bermuda video and photos!

LOVETAZA bermuda4-2if you follow along on snapchat or instagram, you might have caught a bit of our trip to bermuda a couple weeks back! we are working with Fairmont Hotels and Resorts this year and loved getting the chance to go explore the island and capture a bit of our experience to share with all of you! we stayed at the Fairmont Southampton, which had the most spectacular views (you’ll see from the drone shots josh captured in the video!) that we couldn’t get enough of.

i really can’t take for granted the fact that josh and i are able to do and experience a lot of great things and places with our kids. i feel fortunate every day, but this trip to bermuda felt extra extra special. i haven’t been able to stop thinking about all the fun we had there since we’ve returned to the city and i’ve even looked at the calendar for next year trying to find dates that work with the school year to go back! :) one of the biggest pros for me (besides the fact that it’s just about a 2 hour plane ride from new york!) were the beautiful beaches. the water is warm, vibrant and clear and it’s also shallow a good ways out. i always appreciate those sorts of things, especially with kids who love getting in the water. there is also this beautiful pinkish sand around the island, so i pretty much questioned if i truly am a city girl at a couple of different points during this trip. those beaches were talkin’ to me.

you’ll see in the video and photos below, but we were able to spend a morning at the bermuda aquarium, museum and zoo learning all about and feeding rescued sea turtles, birds, and other animals. more about that below too!

for anyone interested in a little island getaway or in trying out any of our little adventures, Fairmont has a special offer called the discover bermuda package with a daily resort credit to spend on activities and exploring bermuda!

this is probably one of my favorite travel videos (above) that josh and i put together this past week!

LOVETAZA bermuda2-7

do you get what i mean about bermuda basically STEALING MY HEART?! i could look at this photo forever.


we pretty much planted ourselves right next to this kiddie waterslide at the Fairmont Southampton nearly every afternoon because our kids were obsessed! conrad would go down it by himself (you can see in the video!) and did so maybe 6,846 times! ;) super proud of eleanor and samson for swimming so well this trip and i have to tell you what a relief that is as a mama to finally have a couple capable swimmers in my crew!

LOVETAZA bermuda-6

when we drove up to the hotel, eleanor said “they sure do like pink here!” haha! we had just passed a couple of pink taxi cabs on our drive over from the airport. we approve of the usage of pink!

LOVETAZA bermuda-8

we took a golf cart out one afternoon and the conrad wanted so badly to sit in the drivers seat! he wants to do everything we do. sometimes we’ll be laughing at a joke or something and he’ll be across the room but look at us and start laughing too! like, i get it! i’m in on this joke! haha! it’s the cutest. i love him so much.


the hotel welcomed the kids with their own sea turtle stuffed animals on top of a plate of cookies! i don’t think they knew how obsessed our kids are with sea turtles, but they are still carrying them everywhere since. thank you so much, fairmont!

LOVE TAZA B2LOVE-TAZA-bermuda6my favorite town we visited was old historic saint george’s! what a beautiful and colorful place!

LOVETAZA bermuda2 st georges alleyLOVETAZA bermuda2-9the people at the bermuda aquarium, museum and zoo are so great. one of the sea turtles we saw just had throat surgery there. throat surgery! the turtle was following a couple of people around when they actually noticed it was having trouble breathing and called the aquarium. they took x-rays and found a hook in its throat! the turtle was going to be released a couple days after we visited (and after they helped it regain over 50 pounds of weight!).

LOVETAZA bermuda2-18they rescued this baby bermuda longtail bird from the road when it was just 4 days old! again, someone called the aquarium and they are taking care of it now. it’s eyes hadn’t even opened yet when they found it on the road! these are just a couple of the cool rescue stories we heard about during our time there!

LOVETAZA bermuda2-10actually feeding the sea turtles lettuce and special sea turtle food!

LOVETAZA bermuda2-11LOVETAZA bermuda2-12YES, that is a shark. and YES, my kids touched it!

LOVETAZA bermuda2-13petting a grouper fish that loved being petted! it was the sweetest thing! it would come up to the top of the water and hang out! it’s name is darth vader, which also helped.

