switzerland video!

excited to share a little video we made from our trip to switzerland! there is footage in here from our time in the swiss alps, meiringen, wengen, grindelwald and oeschinen (and our short afternoon passing through bern.) this might be my favorite video we’ve made, but i think it’s because this might be the most special trip we’ve taken and we fell so hard for switzerland.

if you missed it, our blog posts from the swiss alps, our few days in meiringen, our time at the chillon castle, and our drive into switzerland.

  1. Carla

    Congratulations on the video, I bet you’re super happy with it because it really shows how amazing Switzerland is and what a great time you had there. One of my favorites so far!

  2. Randi

    This video is seriously magical!!!!!!!
    I can’t get over the beauty of the Swiss alps.
    Thank you for sharing this incredible trip!

    Xo, Randi


  3. The drone shots are so fantastic. I think my favourite shot from the whole video was the one of you dancing with Conrad :’) It was also really cute how excited he was to say “hi!” to all the lifts that passed by. Also I loved the music :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. irina

    awesome video!!! thanks for sharing! you guys are so cute!

  5. Felicia

    Love this video! Your family is so adorable. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. It is so inspiring. Would you mind sharing which drone/camera you used for this? The aerial footage adds such a wonderful perspective!

    • TAZA

      thank you felicia! it’s a phantom 4!

  6. Rae

    Wow, beautiful! You’re encouraging me to try taking some big trips with my small kids :)

  7. Dot

    Such beauty! Those drone shots are especially awesome. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Amarni

    This video is so well shot I almost don’t believe it’s real.

    Definitelt adding Switzerland to the bucket list.

    Love your little family!


  9. That was beautiful! I think it’s my favorite video of you guys as well. My fave part was seeing the Swiss Alps in the background as you guys danced. Ah, I’ll imagine I’m there today! ;)
    Thanks for keeping this world light-hearted!

  10. The drone shot of you dancing with Conrad on that hillside is BREATHTAKING.

  11. Rylee Maron

    The views !! Amazing video of an amazing place!

    What mountain were you walking around in the beginning?!


    • TAZA

      hi rylee! the mountain in the beginning is called first. near grindelwald.

  12. Kat Konn

    I love all of the videos you put together! I’m really curious as to what kind of camera you use for them? Is it just your canon or do you have a separate camera to record from? I would like to start putting together my own from trips so any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
    Never commented before but just wanted to say I’ve been a big fan of your blog for about 5 years now!

    • TAZA

      thank you kat! and yes, we basically always shoot all of our photos and video on our canon camera. occasionally, if we are shooting something that we are talking to the camera more in (like the video at the chillon castle), we use a smaller hand held sony camera for that. it’s easier to hold in front of us and get everyone in the frame and in focus. but all of the video you see here was shot on our canon camera (besides going down the slide, took that with my iPhone!, and the drone shots.)

  13. Emily

    Stunning! Seeing this has just added Switzerland on to my travel bucket-list! Also love the addition of the drone shots!

  14. Tanya

    What an amazing video!Thank you for sharing :) Do you use Canon 6D for making your videos?
    PS: I will definitely add Switzerland in my list “to-visit”.

  15. Mon

    what an amazing Video! Love it!! i live in Germany, Right next to the border to switzerland and it is such a majestic landscape over there. stay als positive as you are! best wishes!

  16. kelleyn

    So magical! Bringing me back to the 4 months my family and I spent in Switzerland.

    • TAZA

      4 months! oh gosh, how amazing you spent 4 months there!!! my dream, for sure!

  17. Katie

    What an amazing experience for you and your kiddos! The last shot looked like The Sound of Music ;) I spent a summer in the French Alps and this brought back all those feelings. Very cool!

  18. Dawn

    I can see how Switzerland stole your heart!! It’s so very gorgeous! Can I ask where that AMAZINg slide that you and Conrad were sliding on is at?

    • TAZA

      it was in oeschinen! isn’t it cool? conrad wasn’t able to go down (needed to be 3 and older, 6 and up to slide down on your own) but samson and i went down together and loved it.

  19. Emma

    Beautiful video! I’ve always wanted to go. Looks like your family had such a fun time. Can’t wait to take my three little boys on an adventure like that someday!

  20. Angela

    What town was it that had those metal slides???

