documenting the first day.

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sharing a few photos today that we snapped early in the morning last week as we walked eleanor to her first day of kindergarten!!! she was so excited, she was almost skipping at one point. i held back my tears and put on my brave face inspired by her brave face, and off we went. it’s been a little touch and go since that first morning, sometimes she speaks so fast and excitedly about something at school while other moments she lets me know she doesn’t like school and doesn’t plan on going back. i think these next few weeks are going to be a big learning curve for all of us (any tips from those who’ve been there?). even so, i couldn’t be more proud of this beautiful girl and i’m so thrilled for the big incredible year she has ahead of her.


when her backpack is a big as she is! haha! she requested a starwars backpack as we began shopping for one and even though i’ve never seen it (although i feel like i have because this baby girl of mine can quote many of them), i have to say, it’s a pretty adorable backpack. (i found it on amazon here.)

these faces her brothers are making crack me up. it’s like none of us are totally sure how we feel about all of this just yet.


pictures with her papa! these two together is everything. they have the most special daddy-daughter bond and i don’t even mind that she is totally a daddy’s girl over a mama’s girl because witnessing their love and friendship and bond makes me the proudest wife and mother. firstday-10

when i was taking a picture of her from the front, she turned quickly to her side asking, “mom, can you see my backpack?” haha! love how she wanted to make sure it was in the shot. :)

firstday01-2 firstdayfirstday0

it’s funny how i can almost recall every single thought that raced through my head on that first walk to school. it’s like things were kind of in slow motion for a few minutes there. i’ll never forget dropping her off at her little desk, and seeing her face begin to panic a bit as she fought back a few tears. it was apparent we were both working hard at our brave faces.  i stress daily about sending my babies out into the world where there is so much hurt and hate. but i know that there is also so much good and love, and i hope i’m preparing them well enough in this short amount of time to see that good and that love, and to contribute to it. it’s hard to let go and step back and trust, but i have faith in these kiddos of mine, and at the end of the day, i can’t wait to watch them grow and give and fly. it’s going to be a wonderful school year, i can feel it.

ps. my pink pants here, my top is a gift from the lovelies at ace&jig, and similar shoes here and here. wearing this lipstick in mauve matte shade. eleanor’s starwars backpack can be found here.

  1. Corina

    oh Naomi, this brought tears to my eyes…such a bitter sweet moment. I trust E will go great, even though the next few weeks may feel a bit tough

  2. Melissa

    She looks adorable and so ready for her first day! Her face just says ” I know I’m going to rock this!” Her backpack is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. Anna

    This is such a beautiful post Naomi! Your view of the world is so inspiring, and it’s lovely to watch your children grow with that same vibrant outlook & spirit. Plus E looks so gorgeous & grown up I can’t handle it! xxx

  4. Oh wow how amazing! I remember reading your blog before you guys had kids… Before I had kids. Where did the time go

    Pixelhazard | Bright Green Laces

  5. Dora

    Oh, you just make me want to go shopping! you have awesome style.
    Eleanor in that backpack- too much cuteness!

  6. Babawaga

    Thank you for documenting this, Naomi. I have yet to go through ‘the first day’ on Thursday 15th with my first-born son…I’m dreading it, even though he’s been attending private day-care on and off since he was 11 months old and I’m sure he’ll be A-OK with a fairly short school-day! Its as emotive an experience for the parents as it is for the children….

    Hope Eleanor goes through the transition to fully-fledged school-child smoothly.

  7. Randi

    OMG kindergarten!!!! I can’t even imagine. My 2 year old just started preschool twice a week, the first day was only for an hour and I totally bawled my eyes out walking down the hall away from her classroom. Thank goodness they ease us into it. My daughter was totally fine and she loved school. They just grow so fast and being apart from my little buddy is challenging for me.When she gets to kindergarten I will be a wreck.

    Xo, Randi

  8. Dear Eleanor: you are a big girl now!! congratulations!!! I really love your backpack and I sure my son too.

    Kisses from France

  9. Carly

    Oh my goodness! Such a big step for little E and you guys. She has grown up so fast and I’ve loved watching it on this blog. I’m sure school will continue to be exciting some days and dreaded other days. I think that’s just the way it goes. I bet having your support and listening ears is a huge help to her. Hang in there!
    Carly from

  10. brittany

    oh, she is just radiant and so beautiful! both of you are!!! i cannot believe she is starting school already. i have followed along with your blog since before she was born, which is crazy! life goes so fast! and now that i have my own little lady who is 4 and will start school in the not too distant future, this just brings me soooo many emotions. i am sure you have been experiencing some lately!!! thanks for sharing these moments from your sweet family life. :)

  11. Claire

    Just curious what kind of school you all decided to send Eleanor to (public, private, charter)! I know in New York there’s a lot of options so I didn’t know if choosing a school was a big process for you or fairly simple and how you made that choice.

