the fourth of july!

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fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-6you can never go wrong with some red white and blue color coordinating, lots of sparklers and some good old patriotic hymns. the fourth is a good one to celebrate. happiest birthday to you, america. we love celebrating you!

some photos from our day yesterday, which we spent here in the city. we made some festive treats at home in the morning and stopped by the new york historical society on the upper west side where they were doing a reenactment with alexander hamilton, soldiers from the revolutionary war, and others and a fun children’s exhibit on american history and new york.

we met up with friends in central park for a picnic later in the day (which we showed up 2 hours late to! i really don’t know how anyone gets anywhere on time with kids and life and everything else. i just don’t know if i’ll ever get to be that punctual person and part of me is so disappointed in the other part of me.) we’ll have to youtube the epic new york fireworks show that happened later on in the evening another day because we like to stick to bedtime routines. come to think of it, THAT is something we are punctual with! because it doesn’t matter if we do bedtime at six thirty or nine thirty, it’s like clock work every morning with those three blessed alarm clocks and waking up for me is still very very hard to do.

a few photos from our day…

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-46fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-45

before we left the house, i texted my sister who we were meeting up with “fyi, we are getting festive in our red white and blue so don’t make fun.” she texted me back that she and her husband were dressing festive as well (i knew there was a reason we were related!) so it all worked out.

eleanor is very into dressing herself these days and i try my best to just let her do her thing. so when i pulled out a red dress of hers and asked if she wanted to wear it, i wasn’t sure what she’d say. i knew there was a chance this family color coordinating thing might stop this year. and i was right, she didn’t feel like wearing the dress. but she still wanted to coordinate! she wanted to wear her blue and white skirt, but i didn’t have a red or white top for her. it was so adorable though, because as we looked through her drawer together she said, “how about one of your tops?” and so i figured it was worth a try! we grabbed one and i told her as i slipped it over her head that it might be too big, to which she quickly replied, “hmmm. how about a safety pin?!” i freaking love her! so yes, eleanor is wearing my shirt and there is also a little safety pin action going on. thankful we were able to squeeze one more year out of color coordinating before our kids realize this is totally lame and don’t wanna be a part of it anymore! ;)

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-36

we tried to make a cream cheese brownie cake and decorate it like an american flag. it really didn’t work out, but we had fun making it!

4th of july LOVE TAZA 2016fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-34 fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-2

selfies with the big camera are hard, but i still like this one of us. :)

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-4

18 months and the tiniest strip of freckles across his face. oh, conrad. you are so my child. happy summer, baby!

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-13fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-44

at the new york historical society!

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-43

adding his own flag to the mix!

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-42fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-41

the kids made tricorne hats! eleanor kept hers on pretty much all day.

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-40fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-39

my entire family enlisted in the army reenactment and learned how to hold a wooden rifle!

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-37it was so cute that conrad wanted to be included and paid such good attention and did everything the man said.
fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-5fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-14fourth of july LOVE TAZA 20161

i stole this photo from my friend amanda because i didn’t get a shot of the picnic set up!

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-32fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-27fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-29

hey hannah, thanks for being such a great aunty to my kids! like seriously. i love this photo so much and it says everything. she’s like, STILL SMILING despite being tackled by my child who wants her water bottle. ;)

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-8fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-11fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-20

these kids with their friends all in red white and blue! it’s just the best.

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-25fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-24fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-7fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-18fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-17

i love samson.

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-15fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-16

it should be noted that eleanor put those flag stickers in those exact places all on her own.

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-28

rosy cheeked and wide eyed right after he woke up from a little stroller nap. i love those sweet cheeks so much.

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-9

sparklers with the sun still out are hard to photograph, but we still lit a bunch so the kids could try them out!

fourth of july LOVE TAZA 2016-10all in all, it was a great day. happy birthday to our great country, we feel proud to call this place home.

WEARING: ace & jig dress, salt water sandals, red fedora, and kat von d lipstick in underage red.

  1. Happy 4th July!!!

    It’s so sweet that you and Eleanor start to share clothes!!! ohhh!!

    Kisses from France

  2. Maggie

    Happy holiday to You all. I was always full of respect to how you celebrate the 4th of July. I love the way You spend this day, Parties, parades, bbq, meeting with friends it’s so so cool.

  3. I LOVE all the colour coordination in this post! Wish we in England celebrated a day all for our country! We would have all the same colours as you! xxx

  4. Rachel

    OMG Conrad looks so much like Eleanor in that freckle photo!!

    Also your hat and lipstick are amazing!!


  5. MayShad

    Love the color coordination! With two girls I understand how difficult it can be to get kiddos to match ;)

  6. I loved watching your snaps! Your family is adorable! Happy 4th!

  7. kate

    I love Eleanor’s outfit! Pattern mixing at its finest. She is going to be one stylish girl (just like her mama!)

    Happy 4th, from a Canadian!

  8. Madeline

    What is color nail polish you are wearing? I love it!

  9. Megan

    These pictures are the cutest! I cannot get over E’s little outfit and looks like such an amazing 4th!


  10. Teresa

    We also lit sparklers while the sun was out because a punctual bedtime is a must! I love your dress and your kiddos faces in these pictures. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time!

  11. Katelyn

    so sweet!

  12. Pam

    Everyone looks so gorgeous! Especially loving E’s little skirt♥ Hope you had ana mazgin day!

  13. Sammy

    Happy B-day America!

  14. Leslie Aleman

    You’re such a total babe! I’ve been following for years now and would love to see if you ever upload a beauty video about what you do on simple days or dress up days! You’re family is beautiful! You inspire me in different ways and so thank you for that! Love from California ❤️

  15. McCall L.

    My 4 year old boy wore flag glasses all day too. S’cute! My kids can wear what they want EXCEPT on July 4th. That is Mama’s day to dress them accordingly….FOREVER! :)

  16. Karen

    What fun photos! I love everyone’s spirited outfits! If you don’t mind me asking and can remember, what were your camera settings on those sparkler photos, or any general tips you may have? I tried so hard to get a cute one of my boyfriend and his nephew but I was mostly clueless…

    Best, Karen
    Life in its Natural State

  17. Marcia

    My little guy is only three months old (and I’m not rushing him to grow up anytime, ever!), but these sweet photos make me excited for that day. Thanks for sharing your family’s fun — it really brightens my day :)

  18. Jenn

    Love all the photos. Don’t give up on coordinated dressing!! I have to be more selective about when I request it but the 4th of July is always rwb and my oldest is 17 and youngest is 5. We all love it on special occasions.

  19. Frances

    Eleanor’s outfit might possibly be the cutest girl’s outfit I’ve ever seen! Nice teamwork with the whole safety pin idea!