    • TAZA

      the slides were in oeschinen!

  21. Courtney

    Love the video- you did such a good job! What software do you use to edit? And was that all iPhone or with a DSLR, too? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks courtney! we shot most of this with our canon camera (a couple clips are with my iPhone as well) and then a few clips are with our drone. i compile it together with final cut pro on my computer.

  22. what a beautiful video. it really captures the happiness of your family in this trip.
    ps. i love your blog.

    • TAZA

      thank you for sharing, sherlyn! means a lot!!

  23. Ling Ling

    I feel silly writing this, but the drone footage moved me to tears. It reminds me that God is so creative and majestic in all the things He makes.

  24. Rachel

    Oh my goodness Switzerland is absolutely breathtaking! I feel like everywhere that you guys went was so amazing! I need to go so bad!!! And seeing that you kiddos did so well gives me confidence that my husband and I can talk the trip with two kids. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  25. Rachel

    I so should’ve spell checked that before I published it ha. Oops!

  26. Michelle

    Beautiful video! What drone do you guys have? It’s amazing!

    • TAZA

      thank you, michelle! it’s a phantom 4 DJI.

  27. Erin

    Switzerland just shot to the top of my list of places I have to visit? What is the song you used in the video?

  28. Nicola

    Hands down the best video you guys have made. Your kids will be watching this in 20 years with so much joy and love. These captures of your family are the best.

    • TAZA

      aw, thank you nicola! that means so much. thank you for following along!

  29. Jaime

    awesome video! i love the aerial shots you were able to capture with your drone. such a fun perspective to see of the beautiful alps. what a beautiful trip with your family that i am sure you will never forget. thanks for sharing as always!

    – jaime

  30. Bridgette

    Oh I just loved this video. Thanks so much for sharing your fun family travels. Last summer, I traveled with my little girl (then 18 months) to visit friends who were living in Lucerne, Switzerland. It really is the most beautiful country, isn’t it? There’s just something extra special about it. I think in one of your prior posts you mentioned that you didn’t travel with a stroller this time. And I think you were going to talk about some of the pros and cons. I’m sure you’re swamped and maybe you haven’t gotten to it yet but let me know if I missed and I’ll go back through all of these beautiful posts. Thanks so much!

    • TAZA

      hi bridgette! yes, i’ll share pros and cons of a few travel things from our europe trip soon! hoping to get through and share the remainder of our italy photos as well soon!

  31. Jessica

    My kids and I really enjoyed watching this video. My 8 yr old is begging to go to the slide/carts? (whatever that was you were zipping down the mountainside on!) Switzerland looks amazing!! Glad I got to enjoy the view without having to conquer my fear of heights ?

  32. Tracy

    Conrads hi on the gondala rides are amazing!
    Love the drone footage Josh shot! Everyone looks so happy! Family inspiration!

  33. Madison

    This was my favorite video of yalls to date! Love love love! Switzerland is now at the top of my bucket list!

  34. Carey

    This video makes me so nostalgic! We used to go to Grndewald as children and definitely holds some of my fondest memories!

  35. Hi Davis family,
    Congrats for this amazing video, one of my favorite!
    Now I want to go there ;)
    Just a question; what’s the temperature in August in Switzerland? It seems to be so cold, no?
    Have fun xxx

  36. Sorcha

    Gosh, it looks incredible. All I want to do after watching this video is book a flight to Switzerland!

  37. Vanessa

    this is such an amazing video, it really gave me goosebumps! Thank you for sharing your special journey!

  38. India

    You just HAD to use that beautiful tear jerking music didn’t you! I love this video so much, especially the drone over the mountains like that (insert heart eye emoji). I loved your photos of Switzerland too but this video has put Switzerland on my bucket list!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  39. India

    ps your kids are so lucky to have all these videos to look back on when they’re older. I must remember to do the same when I have kids. I guess the giant video cameras back in our day didn’t make it as easy for our parents to document as much as you do :( I’m sure they’ll definitely thank you and Josh one day!

  40. Ericca

    Your video actually made me cry. Real tears. It was just so….magical.