  12. Goodness I can’t believe she is already going to school. I absolutely enjoy these posts of you Naomi, they are always so honest and real. All my love to E, hope she’ll have the most amazing time in school!


  13. Casey

    These pictures are so sweet. Eleanor just shines. I’m curious as to what kind of schooling you’re choosing for your kids? It’s obvious that you and Josh as parents have immersed all of your children in so much culture and you do a lot to get their brains thinking (with the posts about the toys you choose and the museums you visit). Did you do an research before enrolling? Also, for the record, I think public school is a great option in many ways, I just feel (because I read your blog regularly) that this is something you would have taken plenty of time deciding upon and I want to know your thoughts, Naomi! :)

    xox from MI

  14. Cassie

    Just sent my third (my baby) off to kindergarten this year. It doesn’t get any easier, but it is so awesome to watch them learn & grow. Hugs to you.

  15. Melissa S

    Oh my what a big deal!!!! Way to go E and mama. I loved your idea of brave faces. And its true a child is like your heart walking outside and around your body.

  16. Shira

    Congratulations Eleanor! Kindergarten is a big deal! Some things my mom did when I was little and nervous about school was to give me little notes from her to read if i was feeling anxious or sad (or a picture if she can’t read yet). Also sending her with a book or something she is familiar with. And just reminding her that all of her feelings are ok and normal :)

  17. Ashley

    My mom is a kindergarten teacher and every year she reads the kissing hand to the kids. They then go over to their parent and have them give a kiss in their palm and if they are feeling sad throughout the day the hold it close to their heart. Try that with E! I can’t believe she is in kindergarten already. These pictures are adorable!

  18. nanette

    I struggle with this too! After I drop off my 5 year old, I find myself thinking, “What is she doing?” “What is she thinking?” It’s definitely a challenge. I say, only speak positively about school. Make it seem fun when they’re in that slump. It’s very normal. I wish Eleanor a great year! xo.

  19. Tracy

    I remember dropping my son off at preschool and he was the first one there because I had to get to my own school (I teach). To be the first one in the morning care and I had to say goodbye. He was so nervous and I was so excited for him. I knew he would be okay, but I hated to leave him without anyone to even make friends with! It is funny because the next year I sent him off to school with his sister and I wasn’t the slightest bit worried for her, because she had her brother there too! It was a completely different feeling!

    Enjoy and celebrate it…school is awesome!

  20. Dena

    So sweet!!! I hope she had a great first day:) I L.O.V.E. the backpack!!

  21. Katie

    Gosh, he smile is the sweetest! When I scrolled past the pic where she wanted to make sure the backpack could be seen I prayed for her right then and there- that God would protect her and she would always have that bright smile on her face as she got older! Then I read the bottom of your post and it was confirmation. God protects your kids, your fam and all of his children so much!

  22. Ashley

    A tip: Don’t schedule any activities on Fridays for several weeks. My daughter is usually very tired and even cranky by the end of the week so giving her that downtime on Fridays helps. That way she’s rested and able to enjoy the weekend’s activities.

  23. Paige

    Elanor is turning into quite a strong and brave leader, you can tell you and Josh are doing great things!


  24. Anne

    As a teacher, I think the best thing you can do to support her is be VERY positive about her new school, and repeat often how proud you are of your schoolgirl. Children pick up so much of their feelings about school from their parents. If she mentions things that make her sad/uncomfortable at school, definitely mention them to her teacher in person or in a quick email, We want to know! Reminding her that her brother will soon be at school too, and that she’ll get to teach him all the “tricks”, is a fun way to make her feel important.

  25. Jessi

    3 books helped us with the kindergarten transition: The Kissing Hand, My Baby Little One, & Miss Bindergarten Goes to Kindergarten. Also, if she says she’s nervous, scared, doesn’t like class, or doesn’t want to go, don’t dismiss it or say things like “oh, you don’t mean that! You’ll love it because xyz”. Instead, say “Can you tell me about it?”. Then she can articulate her emotions & you can address them. For ex., my child was scared of riding the bus & when we asked him to tell us about it, turns out he was afraid of falling asleep on the bus & not coming home! So we talked to him about it, reassured him & he did beautifully on his bus ride.
    Just remember it’s a transition for everyone & transitions take time. Good luck!

