our drive into switzerland…

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after our weekend at lake maggiore, we made the drive into switzerland on sunday to our first destination there, meirengen, where josh’s good friend from high school has been living for several years with her husband and two darling daughters. as we prepped our big old van and started off, i had absolutely no idea what a treat we were in for.

the entire drive was out of this world scenic! especially once we got into switzerland. there was a running river along the freeway with water that almost looked like it was from the carribean, it was so clear and white (you’ll see it in the photos below). there was also this incredible fog which we drove into as we climbed the mountain at one point, which was also really exciting for me. we took a car train through the mountain tunnel from italy into switzerland which was a cool new experience for all of us, but especially the kids. and we made several stops (which you’ll see in the photos below) including a stop at bellwald to walk that insane bridge.

our kids are all at ages now where driving for long stretches in a car is getting easier. in the past it’s been a struggle since they weren’t used to being strapped into carseats in new york city and accustomed to car drives because we just walk or train everywhere. but eleanor and samson enjoy looking out the windows now more. we sing a lot of songs and play a lot of games (and make up a lot of our own versions of knock-knock jokes, some that make no sense but still get everyone to laugh). we bring a lot of little toys and stickers and coloring books… and we always travel with three fully charged iPads as emergency back up. i’ve shared a lot of our favorite apps for the kids in previous posts, but we also stock a few episodes of blues clues for conrad and daniel the tiger for the older kids. (can we talk about how amazing daniel the tiger is at some point?! we only discovered it back in maybe january or februay, but we’re so impressed with that one.) also, josh put a few movies onto the iPads this trip including singing in the rain for the kids, and samson was watching and giggling to it in the car a few days ago (and i almost died of happiness, hearing the music to gotta dance! and hearing him giggle to it. it’s such a great classic and it’s one of my favorite movies. so it was fun to hear him enjoying it.

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everywhere i looked there was another cute little town with a glorious steeple on a church! i think the steeples always complete the look of the little clusters of towns and i love it. up against all the greenery, it felt like it was a movie set and not real life. these photos will never do it justice.

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so this car train ferry thing was really cool. we had never done something like this before, so it felt extra special for us. but you just drive your car onto the train once it’s your turn and the train speeds through the mountain tunnel then! we rolled our windows down for a good portion of the tunnel ride and the kids were shouting “yeeeehaaaaaaa! woo hooooooo!” for a lot of it. haha!

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i apologize now for all the photos from the passenger seat of the car, but i couldn’t help myself. it was all just so beautiful.

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do you see what i mean about that water color?! it’s almost a clear white with the faintest blue tones. hard to see from the photos but josh and i kept commenting on it the entire drive in. josh’s friend says there are minerals in it, which helps with the coloring.

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so conrad had just fallen asleep for his nap as we came up to the bridge at bellwald.  we were already about an hour behind our travel time, and since conrad was now asleep, we decided to keep driving and not stop. but it only took me maybe 60 seconds after we passed the bridge to come to my senses. i was like, “josh, i’m sorry. you have to turn around. i have to walk that bridge or i’ll forever regret it.” haha! so i hopped out of the car with just eleanor and samson and we made a quick walk of it. eleanor took a couple of photos on the bridge and also a boomerang of me (i showed them how to use the boomerang app a few weeks ago and now i find the most hilarious boomerangs in my photo library on my phone sometimes. they are the cutest little photographers ever.) the bridge was incredibly high, and it wobbled quite a bit at times which stopped my heart, but it was definitely worth it, and i’m so glad we didn’t skip it. those views!!!!!

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can you believe the fog in this photo?! it was wild.

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one thing i really appreciated about everywhere we went in switzerland, was the amount of playgrounds for families. everywhere we went, there was an awesome playground accompanying the location. we stopped for a quick lunch and some playtime at restaurant z’matt right after we came through the tunnel from italy, about ten minutes in. a great stop!

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i’m not sure you can tell from this photo, but all those zig zags on the mountain made of stone were roads! and we climbed the mountain zig zagging on each one until we were at the top and in the fog and could barely see outside out windows. it was crazy. it was unreal. it is definitely something i’ll never forget. and this was just the drive in!!!!! switzerland, you are SO BEAUTIFUL. excited to share more from our time there with you soon.


