hike at bear mountain!

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love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-7getting outside each day with my kiddos and doing something active has definitely helped with my sanity as i’ve navigated this thing called motherhood the past few years. living in the city has been great for this very reason, because the smaller living quarters of urban life somewhat forces you to get out even if you’d rather stay in, and fresh air, sunshine (even cold sunshine in the winter!) and some physical activity does wonders for my family’s moods and spirits and over all well-being.

with autumn’s arrival, we thought it was a great chance to get outside of new york city and enjoy a day in the mountains hiking! we drove out to bear mountain, which is just about an hour north of the city. our kids love pretending they are explorers searching for bears or other animals and as long as we time it all right and keep the hike doable for them, we all have a good time.

we have loved partnering with band aid and neosporin brands this year because no matter what the activity, we have found it super helpful to always carry some sort of simple first aid kit with us that contains band aid bandages, neosporin, and other helpful items. anytime we’re in the outdoors especially, my kids love to climb and run and scoot and bike and jump off things and pick up rocks and sticks and just basically, be kids. scrapes and cuts and little boo boos are often the norm in our day to day life with active little ones so i like feeling prepared by always having something on hand.  for this particular hike, we packed up some snacks, a canteen of water, and brought along our own little first aid kit we made using a simple clear pouch. it’s one of the ones we carry with us everywhere, since it’s compact but can still fit a few loose band aid bandages, neosporin, hand sanitizer and other things the kids like inside. depending on the season, we’ll stick in a small thing of sunscreen, little sunglasses, and lip balm, too. it’s great because we can throw the little pouch into whatever bag i’m using for the day, and since it’s clear, i know when we’re running low on band aid bandages or other items to restock inside.

anyway, we took a ton of photos (what else is new!) on this hike, and i’m excited to share them with you!

love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-29it’s a little bit hard to really tell in the photos, but a few of these spots on the trail were steep!!!!! making it extra fun to climb up but even more fun to climb down (or slide down like samson did!) on our return to the car!

love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-4this child has finally learned to give closed mouth kisses and while so much of me misses that baby stage where they just open their mouths and plant a big wet kiss on you with their mouth open the entire time, i love that we’ve progressed to a proper kiss now too. next part to tackle is not landing the kiss on the nose! haha.love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-26love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-25oh gosh, i just don’t know how i got so lucky to mother these three babies of mine, but i can’t tell you how much i love them.

love-taza-hiking-007hnm98bear mountain, you guys. it’s kind of crazy this is so close to manhattan and yet, how different!

love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-12break time for snacks! conrad’s face is everything.

love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-13this is our clear pouch first aid kit i was talking about above! it fits our essentials for the day perfectly. i think it’s so important to let kids be kids. let them climb, let them get dirty, let them explore. stand back a little and give them space to figure it out on their own. maybe they’ll fall a little bit more this way, maybe they’ll come home with extra dirt under their finger nails, but it’s part of childhood, and it’s one of the best parts of it.  you might have a few extra boo boos to fix up and kiss better at the end of the day, but you’re so good at that part, because you are their safety zone, their boo boo-fixer-uper, their biggest supporter and cheerleader. just don’t forget the band-aids bandages. ;) (i speak from experience because once i did forget my first aid pouch and had to tear off a piece of a wet-wipe and tie it around eleanor’s finger in lieu of a proper band-aid bandage. while i was feeling super proud of my quick improvisational skills when it came time to stop the bleeding, eleanor was rather disappointed i wasn’t “prepared” and that was kind of a bummer for me.)

love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-10 love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-14 love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-15those lashes and freckles! i’m so curious if he’ll be covered in lots of freckles in a few years or if these are just baby freckles for now. i love them either way, they make me so happy since i am part freckle myself. ;)
love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-31love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-16so many rocks to pick up and hold and try to talk mom into letting them bring home!love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-17 love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-27this little trail marker, which someone before us turned into a bear, made eleanor so happy when she spotted it! “i knew it! the bears are this way!” she exclaimed so excitedly! for a moment there it truly felt like we were that family in the classic children’s book, we’re going on a bear hunt! i’m just so glad there was no bear chasing us home!
love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-28love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-8 love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-32love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-9 using a rock to chip away at another rock. when i asked him what he was doing, he said, “just making stuff, you know.”love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-11 love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-19can’t handle them!

love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-20 love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-21i think i’ve shared about this t-shirt before, but it was once upon a time josh’s older brother’s t-shirt. we’re just super proud to be davis’, and she loves wearing that thing any chance she gets!love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-22 love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-24getting a little bit better at that family selfie thing!

love-taza-hiking-007hnm98-18love these tiny hikers and getting to explore with them! bear mountain is absolutely beautiful and we hope to be back soon to explore more of it. thank you to band-aid brand for sponsoring this blog post, and also for helping make our boo-boos heal faster. :)

  1. Karen

    Oh, I love families that get outside together/encourage their kids to go for hikes! The Ozarks are full of some stunning, hidden gems that most of the country don’t seem to know about – with that small town charm in addition to the sights. Thanks for sharing beautiful photos, as always.

