that good ol’ granite slide in central park (and a video!)


we made a little video last week from an afternoon in central park! in good ol’ davis family fashion, we also brought along our regular camera too, so there are a bunch of photos as well. i put the video at the bottom of the this post, but you can also see it on my youtube channel.

central park is so glorious in the summer with all the greenery, popsicle stands, and street performers playing their saxophones and instruments. it’s often crowded in the summer months, but i always feel like it’s an extra friendly place during this time as well, because people are just happy to be out (and it’s not february). there are so many places to go and things to see in central park, and i think it’s our saving grace with city living since it’s just a few blocks from our apartment and we don’t have our own backyard.  (we made a video two summers ago when i was pregnant with conrad all about what to do in central park, if you’d like to check it out).

i don’t know how it’s the end of july already, but as usual with most everything in life, summer is flying by! conrad is already 19 months and starting to say such hilarious things like “JOOOOSSSFFHFHFHFH!” whenever he is trying to get papa’s attention! eleanor and samson hosted a little crepe party for their friends last week and we had seven little friends over, which was so much fun. eleanor’s favorite thing to do is host her friends over for crepes, although as of yesterday, she has been discussing quite seriously a christmas party and keeps asking how many days until she can host it. i’d say next month, but i know how strongly papa feels about waiting until around thanksgiving to get into that territory. ;) all i know is eleanor might have a future in party planning, so i’m trying to just go with it and help her plan even though it’s still july.

i feel like i could go on and on with more updates about life and the kids, but i’m going to end here because i have got to get to bed! no one seems to be sleeping very well here lately (HOW are we regressing on our sleep here?!) and it’s taking a toll on me. all i know is i am a much nicer wife and mother when i get my sleep. and i am not so much that way when i don’t.

have a great week, everyone!!! here are some photos (and a video) from the park last week…


amid the chaos of kids running wild and yelling to hear their echos at the bandshell, josh snapped this photo of me and i seriously love it. i look super chill even though i am not chill. i want to be more chill. how do i become more chill when i’m a mom and my kids are kind of wild?! can someone help me out with that?


i tried out a new lipstick and lip color this week (its this one, the color is fiery) which i found when emily wore it in california in may. i couldn’t stop staring at her lips and i finally got around to trying it. (the verdict: it’s a good one. impressed with how well the color lasted without reapplying for several hours.)


lately, my kids pretend their scooters are skateboards and are super into standing on them sideways while they scoot and trying to “jump” as they ride. at first, i thought they were practicing their snowboarding moves and i was like, “that’s cute”, but then samson asked me for a skateboard the other day and my heart dropped. nothing against skateboarding, it just terrifies me! (honestly snowboarding terrifies me, too.) i just want my kids’ feet to stay planted on the ground for basically all their lives. and samson seriously is so adventurous with anything active, i know i’m in for it. we watched this guy in the park for a while and my kids were in such awe and now i’m not sure samson is going to forget about the skateboard anytime soon. help me!


i don’t even know what we’re all doing in this photo but conrad’s face (is he winking?!) was too much for me to not include it!


i just hope he always gravitates toward music the way he does right now. he lives for it, and moves to it, and it just makes me happy. music is everything. i’m so glad he’s able to see and hear so much of it in the city.


ruffles on sleeves, on everything, please!  (ps, i’m wearing this ruffled blouse.)


he’s really into this right now and i have no idea where he gets it from!


i shared this photo on instagram already, but had to include it here too! THIS FACE! he does the side eye emoji like no other. haha!


pointing to a black squirrel!!!


and then running towards the black squirrel! (which is basically a rat with a different tail, am i right?! NOOOOO!)


this is one of my favorite buildings on the upper west side. how beautiful is that place?! josh and i always joke that it’s our favorite building, but we’d never want to live IN it, we’d want to live across from it, so it could be our view. ;)


samson has been talking nonstop about hot dogs lately and how much he wants to go and get one with papa. he talked about it the entire time we were in central park, so we stopped by gray’s papaya on the way home so he could share one with papa. we have come to learn that he actually dislikes hot dogs and only likes eating the bun with a little bit of ketchup. it’s kind of hilarious how he still asks to go get hot dogs frequently even though he does not eat the hot dog part (josh eats it for him). oh, samson! he’s working on it!


i love this photo josh took of eleanor when she was playing on the bridge in the park. how sweet.


we love you so much, granite slide!

