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hellooooo! i have accidentally been away from my blog for the entire past week because we’ve had very weak internet while traveling. i finally have a bit of a signal tonight here in switzerland, so i wanted to pop in and share some stuff! i don’t even know where to begin, there is so much to say and i have 5 billion photos i want to post! i’ll start with these photos we snapped while back in new york last week at the airport waiting for our flight to milan. if you follow along on instagram, you might have seen the photo i posted after conrad got motion sick in the taxi cab to the airport (poor guy, he felt much better after!) and totally threw up all over me! i tried to wash and scrub most of it away with water at the airport, but don’t look too closely at my jumpsuit in these photos because it’s definitely still there, and of course he picked the best spot to puke! bless him. since i mostly brought dresses with me on this trip and i wanted something comfortable for our red eye flight that i could easily nurse in, i stayed in my jumpsuit anyway. (ps, i linked it and a few similar at the bottom of this post, for those who have asked about it.)

since we were flying international, we got to the airport with several hours to spare. so we just hung out at an empty gate for most of it and played and took some photos for fun. we also ate shake shack at the airport, although we didn’t know they had two shake shacks at our terminal and went to the one NOT across from our gate (we didn’t see it until after!), but waited at the one that felt 2 million miles away and had a line 10 times longer. naturally. ;) several not so hot french fries and one spilled strawberry milkshake later, we were all still crazy happy to be on our way to europe together, even after the hike around our terminal. i think it was nice exercise before being confined to a plane for several hours.

a few photos from the airport….


i changed conrad into the pj’s i had packed for him post puke. ;) can we all take a moment to admire that hair color though?! also, no matter how many times a day i comb his hair, the back ALWAYS looks like this within 30 seconds. he’s a wild one. i secretly love it.


watching airplanes take off and land and stealing kisses in-between!


my crazy tan baby to the left and my other one with the farmers tan to the right! it’s amazing how differently their skin responds to the sun, despite plenty of sunblock from mama.


london bridge, conrad’s personal favorite game to play right now.


so, do you guys remember the shark eleanor got samson for his birthday?! well, he really wanted to bring it. i initially told him he couldn’t, but i started to realize just how attached he is to that thing as he began pulling all of the toys he packed in his carry on out of his backpack at home to make room for “toothy” in his backpack! it was very sweet, and i feel like he should be able to bring his beloved stuffed animal no matter its size, so we went with it. toothy is very much loving the swiss alps right now. ;) and i very much love my little samson for loving that thing so much!


the sweetest little big helper you ever did meet! this eleanor impresses me more and more each day with the young lady she is becoming!

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i’ve shared a few photos on instagram and also some videos on my snapchat, but this trip has felt like the biggest dream so far and i still can’t believe it. we are definitely learning a lot this trip travel wise (we only brought two baby carriers and left the stroller behind) and i feel like i have so much i want to say about all of it, so i’ll share more of what we’ve learned, as well as more photos and our favorite itineraries we’ve done so far once we have a faster connection. so check back soon! or follow along on my instagram and snapchat (username is love.taza on there) in the meantime, if you’d like! also, THANK YOU to all who have shared some great recommendations for our trip. you all rock so much and i love you!

past posts on traveling with kiddos on an airplane here and here and traveling abroad with little ones here.

PS. my jersey jumpsuit (it’s on sale for $41 dollars!) and the tall version here. a few other comfy jersey jumpsuits below as well. i’m also wearing these black tennis shoes.

  1. Hannah

    You make traveling with littles look so fun and easy! PS – please share where Eleanor and Samson got those darling joggers!

    • TAZA

      they are from Albion Fit!

  2. Britney

    Love these pics! You rocked that jumpsuit, despite the mess ;) I especially love the photo of Samson with his shark. So cute!

  3. Your jumpsuit is cute! I love to travel! But, we recently expanded our family of two kids to now four with the twins. It’s hard to find hotels to accommodate all of us without having my husband and I in different rooms and splitting up the kids. Have you had that issue?

    • TAZA

      actually, we are running into that issue this trip for the first time and it’s crazy! we are currently in two separate rooms right now at our hotel as i type this. it’s weird, i’m used to adjoining rooms at least. i’ll share more about it when i get a minute to post more!