    Best, Karen from Life in its Natural State

  2. Carly

    During the first part of this post I was seriously thinking, I hope they have read “Going on a Bear Hunt”. Glad to know you have! I’m sure it made your hike on bear mountain way more fun.

    I always wonder how you guys stay sane living in the city with three kids. All the trips must make a huge difference.

    Carly from http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  3. Alexandra

    Where are Samson’s jeans from?

  4. I’m trying to learn my baby to give me a proper kiss, but … nothing at the moment!! sniff sniff

    I amaizing thinking that this lovely place is only one hour from Manhattan

    Fresh air is so important for children (and parent too)

    Kisses from France

  5. brittany

    getting outside together is the absolute best. also love the collecting of rocks, always!

    i’ve got a new outfit post + some recommended reads for mama + baby on my blog!

  6. I love the family and little hikers photos!! Makes me want to add another child to our family right away haha.. and what a hidden gem not too far away from Manhattan!
    Also I always love the vintage stuff that the kids get to wear!! I have no patience in storing anything more than 5 years.


  7. Audrie Baker

    Can I ask if you still use the gel and are those your real nails or do you have an overlay on top of your real nails?

  8. Bridget

    You have to go to the “zoo” next time you are there! It’s called Trailside Museums and Zoo, its all animals that would be native to that region but were rehabbed from injuries or were pets people shouldn’t have had, ha! So the animals you could have encountered on a hike but hopefully didn’t! lol! There are 2 bears that are very fun to watch :) I used to work there, the staff is amazing, knowledgable and so caring for the animals. I would recommend talking to a staff member if you see one! They love to tell kids all the cool info on the animals and even the plants you will see there!
    If you can, go on a weekday, is much nicer when it’s not too busy! It’s along the Appalachian trail, under the road, past the pool.

    • josh

      We tried to go when we were there, but it was closed.
      Too bad too! Sounds great.

  9. hanna

    Looks like a fun activity –Hanna Lei

  10. How do you get your kids to take such good photos?! It is impressive (that or you are verrrrry patient ! )

  11. Oh so much fun!! And I looooove the freckles on Conrad! so cute :)


  12. Paige

    Such pretty scenery! I love that you guys take the time to give your kids a good balance of the city, and the outdoors!


  13. Aubrey

    Love this post! My husband and I are big into hiking and its inspiring to see its still possible even with little ones!We’ll be taking our 6 month out hiking this weekend, wish us luck! :)

  14. Bee

    Hi Naomi! I asked this in another post but had to ask again because I’m very curious! I’ve noticed in a lot of posts that Conrad signs things like baby, please, and thank you. I’m trying to teach my 7 month old some basic signs and would love to know if you used a video or program or just incorporated signs into your day to day. Thanks so much!

    • TAZA

      we love baby signing time! it’s a great dvd and they learn through music and songs. we also just sign a lot with him starting around 7 or 8 months and within time, they catch onto all of them! good luck!

  15. Jill

    Just a short 10-15 minute drive from Bear Mt. and you could visit us at West Point home to the United States Military Academy we’d love to have you. :)

  16. Rebecca

    I bet your family would love goecaching or letterboxing. The photo with the bear trail marker made me think that the kids would be super excited to find and plant treasures in the woods….or wherever for that matter.

  17. Meg

    Thanks for sharing! I loved going to Bear Mountain as a kid. I live in California now, but grew up in the Hudson Valley. This post and the one about Fishkill Farms gave me all the feels. Thanks for being a link to home for me….love seeing all these familiar places.

    Another fun fall activity is the Walkway over the Hudson in Poughkeepsie/Highland. It’s a MUST SEE anytime of year, but in the fall when the foliage is at its peak, it is truly phenomenal. There is also a wonderful children’s museum at the base of the Walkway that your kiddos would absolutely love. Here’s a link to the museum: http://mhcm.org and the Walkway https://walkway.org…I really really hope you all make it up there – you won’t regret it!

  18. Mary

    I love your top. Where is it from?

  19. Aneka

    Hi, just wondering what shoes the boys are wearing ? Thanks :)

  20. negin

    where are your leggings from?

  21. Jaime

    JHi! I am bringing my 5 year old daughter to bear mountain this weekend to do some hiking..what trail did you guys do? I’m trying to figure out which would be best for us! Thanks so much, love your blog:)