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i’m excited to share all these photos from the last few days of our switzerland trip. it’s been really hard for me to try to put into words just how much our time there meant to us. i feel like the videos and photos don’t do it justice. but i also don’t think my words could ever do it justice either. there were a few times, especially after we’d take a gondola to the very top of a mountain and enjoy the overlook, where i almost felt this need to be still. where it felt like if we spoke more than a whisper, it’d be inappropriate. i know i tend to be one who says “it’s so beautiful” about basically everything, but there was something about switzerland that almost made you unable to breathe at moments, because it truly was taking your breath away with it’s beauty. maybe there are parts that aren’t as spectacular, but even when we’d be driving along a freeway,  the views to our left or right were making me pull out my camera. that greenery is so vivid and bold. it’s something else.

after our time in meiringen, we drove to lauderbrunnen, where we parked our car and took the train up the mountain  to wengen (you can’t drive into the village, it’s accessible by train only, which made it all the more remote and special and unique for us.) we shared an airbnb with friends of ours which was so much fun. the kids were in heaven having little friends to run around with and we always enjoy the jones’ company.

i would definitely recommend the area we stayed. we also got a jungfrau travel pass (because the larger area is called the jungfrau region) so we were able to really explore the area and take all the gondolas and buses and trains around as much as we wanted. it was well worth it.

LOVETAZA 9274527-30

one of the countless gondolas we took. it’s really fun having it be your main transportation source for a few days. the kids were ecstatic at first and then by the last day when we were transferring to maybe our fourth gondola that day, samson said “awww man, again!?” and i laughed so hard.

LOVETAZA 9274527-19LOVETAZA 9274527-20

they waved (and yelled “HIIIIIIIII!”) everytime another gondola passed ours!

LOVETAZA 9274527-21LOVETAZA 9274527-22LOVETAZA 9274527-7

the waterfall trickling down the mountain against that green. SWITZERLAND! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

LOVETAZA 9274527-23

just an amazing wooden playground at the top of the alps! and this was one of 20 we saw. winning all the awards for places to travel with children, that is for sure.

LOVETAZA 9274527-24

conrad is signing “horsey” here which is awesome since he’s riding a mountain goat!

LOVETAZA 9274527-2


LOVETAZA 9274527-3LOVETAZA 9274527-4


LOVETAZA 9274527-5LOVETAZA 9274527-6LOVETAZA 9274527-9

do you see eleanor and josh waving? they were flying the drone together below us and it was fun to catch their attention and  wave!

LOVETAZA 9274527-10

walking around this cliff to the overlook (called the first cliff walk by tissot near grindelwald) is something i’ll never forget. it was insane. i walked it with just conrad and samson and often had to duck or twist to the side to not hit my head on the rock and also conrad’s since he was strapped to my back in the baby carrier. i’m excited for you guys to see the video footage (almost done editing!) josh got of this area with his drone and also of us on the walkway because it puts in perspective how high and beautiful this look out truly is. it’s something i’ll never forget. it was incredible.

LOVETAZA 9274527-11

this boy isn’t phased in the slightest with things like heights. he was practically skipping on this walkway while i tried to mask my fears and put on my brave mama face.

LOVETAZA 9274527-8LOVETAZA 9274527-12

enjoying some apple and pepper snacks with the view. we got really lucky that a beautiful herd of mountain goats came up towards us as we were here. it was fun to be around them as we took a break. samson still talks about the mountain goats. he was very fascinated with the bells around their necks and also their horns. it was very special to see them up close.

LOVETAZA 9274527-13LOVETAZA 9274527-14LOVETAZA 9274527-15LOVETAZA 927793-4

it’s so ironic, because here we are on top of the swiss alps, but it’s THESE THREE PEOPLE that take the cake in this photo for me. i feel very very lucky that they are mine.

LOVETAZA 927793081

i had to post this one because CONRAD.

LOVETAZA 9274527-31

i used to think nothing was as picturesque as a cityscape but you know something? this is. this definitely is.