LOVETAZA bermuda2-14LOVETAZA bermuda2-15LOVETAZA bermuda1-13the private beach at Fairmont Southampton.

LOVETAZA bermuda1-5LOVETAZA bermuda1-4and these photos make me laugh because we came down to the beach this night for dinner and i didn’t bring the kids swimwear because we were just going to the restaurant but of course that didn’t slide with my three kids! we had to stop by the beach and play with the sand before and after we ate!

LOVETAZA bermuda1-6LOVETAZA bermuda1-8can’t ever deny myself a chance to be matchy-matchy with my mini me!

LOVETAZA bermuda1-9feeding papa some salad at the hotel’s ocean club!

LOVETAZA bermuda1-10LOVETAZA bermuda1-11LOVE TAZA B1LOVETAZA bermuda-9after church on sunday morning, we stopped by the crystal caves which were really cool. i loved hearing the story of how they were discovered by two little boys who lost their cricket ball and climbed down a 140 foot hole and swam around an underground saltwater pool for hours trying find it. (that is totally something my husband would do. even now as a grown man.)


i took too many photos from the day we spent riding a boat around the island (i might have to share them in another post!) but this was such a fun activity! while the boat ride was scheduled for a good portion of the day, we thought our kids would last maybe an hour or so and that’d we’d turn back early. but they couldn’t get enough of it, and we lasted the entire time! our boat driver, tom, was the kindest and took us to some great secluded beaches and areas to snorkel. we also fed fish at the vixon (a sunken ship a ways off shore, which i highly recommend to do with or without kiddos!) the water is so turquoise and clear out there and you see hundreds of beautiful fish around you! samson has not stopped talking about it! so happy fairmont suggested the activity in our itinerary.


see what i mean?! look at that water and look at those fish! such a cool experience.


exploring the grounds at the national museum of bermuda at the royal naval dockyard!

LOVETAZA bermuda1-21LOVETAZA bermuda1-26

we watched glass being made at the dockyard glassworks. the kids watched this woman lee ann make a tiny sea turtle and then they each picked out a tiny sea turtle (and a frog and lizard) of their own to take home! they are up on the mantle in their nursery! so far, we’ve only broken or lost one! major success for our family!

LOVETAZA bermuda1-23LOVETAZA bermuda1-22LOVETAZA bermuda2-2LOVETAZA bermuda2-3LOVETAZA bermuda3-4LOVETAZA bermuda3-2

samson took this photo on our big heavy camera while josh was taking some photos for another family behind him! i love it.

LOVETAZA bermuda3-7

our meal at the waterlot inn was our favorite meal in bermuda. the sticky toffy pudding was so good, we ended up ordering a second one!

LOVETAZA bermuda01LOVETAZA bermuda4-3LOVETAZA bermuda4-5what an incredible place we won’t ever forget. thank you so to Fairmont Southampton for hosting us, and also to Fairmont Hotels and Resorts for sponsoring this blog post.

  1. Freya

    Bermuda is where I was born and grew up – not far from where you were staying actually! It’s such a magical place for kids, I’m glad you guys had such a great time.

    • TAZA

      how amazing that you grew up there!!!

  2. Taza your trip with family looks so much fun! I have never been there before. But your trip reminds me of my trip 3 years ago to Hawaii because of the wonderful food and deep and clear water. Hope one day i will go to Bermuda as well.

  3. Carly

    BEAUTIFUL!!! xoxox

  4. carley

    wow! Looks incredible! I love the idea of checking into hotels by the beach in caribbean rather than packaged holidays to the typical cuba and dominican republic.. we’ve done peurti rico and bahamas… barbados looks incredible but now i am thinking bermuda!!!!

  5. Caitlin

    This looks like such an incredible trip! Your kids are going to have such amazing travel memories as they grow up! I’ve never been to Bermuda but your photos make it look unbelievably stunning!

    xx, Caitlin

  6. Julie

    What a wonderful place to visit, so exotic and so simple at the same time! You always find fun things to do with the kids wherever you go. What a joy to be able to get so close to the animal at the zoo, this must be one of the highlights for your little ones! Lots of fabulous pictures in your post as usual and lots of happy faces too:) Julie xx

  7. Megan

    What an amazing trip?! Loving those pictures and that video — too stinking cute


  8. You and your sweet family are such an inspiration to me! This trip looks absolutely incredible. I love that you and your husband make making memories such a priority with your family!

