castles and knights and dragons in switzerland, oh my!

LOVE TAZA 7372982-55

while in switzerland, we visited chillon castle, a medieval castle that we knew the kids would love to visit. you have probably gathered in the past how into castles and playing knights at home they are right now. we carved out an entire day when planning our europe itinerary to just hang out and play at the castle for them. josh ordered these new knight costumes before we left new york and he even got conrad that adorable dragon costume so he could play along as well! you have to watch the video we made because conrad gets really into being a dragon and it’s the cutest thing ever.

i am really thankful we were able to do this. we knew as we started planning our trip to europe that exploring a real medieval castle was a must for our kiddos. i will never forget their faces as we drove up to it and they saw it for the first time up close. they haven’t stopped talking about it and it just makes me so happy everytime i hear them mention it.

we started off by playing outside…LOVE TAZA 7372982-65LOVE TAZA 7372982-32 LOVE TAZA 7372982-33 LOVE TAZA 7372982-36

a dragon and a knight hold hands and become friends. :) eleanor would say how this was her pet dragon to help her find the bad dragons.

LOVE TAZA 7372982-47

conrad was so good at making his scary fire breathing dragon sound…the knights were a little scared at times. ;)  (you have to hear it in the video!)

LOVE TAZA 7372982-42

he might not even be two, but he knows how to chase and keep his knights on the run!

LOVE TAZA 7372982-45 LOVE TAZA 7372982-46these faces, i can’t! they haven’t stopped pretending to be knights. i am so so glad they had such a good time!LOVE TAZA 7372982-25

these maps were so great for the kids! especially for samson, who is our thorough navigator at all times.
LOVE TAZA 7372982-29

“how did you get to the dungeon?”

LOVE TAZA 7372982-41LOVE TAZA 7372982-44

this is sir samson blocking the dragon’s fire with his shield and protecting lady eleanor behind him…

LOVE TAZA 7372982-9LOVE TAZA 7372982-8LOVE TAZA 7372982-39LOVE TAZA 7372982-37LOVE TAZA 7372982-43

some more excellent defensive shield work here by sir samson. conrad’s like, c’mon! but i’m not really a dragon! 

LOVE TAZA 7372982-48

one of the things i love so much about josh, is that he not only encourages this pretend play, but he often plays along when they ask! before we left for europe, he asked me if i wanted a cape too when he ordered these and i was like, “um, no!” but seeing them get so so excited that papa was playing too, i kind of wished i would have been decked out in a cape as well. maybe next time. ;)

LOVE TAZA 7372982-49 LOVE TAZA 7372982-50LOVE TAZA 7372982-52 LOVE TAZA 7372982-53 LOVE TAZA 7372982-54

look at her face! love how much she was totally into this!

LOVE TAZA 7372982-20

feeling extra protected exploring the castle with a fire breathing dragon and two knights by my side!

LOVE TAZA 7372982-56 LOVE TAZA 7372982-57 LOVE TAZA 7372982-58 LOVE TAZA 7372982-60

proud knights.

LOVE TAZA 7372982-66LOVE TAZA 7372982-23LOVE TAZA 7372982-24LOVE TAZA 7372982-26LOVE TAZA 7372982-18

exploring the dungeon was their favorite part.

LOVE TAZA 7372982-16

they say a prisoner of chillon left footprints from pacing around this pillar so much (which inspired lord byron to write a well known poem about it).LOVE TAZA 7372982-21

getting a history lesson in!

LOVE TAZA 7372982-30LOVE TAZA 7372982-10

these fun toys from the gift shop came home with us. they have been a major hit!

LOVE TAZA 7372982-14LOVE TAZA 7372982-11LOVE TAZA 7372982-63 LOVE TAZA 7372982-64LOVE TAZA 7372982-4 LOVE TAZA 7372982-6LOVE TAZA 7372982LOVE TAZA 7372982-7LOVE TAZA 7372982-40LOVE TAZA 7372982-59

loved this day so much. and those knights and that fire breathing dragon, too. it’s always a good time with my little crew. :)

  1. Tracy

    The video is amazing and love seeing them act out the characters and Josh joining along.

    It is wonderful that you and Josh continue to encourage their imagination and play!

    Can’t wait to read more about the trip!

  2. The cutest knights and dragon ever !! So adorable ! :)))
    Have fun in Switzerland xxx

  3. hanna

    The photos and video are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  4. I absolutely love seeing your family travel photos. We are just starting to think about traveling with our 4 year old and 6 month old. Just curious how you handle eating in different countries with small kids. I always feel like I’m never quite sure what I’m getting off the menu when I’m ordering in another country and while I kind of love that, not sure my sometimes picky 4 year old would. Do you have any tips?

  5. Stine

    Oh, it just looks so much fun, and so adorable with det costumes:-) How do get so much structure in your hair (does that make sense?). Which products do you use. My hair is already pretty thick and a bit curly, but of course never curls the way i want.
    Love from Stine, Denmark

  6. Totally adore the little knights:-)
    – and some really fantastic photos from your Castle-visit!:_)

  7. Anna

    Oh yes, I love Château de Chillon! It is not only fun for the kiddos but also interesting for the grown ups. Somehow I still enjoy discovering old castles, I feel like I’m 9 again :-)
    Did you get to taste the typical filet de perche in one of the restaurants by the lake?

    I love following your families travelling adventures.

  8. Aude

    I cannot believe you guys carried these costumes all the way from NYC! Especially as I know how tight you usually pack. What a fun fun day for them. The way you show them the world is such an inspiration. I may have to get my daughter a knight costume before we go and tour the Tower of London !!

