in pennsylvania, a day at the farm!

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LOVETAZA farm day-6a couple weekends ago, organic valley kindly invited us out to one of their beautiful family owned farms in pennsylvania where we spent the day, and we all had the best time! how can you not when you’re surrounded by baby calves and chicks and the sweetest little pigs we ever did see? i think conrad’s love for farm animals grew  times 10 on this day especially, considering how he gives you the most drawn-out “moooooo” when asked what the cow says, followed by the biggest grin!

i wanted to share some of my favorite photos from the day below. this farm seriously was pristine. the animals could not have looked more healthy and beautiful, and josh and i maybe spent a solid half hour on the drive back to new york discussing if our end goal should be settling ourselves down on a farm someday. :) LOVETAZA farm day-12LOVETAZA farm daywhile out in the field observing cows, we found a monkey on the farm!!!!! cutest monkey ever though, so we had to take her home. ;)

LOVETAZA farm day-11LOVETAZA farm day-7how absolutely stunning are these dairy cows?! did you catch how the two in the first photo in this post look like they are kissing?! i love it.

LOVETAZA farm day-10so eleanor was kneeling picking some flowers out in the field and samson walked over and started to put a few in eleanor’s hair all on his own! i’m not kidding when i say no one told samson to go do this. is that not the sweetest thing?!

LOVETAZA farm day-8LOVETAZA farm day-9LOVETAZA farm day1-2LOVETAZA farm day-25these pigs stole my heart.

LOVETAZA farm day-24also, conrad climbed up this gate rail all on his own and almost tried to get into the pig pen with the pigs before we grabbed him and held him back!

LOVETAZA farm day-22LOVETAZA farm day-23eleanor and samson’s little heads together in this photo makes me smile. they were looking at a sweet little lady bug that samson had found on the rocks and was holding in his hands here.

LOVETAZA farm day-26baby turkeys!

LOVETAZA farm day-27here he goes trying to get in with the animals again!LOVETAZA farm day-13helping give a bottle of milk to a calf!LOVETAZA farm day-28LOVETAZA farm day-29these baby calves were so darling. they told us they normally keep them out in the open fields with their mamas but brought them into the barn on this day so we could all have a good look and help feed them. they mostly stayed curled up sleeping during our visit, but were awake for a few minutes in the beginning where i was able to grab these pictures!  i wanted to also add a footnote about how incredible it is that organic valley’s farm animals are never given hormones and other antibiotics to speed up their growth and get them on faster reproductive cycles. it was so apparent while touring the farm how healthy and well taken care 0f these farm animals are, and that is nothing short of comforting to see as a mother who is striving for the best when it comes to my kids and our food choices.

LOVETAZA farm day-21the kids were able to make their own butter on the farm! this was really exciting because we are some of the world’s biggest butter lovers (why is it so good?!). so being able to show the kids how the butter comes from the milk from the cows in the field and ends up back home in the fridge in our apartment was pretty cool.

LOVETAZA farm day-20shaking that cream until it turned to butter!!!!!

LOVETAZA farm day-19LOVETAZA farm day-18

trying our fresh butter that we just made by shaking our cream for a few minutes! success! when samson opened his jar he exclaimed, “what? this is butter?!” haha!

LOVETAZA farm day-17LOVETAZA farm day-41

on the road trip down to the farm, we actually brought along some of organic valley’s string cheese to snack on with some nuts and sliced veggies. all five of us eat their string cheese regularly at home since it’s such an easy and healthy snack we can all access straight from the fridge and i love how it’s also easy to bring along and eat on the go. if you aren’t familiar with organic valley’s products, some of the things we especially love about them is that they are a coop, so they source from over 1800 family farms around the country who are also the owners of the company. amazing.

LOVETAZA farm day-39LOVETAZA farm day-38LOVETAZA farm day-36LOVETAZA farm day-33

making our own little puppet cows!

LOVETAZA farm day-34LOVETAZA farm day-32LOVE-TAZA-farm-day02LOVETAZA farm day-2 LOVETAZA farm day-3LOVETAZA farm day-5

baby overalls covering diaper bums and baby wellies. man. i just can’t ever get enough of this kind of thing!

