my 30th birthday with my best girlfriends!

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so, i turned 30 years old last friday!!! the day was so wonderful, and i’m so excited for this milestone to be here. i’ve been ready for it and i’m excited for my 30’s! the day started off with a homemade breakfast of ebelskivers by josh and the littles for me, i took eleanor and samson on an early morning movie-date AND we might have put sparklers on top of a huge pile of my favorite levain cookies before eating lunch! (when you’re 30, you can do stuff like that. ;)

i also got to spend the next 24 hours with some of my best girlfriends (many of whom don’t live in new york city but flew in for the occasion) all thanks to josh for putting together the sweetest 24-hour birthday itinerary for us where i seriously felt so so spoiled and loved all weekend long. we had dinner at mercer kitchen, our nails made all pretty at paintbox nails, biked down early saturday morning to doniminque ansel’s bakery for cronuts and in-between all that, most of us stayed up all night long at an apartment we rented downtown chatting until the sun came up.  it’s one of the reasons i value these friendships so much, because these girls always leave me feeling so inspired and challenged but also so encouraged and loved by our conversations and i’m so thankful for it.

a stole some of these photos from my friends, but below are a few of my favorite pictures we snapped during the day (and night) last weekend:

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thanks for these balloons, mary martha! i LOVED them!!!!!

LOVE TAZA birthday group picLOVETAZA 30th birthday1-5LOVETAZA 30th birthday1-3LOVETAZA 30th birthday1-6

love this girl so much. so glad sonnet james has brought us together and consider her such a dear and close friend! she’s a real good one, that whitney!


and i just have to say how sweet this lady on the left is, my girlfriend amber, who literally had just flown in from italy with her family about an hour before my birthday dinner started, but STILL came by and ate with us (even though it was like 5AM her time in italy.) the sweetest!


making everyone walk over to rice to riches after dinner with me because i’d been waiting several months to get to eat my big bowl of rice pudding (my favorite is the chocolate chip flirt) and even though i felt so full and sick by the time we got there, it was worth it. ;)

LOVETAZA 30th birthday-6

not sure how we never got a shot of everyone in their matching jammies (thanks for coordinating this, MM) but this was so much fun! and thank you to lizzie for that birthday cake from amy’s bread (THE best!)

LOVETAZA 30th birthday3-2LOVETAZA 30th birthday3

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bike rides on citibikes to get our donuts!

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love all these girls here so much. i could go on and on and on about each one of them.

LOVETAZA 30th birthday-17 LOVE-TAZA-birthday3

ending with some shake shack in madison square park before we said our goodbyes and went back to our loved ones at home.

LOVETAZA 30th birthday-11

thank you so much for helping me celebrate, ladies! and to josh for putting this together! i felt very loved and it made my week getting to see so many of my friends that aren’t close by anymore. and thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes, too! it means so much to me. i love you all!!!

ps.. apologies for neglecting to link clothing sources earlier! my white shirt (it’s actually a bodysuit!) and pink gingham skirt with ice cream truck wedge heels. pink sunglasses HERE. my cream dress i wore to my birthday dinner from HERE. white pant suit from biking and shake shack from zara with birkenstock sandals. matching pajama’s HERE from target! :)

  1. woauw Naomi! What a wonderful weekend have you spent with your friends!

    Welcome to the 30′ They are so marvelous! you will see! I promis!

    Kisses from France (I’m already in my 40′ O_O ufff) :)

  2. Alyssa

    Where are these adorable pajamas from!?

  3. Stephanie

    You are jus the cutest, Naomi! Happy birthday!

  4. Karen

    What a wonderful birthday present from Josh, and a wonderful way to celebrate 30! I can only hope mine is half as extravagant!

    Best, Karen
    Life in its Natural State

  5. Alyssa

    Looks like you had such a fun birthday weekend! Its always nice to spend time with friends! Where is your pink plaid skirt from? It’s beautiful!

  6. rose J.

    Matching jammies, mani, and an itinerary of delicious outings in my favorite places!!! Such a lucky girl to have amazing friends. Hang on to them. Mine are all spread out all over the world, but am grateful to have at least ONE close by to do stuff with! Glad your 30th year turned out to be all that you wanted it to be! Have a wonderful birthday year Naomi!


  7. Natali

    Awww! Looks like just what the girl wants for her b-day celebration ,esp. 30th one!! Happy birthday and may all of your wishes come true and my love, health and happiness follow you thought the whole year. :)

  8. Alison

    What a lovely way to celebrate your birthday! You’ve made turning 30 look not so scary – thanks! :)

  9. celeste

    this looks so sweet and fun! happiest (belated) birthday naomi!! xo

  10. Annie

    Hi!! Love this post and your outfits!! Where is you white top that’s paired with the gingham skirt from? Thanks, and have fun in Bermuda!!


  11. Jamie

    This is so so sweet and special! Go Josh – what an incredible thing to put together. And what adorable matching jammies.

  12. Emma

    It’s such a lovely story, it seems like everything is possible there in New York
    Where your white dresse comes from ?

    Kisses from France

    • TAZA

      thanks emma! it’s from style we!

  13. Sarah

    Can we source all the AMAZING clothing you wore in this post?

    • TAZA

      i’m so sorry i spaced the links! it was like 2AM and i was fading! will add now to the bottom of the post!

