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hi everyone! this week flew by and i honestly don’t even know how it’s the middle of july already, too! we have been working hard on a lot of fun stuff over here, and josh and i have been getting pretty much no sleep in the process, but that’s okay because it’s summer and it’s nice out (albeit humid and sticky and sometimes kind of smelly, too) but we always love new york in the summer so i can’t complain.

i wanted to share some photos from the past few weeks. so many in this batch feel so special to me. it’s been a crazy whirlwind of a couple of weeks, but i wouldn’t have it any other way. :)


from our mommy-daughter date to alice’s tea cup for tea and breakfast a few days ago! it was crazy because we’ve been to alice’s together now on little dates a few times, but this last time, i told eleanor as i sat across from her how i used to come to alice’s with girlfriends early in the morning before classes started when i was in college here in the city. and then how her papa took me here on the day he asked me to marry him, because it was my favorite spot and he knew it. and i told her how crazy it felt to be sitting across from my little girl, as she stirred her tea with her little pinky up and and then sipped it so properly. it just felt surreal for a moment there, and i felt incredibly grateful for the memories created in that spot and for these new ones i get to create with my little family right now.

ps, for those who have asked on instagram, i’m wearing this blue dress and eleanor’s melting popsicle sandals are available here (on sale!) and here. her little skirt is from target.


this game of jumping off the bunk bed is totally scary sometimes, and probably a little bit dangerous, but they love it, and i’ve always caught them! (ps. my cream ruffle t-shirt is from here. black jeans from zara.)


jammin’ in our pjs before bedtime. (and i’ve been getting a lot of questions about my lashes lately…they are lash extensions! i’ve been wearing them on and off (mostly on) for the past several years and i believe in them because i hate mascara and don’t know anything when it comes to eye makeup, so anything that helps me look awake and done at any hour is a plus over here. )


her current obsession is ninjas. and this is her posing as one! she’s been carrying her star wars light saber in an old tripod bag on her back throughout new york city (you can see it in action on this instagram right here) and i love her for it.

03867685-4 03867685-5

the conrad-scooting phase has begun! it’s one of my favorite baby-into-toddler phases, so get ready for it!


this was when we were all the way down in the west village and he wanted to ride eleanor’s scooter so badly, although we didn’t bring his helmet. so josh was willing to let him ride it while he helped him out, which is a pretty great compromise if you ask me. but if you knew what that face means that conrad is making, it’s his “i totally just got what i wanted” face and yes, we are most definitely in for it.


and then this happened. he wanted up on papa’s shoulders but also wasn’t quite ready to let go of holding sister’s scooter. it was close to bedtime, and if you know anything about kids and their moods around this time of night, you’ll understand why we sometimes pick out battles and just let him win this one. 5PM and my three children aren’t the greatest combo. ;)  it’s a good thing they are cute!


moving into this place someday (JUST KIDDING) but a girl can dream, no?!


so i have to tell you the story behind this photo. my iPhone screen started flashing last week and then the screen stopped working entirely. so i was trying to find an apple store that had an available appointment at their genius bar in the city to get it fixed but was also phone-less for a little while in the process. josh and i tried to designate a meet-up spot (i said subway, as in the sandwich shop, and he went to subway, as in the subway train station by our apartment! LOL!) and so we totally missed each other after we both waited for about twenty minutes for the other one at our different spots.) when we DID finally run into each other (once my phone was fixed and i was able to find where my family was and hurry to them!) i happened on this incredible sight you see in the photo above! my handsome husband with a baby in a stroller, samson on a bike and eleanor on her scooter. also, they were no where near our apartment, and he totally managed this entire circus act on the train getting downtown. i have anxiety just thinking about it, but he did it with a smile on his face because he’s josh davis and that’s how he does things. i had no idea when i married him what an exceptional father he would one day be, but he blows me away every single day with the care and thought he puts into his role as a dad. i know this is getting totally cheesy and i myself am starting to get annoyed that i am still going on about this, but this photo will always hold a special spot in my heart. such a great memory from the day. (also, HOW on earth did we ever met up with anyone before cellphones and text messaging and everything?!)


we paused for several minutes while the kids watched a few chefs make fancy pizzas through this window. the guy was so nice too, before he put the pizza in the oven, he brought it over to the window so the kids could see it close up!


after having subway on the brain from our meet-up mix up, we shared some subway sandwiches in the park. (yes, i know they are disgusting to most people including myself sometimes, but sometimes i crave them with chips smashed in the middle and nothing else will suffice.  and i am not pregnant, but i still get this craving regularly during the summer months and have to set my healthy eating goals aside for a moment because it’s worth it.)