  26. I’m only a couple years ahead, as I sent my baby girl to kindergarten two Septembers ago. We lived in Chicago at the time and I also remember walking her to school, fighting back the tears and feeling like a huge weight was on my chest. Evelyn was super excited too, but same thing, as I walked her to her tiny desk, she started to feel nervous but after a few seconds she sat down and started coloring and fell in love quickly with school. I had a hard time getting info about her day on the walks back from school, maybe she was just acclimating and couldn’t vocalize it? But she adjusted pretty quickly and loved school, and really thrived there. I miss it everyday. I love how schools are true neighborhood schools in the city. I likewise think it’s important to get our kids used to being out in the world, despite hard moments and feeling uncomfortable initially with all things new. It will only make them into more well rounded adults:) Good luck! It was an adjustment maybe more so for me ha! But all around so good for her. My boy just started kindergarten and now I’m down to just my baby girl at home. Goes too fast. Also, amazing backpack. I want it ha!

  27. Jessica

    The three of them on the steps is just the cutest!! I love Conrad’s face. My youngest turned 2 this summer and I’m cherishing every last moment of babyness ??. Congrats to both you and Eleanor being brave! When my oldest started K5 we both cried…every morning the first week!

  28. Lauren Bee

    ALL of my starting school photos involve me standing awkwardly in tears haha! Eleanor looks like she handled it much better than I did and I have no doubt that it’s because of the support and confidence you and Josh give her. These are such joyful photos for her to look back on.
    Here’s to a very excellent school year!

  29. Julie

    Hi Taza! Ah, I feel you! My 2 oldest (7 and 5) are at school and when each of them started (they both started school here in London aged 4 and a half) that felt like a big step. However, for me the satisfaction was to know that the time had come for them to face a new challenge and I knew that both of them were ready for it. Thankfully they are in a small school so the transition was a bit eased off because of that but both knew hardly anyone. Be aware that the second week is often the hardest – that’s when they realise the are gonna be going to school/kindergarten for while and when you may get a few tears of distress/anxiety. You got to be the reassuring one even though it feels so hard to you, they need that us parents tell them ‘it’s gonna be all right’ but for me the other key was to avoid dramatising the whole experience. A bit of excitement is totally cool but letting them go with the flow will help too. I hope E enjoys the experience, she strikes me a confident and cheerful little girl, just like her parents:). Big hugs from London, Julie x

  30. Jenny

    i am about to send my second daughter to school in a bout 2 weeks! she is very excited and it will be easier for her because she already has big sister there. still i know she will miss the days just home with mum! (she does 3 days a week at kindy already) we are in NZ so i get abit confused with the whole kindergarten/school thing! we start school at 5 here, but you seem to call it kindergarten?? is it a full school day, 5 days a week? just interested!

  31. Karla Ford

    Also very curious about your school choice. Would love to hear about your decision making process. Go Eleanor!

  32. Tracy

    Oh gosh, such a big time for all of you! I feel it for you… I remember it all well. Sending good vibes your way….loving your family like you lived two stoops over! Go Eleanor Go!

  33. Whitney

    Wow, these moments are precious. Soak ’em in! (I know you are! lol) Her little new balance shoes are precious by the way!

  34. Megan

    Love this post! I’m a K teacher and it’s definitely normal to hear lots of back and forth as far as loving school one minute to “IM NEVER GOING BACK!” the next. It’s a big transition, especially for those who’ve never done full day school before. There is so much to learn, so many new faces, new activities – they need to process and that can get a bit overwhelming at times. My advice is stick to familiar, consistent routines at home so Eleanor has a sense of control when the rest of her day is all bright and shiny and new (and chaotic!).

    The first six weeks are a time of major transition – stick it out, Mama! She’s a strong, independent girl and SO ARE YOU! <3

  35. Michele

    It’s all too much, them growing up! So many emotions. This was our first year without tears, 1st and 2nd grade. On a lighter note, where is Samson’s shirt from? Too cute!

  36. Lauren

    I loved school when I was younger! Although its a scary thought, you should find comfort in all the wonderful memories she’ll get the chance to make!

  37. Jessica

    Tips – make sure she gets loads of sleep, down time after school, volunteer in her class, and be very patient – those first few months are so hard on everyone!

  38. Taylor

    Congrats to Eleanor!

    Just curious, why don’t you capitalize letters? Especially now that you have a kid in school, proper writing is a good example ;)

  39. I am only an aunt and all my nieces and nephews starting school gives me anxiety! I feel so protective and am worried they willl have to deal with bullies and so many other things! It’s scary! I just want them to feel loved and safe. No matter where they go.

  40. carrie

    Hi Naomi! I hope that the days will get easier as time goes on. Eleanor looked so cute on her first day! I am definitely anxious about sending off my little ones too. Just wondering: did Eleanor go anywhere before this at all? Had she ever stayed with anyone besides you guys? I only ask because our soon-to-be-4 year old has never been kept by anyone else (not even family!) and we are having troubles finding a gentle 2-day program to get her accustomed to being away from us before junior kindergarten… yikes!

  41. 'Julia

    hi naomi,
    can you tell me where your name rings are from. i already seached for a link in older posts but can’t find anything.

    Thanks alot (: