our time in meiringen, switzerland!

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here’s a big batch of some of my favorite photos from our first stop in switzerland. we spent our first few days in meiringen, an area where josh’s good friend from high school has lived for the past several years with her husband, who is from the area originally, and their two little ones.  the entire area was breathtaking, but the lake named lake engstlensee that our friends took us to, was on another level of beauty. since we were there over swiss national day on august 1st, we spent the morning at a farm named alp gental where we had a delicious and traditional swiss brunch with a ton of swiss food. i will admit, i don’t know if i love swiss food, but josh now does and the experience was definitely so memorable. the kids made friends with a bunch of little children at the farm and despite a bit of a language barrier, played so well with them for a good half hour or so towards the end. it was very sweet to watch.

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this mountain goat was just standing up on this little stump as we passed by and i just kept saying, “are you kidding me?!” i mean, it almost looked like he was smiling at us as he ate and i couldn’t take it. he was the cutest.

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couldn’t get over the drive.

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the farm named alp gental where we had brunch on swiss national day.

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this happy boy is such a great traveler.

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waving to the pigs!

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i haven’t been able to stop talking about the fog and clouds against the greenery, i know. but i still can’t get over it.

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playing this game with their new little friends called something that the local kids told us is like “foot stomp” or “foot tag” in english. they all got in a circle together, put one foot in the middle, said something like “zing zein zoc!!” and took one step back. then whoever was “it” tried to stomp on another person’s foot but could only take one step and the other person could only take one step to get out of the way. if your foot gets stepped on, then you’re out. does anyone know what this game is called and what they chant together at the beginning? we have been trying to keep it up since the kids thought this was the best game ever! and loved playing with the local children who were the nicest. why are kids so good at making friends everywhere they go? i am always impressed with them.

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our friends actually got married on this lake. what a backdrop for a wedding!

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with our friends, and a whole lotta babies and diaper bags. ;)

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after our time in meiringen, we drove to lauderbrunnen to catch a train up the mountain to a small village at the top (because you can’t drive to it!) where we stayed for the next portion of our trip. excited to share photos from there. and we took some video, too, so stay tuned!

PS. for those who asked where my dress was from when we visited the castle and the kids were dressed as knights, it’s from here. the overalls i’m wearing in this post are here and teva sandals here.

  1. vicky

    I cannot get over all of the travels. everything is so breathtaking!

  2. Kristyn

    That water though! How gorgeous!

  3. Camille

    Wow well these are the dreamiest pictures ever!! Looks like an absolute wonderland. Thanks for sharing! Switzerland is quickly moving up to the top of my travel list! As a Coloradan, I’m curious what altitude you all were at here.


  4. Jennie

    your photos are beautiful!
    when you edit them do you use any presets? if so what?
    thanks so much!

  5. Marie

    It’s called “Fußtreten” or “Füße treten” in German :)

  6. Seriously stunning photos! What a gorgeous area!

  7. Amanda

    Naomi, What kind of camera are you using for these pictures?? They are beautiful!.

  8. hanna

    This looks like such a fun trip –Hanna Lei

  9. Megan

    Beautiful photos! Would love to buy prints of the nature ones, if you were ever to consider selling them.

  10. Merle

    Hey Hey! The game you’re referring to is called “Fußtreterle”, at least where I am wrong (south of Germany) and roughly translates to “footstomp”. We used to play this all the time during recess. I don’t remember the rules exactly, since that was quite some time ago. But as far as i recall it goes like this:
    1. everybody stands in a circle and everybody takes 3 steps in whichever direction and wherever they want (everybody takes every step at the same time,and separately.. if that makes sense)
    2. you determine one who hast “it” (usually somebody volunteers since its the most fun)
    3. then everybody takes 3 steps again (again separately and at the same time, thats why you count, and thats probably what the swiss children did “eins,zwei,drei” so everybody knows when to take the step) the goal of these 3 steps is to get as far away from the person with “it” as possible. . . and of course for the person with “it” to try and get closer to everybody else
    4. now everybody is positioned and ONLY the person with “it” gets to take only one step. with that one step he/she must try to step on another persons foot.
    5. if you don’t manage to step on somebody else, it’s still your turn and you have to try again. but first everybody else is allowed to take one step (away from you with “it”). then you get one step again to try and step on someones foot.
    5. if the person with “it” manages to step on another persons foot, then that person has “it”
    and so on . . .
    I’m sure there are regional variations of that game and maybe the swiss kids did it differently, but no matter how you play it, it’s a lot of fun! hope my (lengthy) explanation helps! i loved that game!

  11. michal

    i think the swiss kids probably sang “siii – saaa – sugg!”at the beginning of the game! that’s how i know it.
    lovely to see my country through your lens, i live in the bernese oberland and loved following your travels!

  12. Totally love the photos from Meiringen!! :-)

  13. yaely

    hey naomi! i live in israel and i played this game as a kid! we called it Pinocchio. so we would split the word up into three before we started saying: pi-no-cchio. and then we all jumped back and played the game as you explained. it is fun and entertaining :) I’m sure you can substitute it with ready set go, or one two three go haha! now that i think about it Pinocchio had nothing to do with the game :) lol!
    i love looking at your blog and your family!
    thanks for sharing these beautiful moments!
    xoxo yaely

  14. GJ

    We play that game in Australia and it’s called ‘stomp’ or ‘ninja stomp’. The kids count to three :)

  15. Christina

    I have to second Michal on this; here in Switzerland the game is widely know as “sii-saa-sugg” (or depending on the region “sigg-sagg-sugg”) which does not mean anything but does sound funny :). Have fun playing! Am looking forward to pictures from Bern (if there will be any) our current hometown.

