museum of ice cream!

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we’ve been lucky to pass through a lot of cool museums together since calling new york home. it’s one of the perks very high on the list of living in this sometimes smelly and claustrophobic feeling city. we spend a significant amount of time at the american museum of natural history, since it resides on the upper west side which we also call home. and also, dinosaurs! and an entire wing dedicated to space! it’s my kids’ happy place and with that blessed blasted AC in the summertime, it’s mine as well. then there is the metropolitan museum of art which is just across the park from us on the east side and the MOMA is just a few subway stops away. the guggenheim, the children’s museum of art downtown, the armory, the whitney… there are just a lot of fabulous museums around us and we try our best to take advantage.

BUT, we went to the museum of ice cream last week with friends and it’s completely changed my idea of a museum. and it might have been the most fun (insert sugar high) museum experience we’ve encountered. i mean, a pool filled with sprinkles and someone passing out black tap milk shakes to everyone?! it was truly a museum dream for anyone with any sort of sweet tooth (or even not a sweet tooth. i mean, josh davis, you had fun, right?!)

ps. a few of these photos i stole from my friend amanda. so glad there’s another mama out there in the bunch hauling her oversized DSLR camera with her around the city (and her photos are so good!). you guys, the days i don’t bring my camera with me, while my shoulders and back might be happy, i usually regret it later. i love my camera so very very much.


how can you not get behind a museum that offers you an ice cream bar or cone the minute you walk in?


this photo was taken at the beginning, they had no idea what they were in for! none of us did, but they especially didn’t! i love their faces here because they are literally so excited and you can see it. HERE WE GO KIDS!

0IMG_2108 ice cream cropped0IMG_2109 0IMG_2110 0IMG_2112

cannon ball off a diving board into the sprinkles!!!

0IMG_2113 0IMG_2115LOVETAZA ICE CREAM97082-8

just look at that face! someone was very happy.


just doing our part in helping create the largest ice cream sundae ever made. (it was some sort of oreo cookie filling concoction but that didn’t stop conrad from trying to eat it.)


so after we played in a pool of sprinkles, a man at the museum literally came up to me and was like, “and over here we have a black tap milkshake for each of you…” and i got so skeptical. i almost thought it was some of joke and we’d be like “what?! no way! amazing!” and then it’d be fake ice cream or something and he’d be all, “hahaha!” those black tap milkshakes are all the rage right now in the city and because josh and i are trying to be good and limit that sort of thing, we have not had one. so that’s why i was so surprised that they were handing them out at the museum! conrad could of course only handle a few sips of his and it just felt wrong to toss an entirely perfect amazing very sought after milkshake in the trash, so i did have some! but just a few sips (that thing is intensely sweet) since i’m trying to be as good as i can in a city full of sugar (it’s been hard this month, i won’t lie. looking to get back on a better track this fall.)


kind of feeling like bedazzling my camera after seeing this one.


just a seesaw in the shape of an ice cream scooper! kids had the best time on this jungle gym made of all things ice cream at the end.


this is the face of a little boy who has just had an ice cream cone, some sips of a milkshake and some other random sweet things inside a museum full of sugar. he crashed about an hour later and fell asleep literally while swinging in a swing at the playground! i’d say that’s a good day right there.


once we exited the museum we sat outside on the steps for a few minutes trying to compose ourselves after all that chaos inside (they do rush you through the place, which i totally get but also a total bummer because tearing kids away from a pool of sprinkles after just a couple of minutes feels so harsh.) anyway, we discovered ample amounts of sprinkles in my friend amanda’s cuffed jeans and the kids had the best time trying to sweep them up to bring home. eleanor and her friend elle made up a plan to put their sprinkles in a plastic bag and whenever they missed each other, they could look at their sprinkles! i thought that was the cutest thing ever. oh man, who needs best friend necklaces when you can have bags of sprinkles!?


and that completes our recap of such a fun museum experience with friends! can someone open up a museum modeled after this one all about donuts next?!

for those interested in tickets– i believe the museum was more of a pop up style museum for the summer and only runs for a few more weeks. it’s currently sold out but we did ask one of the staff about that at the door and i know they are trying to find a way to extend or do it again, so keep an eye out if you’re interested in going. we bought tickets for a selected day a month before it even opened, but i had no idea it’d sell out before the opening the way it did, i was just trying to calendar and plan with our travel dates when i got our tickets.  now i’m glad i didn’t procrastinate in typical naomi fashion. someday when my kids are giving me a hard time about their curfew or vegetables or whatever, i’m totally going to whip out this adventure and be like, “yeah, but remember when i bought tickets to the ice cream museum a month before it even opened and then it sold out?! did you not have the best time ever in there?! NOW OBEY CURFEW!” ;) (i’m totally kidding, by the way.)

ps. similar denim dress here and here, my pink leather backpack, and teva sandals. also similar hat here (and on sale!). it’s hard to see with my denim dress but eleanor and i are wearing matching new york art t-shirts, too! my t-shirt (it runs small, ps! size up!) and eleanor’s mini version.

  1. Kim

    What a bummer!! Was planning on taking the lil one there this coming Monday!! Any suggestions for any sort of fun places to go for an almost two toddler?! Coming from Jersey and planning on a day trip!

