date night.


last week, we tucked one of our babies into bed (the other two would go to bed within the hour after we left), and hopped on the train to head to the west village for dinner. josh looked so dapper as we left the apartment in his tie. so fancy! i love that man in his ties. :) as we were leaving, he said, “i put on my skinny jeans for you.” and we laughed so hard. haha! i love his skinny jeans and he hates his skinny jeans. the night was obviously off the best possible start ever. ;)

dating after kids is so hard sometimes. there are just a million other things that feel like they take priority sometimes which is weird. because they don’t. i love our family and our work and life a lot, but i also love when josh and i have time alone together. to go for a walk, or sit on a stoop and just talk. we had forgotten how busy restaurants get late in the evening when it’s not 5pm (which is when we usually go these days with the kids), so we sat at the bar at the restaurant for a little while waiting for a table. we started such a great conversation that carried us through dinner and then through a long walk around the village afterwards and i really needed that. i’m thankful for this best friend of mine, who is fortunately also my husband, too.

a few photos we took during the night…


i said this on instagram early this week, but sorry for always wearing a hat that always hits you when we try to take pictures together, josh. i might be 30 now, but i still have not grown out of my hat phase.


brownstone stoops done right in the village.


we’d walked by this restaurant maybe a week earlier with the kids, and josh had mentioned he’d always wanted to try it. i feel like we’ve walked by it at least 1,200 times over the years, and i am such a seafood paella lover (although i still haven’t found a place that makes it as good as my dad’s), so it just felt right.


hi, handsome.


PAELLA! (my dress felt so tight after that dinner. lol. i thought i was going to bust it. haha!)


when josh says, hold on a minute! and runs outside with the camera. it was hard for me to play cool. i wanted to laugh so bad.


here’s to more date nights in our future. they are good for my soul. love you, josh.

ps. my denim dress, my white t-shirt, blush pink backpack and hat. wearing this lipstick in mauve matte shade.

  1. Bobbi

    What camera do you use, Naomi? Beautiful shots!

  2. Bryony


    Don’t ever disband your hat phase! You look sensational in hats. Thank you for your ever cheerful, colorful and upbeat post.

  3. Natali

    Taking time for yourself with your man is so important, possibly as important as the time that you spent together as a family.
    Beautiful photos and you look adorable in your denim dress. :)

  4. haaah the story behind that second-to-last photo :P Sometimes life can get too busy and it feels like there isn’t enough time for anything. It’s so wonderful that you make time to spend on things you value. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  5. KP

    You guys are just the cutest! I love that picture he took of you from outside. It just screams NYC for some reason, lol. I also love that picture you took of Josh. You can just see in his eyes that he loves you so much. That is the look of adoration and contentment. A match made in heaven :)

  6. Teresa

    this looks like so much fun! My husband and I try to sneak in alone time but with three kids it’s extremely difficult. Do you guys hire a babysitter?

  7. Kristy

    So random question but I was just wondering what your thoughts were about the sizing on Asos? I love it, but sometimes struggle when trying to figure out my size with certain pieces. Do you think the sizing is pretty consistent through the whole sight? If you don’t mind my asking? what size your dress is…do you feel like it runs small or just right or big? I love the style and prices and just wanted an opinion on Asos. I wish they had reviews!:) Thanks!

  8. Laura

    We have an 8 month old daughter, and have definitely not mastered date nights! We also are travelling while working at the moment for the better part of this year, so having someone like a family member or friend to babysit (or even someone who speaks our language!) is out of the question. I so look forward to being able to have some one on one time with my husband; it’s so important! So pleased to hear that it’s something you guys value, and are able to do :)

  9. I don’t have children yet but I am always reminded by my mom that it is so important to make time for your partner while raising children. My mom says “your marriage is the cradle that holds your children.” Not sure where that comes from originally but I have always loved that quote. So glad you guys had a nice date night.

    • TAZA

      i haven’t heard that quote before but i LOVE IT! couldn’t agree more. thank you for sharing. I’m going to write that down right now.

  10. Carmen

    I love that you love paella, but that is not paella, trust me! If you decide to come this side of the Atlantic, I’ll let you know where to go for the real thing!

  11. Megan

    Ahh!! This post makes me so happy and dating should never end! love y’all!


  12. bridget

    love this post. and going on dates. especially with nyc’s options!

  13. Cynthia Sue

    Love, Love, LOVE your shoes!

