robots and code-a-pillars!

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lately, the kiddos (eh hem, i’m looking at you, mister samson!) are really into robots. and while josh and i are pretty selective when it comes to the kind of toys we bring into our home, we are just as excited about this robot phase, because we’re finding that it’s such a great way to bond interactive play with technology in a way that challenges problem solving and critical thinking skills.

fisher-price recently asked us to try out their new think & learn code-a-pillar, which is a new robot toy for little ones ages 3-6, and one that eleanor and samson (and conrad when the kids are nice and let him play with it) cannot get enough of right now!  we were so proud of them for figuring out how to get their toy to do different things. by using a little trial and error and having a little perseverance, they made the code a pillar go straight, turn, light up, and make sounds. we really saw their wheels turning as they had to get the code-a-pillar to arrive at its “target discs” or when they even programmed it to get around an obstacle or follow an exact path (we made one out of construction paper and tape.)

we’ve partnered with fisher-price to share a little video from the first morning we played with our new code-a-pillar below, and also some photos!
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both eleanor and samson loved getting down on the floor and sliding around with the code-a-pillar! it was so funny how they both naturally just kept doing that!
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our kids also like to whisper and pet the robot! they even named him, “catta-pillary”. haha! i do appreciate their loving and nurturing side as their mother. ;)
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when they programmed their new robot toy all on their own to follow the path they made out of construction paper! it was so crazy amazing as their mama to stand back and watch them figure out just how to do it, all on their own. the best part was when the code-a-pillar followed their instructions and did just that! their faces were so so proud! it was amazing.

i love finding learning toys like this that get my kids excited and thinking! having these sorts of tools to encourage problem solving and critical thinking skills are really so important for these little ones and we loved how this smart toy helped them get on the floor and use their imaginations while challenging them in many ways.

thank you, fisher-price, for the new code-a-pillar toy, and for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Teresa

    This looks like such a fun toy and super educational. I love seeing mamas finding great toys for their littles. Thanks for sharing! xoxox

  2. Julie Hyde

    How fun! Where is your cute shirt from?

  3. Paige

    This is such a fun toy! We have some birthdays coming up next month in our house, and I’m dying to get this for our kiddos!


  4. Korin

    I love love love this! My husband is an engineer and I think he would really love this as a gift for our nephew, who’s turning three. Do you think it’s easy enough for a 3-year-old to understand, or is it more for the upper end of that 3-6 age range?

  5. Trista

    Hi, Naomi! What sorts of toys do you screen from coming into your home? I’m very curious.

  6. Frances

    that’s such an awesome toy for kids to learn with and play with!

  7. super!I was looking for a present for my child, and I think you help me to find it!!!

    Kisses from France

  8. joi

    Your little family is too adorable!
    My little girl would love these robots, thanks for sharing!

  9. Maddie

    I have recently started following your blog and instagram and love everything you post! You and your family are so adorable. Your style is such inspiration for mine, especailly your hair!! Lately I’ve been getting bang fever and I just feel bored of my hair, so I want to change it up. I absolutely love the length and cut of your bangs! I was just wondering if you have fine or thick hair? I have fine hair and I am wanting my bangs to look thick like yours. Any tips with wind and how to maintain them would be much appreciated!!!

  10. Amy

    I am very picky about what toys i bring into my home as well. Although I noticed most of the “useless” toys we accumulate are at Christmas or birthdays. Do you have any advice on how to handle that? Especially with birthday parties it can be hard to control what they get! Thanks!

  11. I love your shirt; where is it from?!?

  12. Hudson

    It is great for little ones to enjoy robots and a toy like this. As they get older, they might like Lego robotics.

  13. Emily

    Where is the darling shirt from?!