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if there’s one thing i love more than anything, it’s getting out the front door with all three of my kids and exploring new york city. it’s that feeling of independent exploration, almost like we’re our own little bubble floating around the city, coming in contact with different sights and sounds and scents, and not really knowing what’s going to happen next… it’s that sort of spontaneous experience that keeps a day fresh, which makes me love our city life. i know i’ve blogged about these feelings before, but i’m so glad my little crew likes adventures and being out in new york as much as i do! and truth be told, i often just feel super proud and almost unstoppable just by getting to the front door successfully with all three children! yes, we’re sometimes an hour behind our tentative departure schedule, or maybe circling back home because someone forgot to go potty, but we’re on our way! and ready to spend an active and adventurous day together… i just love that feeling so much.

i’m partnering with band-aid brand today to share a couple of things i always bring with me for a day out with the kids. after about almost 5 1/2 years of packing some sort of diaper bag for being on the go, i feel like i’ve gotten pretty good at knowing what is actually worth hauling around all day and what to leave home (although truth be told there have been a few times where i’ve totally spaced and left home without diapers and wipes and yes, those were the days i absolutely needed 9,3865 wipes and at least 3 diapers in an hour for the very obvious reasons.)


my first word of advice when it comes to diaper bags is to get yourself a backpack! i only figured this nugget of wisdom out maybe a year and a half ago and i’m still bugged i didn’t catch onto this sooner.  having the weight of what i’m carrying evenly distributed on my back makes a huge difference when we’re out all day, especially since my core strength isn’t what it once was three births ago and i often over compensate when carrying a bag on just my shoulder or side.

saturday-9saturday-13saturday-1900i’d have to say the most important thing i carry around with me as a city mother is my very trusted hand sanitizer. we buy it in bulk and then i try to place them in the bottom of every single bag or backpack i own and forget about them so i always have extra on hand. other necessary items include your usual 2-3 diapers and wipes, my wallet, water and a few small and easy to carry around snacks for the kids, a couple of little books or tiny toys for lines/time on the train, etc (those itty bitty play-doh canisters are so great for entertaining in a pinch). sunscreen for those freckle kissed noses and my lipstick (won’t ever leave home without it) as well as a very well charged cell phone. all essential in my opinion.  also, being the mother of very active children has taught me to never go anywhere without a little first aid kit on hand. target sells the adorable oh joy kit, which you can get for free when you buy three or more qualifying products. or just bringing a few band-aid bandages and neosporin in a little ziplock bag or little zippered pouch does the trick. with my little ones, even the slightest and teeniest scrape or bruise from an exciting day at the playground needs to be tended to immediately, and i like having my bases covered whenever i see them running over to me at the playground for some doctoring up by mama and her band-aids. i’ve blogged about it before, but the neosporin pain, itch + scar ointment is great and i’m always impressed with how quickly and gently it works its magic.


this photo has to be my favorite photo of samson right now. he has worked so hard to learn how to do the monkey bars all by himself and he’s doing it now! all by himself! it reminds me of how he was scooting on eleanor’s scooter before he was walking, or climbing up the ropes and ladders at the playground jungle gym as he was just learning to crawl. i am really proud of his determination to do things on his own, and it makes me proud to see him accomplishing what he sets his mind to!


and then we have conrad, who takes after this brother samson except even more so and wants to do everything samson does! so hanging out at the monkey bars is what we do together most of the time when we’re around a playground. ;)


if someone would have told me before i had kids that i would enjoy spending my days at the playground with them, i would have probably really questioned them. but being with these kids anywhere in the city is always a good time. a little bit chaotic, sometimes dramatic and occasionally sticky, but a good time for sure.


what is a day in new york city without some pizza on a park bench at some point in there?! i don’t know if this is something i should be proud of, or if this means we need to cut back on the pizza, but eleanor and samson both know how to navigate a lot of the neighborhoods in the city and have incredible direction, so if we’re walking somewhere in the village and it’s not in the direction of joe’s pizza, they’ll let us know we’re going the wrong way! haha!

saturday-3saturday-20 saturday-21

she wanted to bring her watermelon purse and also her camera for our day out! so she did!


thank you to band-aid brand for sponsoring this post and also always helping mend our tiny scratches and boo-boo’s for our life on the go!

  1. Dot

    I always have a little first aid kid (including Band Aids of course) & now also carry one of those instant ice packs. I often end up giving a Band Aid to another kid on our outings because another mommy didn’t take one along. And I’m thanked profusely for sharing. Feels good to be prepared.

  2. Sammy

    Sounds like a lovely day!

  3. Meg

    Love the Oh Joy! Band aids, plus we got three boxes at Target and a FREE first aid carrier! Naomi, this dress looks so comfortable and it could be dressed up or down! Do you mind sharing where it’s from?

