new LET’S CHAT video!

thanks for all your questions on our first LET’S CHAT video! we loved reading through all of your questions and thoughts and are excited to put more of these together! in this video, josh and i chatted a little bit about our history: the first time we met, our first date (over 10 years ago!!!) and how josh asked me to marry him.

i actually hadn’t planned on us sharing these stories in this video and thought we’d talk more about marriage and relationships in general when we headed to central park to film it, but it was so much fun to reminisce and relive some of these favorite moments, so thank you for indulging us! and i know several of you asked how we met and how josh proposed, so i guess it worked out for this one! i can’t believe i never blogged about our first meeting or date, all those years ago!

also, i feel like i have to apologize for when josh and i get super excited and start talking over one another. lol! we seriously were trying to piece together a few of these stories for the first time in ages so we were getting a little animated and excited remembering everything here. haha!

keep your questions coming! you can ask them in the comment section on my youtube channel or tweet me! we hope to film these more often!

my sunglasses are karen walker (exact style sold out, but in tortoise shade HERE, and same pink color HERE, just slightly different shape.)  striped t-shirt HERE and wearing maybelline lust for blush lipstick.

  1. Elizabeth

    So did he eventually catch up to you at the end of church and ask for your number?! Haha! This was too cute. <3

  2. Chesson High

    I would love for yall to chat about what it was like to transition into parenthood and what is was like being first time parents! You guys seem to have kept the fire alive throughout the 9 years and its amazing to see!

  3. Kristy

    You guys are so adorable, I love how you first met, just like the movies!
    Have followed your blog since the early days, back when you wore those cool glasses Naomi and you had your adorable dog.

    Keep the videos coming!

  4. Ahhhhhh love these videos, You guys are adorable! Hope to see you again soon!

  5. So so funny!! I’ve loved the video!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, I broke my engaged ring the first week!!! O_O!! hihih

  6. Caitlyn

    Such a great video and thanks for sharing with us!

  7. Brandi

    What are your favorite lip colors and nail colors Naomi?? I love what you’re wearing in this video!

  8. Mika J

    I can’t wait to watch this, you guys should really making videos/vlogging a more regular thing! love you guys

  9. Hannah Ivy

    You two are so sweet together! I love how genuine and real you are. I would love to hear a story about your pregnancies with all your littles, Naomi :)

  10. hanna

    You guys are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  11. Siobhan

    Great video!! You guys are adorable!!
    I would be interested to hear more about how you two work on your parenting style(s). How do you come together on deciding how to handle situations with your kids? Have you read any books that you could recommend parenting or did you take more inspiration from your own families?

  12. Mackenzi

    I loved this video! I was smiling the whole time! You two are so cute and fun together! I’d love to know what early parenthood was like for you two! And the transition from 1 kid to 2! And even 2 to 3!

    Thank you for sharing with us! You two are so darling and are such good examples!

  13. Kelsey

    I love these! They are so genuine! Question for a future chat: Can you share some stories about Eleanor, Samson and Conrad that make you laugh and smile everytime you think about them? The kind of stories you know you’ll be sharing at their graduations and weddings, that maybe haven’t appeared on the blog.

  14. mackenzie

    thanks for sharing your life with us! you set such a great example for the world of a happy, healthy, God-centered family.

    I’d love to hear about your parenting theory- how to deal with tantrums (especially in public) how to praise appropriately, how to help them find their own nitch… etc. Any parenting books that have really shaped your opinions?

    also, interested in how you and josh deal with conflict in marriage. (i mean your marriage looks amazing,) just wondering if you have tips for communicating, conflict resolution, comforting etc.

    again, thanks for these sweet videos! looking forward to the next :)

  15. Lori!

    These are so fun!

    I want to know… do you ever relax?! It seems like you’re always on the go!

  16. Robmary

    sorry if this is a ton to ask, but is there any way you could caption your videos? Thanks! love and good vibes to your cute little family!

  17. Jules

    You guys seem so friendly and genuine, and such a cute engagement story. In a fort, I would love something like that to happen to me one day :)
    Would be nice to hear something about how you celebrated graduation, or what traditions you have in celebrating such occasions.. and about your parenting style.. or about differences between living in Utah and in New york.. keep them coming :)
    One tip, might be nice to have the camera on a tripod, or if you have built-in image stabilization. It is a bit shaky. Other than that, so fun!!:)

  18. Gabriella

    I love love love this! Seriously, you both are just adorable. I’ve been reading your blog for years (since before Eleanor and I think even before DC) and your videos make you even more loveable! I’ll think of some questions if I get to it, but this video had me smiling so much! Especially your answer to his proposal, Naomi!! Ha!

