a rock climbing double date adventure!

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josh and i went on a double date last night with our friends david and amber. and we went rock climbing! i probably would have never thought or suggested this for a date, but amber is always full of good ideas and i’m so glad we did it. i’m realizing that our more active dates together (like bike rides or trapezing or snowboarding, or even that one time we went sailing and i thought we were doing to die…) that sometimes get me a little out of my comfort zone, are always so much fun! and i can’t recommend them enough. last night, we did a little speed competition up the wall, which was hysterical because the boys got really into it and requested two different phone stop watches to be going at the same time to make sure the timing was legit. they were literally racing up the wall in 7 seconds! (you can still see some of the videos on both mine and amber’s snapchat before the stories expire, my user name is love.taza and she’s amberfillerup on there.)

a few photos from the evening:

rockclimbing-14rockclimbing-3 rockclimbing-4rockclimbing-7 rockclimbing-5rockclimbing-13rockclimbing-8 rockclimbing-9 rockclimbing-10 rockclimbing-12rockclimbing-2rockclimbing

such a fun night! we stopped by gotham market afterwards for a quick dinner (i forget how much i love that place) and today i have several callous breaking blisters on my hands which surely means it was a good time.  adding rock climbing someplace outdoors on a mountain to my bucket list now. let’s do it!

ps. wearing this cross back white tank and these grey leggings.

  1. I’ve never done the indoor rock climbing before but it looks like you guys had a great time.

    Double dates are always fun. :)
    Love your blog!

  2. Glaiza

    Such a nice idea for a date! :)

  3. Libby

    I love Josh’s Frager’s hardware shirt — I hope they get approval to rebuild soon!!

  4. Beth

    Your back looks awesome! I know you’ve mentioned you are going to the gym- what workout are you doing?

  5. Teresa

    What a great idea to rock limb as a dare. It would be awesome to get out of our dinner and a movie date and try something totally different. I’m totally doing this on our next date. Although I’ll have to work on my back a little more! ;0)

  6. Natali

    You look so fit!! Great photos and I got inspired to try indoor rock climbing too. :)


  7. Steph

    This is a genuine question with no hate or judgement behind it. What are the “rules” for LDS women when it comes to activewear (ie. modesty)?

  8. Cara

    Love this idea! You and Josh are so cute together. I love following along on your adventures on snapchat. The outfit you wore looks great too!

  9. Pam

    Aw the Davis and Clark families together again!♥ I love you two so much! Hoe you had an awesome time xo


  10. Bryony

    Naomi: Your love for active outings is so infectious; thank you for getting your readers inspired to stay fit, and not just via the gym–it makes perfect sense that you aspire to rock climb in the mountains now (esp being from Utah! Talk about a climber’s paradise!).

  11. I haven’t rock climbed since PE in high school! Haha there were always a few people in every class who finished all the different levels and went back to do speed rounds and try to beat each other :P Some good fun competition! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  12. Kelsey

    What a fun date idea! – This question might be a little random for this post, but I saw in a previous post that you talked a little about having lash extensions – where do you go to get them done in the city? I live on the UWS and need to find a good place to get mine done! :)

    Thanks in advance!

  13. Looks like it was great fun. I think I would barely have the strength to get a metre off the ground!

  14. Tessa

    Ok, but seriously, can you post your workout routine!? Your back is ???

  15. Molly

    back muscle GOALS mama!

  16. Maggie

    Check out those back muscles, mama!??

  17. Sandra

    U look amazing , can you post your workout routine please ?

  18. Joyce

    Where’s this in nyc? I’ve been dying to rock climb since I moved here!!! Thanks in advance for the reply.

  19. rose J.

    Yes…total back muscle goals. Turning 45 in less than two months, and I remember when I had a back like that…before four kids. Looks like so much fun, and hoping my body will be able to handle that climb! ha! ha! Kudos to you for looking so great, and working out no matter what! Happy weekend Naomi!


  20. Katrin

    If I wasn’t scared of heights, I would sooo love to do that, too! It looks like so much fun :)

  21. Martha

    I got to see the snapchat videos and when you were coming down, I somehow knew you were going to point your toe, and you did lol

  22. Great idea! I wanna be there so bad.

  23. Alissa Simcox

    Love the Frager’s shirt – such a wonderful DC gem!

  24. Kelly

    Thanks for linking to your top and this does sound like a great date!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  25. Özlem

    Ooooppss!! Your muscles made me ? Please share your workout routines annnd i love you so much❤️

  26. Stephanie

    Was this at Chelsea Piers? I’ve been looking for a fun indoor rock climbing place to try in the city!

  27. Bridget

    I love your outfit!! (You inspire many of my wardrobe purchases, ha!) Would you mind sharing what size tank you got? The reviews say it runs really small and so I’m unsure what size to order! :) Thanks Naomi!

  28. Thelma

    Wow, Lovely family, Naomi please post your workout routine as I agree you have back goals! Such a lovely blog and a beautiful family, Thank you for sharing.

  29. John

    Seems like a lot of fun!

  30. Bethany

    I need to know your upper body workout routine. I want my arms to look like that! Please post about it! ❤️