rose gardens, soccer, and a GIVEAWAY!

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LOVETAZA 7008173-5i’m excited to be partnering with M.Gemi today to giveaway a pair of shoes in the style and color of your choice to three lucky winners! these shoes are not only gorgeous and feel a bit sophisticated, but they are crazy comfortable, which is everything for me as a mother who is on her feet all day long trying to keep up with my active littles.

these photos are from an afternoon last week in victoria, canada, where we visited the coolest rose garden that was so picturesque. we played around there for a while, trying to not kick our ball into the rose bushes while getting out some wiggles before dinner.

LOVETAZA 7008173LOVETAZA 7008173-9LOVETAZA 7008173-10

i wanted to show you guys the bottom of these felize moccasins, because it truly feels like i’m walking on clouds when i wear them. M.Gemi shoes are made in italy and it’s so apparent that quality is important to them, because of the thoughtful details in design. also, i almost wanted to keep the packaging and shoe box forever after i received them because the presentation was just beautiful. a few days later, i still had the shoe box and pretty tissue paper on our kitchen table and josh was like, “um. so…what are we doing with this?” haha.

LOVETAZA 7008173-8

rose bushes for days!

LOVETAZA 7008173-13LOVETAZA 7008173-3

an impromptu game of soccer because when we have a ball with us and two little boys, it’s a must.

LOVETAZA 7008173-4LOVETAZA 7008173-7LOVETAZA 7008173-11

to enter to win a pair of M.Gemi shoes, please leave a comment below and tell me which style you’d choose! you can also enter a second time by heading over to my instagram and entering there. i’m wearing the felize style in antique pink, but also love the same style in the chianti color and as well as the forest color for fall.

three winners will be drawn next monday, 9/5 and contacted directly! good luck! and thank you to M.Gemi for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Cindy A.

    I would choose either The Brezza or The Attorno. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  2. Jennifer O.

    I love the exact shoes you are wearing!

  3. Chantelle

    I would definitely go the attorno what beautiful looking shoes. As always love the blog!

  4. Tonia

    Hello Taza! Thanks so much ofr such a great giveaway!! i would choose The Propio (in gray suede) or The Stellato (in gray). :-**

  5. Nektaria Kleopoulos

    I’m such a big fan of you and your adorable family. I would be beyond grateful to win those shoes!!

  6. Midnight blue is my favorite color! Love those shoes!

  7. Hannah

    I’m about to become a mama and I would love these! The Stellato in rose shimmer is especially pretty

  8. Beth

    All of their shoes are beautiful—it was hard to choose! I”m kind of loving the Lucido, though. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Naomi R

    I love the stellatto!

  10. Margo Philipp

    I love the Isola and the Medio! And the Felize in forest would be perfect for fall! I might just have to get more than one pair, awesome giveaway!!

  11. Janine

    The Isola in gunmetal are gorgeous! The mule trend is so interesting to me but i haven’t found a pair that I’m wiling to commit to yet. These are amazing!

  12. Sofia

    The Avallo or the Fiume!

  13. Um… I will take one of each please! What a great find. I have my eyes on the Fortuna in Black, the Isola in Black and the Avallo in Black Ice (like big time on these ones!!)

  14. Nabila Crane

    I love the exact shoes you are wearing (Felize in antique pink.) They look great on you!

  15. Laura

    I love the ones you are wearing! Such a pretty colour!

  16. Emma V

    I’d love to win The Pera in latte, they’re beautiful!

  17. Mary

    I LOVE your blog! What a wonderful family! I love The Rossetto in Ruby. Beautiful shoes.

  18. Arlene

    The Attorno in black make such a statement!! I love the summer into fall feel!

  19. Kate

    I love the Felize in CLAY!!! Love your blog :)

  20. Love the pink ones you are wearing! So cute and sophisticated.

  21. Arlene

    I love the Attorno in black – such a great summer into fall shoe.

  22. Sadie

    I have to agree with others; I’d go with the same ones you have on! I just love them.

  23. Brooke P

    I like the deluxe in Chianti. Fun fun!

  24. Leslie

    the Felize or the Fiato! So gorgeous

  25. Karen

    I’d wear the heck outta those Forest ones this fall in the Ozarks!

  26. Tricia

    I’d choose the ones you’re wearing!

  27. Arika

    I love the Feliz in latte! They do look so comfy!

  28. Tizzy

    Felize in suede – luggage!

  29. lauren

    Chianti is all sold out! Tragic! I would settle for the Royal Blue Felize ;)

  30. Kelly D

    I would like The Felize in clay.

  31. Moua

    Love the Felize in nude color. So so classic!

  32. Marguerite Fisher-Heath

    Felize gray!!!!!

  33. Angela

    I would love to win the Felize in gray.

  34. Lidia

    It is great opportunity to try my luck! It will be great to have the chianti! My 1,5 year son is super active, what’s great! And find comfortable and nice shoes is allways struggle! Thank you!

  35. Christy

    I would choose whatever style is most comfortable! Maybe Felize?

  36. Carrie w

    Ooh! I love the ones you are wearing: Felize in antique pink pretty please!

  37. Alex

    I would choose the Felize in the luggage color.

  38. Erin Zahn

    I would choose the antique pink or navy or hunter green :) So nice. Thanks for the give away!

  39. odile

    the felize!

  40. Liz Frith

    Ah, the rossetto in ruby would be my pick. Gorgeous shoes!

  41. Holly

    I have about 10 favorite styles, but if I had to pick today, I’d go with the laid back minimalism of the Isola (in the fall-perfect luggage hue)

  42. Brittney

    Love the Rossetto!

  43. Brittney

    I need the Felize in natural!

  44. Brianna

    The Felize in black! It’d go with everything. But I love them all – swoon!

