our budding photographers! (instax edition)

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LOVE TAZA instax pictures-5

i’ve shared photos on the blog before of eleanor and samson’s work with the camera (HERE and HERE)! since photography is such a big love of both josh’s and mine, it’s been fun to see the kids take interest in it as well as they grow. in the past, we’ve done disposable film cameras for them, but we bought each of them their own instax mini camera last month so they can experience (and hopefully) grow to love that sort of old school film vibe that definitely solidified my relationship with photography several years ago when i took my little polaroid camera (RIP) everywhere with me.

the disposable cameras were great for the kids, but it was getting expensive to develop the film at the local camera shop when we were also trying to teach them about composition and lighting, which doesn’t really work with little kids and a photo you have to wait a few days to get back. the instax mini has been nice for this reason because it’s instantaneous (the photo pops out of the top and develops within 30 seconds) and it also only has three or four options they can choose from for lighting sake. it’s a great first real camera. and a fun one to teach them on, too! this post is not sponsored by instax or anything, i just really think the camera is a good one in case anyone wants to try it out with their own kids too. josh and i are often looking for ways to help the kids have fun and be creative and be independent all at the same time, so this has been really good for that.

last week while in bermuda, i found samson taking photos of the ground in our hotel room. i didn’t want to crush his artistic decisions (although i’ll admit i was getting frustrated he was using his film taking pictures of the carpet), so i tried to ask him if he wanted to take a photo of something else instead. “but MOM!” he replied, very animated with his hands, “i love this carpet so much and i want to remember it FOREVER!” couldn’t argue with that! although we do need to discuss the importance of not just snapping everything in sight and waiting for the right moment to click. next lesson! ;)

LOVE TAZA instax picturesLOVE TAZA instax pictures1-3

that photo of eleanor walking down the steps towards the beach, that samson took, has to be my all time favorite instax photo of his!

LOVE TAZA instax pictures1-2

because they take so many, we laid all the pictures out on their nursery floor last week and had them sort through them and choose which ones they wanted to hold onto and which ones they were okay with letting go. this sort of editing part is never easy for me (i want to keep every photo! and share every single one, too!) so i feel like it’s good to start early on learning about editing! now we need to do this with my closet next!

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eleanor’s two favorite photos, one of her sea turtle stuffed animal and one of the beware sign with a bucket of portuguese man-o-war! can’t even begin to tell you how much i love these photos as well. one of the best parts is knowing that they are deciding what to take a picture of and choosing which ones they like all on their own. we really try to respect that process for them and not interfere.

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you might be able to see in that instax photo of conrad above that we also bought conrad a little toy camera so he wouldn’t feel left out when his older brother and sister got new cameras.  i didn’t realize when i was getting it, that is has a lot of music and sound effects when you push the buttons! that toy camera has been driving all of us nuts! on the cab ride back from the airport last week, something was hitting it in the bag so it kept going off all on it’s own and we couldn’t grab it to shut it off since it was in the back luggage! needless to say, i might have hid that toy camera this week.

LOVE TAZA instax pictures1LOVE TAZA instax pictures2LOVE TAZA instax pictures2-2LOVE TAZA instax pictures1-6LOVE TAZA instax pictures-2LOVE TAZA instax pictures1-7

this is samson’s first selfie with his instax! haha!

LOVE TAZA instax pictures-3LOVE TAZA instax pictures-4LOVE TAZA instax pictures-6LOVE TAZA instax pictures-8 LOVE TAZA instax pictures-7 we’re going to put them into a book this week! i’m excited to see how their skills develop over the summer. before you know it, i’m sure they’ll be ready for legit film cameras! or digital? so proud of them.

ps. we bought their instax mini cameras and camera straps on amazon. see other photos they have taken over the last few years with their disposable cameras HERE and HERE, and some photos samson took at the san diego zoo a few months ago HERE.

  1. I have an Instax camera as well but I don’t look nearly as adorable using it!
    I love how they are arranging and looking at the photos, like homemade playing cards or something. What a treasure it will be to have these in the future!


  2. The rug omg haha. This is so adorable! They’ve taken so many photos :D I have an Instax Mini 90, and I have fun experimenting with the different settings and double-exposure. My dad gave me one of his digital cameras a few years ago, and that has led into my blog :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. I love that they are taking after their momma and daddy! That is so sweet.

  4. Tamara

    I have been thinking about getting my daughter one of these for Christmas. She loves to take pictures and always asks to use my camera. I am always so nervous to let her hold it though! I wanted to get her something that would be good for her hands, feel like it was HERS and have fun with. The biggest drawback I’ve seen is that you can’t load the pictures onto a computer from the camera and I am worried about wasting the film. How quickly do you feel like Eleanor and Samson go through a pack of film?

  5. Meg J

    This is such a great idea! I’m on the hunt for ideas for my soon to be 4 year old and she would LOVE one of these!!!