  1. Amazing photos! So fun to follow your trip:-)

  2. Loving all the GREEN! Your family always takes the best pictures. :)

  3. Hi Naomi! For the kids shows, you have to check out Puffin Rock and Octonauts on Netflix. I try to keep screen time to a minimum, but these two shows are centered around nature and I don’t feel like such a terrible parent turning using tv as a babysitter when it’s to these quality programs that he adores and teach him so much!

  4. Erica

    Oh my gosh, BEAUTIFUL!!! I want to go to Switzerland sooooo badly!! Every single photo you posted is absolutely beautiful. What an amazing experience ❤️

  5. Erica

    Oh my gosh, BEAUTIFUL!!! Every single photo you posted is absolutely breathtaking. I want to go to Switzerland so bad! What an incredible experience ❤️

  6. Julie

    Hi Taza, That last picture had me freaking out, that windy road…oh my! I would have strugglde to make it to the top without being sick – and the fog would have certainly made it a bit of a stressful drive, wouldn’t it? On the bright side, I love the pic of you on the bridge, your red dress comes out beautifully and I would have been exactly like you, not wanting to miss out on such a great opportunity to walk that bridge – which looks awesome by the way – I bet Eleanor and Samson loved it! love from France, Julie


  7. Anna Barr

    Love your blog! Taza, where is your hat from? And the dress??? I love your outfit!

    • TAZA

      thank you anna! i linked both of them in the post below this one!!!

  8. Darlene

    What did you guys do for car seats while abroad? A couple of summers ago when we went to Sweden/Norway/Iceland we brought a car seat and booster, but three would be hard to do that for! We were just in mexico last week and went off the cruise a few miles and no car seats…felt super scary and dangerous!


    • TAZA

      we rent car seats when we rent the car! we always call ahead though since we need to reserve three and sometimes places don’t have that many available. but haven’t had issues, it’s easier for us to rent than carry three carseats or boosters around with us the entire trip.

  9. Elenor

    such beautiful photos naomi! can’t wait to see some from bern :) also a bit sad I didn’t make it to see you guys and meet my little name sister – but as you liked my homeland so much, who knows, you will come again soon ;)
    greetings from Bärn!

  10. Chantelle Clay

    Loving all your travel blogs. I can’t get over the scenery as you went into Switzerland, just stunning. I love how well travelled your family is. I would love to travel more but there always seems to be something else that pops up and I never get to save to go away also it’s only me. Do you have any tips to make the dream of travel happen? Did you travel much when it was just you? I’ve been to America three years ago when I was 18 and that was my first time in s plane and out of the country and I was by myself (went to New York twice in that time I loved it so much). Where would you recommend I start my travels to also? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!!

  11. Liz

    You’re telling us that Eleanor took that AMAZING boomerang???? That is simply amazing. Young photographers. And also, how did you create your blog? With a website? Like word press?

    • TAZA

      yes! she did! haha! do you love samson hopping in and out of the frame?! they are the best with those!!!! and we use wordpress to host our blog!

  12. Amazing!! Loved all the pictures. You guys know how to have fun. Thanks for sharing with us xx

  13. mara

    looks unreal!!!

    ps – daniel tiger is my 2 year olds favorite too :) she loves it, and i don’t mind one bit.

  14. Laura

    Oh em geeee I am planning to go to Switzerland on a solo hiking trip next year and this makes me even more excited. SO beautiful. Thankfully I live in England so it’s not too far. xx

  15. rusha

    Have fun.
    I’m a big fan of you and your family, you make me feel that everything will be ok no matter what happen .

    love your pictures , we are planning to go to switzerland and the end of august with my three years old daughter and i’m 20 weeks pregnant .
    So we are excited and little worry what could happen!!

    Can you kindly suggest for us what kind of camera that you have use in your trip ? it looks amazing .
    Is Go pro enough for it ??