  4. Kelly

    You make me feel like I can keep the adventure alive when I see you rocking travel with kids! We just got home to Australia from the UK and it was an effort, and we did that with one cute little toddler. I’m going to get my cool mama panties on and we are going to travel some more. You make it look all kinds of classy xx

  5. conny

    Sexy mama!

  6. Ariel

    A jumpsuit on a plane? And here I thought using the airplane potties were challenging enough as it is. ;) You look really cute though! ^_^

    • TAZA

      i guess all those years as a dancer wearing a leotard for hours on end makes me not even think twice with the whole jumpsuit thing. haha! didn’t even realize!

  7. Even in an aeroport you make a great pictures.
    The Conrad’s’ tiny sneecker !!!! They are lovely.
    I follow you in IG and I realize i need holiday!!!! (only one day more ;) )

    Kisses from France

  8. Christa

    I’ve been following along on instagram and am so jealous!! I went to Switzerland when I was a kid but have been wanting to go back ever since! Your photos are gorgeous, I can’t wait to see the posts! Also love the airport pics and the jumpsuit :)

    xo christa |

  9. Pam

    Your jumpsuit, E and S’s matching pants, babies running crazy, I’m in love!♥
    Hope you had a wonderful stay! xo

  10. randi

    You are such an inspiration! No only do you guys make international travel with three little ones look like a breeze, but you find the time to update your blog on your trip too. Despite the taxi mess you look amazing. Love the jumpsuit. Your kids seem like they do such a great job carrying their own bags too. Something I aspire to! I have an almost two year old and another on the way. I dream of them being great travelers so we can have fun family adventures together too!!!

    Xo, Randi

  11. Samantha

    You guys are the best!! Love your adventures! I’m sure you’ve posted where the luggage and backpacks are from, but I cannot find them. This is so annoying, but could you list that brand again when you have time? Thank you! Safe travels and kudos for always embracing family plus travel! Win win xo

    • TAZA

      we love tom bihn!!! most all our luggage pieces are from there. we also have some large duffles (i think they are patagonia brand) that we use to check sometimes (our tom bihn bags are mostly carry ons, although they can be checked as well.)

  12. Erica

    Hi Taza! I am so excited to see the rest of your pictures! I love following your family’s adventures – how fortunate are your kiddos to get to have all of these cool experiences!

    What has been your favorite experience on this trip so far? :)

    xo E

  13. Bryony


    Thank you for sharing the info about Albion fit–what a fantastic company! I’m always looking for kids clothing that is made sustainably and within fair trade terms, and is locally or family owned.

    I cannot always find what I need for my 6-year-old boy via consignment, so anything new that fits my parameters for conscientious fashion takes the cake. Great to discover this cool company through you–and no surprise that you have these kinds of things up your sleeve as a mom with her finger on the pulse.

  14. Janine

    Sorry if this if this is silly, but how do you manage to use the bathroom in those teeny airplane bathrooms in a jumpsuit? Guess those dance moves of yours come in handy?

  15. Corina

    Hiiii Naomi and family :-)

    I’m a biiig fan of your blog and your whole lovely family!!!:-) How long you stay in Switzerland (especially Bern?). I live there and maybe you’ve seen it meanwhile but the “Gurten” is amazing also for kids. Enjoy your stay there, I would love to meet you.:-) (Sorry for my english!!:-))

  16. seriously, you have the cutest little family! I can’t wait to see photos from your trip – I’ve seen a couple on instagram so far and it looks amazing! Enjoy!

    xo April | April Everyday

  17. Looking fab! What a great idea to wear this for travelling – thanks for sharing :) Jess xx

  18. margaux

    so fun! so brave! i have 2 littles, and i have yet to brave intl travel with them. a 2.5 hour car ride is, um, enough for me for now. ( :

    where in NYC do you get your lash extensions done? i’ve seen a lot of people ask in your comments section, but i’ve never seen an answer from you. i just got mine done at shewinks in NYC, and i love them, but yours always look great, so i am curious! please provide this public service to all of your readers! ( :

    • TAZA

      hi! i get mine filled at bling lash. i try to answer as often as i can, but sometimes it’s impossible to reply to every question. let me know if you try them out! hope it’s a good experience if so.

