bubbles by belvedere castle!

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happy monday, friends! i have wanted to share some photos from a morning we spent together over by belvedere castle in central park a few weeks ago. it hardly feels like we’re in the middle of a hustling and bustling new york city sometimes when we’re in the park, especially when there is such a magical castle just hanging out beside us. i love how you seriously feel transported to another time or place in different areas of new york depending on your neighborhood or whereabouts. it’s crazy sometimes. all these years later and i’m still walking around like, “new york, you’re cool.”

this morning was on the chillier side, which was surprising considering how humid and hot it’s been lately. by the time we were leaving the park though, the sun was definitely dominating once again. but it was nice to feel a breeze for a little while there. ;)

we brought along a bottle of bubbles, toy airplanes, a soccer ball and snacks. and we were set. a few photos from our morning…


probably my favorite photo of her. up on papa’s shoulders with that pretty tutu skirt hanging over him. so sweet. (her skirt is from here.)


we’re the family that’s super into ridiculous sunnies and we don’t care. we love them. (mine are here, for those who have asked.)


THIS FACE! smiling and winking and totally lookin’ like he’s plotting something crazy. i love him so much.


this photo made me laugh so hard when i uploaded the photos to my computer after our time in the park. i had no idea josh took this! i was living for that sun on my face and just so happy to feel like, haha. it felt good, obviously. (ps. my dress is the teddy dress by sonnet james.)


do you see what i mean about that beautiful castle?!


bubbles and airplanes! does life get any better than this when you’re four?! (probably if we added a choo choo train in there. but he was very very happy even so.)

LOVETAZA CASTLEDAY 01-17 LOVETAZA CASTLEDAY 01-19 LOVETAZA CASTLEDAY 01-20LOVETAZA CASTLEDAY 01-18do you see his little paper airplane directly above his head?! haha! it was a really nice morning, and i love these photos so much.  have a great week, you guys! can’t believe july is almost over. summer is speeding by wayyyy too quickly, but it’s been a good one so far.

  1. rachel

    Looks like you all had a great day out.
    And the photo of you by Josh is beautiful and really captures you as a person I think, laid back and loving life.

    Rach // http://illustratedteacup,com

  2. Shannon

    would you mind sharing where eleanor’s dinosaur t-shirt is from? thanks!

    • TAZA

      it’s also from target!

  3. Rena

    I see you had really an amazing time in front of this castle in the Central Park! The castle reminds me on the old castles like Neuschwanstein we have here in Bavaria and it surprising me that it is really in the Central Park! Love also your super cool striped dress.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. These photos are gorgeous! I love your dress. I want to be able to pull off the longer dress look but I doesn’t seem to look right on my shape. I do love the color/print of the one you have on in this post though!


  5. Maggie

    Hey, just curious what size E’s skirt is? Couldn’t find a size chart on target.

    • TAZA

      it’s an XS!

  6. Nicole

    I seriously love that skirt. I have three boys and I just want to order it because.

  7. Lauren

    That castle is stunning! I must seek it out when I’m next in New York and what a great little spot you found. Lovely photos x


  8. Shannon

    @taza thanks! my daughter has been wanting a “girls” dino shirt forever so she can match her brother. she’ll love this,

  9. Teresa

    It looks so amazing! last time we were in NYC we jogged through central park. it was so much fun and serene! It looks like you guys had a great time! http://www.aleandtere.com

  10. tiera

    hey taxa,

    i wanted to say i love your page its amazing can we meet up one day i live 45 minutes from the city:)

  11. Megan

    This looks like the best time and you look so darling just sitting there in the sun

    // http://lifeplusbe.com/

  12. Emily

    How are you getting such big bubbles?! My 19 month old would LOVE those bubbles! Please share! Such cute pics!

  13. Phyllis

    OMG looks like so much fun! I remember how fun bubbles were when I was a kid…


  14. Looks so fun.
    Kisses from France

  15. Looks so nice ! And I still love bubbles, can’t wait to have kids to play with them!

  16. these photos are so full of fun! and i feel like i should get that ‘teddy’ dress because it’s my son’s name … not like i need another Sonnet James dress! i think i’m up to 6 now. ha!