  19. marilu

    love watching all of your videos they’re the best! :) and you guys are seriously adorable!

  20. Ashley

    Thanks guys! Your chat videos are just so great! What nail polish color is that, Taza? Love!

  21. Delaney

    You two are so stinking cute it’s not even funny!

  22. Jen

    I love your videos! I would love for you to do a video about parenting. The way you parent your children is so endearing. I feel like you guys are such great role models as parents and I would love to know what your favorite parenting books are and where most of your ideas came from. Thanks!

  23. Jamie

    This video is ADORABLE. I love it!

  24. Amanda

    Sorry to exclude Josh from this one, but I think the world over would thank you for some beauty tutorials; specifically, your bangs are the bangs that launched a thousand ships! SHOW us your hair routine! I’m also very interested in your new workout regimen and while you’ve revealed snippets on snapchat here and there, I’d love to know what you’re doing or whose programming you’re following. I sense you’re a reluctant beauty/fitness guru, but your style is so uniquely yours while also being prime for imitation, I think all your followers would love more info on both!

  25. Quinn

    Hiya!! Big time supa fan here! Lol. But really, love you guys. So I must know: why/where/how Josh came up with your nickname. I know it means ‘cup’ in spanish/italian…is it because you enjoy cups? own many cups? you’re cute as a cup? I’ve been curious for years now! Also do you have specific nicknames for the kiddos? Thanks Davises! Keep doin what you’re doin. Woopwoooop!

  26. you guys are way too cute!

  27. Sage

    cute!! I’d love to hear about where you see the blog going over the next few years? how do you see it developing as your kids get older? what are your goals for it? <3

  28. virginie

    so funny and cute ;)
    “you already got the ring ?!” made me laugh !

  29. DeLaney

    Josh’s impression of you was so funny!!! Can’t wait for more of these types of videos!

  30. Sara

    If it’s not too personal, I’d like to know how you weaned your kids from nursing. My youngest will be 2 in September and I am OVER nursing but he enjoys it so much and I don’t know how to get him to stop. My other little one completely lost interest at 6 mo. so it was an opposite situation. Also, when you went on your girls’ getaway did Josh have help with the kids? I’d like to hear from him how it was juggling the kids alone. I’d love a video shot over the course of a day to show us “a day in the life” from sun up to sun down. Thanks for the videos and for sharing!

  31. Elena

    Would you please share a list of blogs you read? Friends of yours with blogs? Family/kid-oriented/fashion/lifestyle blogs? Most bloggers have a list someplace of blogs they like to read but I’ve never seen one in your space. Please and thank you :)

  32. Abeer

    loved this! almost feels like i m writing right in front of you and chatting up, haha. been following your blog since ages!!

  33. Signe

    Really nice video, but I got really confused everytime you both talk at the same time. It’s cute that you’re both so engaged and want to tell the story, but video wise, I’d really appreciate it if you could speak once at a time.

    Question wise: me and my boyfriend are starting to think more seriously about kids. I’d love to know the thoughts and transitions you two went through before, during and right after your first pregnancy with Eleanor. Especially Josh’s POV as it must be a different perspective.

  34. Alida

    Hi guys, I’m enjoying your video’s, and seeing more of your personalities this way. Loved today’s story…And always wish your kids were older iso younger than mine, because you have such great ideas.What I would like to hear in future chats….your birth stories (if you’d care to share them), background stories of your wedding day and how you decided on your kids names. Also.. how you get such great photographs every time!

  35. Alida

    Oh, I’ve also been wondering, Naomi, about what made you stop dancing? But if you’re sensitive about sharing it, I’d totally understand.

  36. Taylor

    I’d like to hear more about your days at Juilliard and dancing! Did you enjoy your time there? Do you ever miss dancing?

  37. Aria

    YOU GUYS ARE ADORABLE!! Are you guys planning on having another child or is 3 enough?

    Wishing you guys the best

  38. Meghan

    What traditions have you kept from your own upbringings, and what traditions have you started together? Specifically what are your favorite traditions around the holidays?

  39. Celia

    Maybe about your honeymoon trip? Where did you go? :)

  40. JoPo

    So nice to read/watch you!
    We want more of Josh&Naomi! Your hapiness is contagious.


  41. Rosie

    I would love to know how you picked out your children’s names. I have stories for each of mine and they know them by heart. I know it can be quite personal, but I’d love to hear. Thanks for sharing!

  42. CC

    So funny! This kind of reminds me of my husband and I when we first met and got together. We actually met about 3 or 4 times before I remembered him. I would never recognize him or remember that we had already been introduced. Oops.