    • TAZA

      all the splash pads are so fun right now with the heat! the AMNH is also a big favorite of ours, and central park! have the best time!

  2. Rose J.

    Hey girl! So

    I met Amanda at the Philly temple open house last week, and she is so nice! We chatted for a bit, and asked her about how y’all got tickets for this place, and she was so glad y’all were on the ball in getting some way ahead of time! Anyway, i forgot to ask her how y’all find out about pop up museums like this. Is there an emailing list I can get on so I can be in the know way before so i can reserve tickets? thanks so much.

    Cute pics, and Amanda does take awesome photos too!



    • TAZA

      aw, that’s so great to hear! amanda is a sweetheart. excited about the philly open house too!

  3. Jessi

    What a fun time! Are the sprinkles in the sprinkle pool real? If so, my kids would want to eat them!

    I love your friend’s sandals (the woman on the left, in the jeans). Would you mind asking her where they’re from?

    • TAZA

      i think they are from anthro but i will double check!

  4. Sierra

    This looks like so much fun! we really wanted to take the nuggets and I’m so upset it’s sold out. We didn’t think it would sell out either and I’m kicking myself for not getting tickets sooner :/ Beautifully Candid

  5. Jordan

    This looks like SO much fun! And what a great mom/kids outing. Of course now it’s 8:30 in the morning and I want a milkshake… Ha!

  6. Selena

    So cute! Why no pictures with Josh? I saw him in your friends blog in one of the pics!

    • TAZA

      i didn’t even realize! he was in a few! i tried to narrow down the photos for the blog. but mostly took all the photos because i was holding conrad. :)

  7. Giulia

    Literally so adorable!!Your kids are too cute and I LOVE your style and blog!

  8. Wow that is amazing! I’ll definitely have to pay a visit when I’m in New York! :)

  9. Holly

    Oh girl, this post is so sweet (ha, obviously!). Those kiddies of yours always seem so dang happy. Love following along + I must get to this museum, stat XO


  10. Carly

    Oh my gosh, I need to go there with my little toddler! So cute and so fun. The idea of a sprinkles pool is just too much. Hands down that has to be the coolest museum in the country. And as always you and your crew are adorable.
    Carly from

  11. Julie

    Hi Taza! This pop museum is a dream come true for the little ones. I think the word museum will never have the same meaning again to them…hahaha! What a fun idea and a fun trip to have as a family. You can see the kids happiness in their eyes…priceless! Hugs from London, Julie

  12. LACEY

    Amazing museum idea! Looks like a blast.

    Do you know who makes the little black and white checkered dress, one of the other kids is wearing? I just bought a similar dress for me by The Great and I love having matching outfits with my kids.


    • TAZA

      i don’t, but i can ask my friend!

  13. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, it looks and sounds incredible! Yum!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  14. this must be a kids heaven! I had no idea such a cool place existed! I would love to visit next time.

  15. Penelope

    It’s been several years now that I follow your blog, always so happy, fun, positive!

    It’s so nice to follow all your adventures, all these projects, all this love, and i’m glad i’ve been able to see your family grow and blossom :)

    When i see all this joy with your family, i can’t wait to start mine!

    Lot of kisses from France!


  16. Caitlin

    Is Conrad wearing a Donald Robertson tee? So cute!

  17. Franny

    Hi Taza!

    Love your blog (have been following for 4 years!). I am looking for a birthday present for a girl Eleanor’s age. Any recommendations for this age group or where to shop in Manhattan?


  18. I didn’t know I needed a swimming pool full of sprinkles until this moment in my life.

  19. Amanda

    This is so amazing! I’m such an ice cream fiend… Have you heard of Halo Top? I know you’re trying to cut down on sugar (GOOD idea!) but Halo Top is so amazing and such a great way to get a quick spoonful of something sweet without feeling too guilty about it. An entire pint is only 240 calories! I’ve had the same one in the freezer for a few months now. Though of course you’re better off without it at all… But, you know… ;-)

  20. A pool full of sprinkles! My dream come true! What a fun museum for kids.

  21. Stephanie

    They official extended days! Just got off the waitlist and got our tickets today. Thought Id share!!

  22. April

    Hi Taza, this is many months and years that I would write to you. For lack of time often I do not post comments but I’m always here for each of your post. I am a young graphic designer of 23 years old who lives in Paris (and yes you have subscribers all around the world, even in France) and it’s really important to me to say when things are goods (in a society where we often tend to criticize …). So, I follow you for years thanks to your lovely family and your simplicity … so fun to watch and read you everyday. I want you to know that when I’m on your blog I am peaceful, quiet and happy, and it’s a great life lesson. You diffuse cloud of happiness so enjoyable. I am a big fan of your beautiful family ahah and values ​​that you share. Really .. thank you for sharing this, to make us travel, live, love, smile, through these pictures. You’re are a real sunshine Taza . I sincerely hope that your blog will continue long because it is a sweet balm to the heart. I embrace you all and wish you a real nice contiuation and if one day you return to Paris … let me know :D.



  23. Mel

    As a grown adult,I have dreams about diving into a pool of sprinkles, just so my life can be as colorful as I imagine it to be. After that maybe meeting a unicorn? I really need to go to this museum!

  24. NEED to visit this museum! Our love of Ice Cream can’t resist! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Savanna

    I am in love with your blog and your cute family! <3