  4. Natali

    Absolutely LOVE your backpack and sunnies, such a chic and girly pieces!Loved all of these photos with the little ones, they’re growing up so fast, I remember your post from the first pregnancy and now there’re three of them, all mini adults like. :D

  5. Laura

    Love the dress! Where is it from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! it’s an oldie from asos!

  6. I love Eleanor’s bright outfit, and I love its movement when she was on the swing! // I remember when I was little, I thought crossbodys and messenger bags were the coolest so so adult, but now I really appreciate the practicality of backpacks, and there are so many stylish and durable options now. // Moms are magical. They think of everything, and they always have napkins. // When my brothers and I were little, it was always so hard for my parents to get us out of the house! One of us would be ready and they’d try to round up the other two, but by the time they did, the first one would have gotten bored and wandered off in the house somewhere in search of something interesting to do. // Hehe those slices are HUGE! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  7. Mary

    Where’s the lovely dress from? xo

  8. Kellie

    I love this post!! And that dress of yours!! Where is it from?

  9. Sonia

    Just wondering, doesn’t wearing such a dress make nursing hard to do?

    • TAZA

      yes, it totally does! but i am trying to wean conrad a little bit (he is seriously latched to me all day long lately when they are easy access- mostly just comfort feeding i think) so i nursed him before we headed out and then every time he asked i told him very gently no milk till bedtime. i’m not ready to fully wean, but trying to slow down the constant feedings to just a few per day for a little while longer!

  10. Giselle

    I love these posts! Also I love your dress, where’s it from? You look amazing Naomi!

  11. I’m jumping on the backpack diaper bag train! Getting around with a toddler AND a newborn is crazy. Where did you find that gorgeous pink bag?!

    • TAZA

      thanks samantha! it’s by rebecca minkoff! it’s called the lola backpack! good luck with your two kiddos! such a fun (slightly crazy) stage!!!

  12. Christy M.

    Where’s your dress from? You look great!

  13. Franny

    Hi there!

    I love your blog! Where is your dress from? And Eleanor’s?


    • TAZA

      thanks franny! my dress is from ASOS (but old, so not sure it’s still available) and eleanor’s is from Polarn O Pyret (recently! and on sale!)

  14. Leah

    Where is your dress from? It’s adorable!

  15. Emily

    Would you mind sharing the details on your shoes? They’re adorable!!

  16. Megan

    Looks like one heck of a day and gosh that pizza is making my
    Mouth water!


  17. Chloe

    hi Naomi, I hav to ask where did you get your hat from?
    You have such a precious family! Thanks!

  18. Lisa Bradbury

    First off you look fab in your dress! But I have a question about what to wear underneath some of these thinner fabrics. A huge problem for me with some of my Sonnet and James pieces. Undergarmet lumps and seams.. Help Taza!

    • TAZA

      i wear a slip!

  19. Lovely !

  20. Marissa

    What type of hooks do you have on your stroller handlebars? I too use a backpack as diaper bag, however on splash pad days I need additional bag and it doesn’t fit under my stroller, would love a hook like that to hang it on. Thanks for the tips- loved this post!

  21. Lauren

    You look amazing as always! In the UK we call bandaids, plasters. And I always make sure to have some in my bag wherever I go x

  22. Martha

    I took your advice on the backpack tip from your last post (even bought the same one from sole society :)) and it has basically changed my life! lol I’m never going back to the shoulder diaper bags! I always look forward to your helpful parenting tips, so thank you!

    • TAZA

      oh so good to hear, martha! i am the same way! such a difference it has made.

  23. Cath

    Love this! Where are your sunglasses from?! So cute x

    • TAZA

      thanks! they are by karen walker! i linked them a few posts back!

  24. You look fantástic
    Thank you for sharing this littles pieces of your live with us
    Kisses from France

  25. Pam

    Gosh, how can you look that good after three kids?! lol love your outfit taza♥ and eveything about this post actually! I’m not a mama yet but will definitely save these tips for when I need them xo

  26. I LOVE Samson’s face in the pizza pic! ADORABLE

  27. You are SO ADORABLE! and your kids, so cute. LOVE that you get to walk everywhere and I hope to do the same in Seattle with my family one day.
    Also, Where is your hat from?


  28. Maggie

    Oh my gosh, that backpack has me swooning, it’s so cute! Also slightly disappointed that your dress isn’t available anymore because I need it in my life! It looks so cute and comfortable. I swear you get more beautiful and radiant every day, Naomi. I hope my life is someday as exciting as yours! :)

  29. Kate

    So, so fun! I love your family + all the cute things you do together! That is so special.
    -Kate //

  30. Olya

    i usually just read – no time to comment – but this is such a lovely post! NYC is beautiful, tips are fantastic, and you are just glowing with happiness. Thank you for this! xoxoxo Olya

    • TAZA

      thank you, olya! means a lot!

  31. Elizabeth

    Changing to a backpack was a lifesaver! My shoulders felt instantly better. I also use a ToteSavvy (the mini is perfect for backpacks!) and am obsessed. Made my backpack the best of both worlds! Not a sales pitch, just thought I’d share from one mom to another :)

  32. bee

    hi where is your blush pink & gold wallet from? so cute! xx

    • TAZA

      it;s by kate spade!

