apple picking we go!


apple picking has to be one of my favorite things about autumn! crisp tart apples pretty much mean sweater weather and colorful leaves are around the corner. it also means most of our conversations revolve around halloween costume choices (which change with three small children every couple of hours) and talk of halloween gets me all sorts of excited because it means my favorite favorite favorite time of year is basically here. you know what time of year i’m talking about! ;) but i won’t skip all the way ahead just yet to the holiday season because it’s pretty great right now as well. but you know, it’s almost here. :)

we rented a car and drove out to fishkill farms for some apple picking. we’d been out there during strawberry season last summer and really enjoyed the place, so it was fun to go back again and experience it in a slightly different season and different fruit this time.  we came home with three heavy bags of apples. all thanks to my kiddos who filled each of their bags half way up within 10 minutes tops! we maybe had to go through conrad’s bag and re-pick a couple (he grabbed all his from the ground, many of which were kind of yucky. but loved this valiant effort to clean up the apple rows!)


this place really is the most stunning palette of green!


when josh is taking my picture and i start to feel stupid, i just twirl. lol. when in doubt, twirl. that old dancer in me is never timid the way the rest of me often is.


samson’s face here!!! he has been making the best faces lately at life and they make me happy.


i think sharing is conrad’s love language. he absolutely loves to bring whatever he is loving close to you and if it’s food, he’ll grab your face with his hand and pull it close to whatever is in this other hand. you might say, “oh, that’s ok! no thank you!” but he doesn’t really go for that, and he’ll just do it again and again until you take a bite, or hold his toy, or whatever it might be he wants you to love the way he does. once you do, he will smile so big!


cutest little mister on an apple picking mission. pretty much all the apples on the ground in the third apple row of galas have now been picked up. you can thank conrad for that, fishkill farms! ;)


i love how much goes on now in their individual faces when i try to snap a photo of all three of them. so many stories and emotions! and smirks! also, conrad won’t take his sunnies off, ever. he fell asleep with them on the other day in the stroller and about ten minutes later i thought he was in a deep enough sleep to try to remove them so he could be more comfortable and he reaches for them in his sleep and pulls them back onto his face while saying loudly, “MO!” (how he pronounces “no”.) haha! then he kept on sleeping!

love-taza-apple-picking995hh-7 love-taza-apple-picking995hh-8

i have this exact hat in a blue/grey-ish color and have worn it pretty much everywhere the past year, so when i found it online in this nude color, i knew it must be. my blue/grey version is excited to have a little time off for a bit.


believe it or not, samson took this photo of josh and me!

love-taza-apple-picking995hh-36 love-taza-apple-picking995hh-20

when you want to eat an apple but you have to have the apple all the way at the very bottom of the bag!

love-taza-apple-picking995hh-21 love-taza-apple-picking995hh-24

two bites out of this one?! done! next please! (don’t know how many apples we finished for conrad today.)

love-taza-apple-picking995hh-25 love-taza-apple-picking995hh-26

high-fiving for picking an apple that was hard to reach!


the way he throws his head back and puts his all into drinking that water is probably my favorite thing ever. gosh, i love hanging out with this kid!


taking a few of the apples over to the trunk of the car! seriously, we were done so fast. which i’m confident is the only way to successfully apple pick! do it in like 30 minutes and be on your way!

love-taza-apple-picking995hh-37 love-taza-apple-picking995hh-38 also, we drove by their sunflower patch while at the farm and of course i flipped out. (sunflowers are my favorite flower.) such a great day with my loves and a perfect start to our autumn.

ps. wearing this dress, which was a gift. wearing this hat and similar booties here. wearing this lipstick in mauve matte.

  1. Traci

    “Sharing is Samson’s love language.” I LOVE that! I bet he gives the best gifts, too.

  2. Karen

    Yay! It’s the most wonderful time of the year if there’s apple picking to be had! These pictures are so fun – I love when we close the gap of farm to grocery stores by putting ourselves on the farm!

    Best, Karen from Life in its Natural State

  3. Carly

    You look stunning in that fall dress! Love that Conrad was just going for it on the ground. He seems pretty good at making sure he keeps up with his siblings and isn’t left out. Glad you guys got a family day

    Carly at

  4. nanette

    such wonderful photos! conrad picking apples is the sweetest. i would LOVE to be near an apple orchard to pick apples. it’s the best way to start the fall season. one day maybe. :) also, you should write a post or video on your hat collection! i love how you almost always have a hat on! xo.

  5. Lauren

    I’d love to go pick fruit, there’s just not many places near my home to do so :( Maybe one year! Also Naomi I love your freckles, it’s making me wish mines bloomed a bit more in the summer!

    P.S. I can’t believe autumn is nearly here!

  6. I really love your hate, the nude color its perfect for the saison!!

    Nice pics

    Kisses from France


  7. Darlene

    So fun!! The kiddos and I are taking the train to Iowa soon to visit my family and I said the only thing I NEED to do while back is to go an apple orchard, we just don’t have any good ones around here in Denver!

  8. Olivia

    Naomi, you are absolutely STUNNING! That picture of you and all your freckles is beautiful. I have loved following you and your family on your blog through the years. You all remind me to love and take full advantage of this great city! Thanks for always sharing,

  9. Rachel

    I go apple picking there every year! But mainly I like sitting in the grass listening to the live music and eating apple cider donuts.

  10. hanna

    Your dress is gorgeous –Hanna Lei

  11. I love apple picking! I don’t know why I don’t do it often enough…definitely need to do it this fall.


  12. We have an apple tree in our garden and I can’t wait until my little one can enjoy picking the apples like yours do.

    Until then, all the more for me & Papa. Can you share your apple tart recipe?

    Also, what is the age gap between your kiddiwinks? They’re a great little team!

  13. Victoria

    Haha Conrad looks so adorably cute in those sunnies!

  14. L

    I love apple orchards! That just feels like fall. Your kiddos look like they had fun. I’m curious if you have a blog schedule. Like do you set aside a few days a week where you photograph things that make it onto the blog and then have a few days off for your kids? How do you organize it?

  15. Emily

    I know you said your booties are sold out but can you tell me what brand they are?

  16. Megan

    Sounds like the best day and seriously how beautiful are you, Naomi?!


  17. Josie

    Everything in this post is just gorgeous.

  18. Such beautiful pictures of your lovely family. What a perfect day it looks!

    Very best wishes.

    Keep Calm and start writing ~

  19. Michelle

    What size is your dress? Thanks!

  20. Emily

    Girl, your eyebrows are serious! Beautiful photos as usual :)

  21. Melissa

    Your outfit is just amazing! I love any kind of fruit picking, its such a nice tradition, I can’t wait for my little bundle to arrive in December so I don’t feel so weird running to my husband with a bucket of strawberries telling him to look at them. I love sunflowers! the happiest flower! and its yellow, my favourite.

  22. Randi

    I love the fall and apple picking so much!!!!! Great photos of your beautiful family. My two year old makes that same silly face Samson is making with the grin and eyes closed!!!! I love it. Kids are such characters, especially that Conrad with those sunglasses. I love it. And did I spy Eleanor wearing a ring? So precious!!!!!

    Xo, Randi

  23. Kelly

    What a fun family outing, it looks like they had a blast!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  24. Jk

    Hey there! I was hoping you could tell me what size the dress is that you’re wearing? Would love to order one, but their website says they run small. Thanks a lot! jj

  25. Pam

    This is so sweet! I’ve never been apple picking, is it a random farm? do you just pick and go? Do you pay for them when you leave? lol
    Lovely post anyways♥