summer of the splashpad!

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LOVE TAZA splash pad-19

whenever summer finally rolls around, usually after a very looooong cold winter and like 5 seconds worth of spring, i’m so ready for it. we all are. and who cares about that 90 degree humidity or constant run of sweat down your back, you’ve endured the long winter, you’re still alive! and it’s SUMMER! also, summer in the city can’t be topped. it’s inching its way to take autumn’s place as my favorite season here, and a lot of that has to do with the endless activities the city has to offer for my kiddos. one of our favorites being the water splash pads at all of the playgrounds!

the reapplying of sunscreen on little moving bodies is nearly impossible, same with begging my kids to keep their sandals on in fear of them stepping on something sharp. it’s also a struggle not to get wet myself! but can you even categorize those as struggles when the sun is out and no one is crying?! we stopped by one of our favorite summer splash pads a couple weeks ago. it was more crowded than ever, which only means it’s finally summer! and we love when it’s crowded because the kids love making new friends to run and play with!LOVE TAZA splash pad-12

and as some of you guys know from my previous posts, i’m a part of band-aid brand and neosporin’s social squad this year! we are big users of both of these in our home and when we are out at the splash pads and beaches and pools during the summer, we  love having the band-aid brand water block bandages around as well.  they are flexible and comfortable for the littles’ skin and keep water out when everyone is constantly getting wet!

LOVE TAZA splash pad-13

when you’re aiming the water cannon at someone but the kid at the other water cannon GETS YOU when you’re not looking! i died watching samson here! it was the cutest thing.

LOVE TAZA splash pad-10

OH MY GOSH! eleanor! did you know you have pineapples on your swimsuit!!!! ;)

LOVE TAZA splash pad-11LOVE TAZA splash pad-3

the kids love to dash back and forth between the splash pads and the playground since it’s all in the same space! eleanor is so good at climbing high! and i always find it so sweet how she usually camps out up there after getting to the top and just hangs out, kind of watching over the playground from up high!

LOVE TAZA splash pad-4that is the new freedom tower in the background at one world trade center. it’s the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere, and it looks like she has climbed almost to the top!
LOVE TAZA splash pad-5 LOVE TAZA splash pad-6 LOVE TAZA splash pad-7LOVE TAZA splash pad-16

i’ve learned how important it is to have a little first aid kit with me when i’m out with the kiddos. I love this one by oh joy! samson is such a go-getter, and moves so fast, that he often has a scraped knee (it’s the coolest accessory, i swear!), so we switch out his regular band-aid with a water block one when we arrive at the splash pad so it can continue to properly heal. also, funny side note: a few days ago i was telling him how his skin was building new skin where his knee was scraped and he got so animated and exclaimed, “what?! my body has construction workers!?” haha! i love him.

LOVE TAZA splash pad-15LOVE TAZA splash pad-14

also, kisses! kisses always make the boo boo better. :)

LOVE TAZA splash pad-17LOVE TAZA splash pad-18 LOVE TAZA splash pad-8

i see you, conrad!!!!!

LOVE TAZA splash pad-2this kid loves to play peek-a-boo! LOVE TAZA splash pad-9LOVE TAZA splash pad

a great start to our summer of splash pads! we are aiming to hit up a new and different one every week this summer while we’re in town.  can’t wait!  thank you to band-aid brand and neosporin for partnering with us on this post! check out the the oh joy! first aid kit HERE and water block bandages HERE.

  1. Bianca

    Beautiful family!! greetings from Brazil :)

  2. Rachel

    Splash pads are the best during the summer time! My little girl LOVES them! :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  3. Construction workers! hahah. I remember when I was little, I thought getting scratched up was cool, like battle scars, much to my mother’s chagrin. I should have listened to her :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  4. Rena

    It is easy to recognise you are all happy it’s summer! Love the pictures full of love, life and fun – and your wonderful outfit, too!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  5. Trisha

    I think it’s a right of passage being 3/4 years old.
    I remember when my son was 2, looking at a 3 year old in our neighborhood and seeing his bruised shins and thinking “is my son not active enough?” weird thought, I know.
    But now he’s almost four, always has little scrapes and bruises and I’m like- yes, he IS ACTIVE!