03867685-11 03867685-10

haha, conrad running after samson on his bike!

03867685-12 03867685-13

things have been getting so much easier with conrad. not that it was horrible before, but sometimes this phase of toddlerhood is a handful, because they are so determined to do everything on their own, and also so curious how things work and function, that there is just a lot of patience required on my end, which i sometimes struggle with. there was this phase of him being like, “what happens if i flip this full cup of water over… oh, i spill everything inside it?! cool. let me try that again with my brother’s cup, too. oh no, mom is running over here, i better hurry and spill sister’s cup as well before she gets to me! haha! i’m so fast, i did it!” and me being like, “i can’t do this!”  but this past month things are kind of smoothing out and he’s communicating so much more these days and also understanding us more, too. and gosh it just makes me wish for seven more like him (or at least one more. i don’t want to get ahead of myself.)


fun fact: eleanor’s t-shirt once belonged to josh’s older brother. go team davis!


his favorite food ever. has been for a few years now and he still asks for it often.

9779365-4i love my family. just look at those faces!


that beautiful freckle-kissed face wearing mama’s sunglasses! she’s the best.

03867685-16 03867685-17 03867865685-2 03867865685from an early morning last week when i took all three kids to see the secret life of pets. how cute are eleanor and samson with josh’s old pound puppies they insisted on bringing with them to the movie theatre! josh snapped these photos of us on our way before we parted ways so he could get some work done in peace and quiet. the movie was darling by the way, but yes… i do regret thinking conrad was old enough to sit through it (it was close to his morning nap time, so i knew he’d wanna just nurse to sleep.) also, all the comfiest white t-shirt awards go to this one, which i’m wearing above.

have a great weekend, friends!

  1. ish

    Love all these happy pictures, you and your family are so cute and the story about alice made me swoon !
    xx Ish

  2. The photo of Conrad with his scooter on Josh’s shoulders; their mouths are both ?-ing the same way :’) // That’s one awesome pizza chef! // Love Eleanor’s creativity and imagination. That first photo of her ninja pose is precious :) // My little brother has been wanting to watch The Secret Life of Pets, so we might go watch it together soon! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  3. Christian

    precious pictures! the little robot in the bottom of one of the nursery pictures, what kind of robot is that? he looks super cute! xx

  4. Julie

    Oh my Gosh, bless Josh for being so brave to take the 3 kids out and especially Samson on his bike and Eleaonor on the scooter all by himself. This must have been quite something for him to manage the 3 especially when you are about in such a busy city such at NYC and especially when you have no spare hands should anything happen…pheeww, I hope he had a good rest when he got home! He deserves a medal! I am totally with you on the toddler phase issues. Our youngest is 20 months and into…EVERYTHING! She has no fear, climbs on top of tables, rocks etc…and is still wobbly on her feet (she only started walking a few weeks ago) so I am constantly on edge and cannot leave her to wander round by herself as she has no sense of fear. Kids are the best though even when they are hard work. Today – after the terrible terrorist act that happened last night in Nice (France) – I want to give my 3 little ones an extra squeeze and hold them tight, they are so precious and I am so grateful to them for making me strong. Lots of love from London. Have a nice weekend. Julie xx

  5. Natalie Browning

    These picture are gorgeous! I love following your little family! E is becoming the cutest young lady xx

  6. Kristen

    Do you apply the extensions yourself or have them done and what type do you use?

  7. Emily Lunstroth

    Besides being the most adorable family, I love your looks!!! The Great is my favorite and that dress is so fun!

  8. Alyssa

    i need to get on this eyelash extension train because they look crazy good. xoxo

  9. Tiera

    Hello Taza how are you?,

    I been a follower since you had just one baby eleanor.I adore your family and love your blog by the way we should meet up one day i live 30 minutes from the city have a good one ?