  9. Samson stuffing that huge piece of salmon in his face! :D // Eleanor sure loves her gingham skirt ;) // Love both of your swim suits, and Conrad’s floatie is too cute // I remember when I was little, all I wanted to do was grow up and do adult things. Now I’m in college and I wish I was a kid again! Still trying to figure out how to adult // The kids really do love the stuffed sea turtles; so adorable to see them carrying them around everywhere! The cookies were so pretty // Oh gosh, climbing down a 140ft hole for a ball? I’d feel so claustrophobic and/or get freaked out by the dark unknown! I’m glad someone went down there though :P // Conrad’s looking dapper with his bowtie :) // The photo Samson took of the family(-Josh) is cute! I love that there’s a lot of space at the bottom of the photograph and you can have a little insight to the photographer behind the camera (little dude with heavy camera) // Love your off-shoulder top! // Have your kids seen Finding Dory yet? :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    • TAZA

      thanks audrey! lots of my favorite moments as well! i still can’t believe the story of the boys who discovered those caves either! i feel like it’s something samson would totally do and that freaks me out to no end! (and yes! i took them to see it on my birthday! it’s cute. although kind of stressful?! the plot of the story is just kind of intense sometimes with all those sad flash backs and trying desperately to find her family again.)

  10. Alida

    What a wonderful time! And always always love your music choice.

  11. Audrie Baker


  12. Mia


    Where did you purchase that black & white striped bathing suit??? Love it.

    • TAZA

      hi mia! it’s from albion fit!

  13. Trisha

    You guys are developing some mad video editing skills! Very impressive.
    And now I wanna go somewhere tropical. I’ve never been swimming in the ocean but want to!
    unfortunately I am 7 months pregnant so I’m grounded to Utah.

  14. Rachel

    STUNNING. I’m such a California girl, I don’t even know where Bermuda is…but I want to go!

    • TAZA

      it seriously had never been on my radar before either, but we can’t wait to go back. it was amazing.

  15. Hi Naomi–what gorgeous pictures! So glad you and your family had such a wonderful time.

    Would you mind sharing where you got the adorable Popsicle bathing suit you’re wearing at the top of this post? Inquiring minds… :)

    Thank you so much!

    • TAZA

      hi megan! it’s from kingdom and state!

  16. allie

    would you mind sharing who your wedges & striped suit are x? thx!

    • TAZA

      hi allie! the wedges are really old, i bought them from anthropologie several years ago and no longer see the name on them! the striped swimsuit i just bought recently though, from albion fit!

  17. sarah

    This trip looks wonderful! Such beautiful photos! I’ve a strange question, but your children, even Conrad, seem to have such lovely table manners and lots of patience when dining out. I’d love if one day you shared some tips and thoughts on this.
    Thank you!

  18. Jenny leon

    Super amazing video !! What brand is the stroller you are using it seems very light ?? Thanks

    • TAZA

      thank you, jenny! the stroller is the bugaboo bee and it’s a great light weight traveling stroller. we use a ride board on the back as well.

  19. Lauren

    Ahh those are holiday goals right there, what a fun looking holiday! Also I so badly love the swim suits you buy, i feel like its so hard to find a nice one these days that’s not super chesty or that doesn’t have half of it cut out!…anyways, great post Naomi!

  20. Absolutely beautiful looking place. What a treat to go there! I’d love to be able to touch the turtles too!

  21. Allie

    So fun following along on your beautiful trip to Bermuda!! :) I love your straw hat, can I ask where it’s from!? A very similar one at is now sold out and I’m sad I missed out!

    • TAZA

      it’s from nordstrom and it’s only $13!

  22. Anna

    My jaw is on the floor at the beauty of Bermuda. It looks like someplace beyond my wildest dreams. You are truly *so* blessed to be given so many amazing travel opportunities.