  41. Oh Taza reading your blog really made my day! And your Switzerland trip really amazing. Your family aura gives me positive vibes and happiness too… And I always curious your camera, what canon you used to take those incredible photos and video? I’m on my way learning about photography :)

  42. Tricia

    Thank you for sharing this, what a beautiful keepsake for your family.While watching, I kept thinking about how special it is to capture video footage, seeing children in action vs photos is that much more captivating, It’s so easy to snap pictures, but the videos are the ones that we all love re watching years from now. Thanks for the little extra inspiration to do the same on our upcoming family trip. :)

  43. Cassie

    Just stunning! It’s so wonderful that you and your family are able to travel all over the world. Thanks for sharing with us.

  44. Briel K.

    Loved the video, the drone shots especially! Love the perspective you can get with those!

  45. E.C.

    Hi Naomi! I LOVE this video. It’s my favorite you’ve done so far too! :)
    I was wondering what song you used for this video, and also, if you get your background music from somewhere in particular, where/how? I would like to add this kind of music to my own videos but I’m not sure where or what to search. Thank you!

  46. Hilde

    It’s indeed a very sweet video. The sounds are special. You had me at the goat bells ;)

  47. Chelsea

    Hey Naomi! This has to be one of the best family videos y’all have made! It is just beautiful. Did you mention the music details? It is so lovely.


    I understand why you say this video might be your favourite! There are no words to describe the beauty of Switzerland. My boyfriend was born there and I hove we can go one day.

  49. Wauw! That’s really an incredible video. I understand why you are so proud of it. Switzerland looks absolutely stunning, and your fotos and videos makes me wan’t to go there so bad!
    And your kids are to sweet :D

  50. Rose J.

    Absolutely breathtaking, and the best video yet on your blog! The scenery is just unbelievable, and love to see families putting adventures first rather than the things of the world! You truly are an example to all mothers out there, and at such a young age! So glad you had an amazing trip, and got home safe!


  51. Laura

    Such a beautiful trip! Your kids are adorable but Samson kills me! He’s like a mini-man! Cool drone shots!

  52. Krista

    Is it weird that I teared up watching this!? What a spectacular place Switzerland is and you really captured it’s beauty with your photos and video. Thank you for sharing! xx

  53. Camille J

    This is a phenomenal video! Such beautiful drone footage. I absolutely adore the shot of you and Conrad dancing on the side of the mountain, that’s a moment you will never forget. Definitely convinced I need to visit Switzerland asap! Thanks for sharing.


  54. Pam

    Oh my, Switzerland is beautiful! I’m so in love♥
    Your family is just precious Taza (:


  55. Kaylen

    Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your family experiences. I hope you know that you and your family are truly inspiring and are a great example of the love between parents and children. Families are eternal. I have been following your blog for a few years and have enjoyed following along with your adventures.

  56. OK this might have just bumped up Switzerland a few notches of our ‘must see’! These pictures gave me goosebumps. Also this video, might be my favorite yet also. Your videos have inspired me to start taking more videos with our go pro! I just made a video of our last trip (a cruise in the caribbean!) So much fun! And such great memories for the kids to look back on even if they can’t remember much of it!



  57. meg

    oh– this video makes my heart hurt in the best way. sharing all those incredible places with the littles (and getting to experience them yourself!!!) much have been the treat of a lifetime. it was so great to meet y’all at the meatloaf kitchen last year– and i love following along here. you guys have the sweetest family.


  58. Erin

    I’m almost sad that this video wasn’t longer!!! I love Switzerland with all of my heart!! Watching your video just makes me want to go back so bad! Switzerland is such a magical place. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited.

  59. Cristal

    You are such an inspiration! I love everything, it’s just breath taking!

  60. Kelly

    Oh it was even better than I thought it would be! Excellent job Naomi and Josh, way to go! Which drone model is that?

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  61. Sara

    How phenomenal is that drone?! Completely obsessed!! I love that you got a Sound of Music moment *jealous*! I can completely relate to Conrad throwing his dad’s sunglasses, my 23 mo. old is constantly throwing things. Hearing the animals’ bells after reading about them was priceless as was watching Conrads little hand crunch up to waive at passing gondolas. Love this and love you!!

  62. Marta

    It was absolutely amazing!!Thank you so much for sharing it with us:)

    P.S The part where you were dancing with Conrad…..stole my heart<3 so beautiful.

