seaglass carousel and downtown day out…

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last week, we went downtown to finally check out the seaglass carousel and hit up a favorite playground and dinner spot together. one of the biggest blessings of having the chance to currently work for ourselves means we’re often able to go out altogether for a morning or afternoon activity (although it usually means working far past midnight once the kiddos are asleep on those days — but i’m not complaining because i’m crazy productive at night and actually prefer it.) the days we’re able to swing all of us going out on an adventure (usually we tag team it during the day switching off time with the kids while the other one gets a few hours of work done) are my absolute favorite. i love and am so thankful for all the time we’re able to spend together.

it was crazy hot outside, and we made the mistake of taking a taxi down when there was some horrible traffic and no air conditioning in the taxi, but we walked for about a 20 block stretch at one point and i kept thinking, “can it get any better?!” i mean, sure it can. hello! grass is sometimes invitingly greener on the other side, and in other places, and i am human like anyone else with an incredible eye to spot beautiful green grass that is just so darn pretty.  but if i know anything about myself and what makes me happiest, it’s being with this little family of mine. as long as i have them, i’ll be forever happy.  i’m the biggest believer in finding joy in the simple things around you, as cliche as it is, it’s the truth. i’ve also learned you do that best when you have good people by your side, friends or family, doesn’t matter. just surround yourself with good people you love, who lift you and love you and make you want to be the best version of you. walking those twenty blocks with my people, where the littles were calm and content, as we observed the incredible city around us and all the insane smells, sounds and movement surrounding us, while josh and i talked about our family and our dreams, it was a really good twenty blocks.  i’ll remember that little walk forever, because it brought me back to this spot of peace. of being with my loved ones in my favorite place and feeling thankful. very very thankful.


that dark sliver out there in the distance is our statue of liberty! and those two cuties to the left are MINE.


i’ve been trying to find ways to keep hats on my kids with all this heat and sun. they usually don’t last more than a few minutes, but i’m hoping they’ll get used to it at some point and not even feel it on their head! (any tips or tricks?!) eleanor is so cute how she often tends to flip her baseball cap around when i stick it on her head! i don’t know where she picked that up, but i find it pretty endearing.


a little bit sad that eleanor is about to outgrow mini melissa’s shoes. she’s in their biggest size right now and i’m bummed we’ve arrived at this point. these melting popsicle jellies might be my favorite pair she’s owned yet, although for sentimental purposes, i’ll never get over the kitty cat and fox shoes she wore when she was little!


he’s so good at teaching them all about the world! we found lots of countries on the globes and talked about places we have visited together and places we hope to go! they mostly just get so excited to find their home, new york, on the map!


they are so good on these things! i have rock climbing on our list of things we’d like to do together once they are a little bit older!


whenever we go to bubby’s (one of my all time favorite restaurants in new york!) eleanor reminds us of other times we have been there. “remember when we rode bikes here with sullivan and his family?!” (that was over two years ago, ps!) and “remember when we came here with aunt hannah after art class?!” i love that she remembers!


so, there was a moment the other week where i heard samson quietly singing to himself in the nursery as he was playing. he was singing the chorus to regina specktor’s “all the rowboats” and i have to tell you, it was a very proud moment of motherhood for me. :) never mind those abc’s, you sing your heart out to regina anytime you want, samson!


seaglass carousel time!


but seriously, how beautiful is this thing?! we rode it twice! the kids kept asking again, again!


working on his new fishy face as he was going around!


all of us in the picture!!! you can read more about the carousel here, if you’re interested. it was built where new york’s first aquarium once was, and kind of takes on this more mystical underwater experience that is pretty cool.  the fish seats move in all sorts of patterns, so you’re twisting and turning and moving all over the place and not just going in circles. we’ve certainly never been on a carousel quite like it.

ME: lace blouse (sold out, but very similar HERE), bobo choses skirt, jcrew flats, karen walker sunglasses, striped utility tote bag and lipstick (color underage red!) ELEANOR: melting popsicle shoes, and denim culottes (sold out, but similar HERE.)  the kiddos baseball caps from the US Open collected over the past few years.

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  2. Anna

    My 3yo loves Regina Spektor too! Her favourite is On the Radio; I often hear her humming it to herself in bed. So cute.

  3. Noemi

    Lovely! What exactly do you guys do, working for yourselves?

  4. Marijana

    Off topic question-why aren´t you on facebook? Love to see you there :)

  5. Alicia

    Sounds like a beautiful day. Love your writing btw. And your outfit too :) However exhausting that days with our kids can be, they`re usually also the best. Just seeing their excitement for everything we come across.. We learn to live life just a bit better with them. X Alicia

  6. Kate

    I really enjoy reading you blog but your photos are just too big now to easily scroll through. Most are longer than the browser window on my laptop. I miss your old format. Just wanted to let you know.

  7. Rachel

    I love Eleanor’s shoes! They are the cutest! I think it is so awesome that you make time to do things with your kiddos. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  8. Megan

    Sounds like such an amazing day! I love following your adventures around the city and y’all are the best parents


  9. In the center of France it is very could it seems fall!!! I love see the summer time in your pics.

    Kisses from France

  10. Tammy

    eleanor’s sandals are beyond adorable, although i did feel like the melting popsicle this weekend because it was so hot!

    the carousel is also beautiful at night, where everything is lit up and the music is playing in the background. i live and work downtown and wouldn’t change it for the world.