  19. Wow! I never thought a jumper that cute could be oh so comfy for an airport! Trying this next time :)

  20. Brigitte

    Hi Naomi! I’ve been to Switzerland twice and am going back this winter. Isn’t Interlaken just breathtaking?? The whole country is pristine and breathtaking. Love your snapchats of it!

  21. All that waiting time with kids can be SO hard but yes, I definitely agree that sometimes the best thing is to just go with the flow and let the kids run around cause they’re kids and that’s what kids do. :)

  22. i love seeing traveling families! you are a great inspiration and a reminder that kids get used to whatever we throw at them, so it might as well be the spirit of adventure. I have two young kids, asha is 3 an arjun is 1 and we’ve traveled together near and far. We are headed to spain next month and can hardly wait!
    I did laugh when I noticed that there is no escaping the stains on mama’s clothes when being around littles! gone are my days of wearing something twice! but of course i wouldn’t have it any other way.
    hope you enjoy the rest of your travels! come home safely!

  23. Mallory

    I have a 2 hour flight with my almost-2-year-old, and I am so scared! The last time we flew he was 12 months old, and he screamed the entire flight, both ways. Needless to say I am a bit traumatized. I have no idea how we are going to get him to stay in his seat the whole time. We have an iPad and a game console, but he is just so active! Thank you for posting about all of your trips you take with your family, it gives me great encouragement with how possible you make travelling seem!

  24. Lisa

    Poor you that you were is such a hurry for the flight, that you couldn’t change into clean clothes for the long flight! And I love your daughters backpack, wish I could still wear it ;)

  25. So much fun! I know how hard is to travel with kids, but you looks like having fun all the time. Good for you!

  26. I love the picture of Samson hugging Toothy, and the one of him and E chasing each other. Your pictures on Instagram are amazing, those mountain views!! I’d love to travel to a lot of the places you’ve been, with my husband, including Utah.

  27. Natalie

    Have you tried the baby zen yoyo stroller? We used that when we took our kids to Europe and it was so amazing because it was so light and folded so small, that we could carry it around like a shoulder bag all day. Also, it fit so easily into the overhead compartment on planes and trains. Definitely a game changer for us. Have a great trip!

    • TAZA

      what?! thanks for the info, i’ll have to check it out! i felt like we didn’t need it this trip because we were renting a car and driving to each destination over taking public transportation like we usually do (trains, etc) and the baby carriers often work great for hiking and things, but i realized the stroller usually saves me at the airport, if that alone, it’s useful. i’ll look into your suggestion! thanks natalie!

  28. Glenny

    that photo of samson and toothy is adorable!

  29. Katka

    Naomi welcome at my side of Atlantic! I hope you are enjoying Europe! I admire you guys for traveling with three little kids. I don’t have children of my own yet but I constantly hear how impossible it is to travel with little ones. But I’m happy to see that it is possible because I love visiting new places and plan to do so also with kids.

  30. Love the jumpsuit! omg Samson pulling Toothy out of his backpack; it looks like the backpack probably couldn’t fit much of anything else, but it’s good that he’s got his essentials with him :D Haha when we were little, my siblings and I had so much fun playing with those retractable stanchions! (I had to Google what those things were called just now hah). All my parents had to do at the airport/on the plane to keep us from getting too rowdy was pack snacks for us, and we behaved really well when there were personal TVs …although they probably wouldn’t consider staying up the whole flight watching movies instead of sleeping “good behaviour” :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  31. Emma

    Nice tips, moreover do you use something to edit your pictures ? Thanks

  32. Chi

    You make everything seem so sweet. I just want to cry from all the happiness I feel when I look at all these lovely family pictures.

  33. You make it look so effortless but I bet it wasn’t :) I love your jumpsuit – I’ve got my eye on a black one from ASOS for our next flight! Vxx

  34. wendy

    You guys are an inspiration – traveling with three littles ☺ another option for the airport is the ride on carry on (if you only need it in the airport).
    Also, how do you manage not to get lipstick all over your babies?