  16. Lux

    How do you travel without car seats? I’m not sure if you brought any on this trip, but I feel like you’ve travelled without them before. Are you super diligent about public transportation? Can you rent them while abroad? I’m traveling to Italy next year with my daughter who will be 14 months and I would love to not have to lug her seat with me!

    Thank you!

  17. Rcahael

    Where is Conrad’s yellow coat from? is it just a raincoat or is it also good for warm winter coat?

  18. Rachel

    These photos are incredible and your whole trip sounded amazing! My husband’s family is from Switzerland (our last name is Rinderknecht) and he has always wanted to go. It is on our list of trips, but I seriously thinks that it needs to move to the top of the list! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  19. Aurélie

    Hi Naomi,
    I am from the french part of Switzerland and I don’t really know the rules of the game but it sounds like “zig zag zoug”! Ahah
    I love seeing Switzerland trough your eyes! It is a small country but i’ve never been where you travelled to.
    I am glad you had a good time in here!

  20. Whitney

    Wow! You just confirmed why I want to go there!! One day….. lol

  21. Julia

    As kids (I’m German) we always said “Shing shang shong”. For example, while playing rock paper scissors it would then always go “shing shang shong”! I’m now an adult, but do this day when a “countdown” situation comes up we (still) all say it. :)



  22. Manu

    So great to see you are enjoying my country and especially nice to see that you chose places where I spend most of my time.
    The game is called “ziggy-zaggy-zuck” (ziggy-zuggy-zook, so that you get the proper pronounciation), depends a bit from what area you come from.

  23. Carlie

    These photos are absolutely incredible! I can’t wait to go to Switzerland one day. Thank you for sharing your amazing Swiss adventure :)

  24. Magali

    This game is called “zig-zag-zoug” (ziig.zaaag-zuuuuggg). I used to do it when I was a kid.
    Beautiful pictures as always!
    many greetings from Switzerland ;)
    magali xxx

  25. Wow ! I got chicken skin just to see sooo much beauty!

    Amazing photos ! Thanks ! :)

  26. Lisa

    When i was little we would always chant “Frosch hüpf weg” which mean “Frog jump away”. Since the jumping resemples a little frog jumping around :)

  27. Claire

    Hello Naomi!
    I just saw the work of a photographer and I immediatly thinked of you! I’m sure you gonna like the pictures (if you don’t know it yet!).
    This man (http://www.omarrobles.com/) took pictures of ballet’s dancers on the streets of NYC and it’s so beautiful.
    Wish you all the best, coming to visit your blog (or your IG or your Snapchat ahah, big fan over here) is always such a good time. <3

  28. A wonderful place in nature, beautiful pictures with happy people! The surroundings look amazing!

  29. Caroline

    Hi :)
    When i was younger and used to play the game in the breaks in school, we would call it ‘autostop'(hitchhiking or car stopping in english). That’s also what we would shout in the beginning and then jump to the starting position. Since swiss german has so many dialects, it might be called differently elsewhere.
    I’m happy you had a good time in ‘my’ country!

  30. Marlena

    the photos are totally stunning!!!!! i love family travels, how we can explore together and take time to just be in new places together, collecting memories! big hugs from Poland. :)


  31. Giulia

    absolutely love your blog. So inspirational and sweet. Your family is too cute and y’all look like you are always having a blast!

  32. kayla

    hey naomi-
    the link for the knight costume isn’t the right one. could you fix the link? those costumes are exactly what i’m looking for so our family can dress up as the Chronicles of Narnia people for halloween. Thanks!

  33. yennie

    so cool reading all the variations of this game with its different names and ways of counting :)

  34. Rosemary

    That game sounds kind of like ninja! Everyone stands in a circle, someone counts to three and everyone jumps backwards. Then one person tries to “chop” the arm of the person next to them, but they can only move once to do it and the person can only move once to get out of the way! If they’re hit, they’re out until it’s only down to two people

  35. every now and then I pop back on to see how your beautiful family is doing and i cannot believe how much time has passed. your beautiful baby girl is so grown!

  36. Gorgeous photos as always. Would you mind sharing what editing filters you use? I’m a big fan of the photography style on your site!

  37. Krystyna

    Dying over E’s jeans! Where are they from?

  38. Alex

    Gorgeous! If you’re still on a kick for mountains covered in green, you need to get to Seattle. Mount Rainier, Olympic National Park and North Cascades are all short drives from the city and are breathtakingly beautiful. (also, check out the instagram of Olympic Game Farm – the kids will love it!)

  39. ana

    so beautiful, you inspire me to travel with my little one.

  40. Momma and momma to be

    Hey Naomi,
    Just wondering why Eleanor is being carried in a sling during your beautiful vacay!! My 4-year old is a little finicky about walking so I often have to do the same.


  41. rose J.

    Absolutely breathtaking! And like you said, I don’t think any of the photos you have shared thus far do it justice! I have to be there, but what a beautiful place! The scenery is just amazing! Glad y’all had a great time, and are home safe!



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