  10. Lauren

    I totally feel you, I can’t believe its mid July either! I’ve been on Summer break since the end of April and I’m still amazed at how quick the weeks have flew by! I’m intrigued about this fun stuff you’ve been working on, hopefully you’ll get to share with us all soon? ;) Such a nice story about Alice’s tea cup, it’s nice you have a place like that to share with Eleanor.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Divya

    Hi Naomi,

    What scooter do the kids use? I have a 23 month old and looking to get a scooter for him. Thanks!

  12. E

    your blog makes me think it might be possible for me to raise kids in a big city, thanks for sharing :) i have noticed though that you sometimes feel the need to defend certain decisions you make (like the bunk bed jumping). i’m guessing you’ve gotten negative comments in the past which is why you try to explain more, but i do wish people didn’t put you in a position where you feel like you have to defend your parenting decisions. you guys seem like a loving and healthy family so keep doing what you’re doing!

  13. Karen

    All these pictures are so adorable!

  14. Annie

    As a mom who loves fashion, I was wondering how you shop for yourself with the littles around? Do you do most of it online? Do you browse different brands and stumble on items you like, or do you go in with a specific idea, like “I need a comfy white t-shirt”. Sorry if you’ve answered this question somewhere else. I would love to know your strategy :)

  15. tracy

    love seeing these snippets of your life, they make me smile all the time! this is random, but wanted to mention that seeing you and josh navigate parenthood for the first time with eleanor years ago is what made me look forward to being a mama one day ☺️ (i think samson/my daughter and conrad/my son are the same ages! ). i find you and your family inspiring, it reminds me to appreciate all the small and big things, especially these little humans. also, glad you addressed the lash extensions! only because i have them too, on and off since my second was born (mostly on) and they’re a game changer! totally hear you on anything that makes you lo more awake. Eye makeup just smears all over me no matter what I try, so extensions have been awesome.

  16. Katrin

    Little E. is the cutest ninja ever!! :)

  17. Alison

    I haven’t reach the kids part of my life yet, but seeing your family photos always reminds me that I probably do want them someday. I know it’s not as easy as you make it look, but it looks so so worth it.

  18. sam

    your family is so cute! you are so lucky to have so many beautiful, high quality photos. your kids seem to be so sweet and kind to each other, maybe you could do a post on how you help them to get along? i have a hard time believing they ever argue ;)

  19. Emily

    Such a lovely post. Seeing all these lovely pictures as I nurse my only baby to sleep, makes me feel quite emotional. I sometimes want him to stay a baby forever but seeing your brood grow makes me impatient for all the different stages. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Kim

    I thought he asked you to marry him in your tent at home?

    • TAZA

      he did! but we spent the day together and alice’s was one of the things we did that day beforehand!

  21. Evelyn Wells

    Hey Naomi! I was wondering if you could write a post about your work-put routine? I would love to hear any tips or tricks you have learned and what you have found works best for you?

  22. Lacey

    hey Naomi i know this a random question, but my friends and i are coming to new york in a couple of weeks and i was wondering what smoothie place you always go to?? we are trying to find good places for a decently priced breakfast! love your blog and your cute family!!

    • TAZA

      we go to a lot of different spots, but we love juice press especially.

  23. Laura

    I noticed your kids’ art work on the bedroom walls. I love the way you have it! Any special way to attach it? I am trying to find a cute and easy way to display everything he brings back from school and what he works on at home…

  24. Michelle

    Hey Naomi, I LOVE your dress and see that it’s out of stock :( Two questions though: does ASOS ever restock items that sell out and what size dress are you wearing? Thanks!!0

    • TAZA

      oh no! i’m sorry it’s out of stock. i know the do restock things, because i’ve bought out of stock items a few months later, but not sure if they do for everything. i am wearing a US2.

  25. Emily

    How fun would it be if Samson came and visited me in Iowa and we could have the best sweet corn ever, together! ;) Seriously though, want to come visit?! ;)

  26. Anne

    Your pictures are so inspiring to me and make me try really hard to be more positive about my own life with two little ones.
    You’ve often talked about nursing everywhere, which I totally support, so I was wondering if you’d maybe want to share some tips on great nursing-outfits? You always wear beautiful, fun and stylish clothes, and I myself find it a bit challenging to find outfits that are good for nursing. I know separates (a top and pants/skirt) are a good way to go, but then I often find my stomach exposed, when I pull up the top. What’s your secret?