    Thanks alot xoxo

    • TAZA

      hi rusha! we actually only used our go pro about once or twice this trip. it’s great, although i think it distorts the frame slightly to get that wide shot. we shot basically everything on our canon camera and only brought our 24-70mm lens with us this trip. it’s a great versatile lens and both josh and i prefer to it our others.

      have the best time in Switzerland!!! you will love!

  16. Amy

    You HAD to go across that bridge! Definitely worth turning around for!

    We went to Switzerland in 2014 for 2 weeks and explored a good part of the country. Photos on my blog if you’re interested!


    • TAZA

      i will have to check them out! totally agree with you! was worth turning around for…

  17. Switzerland looks like a dream! Love reading about your time there and the breath taking photos!

  18. Layla

    Hey Naomi & family

    I’ve been following your blog for years now from Switzerland and I’m happy you all enjoyed ‘my home’.
    i’ve seen a lot of foggy mountain tops in my life but you captured the magic perfectly in your pictures=)!!

    best wishes,

    • TAZA

      that is so very nice of you to say, layla. thank you! everytime we’d take a photo i’d look at it and i’d be like, IT DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE. you live in the most beautiful of places. that is for sure.

  19. cassie

    Just went to Switzerland in May and I love every bit of it! Still think about Swiss more than I expected :)

    ps. would LOVE to see those cute boomerangs! please please please upload them to Snapchat/Instagram stories

    • TAZA

      haha! i will have to do a post sometime and include a bunch of them! they are pretty great!

  20. Yara

    Wouah, I love your pictures!
    I’m really glad you enjoyed your time in our beautiful little country!!! Next time, you HAVE to come to Lausanne and the Lake Geneva Region! ?

    • TAZA

      ah! hopefully someday!!!!

  21. Laura G.

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you so much for sharing this trip with us. Question: did you bring your own car seats with you or rent them with the car? If you brought them, do your kids use them on the plane?


    • TAZA

      we rent carseats when we travel! and no, we don’t use them on the plane. we just buy everyone their own seat so they have space (especially long flights so they can lay down to sleep if needed although while staying buckled) and it usually does the trick!

  22. Megan

    These pictures are amazing!!! Can’t wait to visit Switzerland someday!

    // http://lifeplusbe.com/

  23. Rachel

    As always Naomi your photos are second to none!
    And I adore that your little ones are following in your footsteps with y0ur talent and love for photos!

    Rachel // http://illustratedteacup.com

  24. magali

    Hi Naomi and family! I am a swiss-girl (I live near Bern) so for me it is my “normal view”..all those mountains, the blue or white water…etc. I am really happy you enjoyed it that much. It is so special and an “honor” for me to see pictures of my country on your blog that I love so much. I always admire all of your pictures from the USA and this time this is my country on your blog.
    I am looking forward to see all the other pictures.
    Many greetings from Switzerland

  25. Manu

    It is so surreal to see you passing by the town my husband grew up and we still spend most of our holidays… Especially since I have been following you for so long!

  26. Emily

    Your lovely pictures make me nostalgic of a trip I took to Switzerland a few years back. The people there were so friendly and happy, maybe because they live surrounded by the most terrific of landscapes! I visited Lugano and it truly was a special place.

    Thanks for making me smile. Enjoy your trip with your beautiful family.


  27. Heather

    My boyfriend and I were going to do this exact same trip in Aug. but somehow we decided on Norway instead. EEK… after seeing your beautiful pictures I’m not sure if we made the right choice! Thanks for sharing,.. can’t wait to see more of your photos. Cheers!

  28. Oh my gosh – that bridge looks amazing! How have I not heard of this before haha?! Also, a car train?! So fun (I’m such a big kid haha).
    xo April | April Everyday

  29. Bren

    Such beautiful images! I am an Arizonan born and raised, and to see such greenness is mind boggling.
    And btw… my 2 yr. old granddaughter loves Daniel Tiger ? there are really good lessons with each episode, so i don’t mind when she asks to see him.