  23. Kate

    Such fun photos and an adorable video! Love, love that you’ve been creating more videos recently!
    -Kate //

  24. Jennie

    hey taza!
    loved your video! looks so fun!
    all your under water filming is that with a gopro?
    and the ones that you got clear above how was that filmed? it was amazing!

  25. Emily

    Eleanor and Samson remind me so so much of my brother and I at that age, so close and so willing to do anything for each other :) treasure these moments dear, these are the best times and best ages!! Bermuda has always been one of my top places to go, what was the place that you went for boating?? i totally want to go

  26. Sasha


    Would you mind sharing where Eleanor’s adorable ice cream dress is from?!

    I’ve been following your blog for years, thank you for sharing!

    • TAZA

      it’s from polarn o pyret!

  27. Katie F.

    I haven’t been to Bermuda in many years and was last there with a grandfather I lost many, many years ago. The Waterlot (even though I was a teen) is one of the mos wonderful places ever because it has memories of my family from long ago. Looks like you had a wonderful trip, and thanks for the blast to the past for me too!

  28. laura

    i absolutely loved your video– you two kill the editing game. just wanted to say a quick ‘thank you’ for sharing and for always inspiring me to enjoy my family and use my creative senses. well wishes to your great family and thank you for being awesome!

    • TAZA

      laura, thanks for this! that means a lot!!! i really appreciate it!

  29. Jennie

    hey taza! darling video!
    i’m wondering what you use to film with under the water with… gopro? its awesome! and the film that went way up high? was what that filmed with? so awesome!

    • TAZA

      thanks jennie! we shot the underneath water stuff on our go pro with a water case and used a drone for the up high shots!

  30. Courtney

    Love your sunglasses! Where did you get them?

  31. McKinlay

    So incredible!! I totally want to go here now! It kinda reminds me of burano italy with all the colorful houses :)

  32. Shatha

    I’ve been waiting that post since the snap chat such a beautiful family to be inspired of I can’t wait for our family to grow and hopefully we do nice vecation as you ❤️ Love you and ur kids

  33. allison W

    you make traveling with kids seem so effortless! i would love to take my kids there but the thought is so scary. is the hotel pretty kid friendly?

    • TAZA

      we thought it was great for kids! they have a kids zone on one level and also a kiddie pool with a water slide!

  34. Camille

    After seeing how much fun this trip was, I went onto the Fairmont website to see what other locations they have! You guys sure do make traveling with the babes look like a breeze. If you ever stress out, I can’t even tell on Snapchat, haha! I remember you saying you used to shoot with a Canon T2i but it’s been years so I think it might have changed? What camera and lens do you usually shoot with now? Thank you!

    • TAZA

      Thanks Camille! We use our canon 6D and a 24-70 mm lens for pretty much everything these days!

  35. you are very lucky!!! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. I love it!! Your photos are amaizing
    Kisses from France

  36. Sabine

    Wonderful video and pictures!!! And I love you swimsuit! Could you tell me where you bouhght it? :) Thank you!

  37. Courtney

    Hey! I’m loving those bright pink sunglasses!! Where’d you get those? :-)

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are karen walkers!

  38. Wow ! Love it ! Your kids are so cool !!

  39. charlotte

    taza, that video was awesome!! and i loved that you guys still went to church on vacay ;) way to go!

  40. Erin

    That looks like so much fun! I gotta say, as a former Fairmont employee, they really are a great company. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about working for them and it looks like they have been taking great care of you guys this past year!

    (PS: You should see if you could swing a Canadian rocky mountain vacation to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge – That’s where I used to work and it’s a phenomenal place!)

  41. Tessa

    Hey taza! This was so fun to watch! Thanks for always reminding to try and be a more fun mom. I love your style and am dying for that denim skirt! Where did you get it?

    Love, Tessa

  42. Melanie

    Hi taza! Loved your pictures! Really admire the way you take awesome photos, film videos, update your snapchat and social media and enjoy the trip with your beautiful family! And who made the super cute crown braid on eleanor?? Could you show us how to make this hairdo another day? I would love to try it on my little cousin :)

  43. Kelly

    Your kids are seriously the cutest and this looks like an amazing family vacation, and I am so happy you got a few photos of all five of you! The last time I was in Bermuda I was 9 and this makes me want to go back so badly! I loved following along on Snap!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  44. Nikki

    Your children are going to benefit so much from these wonderful experiences! They are going to have some wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing with those of us who can only dream about a trip like this. It was fun to see your family enjoying your trip.