  6. Tammy

    how sweet! what a fun way to spend the long summer days

  7. Laura

    Where is Eleanor’s rash guard from? So cute!

    • TAZA

      it’s from crewcuts last season!

  8. Karen

    As a native of the Ozarks, I don’t know if “summer in the city can’t be topped” is true ;) but you guys sure know how to make it look like it can! Pictures of these kiddos’ happy faces always make my day. You’d better watch out for Eleanor or she’ll be climbing Everest next…

    Best, Karen
    Life in its Natural State

    • TAZA

      oh we would love to visit the ozarks someday!!!! it looks so beautiful!

  9. Liz

    Thanks for sharing, love the swim outfits on the kids. I have a son Conrads age and am looking for cute swim trunks. Would you be able to share what brand the red trunks are. Also I was thinking of also buying those sandals for my little and wondering if they do well getting wet being that they are always splashing in some kind of water.


    • TAZA

      hey liz, his red swim trunks i actually got in a little surf shop in australia! and the salt water sandals are really durable in the water. that pair used to be eleanor’s and then samson’s, and they are holding up great STILL, on my third baby!

  10. Anne-Claire

    The photo of Eleanor with the Freedom tower in the background is iconic !!Amazing post as usual :)

  11. Maggie

    Naomi I just have to say, you are rocking this bandaid sponsorship! It is one that easily could feel awkward and commercial ish and I get that vibe from a lot of blogs, but not here. I love how you’re up front about it but also fun and practical!

    • TAZA

      hi maggie, thank you so much for this comment! it really means so much because that is always my goal with sponsored posts! thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment!

  12. Tali

    Hi, can you tell me where the kids’ watches are from? They seem to hold up really well! Thanks

    • TAZA

      hi tali, they are timex waterproof watches! we found them on amazon!

  13. Jane

    Okay, this was beyond adorable! <3

  14. Kristen

    This is my favorite post yet! Very clever and lovable.
    Thanks Naomi

  15. Paula

    Summer in the city is the absolute BEST! That is our old stomping ground, we lived right around the corner. My eldest son learned how to climb in that park, and in summer he learned to love the water. I have such fond memories of those short years. Thanks for sharing. xo

  16. Gorgeous! What an lovely day! Wish I will be kid again!

  17. I love the picture of Eleanor and Conrad, so cute…!!

    Kisses from France

  18. rita

    can we see the scrape?

    • TAZA

      hi rita, i didn’t take a photo of the scrape, but you can see it healing in this post (6th photo down) which was a morning we forgot to bandage it up!

  19. Rose

    love the photos of the you guys, and we are a lover of splash pads! If your ever in Philly again to visit your sis y’all should go to the splash pad at Dilworth Park in the center of the city. Easily can catch a train there!

    happy splashing!


  20. Sherrie Harland

    These photos are adorable. Could you please tell me the name of this park. We are visiting New York later this year and the Freedom Tower is on my go see list. This park will be perfect for my 4year old daughter to get rid of some energy whilst sight seeing. I live in England and it will be the first time I travel to New York with my daughter. Love reading your blog for inspiration. Xx

    • TAZA

      the playground is at pier 25 in tribeca!

  21. I love these photos! Your photographs on the blog are always incredible, they’re so vivid and really bring the blog posts to life :)

  22. Kema

    I love your blog so very much. I’d love to have a family like yours one day. I could go on and on and point out all the reasons why but I’ll be here all day. Lol. Another thing, I met you and your family two Summers ago and I tell the story all of the time. You were so kind to me when I walked up to you. I was nervous to bother you but you were so sweet! Thank you again. One more thing before I go, I LOVE that Samson and Eleanor wear watches all of the time. I notice them in every picture. I have a thing with watches. I think it’s a very important and for adults, attractive accessory. I love to see it now more than ever especially now that every has a cellphone.

    Until next time,

  23. Hey Naomi, where is your shirt from? I love it!

  24. Kitty

    Absolutely love your blog and photos, you have so much fun travelling with kids and creating wonderful memories. Can you please tell what camera you use and where you got those lovely red flats, thanks.

  25. Kelly

    Your kids are just the cutest and I love the view of OWT from that splashpad!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes