family bike rides in central park!

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one of our favorite activities to do together usually includes some sort of bike ride. our kids have been obsessed since they were babies and ask to go out on the bikes at least once a day. i know sometimes it seems scary to take a bike out in a city, but there are so many bike lanes now on the upper west side and also lots of biking in central park, that we always feel safe and pretty much always have a great time.

these photos are from a few saturdays ago when it was over 90 degrees outside but everyone still wanted to be outdoors. i felt like the only way to survive the heat was to make our own breeze on our bikes and bike through it. we were dripping in sweat and kept stopping for water breaks and popsicles, but had a great time. the best part was on our bike ride home, josh and i did a “race” and the entire time our kids kept cheering him on (since they were in the bucket on his bike) saying “go papa! go papa!” in unison while looking back at me laughing so hard. haha! it was fun to pass them a few times but in the end, they definitely won and their faces said everything. they couldn’t contain the excitement.


the other day something really horrible happened (not worth going into here, but i was devastated). but after about 5 minutes of feeling super horrible, i saw a photo of my family and i basically wanted to smack myself. at the end of the day, i have three smiling babies that are happy and healthy, along with a loving and healthy husband. their love and encouragement is so much more than i deserve sometimes, and having them is everything. things happen and sometimes you feel like nothing is going right and everything is against you, but i have them, and i’m so thankful.


also, having this as my backyard isn’t so bad either. even in 90 degree heat and humidity that feels like 110 degrees, i still love you so much, new york.


biking through the lower loop of central park is one of my favorite things. (the upper loop is so much harder because of the HILLS. i just can’t. especially since i’ve been slacking on the gym this month since we’ve been out of town a lot. i feel it extra.)

ps. my pink addidas shoes i am wearing here that a lot of you have asked about are back in stock right here. also wearing these sunglasses that many of you have also asked about.


once we got into the park, we went down a hill straight away and i was behind josh and the kids in the bucket bike. i watched as conrad all on his own lifted his arms high in the air as they cruised down the hill and i smiled so big. i love how he lives for this sort of thing, always signing “more” and constantly bringing us his helmet in the apartment and pointing to the front door.


biking straight up to the popsicle stand in central park to get the kids something cold and sweet.


i totally made conrad have a coconut popsicle over a strawberry because the clean up mess of a white popsicle all over him and his clothes didn’t seem as terrible as the mess of a red colored popsicle. he does an excellent job of getting at least half of his treat on his shirt and in his hair and even sometimes in the bottom of his shoe. that’s talent, i say! bless his heart.


love this sweet photo of eleanor and her popsicle. especially love her cute blue nails! i’ve been trying to sneak in as many mommy-daughter dates with her this summer before school begins for her in a few weeks. we snuck out to get manicures together last week which was fun. she never strays far from her dark blue shades and i just adore that about her.


sometimes i walk or ride along specific streets on the upper west side and i feel like i’m on a movie set. all these years later and i’m still smitten. it’s going to have to take a lot at this point to ever have us consider living in a different neighborhood in new york. upper best side forever and ever.


love my green helmet and red bike that totally reminds me of christmas every time i go for a ride. i promise i didn’t even intentionally plan that, it just happened.


we are hoping to keep with tradition and bike across the brooklyn bridge like we’ve done the past few years soon. with this heat, we are thinking probably not until october. haha! but it has to happen, it’s one of my all time favorite things to do (i was actually going through old blog posts a few weeks back and stumbled upon this old gem from our bike ride across the bridge on my 27th birthday when E and S were such tiny babies and i almost died! such a throw back.) people often ask me for recommendations of what to do or see or eat in new york, and you guys i’m not kidding when i say you must rent a bike for at least an hour and go somewhere in the city on it (even just around the park). i don’t think you’ll regret it.

ps. wearing this dress (the color is sold out, but here it is in white and in red and in dark blue.), with these pink adidas sneakers. wearing these sunglasses and this shade of lipstick in color fiery. my red bike is by public bikes and the orange one is a madsen cycles. my green helmet is a bern helmet (josh’s too!) and the kids are wearing nutcase helmets.

  1. Rena

    You do always inspire me to buy the sneakers you are wearing and now I’m in love with your pink Adidas sneakers :) I see you had a wonderful family bike ride – so sorry you that this horrible thing happened …
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Erin

    Hey Naomi! Great Post! Love the shots of the kids sitting in that bucket bike with their popsicles! Just a heads up…I think you may have accidentally linked your blue dress incorrectly. I would to know where that dress is from! Thank you!

    • TAZA

      thanks erin! i just fixed the link!

  3. Megan

    This is the cutest and bike rides are the best! Good for y’all getting out in this heat. It’s been insane! Hope everything is ok and have an amazing week


  4. I love bike riding, especially when it’s hot, because like you said, making your own wind is an incredibly satisfying feeling on a hot and humid day. Workout gear helps too ;)

  5. Kelly

    Adorable…all of it! Is it bad that I want you to consider homeschooling your kids? I mean, you already basically do!

  6. Natali

    Super adorable as always!! Thanks for sharing and taking us along with your family on all of these amazing adventures! :)

  7. Elinor

    Hi there. That link to your dress linked to an older post. Can you re-send? Thanks so much! Love it!

    • TAZA

      so sorry, i just fixed the link!

  8. Jess

    You are such an inspiring mama! With three little ones, I’d love to hear any tips you’ve found effective in handling the inevitable / occassional tantrums or bedtime resistance now that they’re all in beds (if that exists for you at all). Thanks for being such a positive force in nthe blogosphere!

    • TAZA

      we had a lot of questions about this sort of thing after our last let’s chat video, so hoping to put one together soon!!

  9. jane

    thanks for sharing!! so cute! I think the link to your dress is broken. It led to an older post. Do you mind sharing it again?? Really love it and would like to order one. hehe. thanks so much taza!

    • TAZA

      i’m sorry! i just relinked it!

  10. Im so glad those adidas shoes are back in! I remember when i first got a pair in like 8th grade. As soon as I saw them back I might have dragged all three kids to Nordstrom to get a pair earlier this summer! And the Madsen is the best, My 9 year old is bummed when I make him ride his own bike, but its freakin hard pedaling w a 9 year old back there!

  11. Sarah

    Hi Naomi,
    Love reading your blog as a new mom here in Canada.
    We also love that you and your family are commited to new experiences and spending quality time together.
    Just wondering if you could let me know what sites you commonly frequent for clothing….I think I read that you do most of your shopping online?
    Take care and thanks again.

  12. Kristen

    Love the photos! My family really enjoys bike rides as well. It’s such a great way to explore the city and get some fresh air.

    Question: What kind of camera is used in these shots? Or actually what kind of camera or cameras are used in a majority of your posts? I am always so impressed with the photos!! Thank you Taza!

  13. Erin

    Great post! Could you please share how you store your madsen cycle with apartment living?!

  14. carly

    You guys are so cute and Josh must have some serious man power to pedal a bucket with 3 toddlers all over the park. It looks like such a fun day!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog

  15. Marie

    I love family bike rides, they are the best! Not to be downer, but please make sure both yours and the kids’ helmets are tight so they properly protect your heads in case anything happens! From the pictures it looks like your helmet strap is too loose and probably E’s too as her helmet’s wonky. I know it can be difficult with kids, I have to readjust helmets all the time! :D

  16. Amy Anderson

    Love how you’re always planning fun days in the city! That Madsen bike is super kid convenient! How tall are you Naomi? Just wondering if the dresses you wear will be long enough on me as well. Thanks in advance!

  17. Jessica

    I second the homeschooling! It’s my first year trying it and I know you would be awesome inspiration!! I’m so tempted to get a huge bucket bike but I would hate to pull my heavy kids and I know my 8 year old would want to ride too. Love your pics!

  18. Megan

    My husband and I met and dated in NYC, and renting bikes and biking across the Brooklyn Bridge is our all-time favorite date to this day! I wish we could go back and do it again!!

  19. Naomi
    So sorry to read you went through something really sad. I hope things will get better soon, and I am so inspired by how you always try no matter what to look at the bright side. You are amazing and I am sure things will work out. Good luck and good vibes from french mama in portland, OR who is one of your biggest fan! bisous!!

  20. Imogen

    Hi Naomi. Just curious, and feel free to ignore if this feel intrusive, but did you teach all your kids to sign? Is it solely for better communication before they learned to speak?

  21. Stephanie

    I’m a huge fan and have been reading since Eleanor was born! I am excited to know what school type you guys chose for her?! Our Tucker is 5 now and has been attending a local Waldorf school and LOVES it! Excited for her and you guys.

  22. What a sporting family! You are so sweet! I adore the look of them in the bucket with helmets on!

  23. Sarah

    Hi Naomi, can you link your water bottle? It looks like a really great size for the sharing amongst the littles

  24. Amanda

    You are so precious. Love this!

  25. McKinlay

    My best friend and I (both just graduated from high school) just got back from a 10 day New York trip and LOVED every dang second. Seriously. I started a note on my phone of “things I love about new york city” and the list is endlessly long. I’ve always loved your photos and blog but love it more so now that I’ve experienced it!! Since we were there for a week and a half, we got to see and do tons which was way awesome and seriously…we both just wanna head back right now. I love your home!! So cool.

  26. sylvia

    was in central park NYC 2 years ago and when I told friends that it is hilly and the bike ride with toddler was hard…no one believed me! Thank you for confirming that that is hills ha hah -this whole time I have just be thinking I was unfit!lol