  17. Melissa

    Hey Taza!! Kind of weird question – I love the sonnet James dresses but they’re so thin! How do you get the “bump free” look? Do you use a slip? If so which? Sorry for the invasive question!!

  18. Elisha

    Because of little E, i HAD to buy that skirt for my daughter!
    she is only 2 and they only seemed to have an extra small online, but i didn’t care…..i bought it……i will fit her someday!
    that’s like the most perfect skirt for a little girl!

    great photos too ;)

    • TAZA

      haha, i love that! i have bought many things in a size or two too big for my kiddos because i loved them so much and knew they’d fit someday!

  19. Naomi, I just love your funky sunglasses! I definitely need a pair. :)

  20. olivia

    love it! your hair is flawless…would you mind sharing what hair products you use for your bangs? struggling through the summer heat with mine ;(

    • TAZA

      hi olivia, thank you! i actually have been getting a lot of questions about my bangs, so i’m putting together a post all about it! should be up next week!

  21. Ali

    Love all of these, and especially the bubbles! Where was your red date night dress from!? The picture Josh took of you is so beautiful.

    • TAZA

      aw, thank you ali! it’s from asos!

  22. Trista

    What a stunning photo of you soaking up the sun. I’m visiting NYC next weekend and I am just hoping to spot you and your family. Far fetched I know but still hoping :)

  23. Zana

    Hello…My 2 year old loves airplanes and I was wondering were you purchased the ones have in the park?

  24. Katelyn

    what a beautiful little spot to hang out as a family!

  25. Love these pics! Bubbles always work with children :) And your kids, so cute.. This place with castle seems so beautiful, wish to go there one day!
    Audrey xxx

  26. MÓNICA

    Como me gustáis…sacáis un día genial de cualquier cosa.
    Sois especiales.
    Un beso desde España

  27. Hi Naomi!

    Just love those photos! It seems like you had such a wonderful time!!

    Can you tell me if you have a facebook account for the blog? I can’t find it!



  28. Minx

    Taza: Do you know that an exclamation point is not the same thing as a period?

    • TAZA

      hey minx,

      ah, but they are so much more fun than periods!

  29. Rylee

    Moving to the city soon in August to start my first job ever and I think I’m more excited for a possible run in with you guys! Prepare for a bit of fan girling…


    • TAZA

      oh you are being too nice! definitely say hi if we do happen to run into each other! it’s always so fun meeting new people. and welcome to new york! i hope you will love it here. i certainly can’t get enough all these years later.

  30. Lena

    Does the dress neckline pull down easily for nursing without getting stretched out? I love Sonnet James dresses, but for dresses billed as for moms, they don’t appear to be vey nursing friendly.

  31. rose J.

    Fun!! Love that section of Central Park, and how nice to have it all to yourselves. Mornings have been a bit nippy, but when that sun starts peeking out and it gets a little warm!

    I also love how you have current photos on top of your blog. I used to have that with picasa but it was so time consuming switching up photos constantly that I have left my blog plain. My question is… how do you do that?Does it automatically update the photos, and is it part of your format on the blog? I wouldn’t want to copy you or anything, just wondering how because it’s totally cute! Especially when you click on the photo and it has the caption from IG on it!

    Thanks, and have a fun week!


    • TAZA

      hi rose! our web developer and designer actually did that! i have no idea how she did it, and it updates automatically, so i think it’s something through the back end. i’m sure there might be similar widgets available depending on the site you use! good luck!

  32. It was an amazing day out! I love your pictures! I remember my childhood. I always love this time spend with my fox.

  33. Hey Naomi,

    Sorry to be a huge bug but I was wondering what lens you were using? I couldn’t selfie with my 50mm if i tried lol! I’m also pregnant with my first little one and I wanted something wide enough to take pictures of her indoors and I thought maybe you’d have experience with your NYC apartment living.

    Thanks so much! I live in rural Alberta, CAN and I love seeing New York through your eyes!

  34. Lisa

    I love that castle – always reminds me of the movie Stepmom!

  35. Marta

    Hi Davis Family! You are absolutely lovely people!:*

    Marta :)

  36. Margaux

    Hi !!
    Just a little comment to tell you that I am french and I am reading your blog since 3 years. It is a real pleasure to follow your adventures !!
    I wish you the best !