  33. aga

    Hej Naomi! Greetings from Poland. I’m wondering whether you go and explore NY with 3 kiddos all by yourself? /if not with Josh/ or maybe you’ be got a nanny or someone to help? I really admire your positive attitude nad grin. Need your energy for my wto kiddos. Hugs

    • TAZA

      thanks! yes i go out often with just the three kids and me. i used to get nervous but now i just go! i always love when josh is able to come with us too though. makes is MUCH easier. but no, we don’t have a nanny or other help. just the two of us tag teaming it most of the time!!!

    • TAZA

      awesome! thanks for sharing! this one is a little shorter than mine, but pretty similar so a great find. thanks again!

  34. Julie

    Well done for being so disciplined about what to take with you Taza! Even after having had 3 kids like you, I still get carried away and want to plan for every possibility. The one thing I would add for sure to your list is suncream. Sometimes you may leave the house and the sky looks cloudy (ahem, especially in London!) and out of the blue the sun may show up etc. I always have with me a small version of a kids suncream just in case. My oldest has really fair skin and my youngest has still this delicate baby skin and I get worried about sunburns! Also, I like to have a pen and a little notepad for the kids to scribble if we are stuck somewhere and everybody is getting bored. Love reading your posts in any case. Always so cheerful and positive! Keep them coming:) Julie xx

  35. fiorella

    lovely post!
    i was wondering what brand are samson’s sandals? i want them for my daughter!! i’m from peru, so if there’s a place where i could get them online it would be amazing!
    thanks for always sharing such amazing tips.

  36. I love having kids in the city too! It’s so fun taking them out and exploring and I feel so blessed to be able to show them what it’s like to live in a city with all that there is to see and do.

  37. Felicitas

    Hihi from Berlin, I just watched your Snapchat today and you mentioned you nurse Conrad all the time. I want o nurse my twins alot longer (they are eight months now) but I also really want to wear my old wardrobe again (once I fit into it) wich include lots of dresses in the summer. How do you do that? I hate all nursing dresses and the bodycon you wear here seems to work for you. Whats you trick? <3 Felicitas

  38. Marney

    YES on the backpack diaper bag! I have the Honest Co. black pleather one and I LOVE it!

  39. I love these pictures! My toddler is just a little older than Conrad and he just recently started getting beyond excited for our trips to the park. It’s always amazing seeing his little face light up.

    I had a question, you’re always wearing beautiful dresses and overalls, how do you do it? I am a breastfeeding mom and I struggle so much with deciding what to wear because I have to ask myself “can I breastfeed in this? EASILY?”

  40. Kirsten

    Hi there –

    Great idea regarding a backpack. I’m going to make the switch! I’m expecting my 2nd and trying to figure out to manage carting 2 kiddos under 2 around NYC. Where did you get the stroller stand/seat? We’re looking for one like that and I’m having trouble finding.

    Thanks so much!

  41. Alison

    That photo of Eleanor on the swing with her dress billowing out is such a magical shot! As always, your family is ultimate style goals. Glad you had a fun day out!

  42. Nicole

    Hi! How do you get pictures like this when it is just you and kids? I am out with my two solo and want tips! Would love to get just one of some of our everyday activities? Does S or E take the pics? Do you hire a photographer for the blog? Love the blog! ?

    • TAZA

      hi nicole, on this day, josh was with us and he took all of these photos! when i’m out with all three kids by myself, i often snap photos on my phone and we do a lot of selfies together! but if i want a good picture and josh isn’t with me, i’ll either set my phone up with the self timer on something, or ask someone to snap one of all us together really quickly. the second option usually works best, and then i can take a photo of the stranger and his group, so it’s a win win!

  43. Katelyn

    we live in a smaller city, but i totally understand the feeling of just getting out of the house. sometimes that’s all i am willing to focus on, and then it’s a fun adventure afterward!

  44. Frances

    that photo of Samson taking a bite out of that huge piece of pizza while you’re feeding some to Conrad is so cute to me. that slice is so BIG, but I bet he ate every bit of it. i really love your dress in this post. it looked so comfortable!

  45. Katelyn

    So I saw you comment that you wear a slip under some of your dresses. Where do you find your slips?

  46. Hayley

    Where is your backpack and dress from? Obsessed with them both!!

  47. georgia

    when i’m older (hopefully this doesn’t make it sound like I think your’e old!) i’d be happy to be just as half an amazing (and stylish!) mother as you are – loved the blog post as always! x

  48. Joanie

    I love your hat! I’m pale and usually wear a hat while out with my kids in the summer. Yours is so chic! Where did you get it?

  49. Claudette

    Love love love all your posts! I’ve been following your blog since Eleanor was a wee little babe and when Samson was just born. Thanks for sharing all the photos–makes me miss living in NYC.