a video: how i style my bangs!

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most of you guys are always so nice about my bangs and send a lot of love my way about them (thank you! you’re so nice). a lot of you have asked how i style them, or get them to look how they do. i am not a hair expert in any way at all, but i made a little video of how i style them to hopefully help answer your questions if you’re also a bangs kinda girl and looking for any additional tips or tricks.

it’s pretty straight forward, the biggest tips i think include how i blowdry them and also a few of the products i use to get them to stay put all day and have some texture and volume. i hope this is helpful! shout out to my man josh davis who helped me film this and totally got a mouth full of finishing spray when i accidentally sprayed him. it’s true love guys, for sure.

the products i use and mentioned in the video:

i use either this thickening spray OR this root lifting mist when my hair is still wet. i also always use this hair resort spray by kevin murphy before i blow dry the rest of my hair. the product i use at the end to give my hair a lot of texture and volume is this one (it’s my favorite hair product, especially since i have pretty fine hair and it helps give it a lot more body.) i also love this one and often switch off between the two.

the dry shampoo i use at the end of this video is this one. it saves my bangs inbetween washings every few days. this one is also a great one, although you have to use your fingers to apply it, which is why lately i like the spray one a bit more just because it’s faster.

anyway, i love having bangs and they are the best…. until you decide you wanna grow them out cause nothing is worse than that ordeal. ;)

  1. Pilar

    Thanks for the tutorial! Love it! B&B products are so good! What kind of shampoo/conditioner do you use?

  2. Lola

    This was great! What brand blow dryer do you use? Can you please share a link?

  3. Emily

    This is super helpful! Thank you! Also, what shampoo and conditioner do you use?

  4. Abby

    Hi Naomi! Where do you get your hair cut and colored in NYC?

  5. Rachel

    Love your video especially as a fellow fringe (bangs) wearer with thin hair! Will definitely be looking into the products you used!!

    Rach // http://illustratedteacup.com

  6. Teresa

    What a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am always at a loss when it comes to bangs. I have bangs, but I end up pulling them back because I never know how to style them. Also, I like the idea of dry shampoo under the bangs… great tip!

  7. McKinlay

    Hey Taza!! You’re hair really is darling. I don’t have bangs (but you make me want some) but I have a couple questions about hair anyway! So you say you wash your hair every 2-3 days…but what about when you work out? Do you still just use dry shampoo until it’s “the day” to wash it? Cause if I didn’t wash my hair after I worked out it would be SO gross haha I sweat a lot ;) Also, does either of those dry shampoos leave a white residue at all? My current dry shampoo does and it’s so dumb and I hate so I’m needing a new one for sure!! Thanks!!

  8. christa

    I feel like I have similar hair to you and I’ve been looking for great texturizing products – thanks for the recommendations! Ive had bangs in the past and Ive been thinking of getting them again this fall – eek! :)

    xo christa | http://www.gardeniasandmint.com

  9. Gabby

    What kind of blow dryer do you use?

  10. Madeline Brichez

    Loved this video! I have been so curious on how toy style our bangs for the longest. I recently got my bangs and they have been a challenge to keep nice, ha. Thanks for making the tutorial! :)

  11. Madeline Bruchez

    Loved this video! I have been so curious on how you style your bangs for the longest. I recently got bangs and they have been a challenge to keep nice, ha. Thanks for making the tutorial! :)

  12. Krizia Thomas

    Thank you for the video! I also have very fine hair that gets oily quickly. I would love to know what shampoos and conditioners you use as years later I have yet to find the perfect setup.

  13. i love how your hair looks when your finished styling! so effortless!! i have to agree, bangs are so awesome, until you decide to grow them out ;)

    oh, she’s lovely

  14. Patty

    Oh, when I try to enter the link of that product for thickening hair, it says access denied…

  15. Marci Hagen

    Loved this darling video! It is super helpful and I can’t wait to try some of those products. I am a compulsive bang cutter/grower-outer! It might be my only talent.? Now help a sister out and tell us how you make such amazing eyebrows?!!!? Thanks!

  16. Valeria

    Love… Love your hair !!! And your eyelashes !!!!

  17. Rylee

    I don’t even have bangs and I loved this video!

    “anyway… that’s me and my bangs!” hahah so cute.


  18. Rylee

    Actually I have a question..Do you know of any good texturing sprays that are a bit cheaper? If not, would you say the ones you use are totally worth the money??

    I just cut my hair short and have been trying to get a “tousled” look going hahah


  19. Amber

    I started following you 100 years ago because we had (have) the same hair. Love it! Thanks always for sharing.



  20. Mackenzi

    First off, you’re stunning and have gorgeous hair! Also, I have the thinnest hair on the planet and so I am SO excited to try these thickening and texturizing sprays!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    Lots of love,
    The young mom that met you in Provo!

  21. Joanna

    This was an awesome video! Maybe there are “better” videos out there, but professional Youtubers intimidate me, and you showed me easy steps that I feel like I can recreate at home. Shoutout to all the other ladies who are rocking the fine hair and bangs!

  22. Leslie R.

    great tips! I want to try bangs but I’m a little scarred from a grade 8 experiment haha



  23. Sarah

    I really love this video! And…I have a question! How do you style your bun? I really love it!

  24. Lydia

    Naomi–this was so helpful! I had recently been to the salon and simply showed my stylist a picture of you and said, “this cute gal’s hair, please!” I used to rock the bangs too, but have been on the epic (horrible) journey of growing them out. I have been looking for the perfect texturizing spray, and after hearing what you used to achieve your fun look, I may have just impulse bought that B&B dry spun spray! Thanks for sharing your tips. A+ tutorial!