  45. Lisa

    TaZa, could you share where the blue bathing suit is from ? always looking for a sweet modest but hip suit . The video is amazing !

  46. Lux

    Where are your matching shirts from? They are so colorful and cute!

  47. Charmaine

    LOVE this video! I actually got the pleasure of meeting you at the Wickets Coffee Bar one day at work! You and your family inspire me!

  48. L

    You should for suresies do a post on body image. It seems like you don’t like to get too personal on your blog, which I get, but I think something like that could be super powerful from someone with your platform. I’d be interested in knowing how you’ve felt with body image issues in being a dancer, a blogger, and now a mamma. And how you plan on raising a daughter to feel confident in her own skin, especially in this new world of social media and how unkind people are.
    Anyway, it’s super personal, but I think it’s something women should talk about all the time, and not be scared to share our stories.
    I love your blog, loved it for years!

  49. Alyssa

    okayyyy, all of your trips just look so fun! we just did a vacation with only one baby, and it was so much harder than i thought it would be.

    you guys are giving me family travel goals BIG TIME.


  50. Kari

    I feel like you’re following in my footsteps! We stayed in Sydney and Hayman Island in 2012 and went to Bermuda in 2015…love both places! Thanks for taking pictures! That’s something I fall short on.

  51. liz

    Well what a fun surprise to see you looking so fabulous and having so much fun with your cute kiddos in our suit. So flattered! Thank you so much — really, we appreciate it– it means so much. We have so many mutual friends and I’ve only heard wonderful things about you. Hope you have a wonderful summer and thanks again.
    Liz F.

  52. Vane

    Hi Taza! Worderfull photos and video! How do you manage to save the video without loosing its quality. I’m using iMovie to edit my iphone 6 videos, but as soon as a I save them, they look much worse (image and also sound). Thanks.

  53. Molly

    Beautiful pictures!! What lens did you use? thanks!

  54. Amanda

    I love the family videos you make, they’re so fun to watch! Just wondering where you pick your music from? The videos always have nice and light, cheery music ?

    • TAZA

      thank you! i license our music through different sites. this one is by katrina stone.

  55. Frances

    1. Eleanor’s milkmaid braids!!! I can’t get enough. 2. Your matching outfits… I love them. 3. Your swimsuit. Are there popsicles all over it?! I need that suit because hello…sweets. :)

  56. Rose J.

    Bermuda looks absolutely breathtaking, and you look so beautiful! The kids are so cute, and love how they are always so jovial. I’m sure they have their moments, but you capture them at the right time! Lovely, just lovely!


  57. K

    Wow Bermuda is going to the top of my travel wish list!!! So beautiful! I have to ask where that pink skirt you wear on the beach is from. Thank you!

  58. Sarah

    Love this post. My Grandmother lives in Bermuda. My family of four would like to visit. Could you share how you got around the island with kids. Do taxies have carseats? Did you ride the bus? I think there is a lot of family friendly things in Bermuda but for a family with young children how do you get around? There is no car rental for tourists, you can only rent mopeds.

    • TAZA

      hi sarah, we used a taxi with three car seats they provided to get around the island!

  59. Hi guys,

    Thanks for your great words about the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo. I am attaching a story that ran a few days ago in our daily paper about the release of the sea turtle with the hook in its throat. It was a great release and the turtle appears to be doing well on our satellite returns.
    Please come and visit again when you return to Bermuda. I am glad your trip went well.
    Dr. Ian Walker and the BAMZ Team

  60. Robyn

    Wow! You made my home even more beautiful and exciting than I ever thought possible!!!! So excited that you and the family enjoyed yourselves so much and very happy to hear you say St George’s was your favourite spot. Next time you are there you have to try the ridiculously amazing freshly baked cinnamon buns from Sweet SAAK bakery :-)