food and games in portofino and portovenere!

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wanted to share some photos from portovenere, which is the port town we stayed in near cinque terre. first, we had my favorite gelato this trip here at a place called bar lamia. i don’t know how josh stayed strong and didn’t partake in any gelato this trip but you guys don’t have to worry, i definitely made up for him not having any by pretty much having two a day. when in italy, right!? also, can we discuss how great bacio flavored gelato is? discovered it this trip and could really go for some right now.

there aren’t too many photos here, because we didn’t do a whole lot in portovenere besides meander and hang out and eat at the end of our days of exploring other areas. we did have one of our favorite meals here, at a place called le bocche. more on that meal below.


this photo is from the morning before we arrived in portovenere, when we went to church in genova. i forgot to include it earlier! the congregation meets on the second floor of an office building and we met some of the nicest people ever there. i didn’t really gather what was being said during the meeting, but i love singing church hymns with others (even when it’s a different language) because i at least am familiar with the music and i just love to have that familiarity with something i hold so dear in another country. it’s pretty great.


these photos are from the other beach we stopped by that was only accessible by boat which we stopped through when we took a boat out in portofino!


playing on the rocks in portovenere! our kids had so much fun doing this at night after dinner before bedtime. our hotel was right on the water around the corner so it was just out front which was convenient.


ok, so this is the meal i was telling you about earlier at le bocche. during our entire time in italy, if i saw homemade gnocchi on the menu, i didn’t even look at anything else on it, i ordered the gnocchi. for the most part, it was delicious everywhere, but this dish was so different from what i’m used to when it comes to how the pasta is prepared, and i really liked that. the gnocchi was mixed with seafood and some sort of warm cabbage on top of it, which seems so strange but it was so good.


josh’s lasagnette was his favorite pasta dish this trip. i tried it and it was very very good.


this was the view from our hotel in portovenere!


i am pretty much mid sentence in this photo (which is so flattering) but i had to share anyway because everyone else’s faces make my day! these guys have the sweetest and most hilarious personalities and they are my favorite to hang out with.


conrad was SO into standing on this little stoop. haha! i think he’s anxious to be a little taller.


when everyone races to papa!

LOVE TAZA ITALY 2016-BJHGF09JSE-4LOVE TAZA ITALY 2016-BJHGF09JSELOVE TAZA ITALY 2016-BJHGF09JSE-3LOVE TAZA ITALY 2016-BJHGF09JSE-2and i had to include these last few photos from portofino when the kids played the game we learned in switzerland called “sii-saa-sugg,” (a.k.a. footstomp). by the way, THANK YOU to those of you who knew the game i was talking about and shared about it and all the variations in the comments of that post! can’t even tell you how many times since we have played it together. it’s a fun one for sure.

ps. here’s my blue dress (currently sold out, but similar styles here and here). sunglasses here and sandals here!

  1. hanna

    You look like you all had fun! –Hanna Lei

  2. Mathilde

    I think, we should all make more faces. After seeing the kids with their ice cream cones I am absolutely positive.

  3. Carly

    Doing nothing but wandering and eating is what you’re suppose to do in Italy! Looks like the perfect way to relax and experience a bit of the culture. Your kids are such world travelers.
    Carly from

  4. Erica C.

    Ooh, what a beautiful place! The water looks unreal. And that food – well, let’s just say I’m salivating over here! Haha!

    Thanks for sharing, Naomi!

    xo E

  5. Emily G

    This looks lovely! My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon to the cinque terre & Lake Como areas. What hotel did you stay at during your stay here? Would love to know if you had a good experience there!

    Thank you :)

  6. i love your photos so much! your vacations look so dreamy! i love following along! i know you have said probably a million times but what lens do you use for your photos? They are so light and vibrant! i love it!!


  7. Randi

    OMG I didn’t even know this town existed and now I have to go there! Looks heavenly and my mouth is watering!!!!

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics!!!!
    Xo, Randi

  8. camille

    Gelato!! I love it so much already, I can’t imagine how much more I’d love it if eating it in Italy. When you guys go to church while traveling, do you always find an LDS church or just go wherever you can find?

  9. Paige

    I feel like I could spend a year traveling through the world and never eat all the amazing things I want to eat.


  10. Beautiful place and It looks like not many tourists when you’re there.


    So beautiful Italy! I love the gastronomy. Is there any country where you can eat better than Italy? Maybe Spain, my country, but the choice for me is hard :) Great photos as always

  12. Now I’m hungry!! hahhaha

    It’s very nice to see how your children are so friend!!!

    Kisses from France

  13. Melissa

    aaagh! You’re just killing me with all the ice cream and delicious glorious carb photos! I’m off of sugar and anything refined for my pregnancy to give my baby the best start possible, but when I see delicious ice cream photos, I just want to dive into a tub of ice cream!

    I love how the wards are all the same all over the world ( even if its in a different language) you can just feel the same spirit and happiness as soon as you enter.

  14. ravit

    i love your posts!
    can you please tell me how you style your hair and eleanors hair like that with the two buns?
    i really want to do the same for my girls!! they would love it!!

  15. Lovely images, amazing scenery, great blog, and beautiful family!

  16. Amanda

    Hey Naomi!

    Do you think the Teva Sandal or Birkenstock is better for travel and lots of walking?? Going to Thailand and trying to decide on a good comfortable sandal. Thought of you!! Thanks:)

  17. claudia

    Hi Taza!!! You were right here last summer and I didn’t notice you around! I live here!!!
    About that gnocchi plate, the “cabbage” on top is a particular tipe of salad you can only find near Treviso (Nothern part of Italy) and it’s called TREVIGIANA….it’s a little bitter as the arugula salad and it’s perfect on pizza, gnocchi and risotto!
    So happy you had a great time here in Liguria :-)