photos and video from cinque terre, italy!


i’m a little bit behind on all of my blogging, but finally was able to get our photos and video from our time in cinque terre up from a few weeks ago! after our time in switzerland, we spent our final week in europe exploring some of the coast. we went to portofino (post coming soon!), portovenere, and two towns in cinque terre. vernazza and monterosso al mare.

we had actually visited cinque terre during the winter a few years before (that post here), but it was great to visit again during the summer to really enjoy the water and beaches this time around. it was ALOT more crowded in august than it was on our last visit (which took place in november), but even so, we loved it!

i’ll share more details about our overall european itinerary later, but we decided to stay in portovenere and then head into cinque terre during the day. i definitely think it was a good choice. and splurging to rent a boat for a day was a great way to access the towns in cinque terre, since we were able to avoid trains and traffic while being surrounded by all that amazingly clear azure water up against the beautiful mountains along the coast!

here’s a video from our day at vernazza and monterosso al mare:

and below are some photos:

LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-2LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-14

you’ll see this in the beginning of the video, but eleanor could not get enough of this boat ride and basically giggled and laughed for 8 minutes straight at the beginning of the ride up there at the front of the boat. she was in heaven and it made our entire boat ride. i love seeing her so happy.

LOVETAZA cinque74793j64LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-13

passing by riomaggiore on our boat on the way to vernazza. (we didn’t stop by this trip, but it’s where we stayed a few years ago!) maybe my favorite town in cinque terre?!


in desperate need of their sunglasses! oops! even so, i love this photo of my people with the little seaside town of vernazza behind them so much.

LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-4

trying out some focaccia. it’s supposed to be a specialty in this region of italy.

LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-11

this place is pretty picturesque.

LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-10

from vernazza we took a super short train ride to monterosso al mare to hang out on the beach for a while (since you can’t take your boat over there).LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-7LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-8LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-9

i’m one of those tourists obsessed with the pretty beach umbrellas and when we saw them on the beach at monterosso from above i seriously got so giddy and happy that josh started laughing! but don’t they just make your day like that, all lined up so neatly in rows on the mediterranean beach? :)

LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-31IMG_1221

after we parked our boat out with the others in the harbor, we took a smaller taxi boat into vernazza. this photo is from the taxi ride back out to the boat after our day exploring. the driver saw me trying to snap a photo of the rest of my people and said, “here, you be in it!” and it made my day. we’re squinting hard (thank you sunshine) but i’m thankful to have this family photo with such a pretty backdrop.
LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-5LOVETAZA cinque74793j64-12 1IMG_1222

a fun day for sure! cinque terre is definitely a beautiful place and we loved getting to visit again.

ps. wearing this dress (wearing this pink swimsuit you see in the video underneath it), these sunglasses and these sandals. similar hat here.

  1. Lucy

    Looks like you had an absolutely awesome time in the cinque terre!!

    I just showed this video to my husband and son because in 3 days we are off to Venice and then to the cinque terre for our first abroad family holiday!

    My son (4) asked if you guys would still be there when we get there, bless him! He absolutely loves E, S & C!

    Such beautiful photos and love your video too!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Goodness I love this place its still so high up on my bucket list I can’t wait to go visit some day!


  3. Megan

    The prettiest place!! Looks like such an amazing day and I cannot get over E in the beginning of the video — too stinking cute!!


  4. hanna

    The trip looks wonderful –Hanna Lei

  5. susan

    Was it difficult packing for this trip? It seems like you were in so many climates!!

  6. Katy

    Hey! Love these photos. What camera and lens did you use to take them? Thank you!

  7. Alexis

    Great pictures and video: looks like a blast! Where did you stay while you were there? We’re trying to arrange a large family vacation and would love some pointers.


  8. Carly

    We were just there this spring!!! It’s one of my all time favorite places!!! It’s beyond beautiful!

  9. OKAY this place has maybe just jumped to my MUST do. We are in the process of planning next summers vacation. Do you happen to know if the beaches/water is warm enough to swim in towards the beginning of summer? Like mid june?

    We just got back a few weeks ago from a caribbean cruise, and I think that needs to be your next vacation :)

  10. Lauren Bee

    I want to go there so badly!
    And that focaccia!! I love it anyway, but the stuff in your photo is next level. Heart eyes all over the show.

  11. Carly

    You and Josh are such an inspiration! I love that you take your kids on all your trips…..even to Europe. And can we just talk about how cute those little giggles are as they are the boat. Clearly they were having the time of their lives and getting such a great worldly experience.
    Carly at

  12. Elaine

    Next time I go to Italy I want you to be my travel planner… or maybe go with me!

  13. aww Conrad’s silly face at the end! That was my go-to look as well back when we had to take class photos for the yearbook–a normal one and a silly one. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  14. Jude

    Hi , I would also love to know the camera you used for the photos and video. My family are about to go travelling and I don’t want to take photos on my phone nor do I want to lug a big DSLR Sri Nd ! Would love if you could share :)

  15. Makayla

    Hi, i am in LOVE with your travel posts. They always make me get the travel bug and go explore the world. I am also obsessed with your photography and it seems that it is getting better and better. I am just wondering what you edit your photo with? Do you use actions? These photos especially remind me of film photography. LOVE! :) :)

  16. Rachel

    As always your videos are so perfect!! Love the little song on the train!!

    Can’t wait to see more videos from your time in Europe, and Victoria soon!

    Rachel //

  17. Such beautiful pictures and love that you took the kids. What a fun experience. I have been wanting to see Cinque Terre for years!

  18. Rachel

    Can you share where Eleanor’s shirt is from? So cute.

  19. Such a beautiful place! You look so happy!

  20. Deborah

    I am so happy that you came to Italy visiting my lovely country!

    I travel a lot too with my kid and I wrote about other beautiful Italian places if you are interested in visiting more!

    wish you the best life ever!

  21. Ruth

    Gorgeous! So impressed with your motherhood skills :) I’d love to know what songs were in your video!

  22. Lauren

    Beautiful!! I really want to go there now!

  23. chiara

    why do your kids wear sandals on the sand???sand is the best thing to healthy feet so i cannot really understand wearing shoes on the beach.never seen such a thing…i’m italian!

  24. Simply Amaizing I love so much Italie!!!

    Kisses from France

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  26. Pauls

    What am incredible adventure. Thanks for the
    lively and wonderfully fun coverage. Cheers!

  27. Paula

    That was Paula. Not pauls. Woops.