  14. Whitney

    It was the most fun birthday I’ve ever been to! Thank you for being my friend and for letting me have a chance to get to know all the other women who hold a place in your heart. Such good people ❤️ Love you and happiest birthday wishes you to and your 30’s. I can’t wait to watch you make the world a better place with your love.

  15. kate

    overindulgence at its finest.

  16. Ahlin

    I LOVE this. My birthday was on Monday (20th) and I had all my girlfriends over to watch The Bachelorette and eat my favorite chocolate Costco cake. It was the best birthday ever, why haven’t I done this before?! :) Happy birthday month Naomi!!!

    • TAZA

      happy birthday to you!!! that sounds amazing. i love girls nights watching the bachelorette! so fun.

  17. kristen

    oh my gosh, i was so touched to see all of this! you are one loved girl! :) please please, will you share where those pjs are from?? i am seriously in love with that pink!

    • TAZA

      they are from target!

  18. Hailey

    Where is the outfit you were to shake shack from? so cute! Happy birthday!

    • TAZA

      it’s from zara!

  19. Leslie R.

    Looks like a great time! Everyone is so stylish and definitely were spoilt by friends and love!


  20. happiest birthday naomi! what a wonderful way to welcome your thirties!! xo

  21. Pam

    What a lovely group of girlfriends you have! Love to see you so happy and hope you had a lovely birthday Naomi!♥

  22. tilly

    happy belated 30th to the gorgeous naomi !!

    you inspire me every day to be a happy, fun, loving girl and i am so excited to get out and explore the world (new york is at the top of my list) because of you and your happy go lucky way of life!

    what a dream this birthday appears to have been… you are very blessed and living the good life. you’ve done good naomi! what a great life to be living!

    i mean, a matching girls slumber party with all your best friends = heaven !!

    enjoy your thirties, xoxo

  23. Love this! I turn 40 this summer, so I’m going to spend the year taking 40 people out to lunch: people who helped shape the first 40 years and people I hope will inspire the next 40. Make these milestones count, right?

    • TAZA

      i LOVE that idea! very cool!

  24. AWESOME! Can you let us know some of the outfit details? Especially your white dress!! Thirties are the best, Welcome! x

    • TAZA

      yes sorry i totally spaced the links at end of post! the white dress i wore to dinner is from Style We! i love that site!

  25. Maggie

    Happy birthday! Nice to see You and Amber are friends :) I saw your kids in her Aticcus birthday fotos :)

  26. Abby

    Well these pictures are adorable! Looks like an amazing 30th! Where is that pink and black plaid skirt from?! I neeeeeed it!

  27. Alyssa

    happy birthday! 30 looks good on you rockstargirl. x

  28. Katelyn

    happy birthday! and yay 30!

  29. Carolina Santos

    Wow, everything looks amazing! I wish you had a wonderful day!=)

  30. Mary martha

    What a fun birthday. Fun follows you and 30 has never looked so good.

    • TAZA

      love you so much MM!

  31. Mary martha

    What a party. Fun follows you

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  33. Laura

    happy birthday! looks and sounds like you had the most amazing time celebrating! also, i love all your outfits! :-) xx

  34. Kelly

    These photos are beautiful – I love the white dress and the matching pjs the best!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  35. Monica

    I turned 30 the same week as you! I didn’t celebrate much that day, but the best thing I did was the following Saturday, my husband watched our three kids from 8 AM – 6:30 PM and I did whatever the heck I wanted. (For the record, it was working out as long as I wanted, reading my book, going into SF, visiting the MOMA, and making my first official purchase from Anthropologie.) Hooray for our 30s!!

  36. Cynthia

    Happy birthday! Wheres the metalic shoe from?

  37. sarie

    Welcome to club 30! You looked absolutely stunning throughout xx

  38. Lonka


  39. Congratulations! At first sight I thought it was a Pj Party! Love the idea!

  40. Tamara

    You know Naomi, I am 25 years old and could only think of one close girlfriend who would celebrate my birthday with me the way your friends did. So to be 30 and still be surrounded by such a big number of truly loving friends is a blessing. You are one lucky lady! Happy Happy Birthday!

  41. kristen

    Thank you for the pj info, girl! ordered! :D

  42. Kate

    Hi Taza,

    Always looking for great Air bnb’s in the city to house big family get togethers, would love to know where you sourced the beautiful apartment! Happy Birthday!! 30 is awesome!! :) :) :)

  43. Teresa

    How exciting! I’ll be turning 30 in a couple of months and I think something like this would be perfect!

  44. Marta

    Happy Birthday!! All the best! <3

  45. McKinlay

    Hey Naomi! I was just wondering what site you used when you started your blog and if you use the same one now or if it’s different? I want to start a blog (I’m 18) just for little tidbits of my life to share with fam as I move off to college but I’m a little overwhelmed with the options!!

    This looked like a BLAST!! You’re gorgeous and adorable happy birthday!!

  46. Amy

    Anyone know where I can get a pair of those sunglasses?! So cute!!

  47. Rachel

    You’re friends with Kelsey from the cooking channel?!

  48. arninta

    happy birthday taza! greetings from indonesia,i really love your blog,hopefully someday we can meet in person when go to newyork yaa..

  49. Lu de la rosa

    happy birthday <3 <3 <3 <3

  50. Jenn

    Matching PJs? Really? How old are you, 5?

    • TAZA

      nope, 30! and loving it! matching pjs and all!

  51. Stefani

    I think the matching PJ’s are awesome!! Love the black backpack! Where is it from?