    • TAZA

      hey anne, with everything i wear, i always have a super thin tighter tank-type top underneath, so when i lift anything up, i have this extra layer and nothing is exposed! it’s hard in the summer when it’s hot, but if you find something that’s really breathable, it works wonders!!

  27. magali

    Beautiful pictures! So much positive vibes! love it!

  28. Brooke

    Who do you go to for your lash extensions? Or where do you go?

  29. Cat

    I identify with wanting 7 more of my 3rd child haha! My husband and I say all the time if onlllyyy we could clone her we’d have 10 more kids! Lol. Something about the third kid. They are yummy:)

  30. Cynthia Sue

    Conran looks so much bigger. He’s adorable, and so is your entire fanily.

  31. Cynthia Sue

    ^^I meant Conrad Lol.^^ my bad.

  32. Your family is seriously the cutest! I love that Conrad has this constant cheeky look on his face! I’m adamant that I never want kids, but whenever I see a post like this, I start to get a little broody haha!
    xo April | April Everyday

  33. The photos are absolutely gorgeous! You’ll seem to have a lot of fun!

  34. Lala

    Looks like your family are having a beautiful summer! Where do you get your eyelashes done and how frequently do you need to top them up?


  35. Olivia

    TAZA!! You are my bang inspiration! But I have to ask, please help! How do you walk around NY all day and not get the piecey separation that I have trouble with? Yours always look flawless!


  36. Pam

    Your family is the cutest!
    If I ever visit NYC I NEED to find you at some park someday and give you an enormous hug for being so adorable lol hope you have a great Sunday!♥

  37. Leigh

    Your family is so cute! I love reading about how your summer is going!

  38. Carolyn

    loved reading this post! was smiling through your story with Eleanor – so sweet. and the photo of Josh with the three kids! still so amazed how you all do it!

  39. Paula

    My heart aches for NYC in the summer time. I wish i could bring my kids up in the city its so special for them and you. I had my first born in NY and then ended up moving back to Australia for the second…i miss the city everyday! and the fact we are going through winter at the moment does not help!

  40. Eleanor/ninja!!! the best!!! hahahahha

  41. Rachael

    I think you SHOULD brag about having the best husband! It’s hard to take care of one kid, let alone 3…in New York City no less! Your family is just so adorable.

  42. That white t-shirt truly is a phenomenal looking white t-shirt.

  43. Jackie Applegate

    I can’t help but laugh at your subway mix up especially because that happened to me while living abroad in China!! Which is even funnier because it was a mix up with my now husband who thought we were meeting at the subway station and I thought we were meeting at the subway restaurant! Ha! Such good times, glad you guys laughed it off and had subway sandwiches to remember it even more!

    P.s love your family so much! We are expecting our first baby this December and I can’t help but be even more excited for motherhood and parenting when looking at your sweet family :)

  44. Amanda

    Okay. I love Subway sandwiches and I did not know to be embarrassed about this? So funny!!

    Your children are too precious. Love this happy spot on the internet.

  45. Rose J.

    Cute, fun. adorable. photos! You and Eleanor are just the sweetest looking people on the net! Cute kid (s.) & fam!

    One day I hope to meet!

    Oh…, and we moved to Princeton,and will miss your sis, but hopefully I’ll run into you at the Philly temple open house!

    take care!

  46. Becs

    I love a Subway veggie sub every once in a while!

  47. Melissa

    I’ve often wondered if you shared your proposal story, and I don’t believe I’ve seen anything about how Josh proposed in all these years of following your blog! So it was really sweet reading about where Josh brought you when he asked you to marry him, and how you could share that story with Eleanor! So sweet :)

  48. Emily

    Man Naomi,

    What a great example of a mother you are. Along with other women in my life you are one of my top role models for the kind of parent I want to be one day. You seem to fully embrace having fun with your kids. I’m just about a year away from getting married, and while I’m trying to enjoy each moment, I can’t wait for that stage in my life. ( I was the little mama’s helper who’s mom caught her nursing her baby doll in the rocking chair as a little girl lol).

    Keep doing what you’re doing!