nine years and one day.

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yesterday marked nine years of being married to this incredible man on the left. we’ve jam-packed so much into these past nine years that sometimes it feels like we’ve surely been married for over twenty, while other times it feels like it was just yesterday that i was kneeling across from him, holding his hands and looking into his teary eyes while saying yes. thank you for loving me, josh davis, through my good times and my terrible times and all the times in-between. thank you for putting us, and our family first. always. i love you forever, happy anniversary!

  1. Mollie

    I can’t believe you have been married for that long… I have been following you guys since before you were pregnant with Eleanor! Happy Anniversary!

    xoxo Mollie

  2. Julie

    How excellent Taza! We’ve been married 9 years and 25 days ourselves and like you now the proud parents of 3 little ones! We’ve always lived in London since we got married though so it does not feel like things have been too crazy but just going at a nice pace. I have already told hubby next year we need a proper celebration and I am sure you will also do something special for the occasion. Still pondering whether to celebrate it with the kids or actually treat ourselves to a little romantic getaway. Married life can be so brilliant, it’s nice to be able to let go and have a companion who is always by your side but it’s also lots of hard work and disagreements, I never expected it to be so challenging and yet so rewarding at the same time. Hope you have a lovely day! Julie xx

  3. Sammy

    Happy 9th! You have a beautiful family for sure!

  4. Ana

    Feliz aniversario!!
    9 years is 1/3 of your life! Isn it interesting when we see it that way?

  5. Congratulations !!!Happy anniversary!!!!! It’s also our 9years!!!?

  6. Happy Anniversary, and that is a beautiful photo!! Love your blog too. So pretty.

  7. Ana

    Awww! Happy Anniversary you guys! We are coming up on 5 years and I can’t believe how fast time is flying by.

  8. Pam

    This is so sweet! You two are lovely people and parents to your little ones! Such a heartwarming family to keep up with :) Congratulations on your anniversary!♥

  9. Arman

    Happy anniversary

  10. Jane

    Happy Anniversary to you & Josh! I can’t believe you’ve been married for so long! When I first started reading your blog – I think you’ve only been married for about a year or so.

    Now you’ve been married for 9 alongside three adorable children. I look forward to more posts from you.

  11. Sinead

    Aw happy anniversary!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Wow, so many 2007 weddings! Our 9th anniversary was on May 12th, in SLC (now in WA)! It’s been fun watching our lives sort of parallel for so many years. We have two babes, but my husband and I are the same ages as you and Josh. Cheers to many more years! Also, i love that you shared your memory from your wedding day. Mine is described the same. <3

  13. Vickie

    Happy Anniversary!

  14. You look gorgeous. I love your headpiece.

    Isn’t it amazing and even kind of scary how fast time passes sometimes? You can’t remember life without them, but it feels like the wedding was yesterday. Oh I get it.