  45. alia

    I love The Pera in navy! Such a beautiful shoe that looks really comfy too! Cute post, love your photos!

  46. Erin

    The Felize in chianti! They are such a happy shoe! I would wear them whenever I had a sad day and they would be an instant perk-me-up!

  47. Lynne

    I like the Senza in White.

  48. Molly Chadwick

    I would choose the Avallo in the color luggage. So gorgeous! And by the way, I love your blog! It just makes me happy to look at your pictures and read what you’ve wrote. The world needs more people like you and your family.

  49. Bev

    I’d go with either the Felize in midnight blue or Pera in navy.

  50. Dayna Marie

    I adore the leather Felize moccasins in raspberry. I love a unique, comfortable shoe to wear while teaching high school English.

  51. Leah Meacham

    I love the Feliz. Either the color Forest and Antique Pink would be so amazing!

  52. amelie

    definitely will choose the midnight blue or the forest! they look amazing! like my feet would hurt less from all this walking in chicago!

  53. Kristin

    Gah! The Oro in Royal! :D

  54. Christine

    I adore the exact pair and color you’re wearing. Gorgeous!!

  55. Rebecca

    I’m loving the medio!

  56. Lexie

    An exuberant high five to the marketing team at M. Gemi for planning this giveaway, because I am officially OBSESSED! I adore them all, and wish I were practical enough to choose the Felize, but let’s be honest… I need the Cammeo in black. For casual park lunches, doctor’s appointments, and preschool pick up, obviously.

  57. Jenn

    Felize moccasins in Clay or Antique Pink. Love these.

  58. Miriam

    Such a beautiful family! I love The Felize in the shade of clay ❤️

  59. Jean

    I’d pick the Senza! Love the details!

  60. Carolsue

    Not 100% sure which pair I’d choose, but I’;m leaning towards the The Proprio heels in natural!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  61. Reelika

    The Cammeo in black looks beautiful!

  62. Jenny

    I love so many of the flats it’s so hard to choose!!

  63. Elyse

    The forest color is gorgeous! Perfect for fall.

  64. Lauren

    I love the FELIZE in NATURAL and BLACK! I’ve been looking for a classic shoe and this is the one! Would love to win these!

  65. BethV.

    The shoes stfvsll beautiful. Love the ones you are wearing in the post! Even in the latte or black neutral colors!

  66. Keri Gardner

    I absolutely love the FELIZE in Royal suede! They look so comfortable

  67. Jeanne

    Gorgeous shoes! I would choose the Stellato flats.

  68. Jamie

    Love the natural Stellato with its slightly arced back. Also love that it’s made in a women-owned factory in Campania.

  69. Marie

    Love the ones you are wearing- great for me as a teacher

  70. Betsy Krouse

    I love both the Felize and the Avallo?? they are gorgeous shoes!

  71. Angela

    I love the proprio in the raspberry color!

  72. Leah

    I would get the Stellato. I recently got a new job and I need new shoes to fit the occasion!

  73. Kelly

    The felize in chianti are awesome!!

  74. Mara

    Felize all the way!

  75. LaurenM

    The Lucido in metallic leather or the Stellato in chianti … beautiful :)

  76. Sarah

    Definitely Felize. I’ve been lusting over these for a while.

  77. Kirsten Park

    I would choose the Avallo in black ice! Perfect for fall. :-)

  78. moira glace

    Um, they are ALL amazing but my favorite would have to be antique pink!!!!

  79. Ana

    Love the Chianti!! Thanks for the chance to win☺

  80. Jasmine

    those rose gardens are so beautiful! Unfortunately, the deer ate up my rose bushes this year; I like Rossetto and the Calla. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  81. Kayla

    Definitely the forest moccasins. How cool are they?! And oh those roses are so swoon worthy.

  82. bee

    The Medio’s are beautiful, so are the Fiume’s for that matter !

  83. Kyra

    the khai felize ones are my favorite flat shoes, but i would probably pick the pera heel for work and for my bridesmaids!

  84. Lily

    I’ve been eyeing the Felize in Luggage – a classic!

  85. Miranda

    It was sooo hard to choose! They make so many beautiful shoes. I would love the Felize, though, it’s so versatile. Thank you.

  86. Hillary Tobias

    I would choose Felize in Latte or Clay. Thanks for the giveaway!

  87. Kellianne

    The Ora in luggage or the Felize in clay–or antique pink, if I were feeling bold. My guess is the Felize is a little kinder to your feet than the Ora; does anyone have experience with both?

  88. Saskia

    These are gorgeous! I would love the ‘Felize’ in clay!

  89. Ara

    I really appreciate how you mix great style with the
    practical! I would chase after my kids in the Felize in antique pink.

  90. Kim

    I like the clay, chianti or the forest green. Those are are great colors for the Fall. I think these would be great for work. I am a teacher who teaches students with Autism. I am always running around the classroom so I need something comfortable and have a great grip! These seem like the perfect shoe!

  91. Ai

    would love the felize in clay :)

  92. Liz chin

    I would get the Vetrata!

  93. Alex

    I think I would love the ones you’re wearing in pink! I think they’d be awesome with blue jeans.

  94. Jess

    Felize in Forest! Thank

  95. Florence

    the antique pink looks great!

  96. Jill

    Love the fortuna and the calla!

  97. Emily Landers

    i would love the Pera! The perfect combination of heel and bootie. Plus, they would be great for s transition shoe to Fall! So unique and beautiful.

  98. Lisa

    I really love the Felize in either clay or natural.

  99. Emily W.

    Oh my gosh. Perfect!! I love them all but I think I love the Viaggi booties in gray the most!!

  100. Megan

    I love the Felize!!!