a morning at the met.

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last week, josh and i biked across the park and visited the metropolitan museum of art together. since i’m partnering with J.McLaughlin this month, i thought it was the perfect spot to showcase this classic look from the brand that has me all excited for fall approaching. while i’m a big leggings kind of girl, one thing i know for sure is not all leggings are created equal. these rye reversible leggings are made of scuba fabric and they are reversible! so you get two prints in one, and also, you get to be comfortable. i’m wearing this ribbed arlette turtleneck with the leggings.

a few photos my love snapped during our morning out…

love-taza-met1 love-taza-met2love-taza-met080love-taza-met08-11

the first place i love to go when we’re at the met is to my degas paintings and sculptures. i mostly love how he depicts the dancers in the back of his paintings, kind of standing attentively but still somewhat relaxed as they listen to the instructor or watch others take turns moving on the floor. there is one painting where a girl is sitting on top of a piano kind of slouched over scratching her back and she looks kind of sassy and i always want to know her story when i see that painting. it must be the old dancer in me, but his work is seriously my favorite.


this sweet face reminds me of conrad. haha!

love-taza-met08-3love-taza-met08-5love-taza-met08-9love-taza-met08-8love-taza-met08-2love-taza-met3does anyone else miss the little metal pins you’d get for admission to the met that have been replaced the past year or two by stickers? i don’t know why they got rid of those, but i used to keep mine and they felt much more special than the printed stickers. we sadly didn’t make it up to the rooftop this time around, but if you ever go, you must go up to the roof! they often have fun art installations up there (they have a roof garden exhibit right now i hope to make it back to to see before it closes) but mostly go for the views of the city and central park. it’s beautiful up there.

thank you to J.McLaughlin for sponsoring this blog post, and to josh for taking my picture because sometimes i can be the most awkward thing to photograph when i’m the only one in the frame.  you can see more of J.McLaughlin’s fall collection here.

  1. Chesson High

    Love your blog so so much! Still following along even as I’m studying here in Finland! Makes me miss the states! Where is your lip color from?!

  2. Kaitlin

    That third to last picture of you is stunning! You look like Audrey Hepburn! What lipstick are you wearing?


  3. Corina

    Naomi, you are beautiful! Inside and out
    keep rocking :)

  4. I love you outfit!! That leggings !!!! And I see in its website the turtleneck in different colours….nice
    Perfert for this weather
    Kisses from France

  5. Carly

    Those leggings are amazing! You have me wondering what the other side looks like. The concept of reversible leggings is so exciting. I”ve never seen a pair. Please do a post with the other side soon.

    Looks like a wonderful spot for some adult time. Glad you and Jose manage to get some time to yourselves.

    Carly from http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  6. Bridget

    these pictures are stunning!

  7. plum

    so pretty! talk to me about your sunglasses and nail color! I need the deets.

  8. Brigtte

    Naomi! What lipstick is that? All the shades you wear tend to match my skin tone since I’m also on the paler side with freckles. Thanks!

  9. sierra

    What a great fall look. I love leggins too but couldn’t agree more, they are not all created equal. Haha, seriously can relate to being so awkward when I’m the only one in the pic. Beautifully Candid

  10. Stephanie

    Love your entire outfit!! I must say I have the same questions as those before me, 1. The lipstick!! 2. Gorgeous shades, where are they from?
    Hugs from a reader in the Dominican Republic

  11. alexis

    i love the shoes! please share what brand and name they are:)
    thank you much!

  12. Catryn

    I am so so jealous you live so close to places like this. As an art history nerd I would probably never leave the Met if I lived in New York!
    And I adore your outfit! You’re so right, It’s perfect for fall.
    Also, how in the world are you so dang fit after having three kids?! You look amazing! Please tell me your secrets, haha!

    Sweet Horizon

  13. bri towne

    the dancer sitting on the paino! my great grandmother did a beautiful huge needlepoint of that painting and left it to me (the dancer in the family) when she passed. it’s moved with us every time and even hung in my college dorm room (it’s like 3 feet tall!). it’s my absolute favorite piece and i’m right there with ya; i want to know what she’s thinking!

  14. Julie

    Such gorgeous pics and I agree with a comment above, pic #3 from the beginning is stunning! You are lucky to be one very photogenic girl. I hope you had a fab cultural date with Josh. Hugs from London, Julie


  15. Erica C.

    You are so pretty, Naomi!! I LOVE everything about this style. That lipstick and those shades are swoon-worthy.

    xo E

  16. Mayoli

    I adore this post, almost as much as I adore degas (which is A LOT!)! Thank you so much for sharing Naomi. Love your outfit and the MET was such a perfect backdrop!

    xo from Toronto

  17. D

    Ummm you are stunning and I totally agree with the Audrey Hepburn comment!

  18. Amanda

    I agree with it all! But I’m really commenting to also ask- what lipstick is this?? ? We have the same hair color and complexion so You make my Sephora trips a lot easier ? Thanks, taza!!

  19. Elishia

    You are rocking this look! And those leggings are awesome … Not sure if I could carry them BUT I’ll certainly try finding out :)


  20. Kat

    end of story.

  21. Kelly

    Love it! Also love your shoes and bag. Can you share where they’re from? This whole look is fab. And the new bangs are perfect on you!! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Noor

    Where did you dance at? For some reason I thought you just studied it in school, but never actually made it career. I love the art, so beautiful!

  23. kathleen

    You are so so cute!!!! These pictures are perfection :)

  24. dcresider

    Wow. I’ve always seen you in color and I’ve never seen you in black but you look amazing in that “color.”

  25. Cassie

    You look so sophisticated!!! I love this look on you.

    That lipstick is perfect for fall. Is it the same you wore in the Levi’s post? It’s beautiful.

  26. Kelly

    What a pretty look Naomi, I love the Fall collection!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  27. Ella

    Looking good girl!
    What Lipstick & Nailpolish are you wearing in these photos?


  28. Hope

    I love love love your lipstick-hair-sunglasses combo! You are so chic, stunning and stylish. I love black turtlenecks too and you pull it off so well! :) All the heart eyed emojis over here!

  29. Ana

    Loved the leggings! Your look was so Hepburn, loved it!
    Also, what’s your lip color? It’s perfection

  30. Angelica

    Love, love, love this look! So chic and definitely my style. I just love wearing black and white. I need those leggings.