  14. I always love seeing photos of NYC! I love little date nights! We definitely don’t have enough of them (and we don’t even have kids as an excuse), so thank you for reminding me that I need to plan more date nights!
    xo April | April Everyday

  15. Sabrina

    Awe you guys are the cutest! Also love your outfit Naomi…especially the hat! ;)

  16. Julie

    Hi Naomi, how good of you that Josh and you managed a night out together. I have to say we struggle a bit to do that very often with my hubby. More often, we take turns to go out with our friends or colleagues and only when there is a bit of a special celebration or a diner party will we go out together. I was talking about it with a friend and I think it’s so easy at home to be busy doing something else, I think I am going to try to plan a night out just the 2 of us more often – let’s say once a month (to have a realistic plan in place;) I love that last picture of you Josh took, it’s so cute and the light is perfect. Your denim dress is adorable, I am now very tempted to get the same one!! Hugs from London, Julie

  17. Lauren

    In my head this is where I see myself and my boyfriend (5 years strong!) in like 10 years time and it makes me so happy! What a wonderful example you guys are :)

  18. May

    I always look forward to your posts! Such cute pics and so marriage goals ;)

  19. Date nights are so important and you are making me miss NYC nights! xo

  20. Kelly

    I loved this post- we need to get so much better about going on date nights, because you are so right… priorities! Thanks for sharing xx

  21. Blair

    But Naomi what about your adorable shoes? Love them with a little denim dress!

  22. Kaila

    Do you use VSCO presets for lightroom to edit? Which package did you purchase? Thinking of getting one for myself but can’t decide on one yet. If not, how do you typically edit your photos?

  23. Jen

    Hi… Just have to ask what size is your asos dress? I’m usually us size 2.

  24. Nathalie

    Naomi! We don’t even see Josh’s skinny jeans on your pictures! We want to see! :-)

  25. Audrey

    You’re right, it’s so important to take time with your husband!
    Kisses from France xxx

  26. I love the pic outside the restaurant!!!
    I need also go out without children! from time to time

    kisses from France

  27. Mia

    Have you tried El Quijote in Chelsea?! By far the best paella in the city, maybe ever. And their sangria too :)

  28. Alyssa

    never stop wearing the hats. wear all the hats.

  29. Erin

    I’m so glad you haven’t grown out of your hat phase. I love them!! I wish I could pull off the hat look too!

  30. Pam

    You two are the cutest and this is the best way to keep a relationship going nicely♥ have a lovely day!

  31. Elizabeth

    This is random, but you have the best eyelashes! Do you use extensions or some magical mascara that I’m missing out on? I’d love to know your secret!

    • TAZA

      i have lash extensions!

  32. Jasmine

    Such a lovely post! I know from other posts that you and your family go to church and I’ve been wanting to ask (if it’s not too personal) if you and Mr. Davis could talk about your faith and how it plays apart in your relationship and marriage in your next video together? You both have such bright, lovely, and humble spirits. x

  33. Delaney

    This totally inspired us to go on our own little date night! The simplest memories are always the most precious x

  34. Kelly

    I have been following your blog for a couple of years now. I always love your positivity. I really love the emphasis on how important your marriage is in this post. I’ve always been told marriage should come first and I love that quote above by Michelle, “your marriage is the cradle that holds your children.” Such a great way to explain it if the statement, “your marriage relationship comes before your children” stumps anyone.

    I also think you and Josh are just precious together so I love the posts you do about y’all!!

  35. Pilar

    Hi Naomi! I’m actually from Sevilla, a city in the south of Spain! It’s such a beautiful place, you should come sometime! This country worths a stop (id’ recommend a car trip through it). Hugs!

  36. magali

    I just had my baby for 3 weeks now and in 2 weeks my husband and I will go for the first time on a date (we will go eating on a boat-restaurant on the lake )
    greetings to you all
    mag from switzerland :)

  37. Rose J.

    No matter how old our kids get date nights are so important, and it’s so nice for us to have one every once in awhile! Jon and I didn’t have too many when our kids were your kids ages, but we are having them more now that they are older! I love how you mentioned Josh capturing a photo of you from outside. I always have to tell Jon to take a photo of me. He obliges, but he’s so not into the whole social media thing yet he loves talking to people in public,and is not afraid to reveal himself offline! He loves that I blog, and knows about you guys, and every other blogger I follow, and he’s like, “that’s cool.” He’s just a simple fella and I love that about him. Good thing he loves to take pictures though! Anyway…cute photos, and glad y’all had a nice evening. That food looks yummy. May have to try that place now.