LOVETAZA 92779308LOVETAZA 9277930

was so much fun getting to share an apartment with these friends and do some exploring together. they are such good people and i love how the internet has helped us stay in touch after we all left DC. i need more of that sweet baby miles in my life. LOVETAZA 927793-3

our friend cree holding both the baby boys. conrad has a knack for gravitating towards our friends and becoming very fond of them and then preferring them to us. last week at church he actually left our pew and went to sit on the lap of our neighbor. he sat so reverently and quietly on his lap, happy as could be! best part is he never sits quietly during church for us. he’s busy moving around and being the active 20 month old that he is. we were laughing pretty hard because at one point josh and i both caught his eye and waved to him and he couldn’t even be bothered to acknowledge us. haha!

IMG_1096 IMG_1115

everyone wanted a turn being tossed by papa. :)

IMG_1117 IMG_1118 LOVETAZA 927793-2
i think i said this already on instagram or another blog post, but switzerland felt so family friendly and i appreciated that. there were countless playgrounds for kids (and nice ones!) everywhere we went. as a mother of three, these things mean more than you know when you’re far from home and just need some swings or a slide to go down for a few minutes in your day.

LOVETAZA 9274527-25

everywhere we went, there were beautiful animals walking around. they would often come up to you, which made our kids’ day. and hearing hundreds of mountain goat and cow bells clunking around at the same time was really something else. we loved it.

LOVETAZA 9274527-26 LOVETAZA 9274527-28 LOVETAZA 9274527-29 LOVETAZA 9274527-33 LOVETAZA 9274527 LOVETAZA 9277930812

these next couple of photos are from bern, which we drove through on our way to the castle in chillon which was our next stop and where we stayed the night. i wish we would have had more time to explore bern, but we only had an afternoon. we enjoyed lunch at restaurant lötschbergst in the old part of the city of bern, which was a recommendation from a few of you, so thank you for the tip! first time we had cheese fondue and spätzli and so many other things.

LOVETAZA 92779308121 LOVETAZA 927793081212

watching people float down this river felt so relaxing. the water color is out of this world amazing. if we ever have a chance to go back, i’m getting in that river and going down it!

LOVETAZA 9277930812121 LOVETAZA 92779308121211LOVETAZA 9274527-18

this wraps up my photo posts from our trip to switzerland, although we have a video to share from the trip which we will do soon. josh and i really really love capturing photos and videos whenever we travel but switzerland just felt so picturesque in every direction we looked that we came back with some pretty cool footage. i am actually really proud of this video, i think it’s my favorite video we’ve made (probably because switzerland is topping the list of favorite places we’ve been) and so i’m excited to finish it and share it with you guys. stay tuned!

PS. i’m wearing these leggings and these black sneakers. my sweatshirt is from here. also my cream ruffle top i wore earlier in the post is here and my sunglasses are here.

  1. Chloe

    hi Davis Family,

    I wish I could type everything I want to say to all of you without it being over 5000 words. I have been following your blog for about 3 years now and it always bring me so much joy. I love the tips and tricks you leave, and how happy you all are together. I cannot wait to someday have a family so marvelous as yours and to be able to take trips with my kiddos the way you and Josh do. keep spreading your love and cheer throughout the world for others to see!

    Thank you!!!

  2. hanna

    The alps look beautiful –Hanna Lei

  3. Krista

    These photos are so beautiful! The backdrops are just out of this world gorgeous. I don’t think anyone could take a bad picture there with all that beauty surrounding you. I have always dreamt of going to Switzerland and so hope it happens even more now after seeing these :)

  4. Brianna

    So beautiful!! These pictures remind me of Berchtesgaden in Germany. Next time you take a trip to Europe, I highly recommend it. Königssee is most breathtakingly beautiful place I’ve ever been. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  5. arman

    amazing pictures and amazing family that you have! :)
    have a great vacation!

  6. Alison

    These posts have been so inspiring and a joy to follow – thank you for all the gorgeous images! I am definitely putting Switzerland on my bucket list – the landscape is beyond amazing. I’m so happy you all had such a memorable time together.

  7. Alli

    Switzerland is so beautiful! What a wonderful trip. I went on my honeymoon a few years ago now, but I never realised what a great place it’d be to take kids. Looks like you had an incredible time x

  8. Laurel

    I’m not trying to be rude but I was just wondering why you are always standing on your tiptoes in pictures?

  9. Ellie

    I visited switzerland last year and these photos reminded me of the quaint swiss culture!! Hope you were able to try to yogurt in switzerland, I crave it every day living in the states.