    All the best,

  25. Kate

    Love this! Thank you. I have similar hair and have been trying to figure out how to style it.

    Would also love a make up tutorial. You’re makeup always looks fantastic!

  26. susan

    What is the product you use on your eyebrows? they are on point! Thanks for the tutorial. About to have baby #3 and wondering if I should go the bangs route right before or around 3 months…I love bangs but I have VERY oily hair, so you know, regrets and whatnot. :)

  27. Brittney

    Yes! Blow dryer recommendation! What kind do you use? Love the root blow drying tip. Thanks!

  28. laya

    hi—love the vid. can you please do one on how you get your eyebrows so big and dark? i love your look.

  29. Jasna

    You are so cute!

  30. Kristina

    Love your bangs! You look so pretty! I had mine for 27 years – which means my entire life. Most of the time I really, really loved them, but sometimes I hated them because they do need a lot of styling. And wearing hats in winter was a no-go for me because it would make my bangs look like a complete mess. So for the first time I’m letting them grow out… Well… It’s like over 6 month and I still can’t tuck them behind my ears. :-D Patience, grasshopper…

  31. Vanessa

    This is so cute ! would love to see you do a tutorial on top knots!

  32. Sara H

    Your hair is gorgeous. you’re so lucky that its texture is pretty straight. i hate having to use a flat iron on my hair. Cute video <3

  33. Katharina

    Hi, thank you so much for sharing this! Love it.
    But when I follow the link bloomingdale’s tells me thatvthe item is not available for shipping to Europe.
    Can you give me the name of the products.
    Would be great for a desperate european mama with thin spaghetti-like hair!

  34. Br

    Hi, I think the tutorial is really great.
    Your links that go to Bloomingdales cant be viewed internationally (where I am) and as such I cant even see the name of the product. Could you switch link or switch from saying “this one” to actually say the name of the product?

  35. Krista

    Thanks Naomi! Great tutorial. I have similar hair to yours (well, the look is similar, but my hair is a natural curly, frizzy mess!) so I usually have to use a flat iron after blow drying. I will definitely be trying your techniques though!

  36. S

    I know this post is about bangs but I am obsessed with your pants in the video! Can you please share where they’re from? Thanks!

  37. Kristen

    What I love about this post is that you are a REAL PERSON – not a hair stylist. It’s so refreshing to see someone style their hair that lives in the real world – with a job and kids and without a ton of fancy products or a background in hair shenanigans. It’s actually more helpful to watch you show us how to style bangs than it is for a hair dresser. So thanks for taking the time to share this! XOX

  38. Lisa

    I don’t have bangs actually, but this was super helpful just for hair styling in general! If you make another beauty related video, please talk about what your makeup routine is! I feel like you do a really good job with maintaining a put together but natural look and I’m so curious as to what your secrets are.

  39. Lola

    Very cool tutorial, so simple and easy to follow. you should do a make up tutorial next ?

  40. Samira

    I looooove your fringe!!! Mine is a bit similar to yours! I am trying so hard to not straighten my hair as i’m on a natural hair journey lol!

  41. Samira

    (cont)….blow-drying does nothing for my fro :(,

  42. Lena

    This is so helpful! Do you have a travel version of this routine? Like you and Josh I like to travel light and carry-on only. Which products do you bring with/have smaller versions of? Do you bring a hair dryer, request one at hotels, or go without for the trip?

  43. Sarah Winter

    Hey Naomi,
    thanks for this helpful video. I have bangs as well and I struggle every time when I ride my bike because my bangs always get split by the wind in the middle and I kind of look wired when I get off my bike… Do you have any tip what to do that they don’t split in half?
    Thanks in advance :)


  44. Jill

    Wow, I’m amazed that you don’t need a heat brush or straighter to accomplish this look. It’s so easy. A mommy’s dream! Thanks for sharing. Just styled my hair the same way today (minus the bangs, don’t have any) and I’m loving it. Would be great to see more quick hairstyles (easy up-dos?) and a make tutorial. Also, I love that you didn’t edit out your bathtub full of toys. It looks like ours! :)

  45. Jenna

    Love this! Thanks for sharing. I love having bangs, but hate them in the summer because the humidity in Chicago is too much for them to lay nice. I’m actually wondering what you do when you’re growing your bangs out. You are able to style them so beautifully and I struggle to know how to work them while growing them out. Any tips?

    Thank you!

  46. Vivi

    So I bought the bumble and bumble hairspray after I watched your video because my hair totally needs some hair volume. I tried it this morning and I love it! My hair feels softer and fuller – what a big difference. Thanks for sharing your tips! I am now wondering if I should get bangs…for some reason I thought bangs are a bad idea for thin hair but you have them and they look great. I know they take more maintenance but I need a change. Advice? Tips?

    Thank you!!

  47. Brooke

    Thanks!! I’ll put in another video request: your workout routine! Your posture, shoulders, and back are so lovely and fit. Mine is shot to heck from 3 babies in 4 years and all the hunching over nursing for he past 4 years.

  48. Heidi

    This was so helpful Naomi! I always thought you had the thickest locks. I’m so happy to see there’s hope for this fellow fine-haired babe!

  49. alison

    This was wonderful! You have such great hair! Now you need to talk about those eyebrows…so perfect! xo

  50. Alisa

    What kind of blow dryer do you use?

  51. Nile

    Hi! Thanks for the tutorial! I don’t currently have bangs but I love the way you do your hair in general. I don’t think I saw a link or comment about your blow dryer – it looked like it works really well, can you share which one it is? Thanks!