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i can’t get enough of the kids carrying their little instax mini cameras around new york city and watching them take in the city through their photographs this summer! i feel nothing but honored when they ask to take my photo, especially since they only have 10 photos to each film roll, so we have taught them to really be particular about what they choose to snap. samson makes sure to grab his camera many mornings first thing, and often before we head out the door. it is the sweetest.

these photos are from a few saturdays ago, when we went over to an area in riverside park that we don’t usually frequent, to attend a little friend’s birthday party. after the party, we hung out on the board walk for a little bit while conrad snoozed in the stroller before grabbing lunch at a nearby grocery store. (i forgot how much i love those sorts of grocery-store-style-picnics, where everyone picks out something random inside the store and then we eat it all together right when we get outside! we had sliced turkey, pretzels and hummus, an apple, and the biggest bag of ripe and delicious cherries.)

you might notice that the kiddos and i are all wearing matching white converse tennis shoes! you all know how much i adore matching and so it was fun to partner up with DSW for this post, especially since they just expanded their kids’ shoe assortment and now carry several great and affordable styles for the entire family. they also offer free shipping and returns (on orders $35 and up), so shopping for the entire family is hassle free.

some photos we snapped from the morning below!

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a few of the instax photos that samson took!

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we spent a good long while observing all the ants climbing up the tree and also around the dirt and plants. fortunately, they were just tiny black ants, no red ones around! the kids are fascinated with bugs right now, so we tend to do this all the time lately.

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i think eleanor’s converse high tops are my favorite. i struggle pulling off the look as well as she does. she’s been wearing these for a good portion of her summer now and i love what worn-in and a little bit dirty look on a bright white converse sneaker. samson spilled a bright pink popsicle on his pair a few weeks ago and as i wiped the excess popsicle off his shoe, i was like, “samson, it’s okay! look how cool your sneaker looks now! it basically will forever have this memory right here on the side of it of that time you ate a yummy strawberry popsicle in the west village!” haha!

96327 478 7773-28

checking out his party favor from the birthday party!

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this was just as conrad fell asleep! bless my children for being such great stroller nappers! we laid his stroller seat down flat and pulled over the sun canopy once he was completely out. if i lay his seat back before he’s in a deep sleep, he sits straight up and isn’t happy! both eleanor and samson were the same way.

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mama sneaker, baby sneaker.

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this really is such a beautiful part of new york, over by the hudson river and underneath the freeway. we need to go over there more.

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this handsome papa who also seconds as a double baby carrier! he had eleanor sit on the top of his backpack while he put samson on his shoulders. haha! it was epic.

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running around chasing butterflies! do you see samson eyeing that white butterfly in the bottom left corner of this photo?! haha! this chasing up and down the hill went on for quite a while.

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quick grocery store lunch picnic on the bench out front! how we didn’t end up with cherry juice on all of our clothing is beyond me.

96327 478 7773-3 96327 478 7773-896327 478 7773-796327 478 7773-1396327 478 7773-15 a good day out for sure. and yes, i felt very proud whenever someone commented on our matching sneakers. haha! thank you to DSW and ShopStyle for partnering with us on this blog post. check out all the great new styles added within 200+ stores this back to school season here and women’s shoes here.

  1. Thays

    You have such a beautiful family! <3 It looks like so much fun to be a mom and your kids are absolutely adorable. I saw that your friend Amber just did a post where her in her kids had matching shoes and it was the cutest thing! I hope you and your family are doing well.


  2. Cindy

    Cutest family!

  3. Sierra

    Such cute pictures! I’ve always said I wanted to get matching converse for me and my little guys. Since I don’t have any girls I thought it would be fun to match them with footwear. I’ll be checking DSW out for some deals. Beautifully Candid

  4. Nicole

    Love this! I am looking to get some Converse, I just can’t decide on the color! How do you keep the white so white? Haha.

    Nicole | http://www.bynicolegeorge.com

  5. ida

    wonderful!! naomi, may I ask what nailpolish it is you are wearing? it is beautiful! thank you and hi from austria!

    • TAZA

      hi ida! sorry, i don’t know the name of the color because i got them done at a salon and wasn’t paying much attention to the polish name. it’s a fun one of sure though!

  6. Alyssa

    cutest family. for real.

  7. Kelsea

    New Orleans girl, right here! Love seeing Josh in the Preservation Hall tee. Come back to New Orleans soon, y’all! XO

    • TAZA

      we really want to! that trip for us was such a fun one. you live in a really incredible place!