  11. Karen

    Samson’s naming had nothing to do with the Regina Spektor song, did it ;)? That carousel is beautiful! Really curious as to what Samson is prodding with his fork because it looks all kinds of unhealthy and wonderful…

  12. Jaime

    Could your family be any cuter?!?! :)

    How do you make it work riding in a taxi with your littles? I am getting ready to travel to Chicago in a couple weeks with my son and I am trying to figure out public transportation options… taxi, trains, etc. Any tips + tricks?

    – Jaime

  13. I love Eleanor’s pants! // I remember my mom used to always make me wear hats when we went out, and I was always so annoyed because I didn’t like the way hats felt like they were stuck to your head with sweat when it was hot out. But now looking back, I appreciate my mom making us wear hats! // I have two younger brothers–one two years younger and one seven years younger. Around the time my brother and I were in middle school together, Rihanna’s Disturbia was pretty popular, so we played/hummed that a lot. One day at a family party, one of our older friends (in college) heard our littlest brother singing Disturbia and he was so shocked :P // It looks like you had a wonderful afternoon that you’ll cherish for a long time! I agree, it’s the little moments :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  14. hanna

    The photos on the rock wall are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  15. Hope

    This looks beautiful and amazing! I love the little blurb about your walks and your family – such a wonderful experience to hold dear. Your outfit and lipstick are so great and Eleanor’s little shoes are so sweet :)

  16. Brooke

    My son is 6 and fair skinned. While hats are cute, I’ve had better luck with visors. I think there head stays a bit cooler, plus it is more wind resistant.

  17. Jessica

    I can’t believe Eleanor is still able to wear a size 10! I got so bummed out when my little girl grew out of the mini Melissa’s too.

  18. Heidi

    It is the simple things in life!! In today’s society, it is so easy to compare our lives to others through social media outlets, and it’s easy to feel like you have to compete with those around you in always having something to post, or picture, etc. There is this pressure to always look perfectly put together, and always doing activities, or trying to “keep up with the Jones” if you will, and it is so easy to feel inadequate in comparison.

    There have been countless studies that have shown that those who live in poverty, even those living in the slums, are some of the happiest people on earth. They have their families and cherish the time spent with them. They don’t need money, or fancy things, as long as they have their families.

    I am proud of you girlfriend, for having your priorities spot on! Time spent with our families is the most important thing we have in this life, and those relationships are the only things we will take with us into eternity. I loved when you said, “Just surround yourself with good people you love, who lift you and love you and make you want to be the best version of you.” I love that!!

    I commend you on how beautifully you capture the simple, everyday moments with your family. You have turned those simple moments into something special and to be remembered. Those moments will be a cherished keepsake for you, your kids and your posterity for years to come. Your kids will remember you, as parents, spending everyday moments with them. There is no greater gift you can give your children than your time and attention. You can clearly see how devoted you are with your time, love and life to caring for your family! :)

  19. Gia

    Lovely photos. make me really want to travel to new york during summer time.
    Hey, Naomi, I think the instagram link is broken. I can’t see any updated photos from my end. Or is it me?

  20. Jenna

    I don’t know how you manage to work far past midnight and still be productive the next morning. I work for myself/from home as well and often am working into the wee hours so that I can enjoy the time I am home with my one year old during the day, but staying up late always leaves me sleeping in until the very last minute when my husband leaves for work and even then I’m still a zombie for the first few hours of the day. Any tips for how to be up and at ’em after a late night of work?

  21. marilu

    i really loved reading this post! the kids are getting so big! such a lovely family (:

  22. Tara

    The kids are adorable! I really love this post! Cute family ;)

  23. Courtney

    Hi guys.
    I was just looking on your contact page and can’t seem to find the right email to message you so thought i’d comment here instead.

    A while ago you put up a post about you all going off to a family day where the kids designed and built there own miniature tree houses. In that post you mentioned that Josh was really good at finding activities for you all to do and I was hoping you might share how exactly he finds them.. is there something specific he types into google to see what comes up etc??

    I’m in Melbourne AUS and am wanting to find fun stuff to take my kiddos to that aren’t necessarily the main attractions and am struggling to find things other than play centres and parks (which are great but coming into Winter now we need more indoor outings)

    thanks lots xx

  24. Meg

    Yes, I’m almost 25 but I need some melting popsicle jellies in my life!

  25. Emma

    I love those Mini Melissa’s!! Have you also seen Zuzii? They have super cute shoes and they go up to our size (women)! So you’d have shoes for a lifetime – haha.

  26. Lauren

    That carousel is so gorgeous! I want to go on it! And thank you for always posting your outfit links so I can get your cute clothes!

  27. van campos

    this text touched my heart. i tend to see the grass so much greener on the other side too, it’s so easy to do so. i live in são paulo, it’s very similar to new york and it’s crazy how much i tend to compare myself at times. so, just wanted to thank you, for reminding me of the things that make me happy and reminding that my grass is beautifully green. xox