  30. Hi Naomi and the family!
    So glad you enjoyed Switzerland! We’re 3 french sisters but we live on the border and we spend a lot of time in Switzerland! We’re now students but your last articles remind us a lot of the trips we took with our parents when we were little!
    If you have the opportunity to come back to Switzerland, you should visit Lausanne, Montreux and the Lavaux vineyards, this is fantastic!

    m., s. & a.

  31. Jerlin

    I LOVE these picture! It always heartens me to see such sweet photos of Eleanor and Samson. You make great parents! :)


  32. katelyn devine baker

    hello :) love following along with snapchat & instagram. quick question (i’ve asked a few times)… but where is samson’s shirt from? my husband used to race motorcycles in big sur in the 70’s! thank you!! love.

    • TAZA

      hi! it’s a shirt i bought on GILT forever ago (it was eleanor’s before it was samson’s) and i don’t remember the name brand (tag has been ripped out because he hates tags). i’m sorry!

  33. Saida

    Hi Taza! Amazing trip and pictures:)) its amazing travelling with three kids! Would you recommend travelling backpack for a toddler? Would love to hear from you:) thanks a lot.

  34. Nora

    Hi naomi and family!

    Welcome to beautiful Switzerland! I follow your blog for years and I live in Switzerland.
    Check out my city: Solothurn. It is about 40min drive from Bern.
    And called “the most beautiful barock-city in Switzerland”. You will enjoy it! There is a old part with a big beautiful church, a river running trough, and a lot lot of good restaurants and ice cream and bars.
    And Luzern (Luceren) does every tourist enjoy;) ..
    Have a happy time here!


  35. Erin

    Ah isn’t it amazing? We just moved to one of those storybook towns in southern Germany, and every day we find new little corners that look like postcards. Incredible.

  36. Sarah

    Thank you for your cute words about my country! So happy you love it! ENJOY <3

  37. charlotte

    hi taza! we used to live in locarno–the swiss side right on lago maggiore. absolutely heavenly! i’m still mourning that we can’t live there anymore! might i HIGHLY recommend that you quickly rush to the nearest migros grocery store and pick up a bag of farmer croc granola in the waldbeeren flavor! you should probably pick up 4 bags and then you’ll want to join their facebook fan page ;) it is the best ever!

  38. In all my life I have never seen cars on a train. I don’t know why, but I can’t seem to get over that.

  39. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, this trip look and sounds incredible, I love the shots from the bridge!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  40. Gorgeous pics, especially the one of you on the the bridge. I have total hair envy! Looks like a beautiful family adventure <3

  41. Really love those pictures!
    The car train looks interesting and a great way to keep traffic moving and safe. Also, that bridge… wow… glad you turned around and took those pictures, they look really beautiful!

    Switzerland is really beautiful, my best friend lives outside Zurich and this February I’ve been there and got mesmerized with all the little towns and the mountains all around.

  42. rose J.

    Good choices on tv shows, and Daniel the tiger is Noah’s favorite. Very educational too! Glad your trip was a blast. So fun to see your adventures with your family!

  43. Suzanne

    Beautiful! ♡ I’ve been to Switzerland and it is the most beautiful place in the world. We also drove around the mountains and the view was incredible.
    I can’t wait to go back

  44. Miriam

    Very nice pics! You must come again in winter. That green is gorgeous but the pristine white in winter is out of this world. I also Love the churches in the Little towns.

  45. Tina

    It’s so funny to see our country through your eyes especially as I read your blog for quite a while now. So glad you visited Chillon. Very good choice. Hugs from Crans-Montana

  46. Lauren

    I am so impressed you walked that bridge! I am so terrified of heights and just looking at those pictures made my heart stop!

  47. We walked along the lakeshore before driving back to our hotel about a mile away. It was so incredibly peaceful. We checked out of our hotel and drove back into Porlezza for a coffee and to go to the post office. This is the kind of place where you feel you could fit right in and stay for months without missing anything back home; such calmness, peace and beauty everywhere we went.

  48. RoMo

    What a fantastic trip. I’m already getting ideas for trips with our family! I love the dress you are wearing – can you tell me where it’s from??

    Thanks, Ro