sunsets, new york and girls night out.

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2016-08-29.-TopoftheRock_25i met up with girlfriends last night to watch the sunset over the empire state building from the top of the rock. you can’t beat that view, and at sunset, it was an extra dose of new york love i live to soak up, because i love it here, and have such new york pride. also, you can’t beat spending the evening with great ladies and good conversation, either. we walked the entire way home, with maybe a stop into anthro and sprinkles and then through central park at almost eleven pm, making it feel like we had the park entirely to ourselves, which is part exciting but also part terrifying when it’s so dark outside.

i brought my camera along and here are a few of my favorite photos from the night…


but will you look at that!


and looking north at central park! hello upper west side over there to the left!


a lot of really beautiful smiles right there.


let it be known that it’s really hard to get a group shot WITH the empire state. it’s like you have to choose. also, that place is mad crowded at sunset. everyone is smart here, it’s the best place to be around 7:30 for sure.


these two photos above i stole from my friend amanda. we believe two cameras are always better than one.

girlsnight-21 girlsnight-20 girlsnight-23 girlsnight-24 girlsnight-27 girlsnightgirlsnight-3girlsnight-4

it got really crowded as the sun was setting and it was kind of impossible to see much with so many people. but i really loved seeing all of the phones and cameras raised in the air against the sunset of others taking photos that i had to snap it.


such a fun night. i know i’ve said this before, but i think the views at the top of the rock are better than at the empire state. you’re closer to the park and then you get to SEE the empire state building as you look downtown. it’s just really good. so glad to be home in new york. this place is my favorite.

ps. wearing a dress from gorman clothing and bandana from jcrew.

  1. Flor

    Love your whole look, Taza! Where did you learn how to tie your bandana?

  2. Jen

    wow! that sunset glow is definitely the best on a city. my favorite. i’m craving a visit to that magical city.

  3. F

    I always wonder how people get amazing photos there with so many people around! These look amazing, btw!

  4. McCall L.

    Lovely pictures, Naomi! Meri was my next door neighbor in Utah. We miss her!! :)

  5. ev

    Glad you guys are able to travel and feature your adventures here on the site, but I’ll always enjoy the posts about New York City the most.

  6. Jaimie

    Hey Naomi! Wondering if you can tell me what kind of camera you used for these? A big DSLR? I’m coming to New York in October, but my DSLR is so heavy! I’d love to be able to capture better than my iPhone though!! Thanks!!

  7. Nicole

    These photos! Amazing. Great lighting :)

    What type of camera and/or lens do you use. Gorgeous!!!!

  8. Claire

    Ok american people, seriously you have to tell us your secret to always have perfect hair and teeth! ;)

  9. Toni

    can you please tell me where you friend in the lavender top got the shirt from? I must have those tied sleeves!!!

  10. Carly

    Looks like a fun girls night out! Although, I would be terrified to walk through central park at dark. I’m glad you guys had a great night
    Carly at

  11. Connie

    Really lovely photo’s!! My fav is all the cell’s against the sunset. Nice!

  12. vicky

    it’s like it was just pink everywhere for your girls night out ;)

  13. Aimee

    Awesome photos! It looks like great memories were made that night. :-)

    Aimee |

  14. Jessica

    Beautiful! I love your love for NYC–it’s definitely giving me city-living envy! Any chance we could convince you to bother your friends for their clothing source?!I’d love to snag your friend’s flowered dress and the navy and white checked top!! :) :)

  15. hanna

    Girls night out looks like fun! –Hanna Lei

  16. Lavues

    Such a memorable outing, the photos look perfect!

  17. Magali

    I was there last summer and I loved it!
    Your dress looks so perfect! But I couldn’t find it on the homepage.
    lots of love
    magali xxx

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  19. Lauren

    Well that view just looks magical at dusk, brings back so many memories from when I visited NYC in January, I feel like I need another visit soon!

    Beautiful pictures, Naomi. :)

  20. Paula

    Breathtaking! Nothing like admiring that glorious
    city from up above. Amazing pics! Cheers.