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and these three kiddos, gosh do i love them!


HIGH FIVES to eleanor as she goes down the slide!!!

PS. my ruffled blouse and jean skirt (similar). my sunglasses, pink backpack (on sale!), shoes (they are $36 you guys!), hat (similar) and lipstick (color “fiery”).

have a great week, you guys!

  1. I can’t help you to be more chill because I have the same problem, Only two children but the same!!! ;)

    Kisses from France

  2. Imogen

    Gorgeous as ever, Naomi!

  3. Maggie

    Eleonor is now such a big girl. When she is going to school?

  4. Teresa

    It looks like you guys had a blast! I totally agree with you with wishing I was more chill. I have three kids and as much as I try to be that “chill” mom, sometime during the day I lose my cool and my forehead vein starts popping out lol. The video looks incredible and that Conrad is a little ham!!! xoxox

  5. Tracy

    So cute!

    As for hot dogs my mom would cut a line down the middle of the hot dog and then place ketchup on top. Apparently after that I was more into eating the hot dog and the bun.

  6. Megan

    This post is just too good and my goodness how cute are all of those little New Balances?!


  7. Paula

    Great pics, naomi. You dont need to accept this comment, but I think it’s not the best idea to make your kid love hot dogs, if you really mean to be interested on a healthier diet, just think about it, I’m quite sure you’ve heard about WHO announcement on processed meats. Hope you’re interested :) I do not mean to sound bitchy at all, the internet makes it confusing. anyway, your kids are adorable. here, if you want to take a look:

    • TAZA

      hi paula, no i totally don’t think you sound rude! i get it! and i DON’T want to make him like eating hot dogs, he just asks for them all day long which is funny/confusing because he really doesn’t like them, and we very rarely ever eat them. so it’s funny he’s always asking for them. thanks for the link!

  8. So sad those shoes don’t ship to the U.S., for some reason! They are so cute.

    Lovely photos as always. xo!

  9. justine

    one of THOSE questions – which blush or bronzer are you wearing? Thanks!

    • TAZA

      it’s Nars! the color is Madly.

  10. Maggie

    Do you mind sharing where Conrad’s jeans are from? They are just what I’ve been searching for! Thanks :)

    • TAZA

      they are from Zara (a few years old though, used to be samson’s!). i really love their boy skinny jeans because they are stretchy so they can still move in them.

  11. This is amazing! Looks like you all had so much fun, and I can’t wait to try that slide when we go to NY this fall. Thanks for sharing this!

    Nicole |

  12. Amy

    Samson’s love your mother shirt! Awesome!! Link?

    • TAZA

      it’s from gap kids! bought it early this summer though, so not sure it’s still in stock.

  13. Alison

    Your comment about being chill made me laugh – I too am the least chill person. I’m learning to accept it! Love all these photos – your kids make the most adorable faces.

  14. Kit

    Tell Samson you’ll think about the skateboard once he learns to bike without training wheels…

  15. Rylee

    Found an apt this weekend! Cannot wait to run into you guys!! so excited to join the NYC fam and spend my weekends exploring.


  16. Beatriz Borrás

    I completely agree about squirrels! They are just hairy rats! Seriously though. ?

    Great video!

  17. Candice

    Naomi – you always look like the most chill mama! I am constantly trying to get myself to chill out with my 4 littles 4 and under…and I always think – if Naomi can be chill you can too lol.

  18. Candice

    Siden note – I know you have answered this before, but what program do you use to make your videos?

    • TAZA

      hi candice! we use final cut pro.

