a boat ride in bermuda!

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i know i shared photos and our video from our trip to bermuda last week, but i wanted to share more photos from the day we took a boat out all around the island because that entire day was such a great day.

we thought we’d last maybe an hour or two with the kids in the boat and turn around and call it good (and honestly i was worried about being on a boat with them at all. conrad’s age is tricky right now with wanting to do everything by himself and i was worried he might wanna try to get out of the boat and into the water all the time. i had major flash backs of having to hold eleanor so tight when she was the same age when we were on the canals in venice italy because she wanted to get in the water so terribly), but within maybe 20 minutes of our boat ride, i think we all realized we are boat people. haha! and i have three water babies. if the water was as clear and turquoise and warm over here as it was over in bermuda, i would probably never wanna be on land, either.


this moment when samson snuggled up to me after i nursed C to sleep and started holding his hand! i can’t wait to watch these brothers build a beautiful bond over the coming years. at least, that is what i am crossing my fingers for.


cracking up STILL when i see photos of how eleanor and samson tucked their little stuffed animal sea turtles into their life jackets. haha.


THIS RIGHT HERE is the part i won’t ever forget. and hopefully eleanor and samson will remember a snippet of it too. (they keep talking about this moment, so i think we’re good for now!) but feeding these fish in this clear water way out by the sunken ship vixen was crazy amazing.


i know this photo is totally blurry and bad quality, but i still love it!


and that sweet face when he came down from his throw! happy baby! loves that toss action and loves his papa so.


our boat guide introduced us to a sea cucumber and let samson hold it for a quick minute before we gently put it back into the water. that was also really exciting for the kids to learn more about!


never lost at sea (although possibly motion sick from some sharp turns) with captain conrad at the wheel!


love her sweet smile here.


when we pulled over midday to a tiny secluded little beach to play in the water a bit!


i still don’t love sail boats (sorry josh), but motor boats are good! this experience was incredible. bermuda, you most definitely stole my heart.

ps. for those who asked where certain things i wore were from in bermuda, i tried to answer in several of the comments on that post, but sharing here as well!
sunglasses: red sunglasses (sold out, similar here) and light pink sunglasses. swimsuits: light blue popsicle swim suit, striped high-waisted two piece (top, bottom), off the shoulder mara hoffman ruffle swimsuit. skirts: pink gingham skirt and jean skirt (vintage, similar here.) shirts and shoes: red striped t-shirt, candy-striped button down (and eleanor’s matching striped blouse!), peplum chambray blouse. shoes: suede sandals with bows and ties hat: wide rimmed boater hat.

  1. I remember my mom sent me to swim camp once. There was an activity in which we played ring around the rosie in pool to get ourselves used to the water I suppose, and at the end we had to dunk our heads in the water. I was terribly shocked! But a few years later I’d started swimming competitively, so I guess it worked ;P // I’m sure they’ll remember these moments, and if they don’t, they always have these pictures to look back to! // omg tucking the turtles, too adorable. Gotta keep them safe though. Good thinking. Very thoughtful (: // That sea cucumber is HUGE! // I really liked the shots of Samson in the boat at 1:39 in the video and also the photo from the previous post, where you’re pointing out to something in the distance and Samson is sitting back real casual with one arm up on the boat -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  2. Teresa

    OH MY GOODNESS! This looks like it was so much fun! I love the picture of Conrad and Josh in the water and how cool was that sea cucumber!!


  3. Kelsie

    Love your lavender shorts!
    Could you share where they are from?

    • TAZA

      ah! sorry i neglected linking those! they are from ASOS!

  4. Randi

    This looks like seriously the best day ever!!!!! I’m pregnant with my second and you guys always inspire me to stay adventurous and travel with littles. Also I love your outfit!!!! You look so cute in a baseball cap!!!!

    Xo, Randi

  5. C

    Where is the black and white striped sweater from?

    • TAZA

      it’s from happy hanna’s last season!!! apologies for spacing linking that one as well!

  6. Ana

    Is Conrad nursing in one of the pictures?
    If so, congrats! And thank you for helping #NormalizeBreastFeeding

  7. Magda

    Oh.. Please take me next time with you!

  8. I love it!!! kisses from sunny France

  9. kamila

    Love the pictures. And your kids are so cute :)

  10. Camille

    If this isn’t too personal (or weird?!) can I ask where you shop for nursing bras? Haha. I am a first time mom and I am having a hard time finding nursing bras that are supportive and give you shape! Any suggestions?

  11. Leah


    I’m honestly just curious, so feel free to ignore–but at what age do you start to wean your children from nursing? And why do you show yourself nursing so often?
    I think–and perhaps its due to Western influence–it’s a bit odd to see a big child (who eats foods, drinks beverages, uses utensils, etc) breastfeeding. This is probably just me, haha.

  12. Tom

    It was pleasure to get to show your lovely family around on the boat. Your kids really took to it and got along so well together. Seem my girls
    are always competing for something. Look forward to using your New York guides next time I’m there with kids. Maybe next time your in Bermuda we’ll get you out on the Jetski tour!