  8. Katrin

    I got those Converse in black and I never tried another color…white looks so cool though! E’s high top’s are definitely made for her :) x

  9. Rachel

    Hi Naomi! Very cute pics… and shoes!… just wondering where you got your cute striped dress?

    • TAZA

      thanks so much, rachel! it’s from asos!

  10. Bryony


    I love how you normalize ants and butterflies and dirt and leaves and grass for your kiddos. Your motivation might be for finding nature in a very urban setting, but your reach has greater impact than you realize, so thank you for celebrating it.

    I too live in converse sneaks–in my case brown as I could never get away with white! You’re a brave woman there.

    • TAZA

      thank you for saying that, bryony! i don’t think i really gained an appreciation for nature until after moving to the city. it’s a wonderful thing, and there are great pockets of it around us, even in a city setting!

  11. Paige

    I think little kids in converse has to be the cutest thing ever. And matching with parents? even better!


  12. Love Converse (and these cute pics of your fam)! In high school, I bought a white pair and gradually covered them in Sharpie doodles…it always rubbed off of the rubber eventually. But that only gave me more room for new doodles :)

    • TAZA

      oh that is awesome! eleanor signed a friend’s arm cast the other day and it totally brought me back to my childhood of doodling on sneakers or casts or even a jean jacket once!

  13. allie

    hi! love the striped dress w/ that neckline. would you mind sharing who it’s x?

    • TAZA

      hey allie! it’s from asos!

  14. Denise

    This is so cute! Also, I’m a new blogger and would really appreciate if anyone checked out my blog. Please feel free to leave any comments and subscribe :).

    Denise | http://www.thedailydenise.com

  15. what is there for lipstick ? mark ?

  16. ida

    so cute! naomi, which nail polish are you wearing? it is gorgeous!! thank you!

    • TAZA

      thanks ida! i got my nails done at a salon and it’s a gel color, so i’m not sure of the name of it. so sorry!

  17. BEE

    hi naomi, two questions! where is your striped tunic from? also, from the post about josh & eleanor making spaghetti and meatballs — where is your beautiful white dish set from, please? thanks!

    • TAZA

      thanks bee! the striped tunic is from asos and our dishes are from williams-sonoma. i think it was called the buffalo china set. we love them!

  18. Randi

    Where’s Papa’s???? Josh needs a pair too!!!!! My husband and daughter have matching converse high tops in pink!!!!

    So sweet!!!!

    Xo, Randi

  19. Sabrina

    Are you wearing the Kat Von D lipstick you mentioned in another post? You look absolutely stunning!

    • TAZA

      yes, i’m wearing the kat von d lipstick here!

  20. This is such an adorable post (and the first of yours I’ve read!) and I’ve fallen in love with your blog. Right from the very first photo, you can tell that your blog is personal, and that’s why I love it. Unique. Converse are a staple item year round! xx

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty
    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

  21. Elissa Irwin

    Are the camera straps specifically made for the instax?

  22. Sometime I have matching clothes with my son and I find that so funy!!
    Lovely pictures

    Kisses from France

  23. Love the white converses ! I have the same :) and the matching shoes are way to cute ;)

  24. Rose J.

    i love how y’all just enjoy, and appreciate the simple joys of life. Walks in the park, and just spending time with family is my favorite thing too! So glad you are making memories, and how cute are the kids instax photos! converse sneakers on kids are super cute too, and Eleanor looks adorable with them on wearing a dress! Noah still has a pair, but is into vans now! Maybe someone will reach out to you to sponsor VANS and write a post!

    Happy Day!


  25. This is so so so lovely!

  26. christina

    love your blog and your kids are adorable, (i always wonder this so i just had to ask) how are your kids not dying in the heat? i live in NY too and if i put my kids in jeans this summer i am pretty sure they would melt or be really grumpy. and you too! i dont know how you guys do it. ;)

  27. Sammy

    My favorite shoes!

  28. Kelly

    You and your kids are seriously the cutest and I love all of the shots of you playing outside this summer – proof that city kids really do get fresh air!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  29. Stephanie

    Where is E’s dress from?

  30. I love matching my kids with our converse…it’s so fun! Been considering giving Marie + Henry Instax cameras, and love those straps! May I ask the source for those? Thanks!

  31. Eri

    Hi Taza! Love seeing your blog post :)
    I was wondering where is your back pack from?