    I laughed so hard at the end when you said you had to pick up the check because Josh was broke after buying the ring. Lol!

    How about talking about your engagement and wedding next? Like, any wedding day jitters or catastrophes that are funny now? What is a favorite moment from your wedding for each of you?

  43. Melissa

    You guys are so cute! Love these vlog posts! I would love to know what types of foods you integrate into your diets since you made that vlog about eating clean! You guys seem to have a great balance of indulging but also eating extremely healthy, and I’d love to know how you do it!

  44. Carole

    Love the videos…you two (and your kids) are the cutest! Any chance you can turn the background music off while talking?

  45. Sarah Winsted

    Thanks so much for sharing your story it’s very endearing! I’ve so enjoyed following your blog the past two years! Your family is def. on my bucket list to meet one day! I nanny three little girls and some of our favorite videos to watch, are of all the family adventures you all take. Would love to know more about your all’s lives before you all met? What singleness was like?
    Stay Fabulous!
    Sarah ☀️?

  46. karis

    Love that you guys are doing more videos with just the two of you! It would be great to do a whole family addition someday.

    Keep up the great chat videos!

  47. Mhairi

    It’s so nice to hear you guys talk about your relationship and the big moments you have had together! I think the video catches those memories perfectly! Keep them coming :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  48. amy

    you two are really cute on videos together but it’s hard to follow such a long video when you talk over each other so much, i was trying to listen to both of you because you are both good story tellers but sadly, i don’t have the ability to listen to two people talk at the same time because quite simply, it makes me want to break a pencil over my knee. & i am not a violent person, so yeah. i mean this is the nicest way possible! like telling my friend yes, your butt does look big in those jeans. it comes from the heart.

  49. Kelly

    You two are seriously the cutest and I really hope I run into you both in New York soon!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  50. Please make videos more often! This was the cutest!

  51. Madi

    Naomi! How do you get your hair to have so much volume when it’s straight? It always looks so nice! I find that when I straighten my hair it falls flat so quickly! xo!

  52. Jill

    Heartwarming and adorable! Thanks for sharing. Would love to hear more about Naomi’s dance story. When did she start dance? Did she always like modern dance? Did she start off as a ballet dancer? How did she end up at Julliards? Aspirations for future with dance (e.g., teach)? Etc.

  53. Kelly

    You guys are adorable! Love checking in over her and seeing what you are up to. I feel so inspired by you guys and your little family. A very uplifting place to be. Thank you for sharing xx

  54. Alyssa

    I love hearing your stories! Thanks for sharing. Would you touch on a typical day with 3 kids? Maybe even a typical week? I have just one child currently, but living in Denver and about to be carless, I’d love to hear about how you explore and use your time with your kids in the city!

  55. Cait

    I LOVED this!! Thank you so much for sharing. I just love people’s stories, especially how you met or got engaged. So sweet, and I can totally relate to the excitement of telling people/remembering together – I love those moments with my husband when we have dinner with someone new and exchange those crazy, blessed stories. Love it!

  56. Shannon

    I just adore you two and your sweet little family. I have for so long and I should comment more often because your page and what you share with us truly brings me joy!

  57. Hanh

    you guys are both so funny! <3

  58. Emily

    You two are adorable!! Loved this video!

  59. Tanya

    LOVE this! What is your nail polish color??

  60. V.

    I love how you interact. The background music is somewhat disturbing. Maybe it is possible to turn it down a bit.

  61. Chelsi

    I love you guys! this was such a cute video. I love seeing these videos and getting to know you better! Also love following you on snap chat to get a glimpse into everyday life!

  62. Brianna

    What places would you recommend to travel to & what tips do you have for traveling with not a lot of money?

  63. Maggie

    Your love and friendship is infectious. Thank you for sharing!

  64. Vanessa

    Loved this video! You guys are adorable! How do you guys teach the gospel to your children and how do you find time to cultivate your testimonies as parents with littles?

  65. Aubrey

    Loooooved this video! You guys are super cute and seem so nice too. I guess my questions would be: What’s your best marriage advice? Tips on traveling with kids (love your posts about that)? And where are your favorite places to visit? Thanks!

  66. Riann

    Love the Let’s Chat videos! They are so genuine. I have a question, “How do you juggle parenthood, work, your marriage and just other obligations (i.e. friendships)? I’m a new mom and find some days more difficult than others. Do you have advice for my husband and I? Our son is 4 months old.

  67. Eda Korkmaz

    Hi. It’s so nice to see your lovely kids grow up everytime I come to your website:) I really think you should start daily vlogging <3