  19. Love your hat and that lip colour on you! Haha Conrad with that sideeye; and I loved seeing him rocking out to the music in the vlog! Also loving that photo of Eleanor soaking up the sun. Has she visited the It’s Always Christmas in New York store? I was in NYC last weekend and walked by it but didn’t go in to check it out myself. Also has your family visited the Great Wall of China? If you liked the granite slide, I feel like you’d love the Mutianyu toboggan slide! My brothers and I always had so much fun with that :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • TAZA

      i didn’t even know about that store! thanks for sharing, we’ll have to look into it.

  20. Lauren

    I see you’re going through some sleep deprivation too! Any tips on helping babies/kids sleep through the night? How do your three share a room and not get up and play all night!? We are debating how to keep our l/o asleep in her own room. She’s only 7 months but will only sleep when her crib is in our bedroom ? I don’t hate it but it wakes me up when I hear the slightest movement from her. I know it’s a lot but if you have any advice please share!!

  21. Tate

    Hey Naomi, love this post, NY in the summer just looks amazing! Just wondering, what is the camera that Conrad is holding in that photo?? xxx

    • TAZA

      it’s a sony camera! we use it for most of our videoing since it’s so tiny and light and easy to carry/whip out!

  22. Maca

    I’m in love with your shoes! ASOS FTW :)


  23. Angela

    Hi hot mama! Any hint on where is e’s sports leggings from?

  24. Kelly

    I love Central Park in the Summer and your little family is the cutest, I really hope I run into you all one day soon!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  25. Monica

    Do you ever just say screw it….I’m going to just wear shorts and a tshirt?

  26. Such a fun family day! I can only imagine raising kids without a backyard, girl you are probably more chill than you think ;)
    If you guys don’t have Water in the Park, the children’s book, I totally recommend it! I think your kids would love it, and it always makes me think of Central Park when I read it :)

  27. Lee

    Can I ask what equipment you use to film your family? I would like to start capturing more moments on video. Thanks!

  28. Gemma

    In Aus we have something called Christmas in July, where people hold festive roast dinners and dress up in silly jumpers – it’s far too hot to enjoy all those northern hemisphere traditions in December. Maybe E is getting in on the trend ;)

  29. Annitsa

    I love your style and think you have the most beautiful family! How the heck did you get ASOS to ship those shoes to the USA?? I’ve been trying for weeks, and no go. Sad face.

    • TAZA

      oh really? i don’t know, they must have shipped to the US before. i ordered them in May though, so a few months ago!

  30. Ciao Naomi!
    Con tre bambini dove trovi il tempo per aggiornare il blog, lavorare i video e le foto?

  31. what a fun summer afternoon in the park!! i love your little video! do you use the same camera you take your pictures with or do you have a dedicated filming camera? Thank you so much!!

    oh, she’s lovely

  32. Cute Naomi! I email you a while back about sending you a gift :) I don’t know if you got a chance to look at it, but i’d still love to do that for you! xoxo

  33. They are so sweet and happy! Noticed your lipstick, thanks for sharing!

  34. Hanna

    Hey! Don’t worry too much about the skateboarding thing. It’s just like anything else, just get some wrist/elbow/knee pads and Samson could totally do his thing. If you’ve ever seen House In Habit’s blog, her boys are on skateboards all the time and it’s no more dangerous than biking, really. Especially with all the pads on!

  35. Emma

    Hello, I am still thinking that all your pictures are powerful . Do you have any tips to edit them or do you use any website ?

    Thanks, Emma

  36. Kate

    Hi, what camera do you use to take your pictures?

  37. Such wonderful photos <3

  38. Steffi

    Thank you so much, for that great lipstick tip. It’s the only one which ‘stay all day’. That’s pretty awesome. Cheers, Steffi

  39. Whitney

    ahhhh, to visit that place in the Fall would be a dream for me. But then I’d need to stay til winter to experience Christmas in NY. And then I’d need to stay til Summer to enjoy the green. HA