day trip to philly!

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trying to play “catch up” with my blog right now and wanted to share some photos from a day trip our family took last month to philly to see my sister and her husband and also walk through the new temple open house with our kids. whenever we go down to philly i’m reminded just how close it is to new york, and wonder why we don’t make the quick trip more often. that reading terminal market is worth the 3 hour drive alone! always the best food! but getting to spend time with family will always take the cake. so grateful they took time off work when we arrived to hang out with us! my kids are seriously obsessed with those two (for good reason!) so we had a great day.

more photos from our day…


when you’re super little and can’t quite reach up to give proper “bunny ears,” but you think it’s just the funniest thing anyway. haha! eleanor was cracking me up trying to give bunny ears to her uncle!


this sandwich from dinic’s doesn’t exactly photograph well, but it is one of my favorite things at reading terminal market and josh and i split one every time we go.

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that tiny tongue!!!!

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when josh shaves his beard and i’m like, are you 24?! such a baby!!!!


also, major thanks for being willing to always carry my bag josh. even when it’s super pink. ;)


the new philadelphia temple. :)


can’t ever pass up a chance to jump stairs! these guys are professionals at giving me heart attacks every other hour in life.


thanks to my sister rachel for taking this photo for us!

love-taza-philly90b-jj4784x1-28 love-taza-philly90b-jj4784x1-29

that philidelphia temple is just beautiful and it was a very sweet experience getting to walk through the inside with my family and see it before its dedication. our church’s temples all around the world are open to anyone all ages who would like to walk through and see it for themselves for a few weeks before it is dedicated.  i remember being a little girl and walking through a temple open house when i was young, and i remember it impacting me in a way i’m thankful for all these years later, so i was excited for my kids to have that chance to walk through and kind of take it all in.

love-taza-philly90b-jj4784x1-25love-taza-philly90b-jj4784x1-4love-taza-philly90b-jj4784x1-3love-taza-philly90b-jj4784x1-2hope to see you again soon, philly!

ps. wearing this sun garden t-shirt (on sale), similar jean skirt here, and clogs here (also on sale here as well). wearing these sunglasses and this backpack.



  1. It’s true Josh without bear … is a baby. :)
    Conrad has also freckles!!! So so so cute!!
    Kisses from France

  2. your day trip looks perfect. The ice cream, pretzels look so yummy. i love your outfit as well.

  3. Carly

    I can’t believe I just read a New Yorker say Philly has the best food! Every time I’m in NYC I think there is no place in the world with better food, but I haven’t been to Philly.
    You guys look adorable as always. I particularly love how your skirt coordinates with Conrad’s overalls. It’s the cutest mom, son combo without being obvious.
    Can’t wait to see more of your travels!

    Carly from

  4. Karen

    Josh carrying your pink bag might just be the sweetest part of this post – but that market looks super fun!!!

    Best, Karen from Life in its Natural State

  5. brittany

    conrad’s overalls! ahh they are so sweet!

    i’ve got nyfw looks made workable in real life on my blog today if you’re interested!

  6. Trisha

    That’s so cool you guys got to go to the open house!
    And I’m with ya on the beard shaving- my hubby is about to shave his eternal beard off cause he “wants to feel his baby girls face when he kisses her the first time.” so sweet!

    • josh


      You’re husband is right! It’s the first thing I do after I shave: kiss all my children! I can’t believe how soft their little cheeks feel…


  7. hanna

    Looks like a fun day trip –Hanna Lei

  8. Caitlin

    Gorgeous photos (as always)! I just got back from Philly too – it’s such a fun city and you’re right, so much good food! I stopped over at Reading Terminal Market as well – I honestly wanted to eat at every vendor there!

  9. Wauw, you and your sister really look alike :) Beautiful photos!

  10. Darlene

    There was recently a temple that opened up in Fort Collins CO (I’m in Denver) and i considered going because I’ve always heard how beautiful they are! I’m obviously not LDS but I love going into beautiful catholic churches and I’m not catholic either!

  11. Rachel

    You guys BOTH look 24!

  12. Oh that seems like such a fun little day trip! Must be great to see family, I certainly love to see them on the blog :) Lots of love,


  13. Emily

    I just visited Philly for the first time (in August) and really enjoyed Reading Terminal Market! We stayed at a hotel right beside it so we were able to visit multiple times. Philly has a cool, laid back vibe.

  14. Mandy

    We were just visiting San Diego and passed by the most beautiful Mormon Temple. Have you ever been to that one? Looks like a castle from Frozen or something!

  15. I drove from Boston to see the Philly Temple and I loved it. It might be the most beautiful Temple I’ve been in. I can’t wait to go back and do some work there. And, Reading Terminal Market is the best! I got chinese food.

  16. Lauren

    I work For the church at church headquarters i’m in the email marketing team so those reminder emails that you got reminding you of your reservation I built. There were a lot of Temple open houses all at once so when I saw people post their experiences of the Temple open houses on social media I would think “ugggggh I am so tired of talking about this.” Because I spend 40 hours a week talking about it. So thank you for this post and reminding me that it’s not about me temple of the houses are incredible and I’m so glad that you shared this. Are you speaking at Rootstech again this year? The other half of my team oversees that