  9. Dora

    What an amazing day! They all look fabulous, the fact that Josh is wearing a cape is awesome – what a cool daddio! (and you look beauts)

  10. Corina

    Gorgeous photos and memories to keep, Naomi.

  11. Dot

    All these photos are so much fun! I’ve been to Italy a few times but never thought of adding Switzerland to one of our trips. Will definitely do that next time. So beautiful!

    Oh & I hope you’ll share a link where we can find those knight costumes!

  12. kelleyn

    So fun that you bought the kids costumes. We took are kids there 4 years ago. I know some castles in Switzerland have a costume room for kids to dress up and play in.

  13. Mandi Plasch

    I love following your adventures!! These look so wonderful! I have to know if there are any struggles on a trip like this with 3 kiddos?!? It looks like nothing but joy☺️ I have a 5 year old, 3 1/2 year old and one do in January. I would love a blog post on how you make all these adventures work with your kiddos! You inspire me as a mama…and fashionista? I love your style!

  14. Julie

    Love seeing all your photos – thanks for sharing with us! As a long-time reader, I’ve noticed since the click through was added to your website, the load time for each post is much, much slower. And the size of the photos, although great quality, are so large, that I have to scroll just to see 1.
    Just some unsoliticed advice from a graphic designer I wanted to share :)

  15. Mc

    So cute! That’s what makes it memorable for them- being interactive, associated with their interests and keepsakes! My kids loved Knights/castles also a few years back and still have their shields and swords hanging in their rooms. Take them to Medieval Times when u get home- it’s cheesy for us but for kids its magic!

  16. Krista

    Oh my goodness your kids are adorable! That big, wide smile of Samson’s just lights up my computer screen, Conrad has a little mischievous look to him that just kills me, and Eleanor is just so beautiful!

    Wonderful how you are able to show your children the world. What an experience for you all! Switzerland has always been on my bucket list. Hopefully I can cross it off at some point! xx

  17. Amy

    What wonderfully fun parents you are. Taking the time to order those costumes in advance thinking about how to make your kids’ lives fun? That’s awesome.

  18. Nita

    Ahh. your family is sooo adorable i died.. Such an inspiration! i can’t wait to go travel with my husband and future kids. hope it would be so much fun like yours! :)

  19. Victoria

    Awe adorable! What a great idea. Looks like your family had so much fun! That caste looks pretty cool too – I’ll definitely have to visit when I go to Switzerland!

  20. Sherlyn

    Your family is the cutest. I love watching Conrad do his dragon sounds,hahaha, your kids are so cute and smart.

  21. Enjoli

    Great way to incorporate the kids’ interest into your trip. This post really did make me smile and remember how important it is to nurture those little imaginations. Great job, parents, and bonus points to Josh for the cape. Next time, Naomi, be a team player. :)

  22. I enjoyed this video so much! Love all the different personalities the 3 kiddos have. E + S + C are adorable. You and Josh are awesome parents! Love how you instilled a love of learning at such an early age! Cheers!

  23. ricki

    these photos are amazing! keep going. to happy to see you and your family!
    I wish you great holidays in switzerland!

  24. Sammy

    How fun is that?!!!

  25. rose J.

    this place is on our bucket list! Such darling photos, and i can tell the kids are in heaven with this place. Good job momma!

  26. Oh, Naomi! How cute are they?!? And, what an amazing experience! My seven year old is crazy about Knights and has been for a while. The only books he borrows from the library are all about Knights and castles and he loves to dress up. When he turned four we had a fun knight party too…

    Also, it could just be my phone but sometimes your posts load with the photos out of sync with the text and some images load twice. Could that be something happening my end?

    I’m thoroughly enjoying living vicariously through you on this trip!

  27. Jessica

    I just recently started reading your blog and as a fellow fun-loving mother of three(8yrs,4yrs&2yrs) I am inspired to get out more with my little ones. We are beginning our journey as homeschoolers this year. I love how much kids can learn from experiencing things! Thanks for modeling a mothers love in an exciting, stylish way!

  28. telise

    perhaps you’ve talked about this before, but i’m new to the blog and i love your family’s sense of adventure. please, tell me how you travel with naps?

  29. Aww, it looks like you all had the best time! I saw the video on Insta of them shouting down “how do you get in the dungeons” – I couldn’t stop laughing! SO cute!
    xo April | April Everyday

  30. Lisa

    You’re able to capture so many wonderful moments on your trips! Does having to photograph for the blog impede your enjoyment of your trips at all? I’m curious about it how the children handle it. I think it would be fascinating to hear your take! :-)

  31. Meg

    Their outfits are the cutest! I totally want that dragon one in an adult size.


    Wow! What a great experience for children! The costumes were a great idea. In the video we can see what wonderful time they had visiting the castle. Josh and you know how to involve your children in all the activities you do.
    Regards from Spain!

  33. Camille

    Love the castle pics!! Looks like a lot of fun for the kiddos. Enjoy Switzerland!

  34. Véronique

    I can believe, this is near my town. My kids love this Castel now i would like to go there whith the same costume

  35. Fwei

    Your kids are so lucky to have you guys for parents. You are awesome and such fun for the kids with the dress ups. Even little Conrad had so much fun ! Well done !

  36. suzanne morris

    Happy times and great memories!
    Having raised 5 children, I can tell you that our dress-up pretend play made some of our best memories.
    You’re doing a great job, Naomi & Josh!

  37. Meegan

    What lucky little munchkins! Looks like a total blast was had by all!

    P.s. Can you share where you’re blue boho dress is from? Xo

  38. What a stunning castle!
    And such a ferocious dragon!