martin creed at the armory.

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if you follow along on my snapchat (if you’re new to it, my username is love.taza on there) you might have seen all my video snaps from when we went to the armory yesterday afternoon to check out martin creed’s exhibit called the back door. it’s pretty awesome and if you’re in the city, it’s worth checking out!

we spent the majority of our time in the balloon room, because all three of our kids could not get enough of it! the work is titled “half the air in a given space”, because the room is literally half filled with large white balloons for you to walk through, dive into, and play with as you try to find your way to the exit on the opposite side.  it’s incredible to see this sort of object in such a grandiose room that is a part of the armory. i loved reading this article from the nytimes for more background on the exhibit if you’re interested.


i feel like my hair is STILL full of static from our balloon session! haha!


if you go with little ones, keep them close by because with all those balloons flying around it is so easy to lose sight of them! a couple of times i was like, where’d they go?!?! because a balloon or two would fly in front of your face and before you knew it, you couldn’t see their tiny bodies anymore! they loved that though, and made it their mission to keep trying to run away in a sort of hide and seek fashion. conrad, too! he kept running away giggling! so much fun. i feel like we could spend every afternoon in there and never grow tired of it.


we left the balloon room at one point to check out another part of the exhibit, but samson kept asking to go back to the balloons. so we went in one more time! he was in heaven.


can you even with conrad’s static hair in this photo! gotta love balloons!!!!! i was laughing so hard looking at him!


i spy with my little eye…. ;)

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this photo is my all-time favorite because of the kids faces! it’s just perfect, i’m obsessed.


conrad loved the metronomes on the fireplace mantle. they were all going off at different times almost making music, so he started dancing in josh’s arms at one point!

LOVETAZA 0616-34

it was interesting to see how the parts of the exhibit were kind of surprising you at different times by creating contrast and contradictions with what you’d expect from the surroundings. like how the white piano would randomly just slam shut!

LOVETAZA 0616-28

so this might have been my favorite part… when the video clip would end up above that light from the doorway, and the garage door behind those people would open and then shut again. at first, i didn’t know if those people standing there were part of the exhibit, because they were standing right in the middle of that light, holding hands while one had their head resting on the others shoulder. i wish i would have snapped a photo, but didn’t think to until they started moving away.  it was so cool to see an entirely pitch black room and then watch that garage door open and close in the distance.

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samson was particularly taken by the tall stack of legos in the case with all the fancy silver! he said, “what’s this doing here?!”


i have to tell you that when we were leaving the gallery, a guard came up to us to share that he was standing nearby when josh was explaining to the kids how this cannon worked, and he was impressed by the way josh talked about it in terms they would understand. it just reminded me how i often take for granted the way he pauses when we are all together to make sure the kids are understanding our surroundings as he answers their questions or ask them questions that might encourage them to look around and feel comfortable to ask more questions. i’m so thankful he does that. and it was kind of the guard to recognize that as well and compliment him on it.

LOVETAZA 0616-33 LOVETAZA 0616-35 we really do need to get over to the east side more often. it was a fun afternoon. the armory never disappoints though. i miss the time they had all those swings in there a few years ago by ann hamilton. do you remember? i think i instagrammed it but never blogged it… what was i thinking?! ;)  so incredible.

ps. i’m wearing this gingham dress and this lipstick in color underage red. the martin creed exhibit runs through august 7th if you’re in the city at all this summer and want to check it out!

  1. Ashley

    This looks so much fun! I’ll have to check it out this summer while I’m in the city. And Ample Hills too ;) May I ask, where do you get your nails done? They look perfect!


  2. We’ll be in NY this summer, doing one of our travel guides. We are for sure going to have to check this place out!!

    – Kindness in Demand Team

  3. Karen

    Oh, what a great exhibit for kids, too! It’s stuff like this that makes me jealous of city life… silly, sweet photo op!

    Best, Karen
    Life in its Natural State

  4. Kat

    I work for the Armory, and I’m so excited that you visited yesterday – I wish I had known you were here! I’ve been following your blog since I was in high school, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, and I can’t describe to you how exciting it was to wake up and find a post about something I helped put together (in a very small way, but I did my part!).

    I’m so glad that your kids enjoyed the balloon room – please feel free to stop by again anytime! :)


  5. jenn

    Your snapchats were so cool from this post!

  6. McKinlay

    This is so fun! And I love your dress, gingham is seriously my fav. I was wondering if you ever have trouble with lipstick melting when you’re out in the heat?? I’m always scared to take mine with me when I know it’s going to be hot!! I LOVE underage red by the way :) Red is my go to lip color even though I have tons of colors!!

  7. Elaine

    Amazing post. What an incredible exhibit. Seems amazing to see such fun things juxtaposed with such elegant surroundings. You guys are awesome!

  8. Annie

    Love this post! Where are your sunglasses from?! ??

  9. Katelyn

    that balloon room looks like so much fun!! :)

  10. Madelyn

    Those balloon photos are amazing! Love them and love that you shared them. What a great photographer you are, Taza ?

  11. Rachel

    This exhibit looks incredible!! My daughter would be in absolute heaven! :) Balloons are one of her favorite things right now. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  12. Michelle

    Did you buy your dress in the regular length, or the tall version? I am super short and ordered the coral version in petite a few weeks ago, but it is quite short. I’m on the fence about returning.

  13. Julie

    Hi Taza, what a cool exhibition, especially the part with all the balloons, the kids must have had such a ball (excuse the pun;)) and I can totally understand why you spent so much time with them in that room! Love the pics with the static hair, they are so cool!!
    Julie xx

  14. I love the title of that exhibit! And that favourite photo of yours is so precious!! Eleanor looks so fierce, Conrad is lookin’ hardcore with his mohawk, and Samson looks so cheeky :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  15. Kellyn Rivera

    My son would love this! I wish we had more places like that here in SF. Maybe I can recreate something like the balloon room but smaller for my sons 2nd birthday.

  16. Kelly

    I loved yours Snaps and will have to check this out!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  17. Shannon

    “Lose sight” not “loose sight”

    • TAZA

      ah! thanks for catching, shannon!

  18. Carmen

    Gracias! Lovely photos, as usual. I’ve been curious for a while: do your kids attend any school yet? Are going to do home-schooling? Mind you, I think the education they’re getting with all the travel and experiences is way better than what they might get at school, but I’m from Spain, and here schooling is not an option, especially after the age of five….

  19. ohhh your dress is sold out!! what a pity!!! I would like to be in the city with the kiddos for this exhibit. The picture in the garage with these two people in the middle…. is my favorite one.

    Kisses from France

  20. Lauren

    This exhibit looks so interesting and that balloon room looked super fun! Even for adults ;) Also what camera did you use to take these pictures? They seem to have a different vibe to your usual pictures and I really like it!

    p.s. you make me want a fringe more and more!

  21. Anne

    Such cute photos!

  22. Anne

    Love the photos in the museum!

  23. emmy

    Literally on my bucket list is “fill an entire room with balloons”. I can’t believe this is in my neighborhood now! I gotta go today, thanks for the tip!

    Emmy Jake NYC

  24. Amelia

    Hi Taza!

    I love how put together and feminie you dress even on Family outings. Can you recommend how to navigate being an active mama of toddlers and preschoolers while wearing something pretty like a dress? Do you pair your dresses with shorts or leggings. Is there a magic trick to looking so confident in a dress?

    Love your style. Love that you inspire families to go out on big adventures.


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