take in account @Yaffa, for whom (? not anglophone) it must have been difficult too and maybe it made her just remember things.
    Maybe she can tell us more.
    Because I love this blog so much for all the stories others share and how we can relate, and I hope one day to become a parent and I learn so much here also in the comment section.
    Share people, share! :)

  48. lorena

    Congratulations!!! This blog is amazing I found it once when I was looking for information about New York you really deserve the price, since then I have to come back to visit it, Love to see your adventures with your kids inspire me a lot with my blog as well. Lovely family.

  49. Desiree

    I am so happy you won. I also voted for you. I have been following since you live in DC. Kind of weird I know a lot about you and you have no idea who I am. But your blog is so inspiring and joyful. And genuine. So humble! I love that. Your family is beautiful.

  50. katrina

    Adorable! Also, where is the bunkbed from? We have been looking for one for our kids.

  51. Lil

    I can only write that I love your blog. Kiddos grow so fast and you’ re always so happy and pretty :) good luck !

  52. Jane

    Hi Naomi, I have three children, age 3, 9, and 16 and in answer to your question no, you never stop feeling tired! I’m praying that once my youngest hits school age next September (in the U.K.) he’ll start enjoying the bliss that is a lie in! Love your blog.