  6. Julie

    Hi Taza! Being so passionate about photography as well I was so chuffed that my 2 eldest have asked at some point to have as a birthday or Christmas present to have a camera. I was so sweet earlier this year when I asked my daughter #1 before her 5th birthday what she would like to have and she replied without a doubt a camera! They get annoyed when I take too many pictures of them but at the same time they love it. My daughter #1 often come when I breastfeed my daughter #2 before bedtime and ask to have a look with me at my Instagram feed and she loves giving the ‘likes’. However, I love the instax in your post as it gives a chance for the kids to see straight away what they have captured so I will be looking into it. Thanks for sharing your experience once again! Your pics are diving as usual, such spontaneous shots of a wonderful little family! Love from London, Julie xx


  7. Kristen

    What a WONDERFUL idea. Thanks for sharing. I just logged on to Amazon and purchased one for myself…I mean my 4 year old! (We’ll share!)

  8. My father was a sports photographer before I was born and then has been at B&H Photo ( 34th & 9th ave) since.

    The kids would love that store and the conveyor belt throughout.

    I loved getting my first camera at 6. Still love taking photos today!

  9. Kerry

    Oh, my nephews would love those but know that they would go through a pack of film in a hot minute!! So sweet!

  10. Hey Naomi,
    Thanks for sharing your littles and their camera adventures. So sweet! I used to have an intax and I was feeling super giving one year and gave it to a friend and I do admit I miss it!

    I was just wondering what lens your using nowadays. I have a 50mm for my Canon 5Dmkii but I feel like it’s just not wide enough for my pictures (especially in my cramped indoor spaces). I know you have some tight living spaces so I was hoping maybe you’d share what you’re using (unless it still is the 50mm in your FAQ, if so, wow!). As always thanks for sharing and taking amazing pictures!

  11. Hi! This post is so cute! I have a two year old daughter, and she’s already involved in my photo’s, so it’s time to get her behind the camera too! I was curious, though, about Eleanor’s PJ”s? They are adorable and would love to know where to pick up some for my little girl. Thanks!


  12. Molly

    Such a great idea! Where do you get all the film? It can be so expensive!

  13. Kaitlin

    How fun!! In college I participated in a program called Literacy Through Photography that is based on using photography as a tool for kids to strengthen their writing and self-expression. I think you might love it!! This book by the founder is a great resource https://www.amazon.com/Wanna-Take-Me-Picture-Photography/dp/0807031410, More info on the program here: documentarystudies.duke.edu/projects/past-projects/literacy-through-photography. As always, thanks for sharing!

  14. Katie

    These are great. We bought our 3 year old a cheap point and shoot digital circa 2003. Eats batteries, but other than that, it’s great practice for her too. Love that we share the help for budding little photogs to learn!

  15. claire

    I know what toy camera you’re talking about! Ours goes off in the car ALL THE TIME!

  16. This is the cutest! I love that you give them their own cameras to take photos with. I grew up with my parents ALWAYS taking photos when we went away anywhere, so it was kind of in my genes haha. I got my first proper (point and shoot) camera when I was 16 on a trip to Australia and loved it so much and developed from there.
    They’ll be pros in no time!
    xo April | April Everyday

  17. It’s a vert good start!!! These little photographs!!! So cutes
    Kisses from France

  18. amy

    you mentioned that developing film was expensive but this film is expensive too, i pay 15 bucks for only 20 photos! do you find a deal somewhere?

  19. Laura

    How durable are these cameras? I’m thinking about buying a camera for my 3.5 year old to take on vacation but I worry about him dropping it. Any experience with that?

  20. Caroline

    Oh, I just love this post!!! I’m not a mom, but I feel a sudden urge to buy a lot of little cousins instax cameras… :)

  21. Thivia

    Is there a disposable camera you really like and recommend? Ideally, it would be easy to use… :) THANKS!

  22. Jenny

    Love to know where Eleanor’s pj”s are from!

  23. McKinlay

    LOVE!!! I honestly want one of these haha!! They’re darling. I have a “real” camera but would love to get a camera that produces retro feeling pictures. I’m loving the raspberry color instax…

  24. Melissa

    This is so sweet! I can’t wait to do this. They definitely have a future in photography. If you haven’t heard of him before you should check out Hawkeye huey. He’s a 4 year old photographer that takes amazing photo and even released a book. His dad’s a nat geo photographer!


  25. Shana

    We love our Instax mini and it’s great when you are traveling to foreign countries and ask people if you can take their photo. Then you can give them a photo of themselves to keep as well! Someone commented on the film price – there are options online to buy in bulk and the cheapest we’ve found is ~$.70/photo. Sometimes amazon and groupon run deals to get it a bit cheaper than that!

  26. Savannah

    If you’re still searching for books for all these photos, I have a suggestion!
    At Muji they sell AMAZING photo books- the old fashioned kind with the sticky cellophane you peel up and then place your photos down
    underneath. They’re simple and pretty too! A brown paper wrapping look that looks great all stacked up.
    After a couple months I had sooo many little Polaroids from my instax mini and this was the perfect solution… you can fit about 4 on a page and you have the ability to move them around whenever you want!

    Love your little family! I remember reading your blog when you two were still newlyweds :) enjoy the rest of your summer!!