  10. This is so cute! I just got back from a two week hiking trip with my dad in Switzerland too! It is such a beautiful place and we totally lucked out with weather :)

  11. Corina

    oh Naomi, your words and photos made me teary. you are such an amazing person. and I just love the Davis family and their adventures so so much.

  12. Hi Taza!

    Such a beautiful article, and we love how you describe Switzerland, same feeling here! So glad you enjoyed your trip!
    What kind of drone does Josh use? His takes are breathtaking! We hike a lot in our region and in Switzerland and we would love to be able to capture the environment with a drone.

    Thank you!

    m., s. & a.

  13. I’ve lived in Bern for the last three years and it’s so fun to see some beautiful pictures of the city! We love it here and are excited to start raising little ones here soon. I’m due with twins in November and can’t wait to show them around the city and the country. Switzerland really is breathtaking and an amazing place to live. We feel lucky to be here!

  14. Emma

    Hello Naomi, love reading your blog and watching photos from you . Have you any tips would you share with us to take and édit à picture ? Thanks a lot

  15. Mallory

    This is making me SO excited for our Switzerland trip in two weeks… we’re actually staying in Wengen too! Where was that amazing walkway on the side of the mountain? I know my three year old would LOVE that. Thanks!

  16. laure

    Glad you enjoyed my country and you actually make me want to go on a road trip to the other part of my beloved Switzerland ;)

    Looking forward to see your video!

  17. Ohmygoodness, I am such a sucker for mountains and incredible scenery, and these photos take the cake in that respect! Now I want to go to Switzerland, LOL! I just can’t get over how picturesque everything looks… thank you SO much for sharing your travels with us! These are some of my very favorite posts of yours :) I am looking forward to the video!!


  18. Megan

    I did not think these pictures could get any dreamier! I think I need to move Switzerland to the top of my travel bucket list. I love reading all about your guy’s adventures


  19. Rachel

    Amazing photos! You seriously the cutest family I have ever seen!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  20. Emily

    I’m in awe of the way you show your family the world. Inspiring! And these Switzerland photos have me all nostalgic. I chaperoned a group of high schoolers there a few years ago, and the scenery really is, if not out-of-this-world, then definitely on top of every last bit of it. Here are a few of my photos from Grindelwald:

    Can’t wait for your video!

  21. Erica

    A b s o l u t e l y breathtaking. Everything seriously looks like a painting. I’m sure I’d fall in love with Switzerland too!

    Do you think you guys will ever leave NYC? If so, where would you move to? Would you ever consider living abroad, and if so, where? (I’m betting Switzerland lol) :) I’ve been following your adventures for a while now and I’ve always wondered!

    Thanks so much for sharing!!

    xo E

  22. Shannon

    Switzerland is up there with favourite places I’ve visited. I suppose it reminded me of my hometown in British Columbia, Canada…but kicked up 1000 notches!

    Thank you for sharing these moments with your family. My husband and I want to travel to the Jungfrau region within the next few years, so this is really getting me stoked to eventually plan that trip!

  23. Katie

    I just want to drown in all that greenery! What a beautiful place.

  24. Cassie

    These photos are amazing, especially the family one with the mts. in the background. We have friends who live in Switzerland, so now you’ve got me itching to go visit even more than I was before!

  25. Everything looks so amazing!!!! i want to go too!!

  26. Kelly

    These photos are incredible and I love how many great family shots you got! I have the video open in the next tab and can’t wait to hit play!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  27. manuela

    I live in Switzerland right in the middle of the Alpes. Your blogpost actually made me realize how lucky I am to live here. I have travelled all over the world and keep forgetting how nice it is here in Switzerland. I am so glad to hear that you think of us Swiss Family friendly, because we are often described as reserved and a bit unfriendly!

    Thank you!

  28. Hope

    These photos have all been mesmerizing and stunning! You and Josh do such a wonderful job taking photos and videos and documenting the lovely moments. Your photos always make me want to visit these gorgeous locations. So so so beautiful.

  29. Lori

    I have been a longtime lurker, but just had to jump in because these photos are bringing back so many happy memories. We spent a portion of our honeymoon last year in Murren – also only accessed by gondola and steam train from Lauterbrunnen. I absolutely loved and still can’t believe how incredibly beautiful it was. Waking up in the clouds – facing a giant mountain – it is something I will never forget. Thank you for sharing! What amazing family memories you’re creating!

  30. Rajnish

    Join us :)

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