    All the best to you all xxx

  63. Liya

    Hello Taza! I’ve been following your blog for some time now and I’m a big fan of your family photos and videos. Just a quick question-I’ve always wondered how you’ve managed to find the perfectly apt music for your videos. Do you mind sharing how you choose your songs/music? Do you already have those particular songs/music in mind when you’re making the video or do you source for songs/music that are apt for the feel of the video and download them?

    Also, one more qn-As far as I know, the Phantom 4 is a drone that’s more for the intermediate/advanced level.did you or Josh already have a drone previously that you practised on before you got the Phantom 4, or did you practice as you go?

    Much love,

  64. dcresider

    Just smiling. That’s all!

  65. Ana

    This video gives me life! Everything about it is absolutely beautiful, those views and your beautiful family :) Thank you for sharing this with us, it definitely makes me want to visit Switzerland!

  66. annie t

    oh my word! that video had me moved to tears! just glorious! the dancing shot of you and Conrad was so special! love the things your little family does. xo!

  67. your blog has been on my radar since back in the day and its so cool to see you that visited Switzerland! (I live in Luzern!)

  68. carly

    Your video is so cute! I can’t believe you took all three kids to switzerland with you. You are braver than I am and definitely inspiring. Thanks for sharing your travels
    Carly at http://www.AModernMomBlog.com

  69. Samantha

    Seriously one of the most amazing videos ever! Inspires me to take a beautiful trip like this with my three kids.Love all your travels.

  70. Rachel

    Adore this video – it actually gave me chills!! It looked so beautiful out there, and that snippet of you dancing with Conrad filmed by the drone is just plain magical!!

    Would love a tutorial post on how you pull together your videos – especially with shooting with the drone – I have some serious drone envy, which is not a sentence I ever thought I’d write!! ha ha

    Rachel // http://illustratedteacup.com

  71. Clara

    awesome video!! also, is this the toboggan run down to Kandersteg? because I remember doing it as a kid and it’s so fun! other than the fact that my parents made us hike up there

  72. Ruby

    I’m not sure why, but this video brought me to tears! I have a very real fear of flying, and I will go out of my way to make sure I’m never on a plane, and sadly, I feel like I have missed out on so many opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime adventures, but now that I have a son, I feel so horrible thinking about all the opportunities he will be missing out on because of my projected fear of flying onto him! It especially hit me hard seeing how absolutely breathtaking Switzerland is with all of its natural beauty, and my son being SUCH a free-spirit and could be “one with the wolves”, I just imagined the sheer bliss he would be in if we were to actually show him these places…that we got to go out of our comfort zones to see…Anyhow, this was just very inspirational and I hope I can one day just swallow this fear down, and make these beautiful memories with my own family! Love your little family!! xoxo

  73. Kelsey Pratt

    I seriously cant get enough of your blog! Beautiful family and pictures. If you don’t mind me asking, what program do you use to create your videos?? They are wonderfully put together. Thanks in advance!!

  74. Kay

    Could you share your trip itinerary? Cities, how many days in each, where you flew into, out of, rental car, train, etc… Would be greatly appreciated. Your trip sounds and looks incredible!

  75. Linda

    Great video, thanks so much for sharing!
    You cannot imagine how surprised I was reading something about Switzerland in your blog – because that is where I live! Not in the alps though. :) I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago and have been following it since then (crazy how quickly time passes). I love reading your posts and seeing what you experience with your family in the great city you live in. But to see that you have also been this close to where I live is amazing, so glad you liked it. :)
    Kindest regards from Zurich!

  76. Vanessa

    This video is magic and the music is perfect. So much joy and happiness here! Made me smile!

  77. Barbara

    Bravo !!!

  78. Deborah

    I love how your kids discover the world and the smile is always on your faces parents!

    wish I know your secret :D

    if you want to have a look to my blog here it is: https://happilysurviving.wordpress.com/

    kisses and hugs

  79. Lindsey

    I lived in Switzerland a total of five years and became a mama there! This video honestly made me cry. I miss it so much. Thanks for sharing. xoxoxo

  80. Megan

    Love the music to your beautiful video. Can you tell us what the song is?! Hope one day we can make it over there.

  81. Brittnie

    This video is amazing! And Switzerland looks breathtaking. I love the video the drone was able to capture. Such a great and different take and viewpoint. Love your blog!!