LOVETAZA farm day-4LOVE-TAZA-farm-day01

we play a game regularly at a playground near our home on the upper west side that has a pretend carriage, so spotting this on the farm was gold to our littles. we couldn’t get them away from it.

LOVETAZA farm day-14

and ironically, these baby mice that were in the barn were also something the kids we so fascinated by and kept going back to. i love that out of all the farm animals, the mice are something they keep going back to when we talk about our day at the farm! maybe it’s the familiarity since they are city kids and see rats on the subway tracks sometimes (eek!) but i think it’s kind of darling.

LOVETAZA farm day1LOVETAZA farm day-35

what a breathtakingly beautiful farm and wonderful day for our family. thank you so much to organic valley for inviting us to spend a day at one of their family farms and also for partnering with us on this post. you can learn more about their farm tours and find one to visit near you right here!

  1. What a great trip! I think it is so important to show children where much of their food comes from. I have taught in urban environments where 4th and 5th grade students are shocked to find that ice cream comes from milk which is actually from a cow- true story!

  2. Jinny

    Where’s Samson’s shirt from? Adorable!

  3. Oh how wonderful it all looks:-)
    Just remembered when my girls were small and we used to live on a farm with all kinds of animals….

  4. Rachel Hagen

    Fun! We went two days to the far last week! Those piglets were our absolute favorite–their curly tails!!

  5. Julie

    Hi Taza, the last picture on this post is totally adorable! The kids just love seeing the animals. The farm you visited looks amazing and what a great think to see by yourself how well the animals are looked after. I care a lot about those things these days! We went to a city farm ourselves on Sunday as it was Father’s day here in London (Dean City Farm) our youngest who is 19months loooooooves animals just like Samson. I took some some heart melting pics too, she wanted to kiss all the rabbits!!!! How wonderful for your kids to experience life on a farm and see how butter is made, it’s just a great way for them to understand where our food comes from. To me, this is the best school of life! Samson’s outfit is spot on…he looks like a mini farmer, so sweet! xx Julie

  6. Samson putting flowers in her hair…so nice!!!
    A very good idea, one day in the farm!

  7. Marcy

    We used to visit Terhune Orchards in Princeton, NJ when we lived there. Some of our best memories were made there! And we always wore our rain boots too :) That would be an easy trip for you to make from NYC!

  8. Kim

    I love your dress! where is it from? You are beautiful!

  9. D Beickert

    This is so very cool!

    I just tried looking to book a tour and they aren’t available in the NorthEast yet, or did I read that incorrectly? My son is only 15mos, so I might be jumping the gun anyway.

    Super cute dress, btw!

  10. This is an absolutely beautiful post! We loved having you and your family out on the farm. If anyone is interested in going, we have an event this weekend!

  11. McCall L.

    That Samson is soooo handsome! I’m going to need a tutorial on E’s crown-braid for my little girl! Love it.

  12. Oh my gosh! How adorable are your kids?! I absolutely love going to farms, though sometimes I wish I had a kid with me to share the excitement haha! It’s always so nice to see how well the animals are kept – we visited a farm last year on a food fair day, and the animals looked so well kept and happy, and that was the best thing ever!
    xo April | April Everyday

  13. Faith

    Great pictures! when i can’t buy local this is the brand i typical go with. I never knew you could take a tour with them. That speaks volumes! Thanks for the information!


  14. Jessica

    So cute as always! Can you share where E’s shirt is from?!

  15. Veronica

    Naomi, il tuo lavoro deve essere davvero bello perchè ti permette di conoscere e di stare fuori all’aperto assieme ai vostri figli!
    Auguro a te e alla tua famiglia le migliori giornate

  16. Bruna

    What a great trip! It’s nice to see that you guys have the opportunity to teach your kids where food comes from, kids nowadays are so clueless.
    I share your idea, I would love to live in a farm someday!
    Also, you look beautiful in that dress :)


  17. Tammy

    this looks amazing! love conrad’s outfit- cannot get any cuter than overalls :)

    that baby calf looks so unreal!

  18. Jessica M.

    Where did you get Conrad’s red socks? I can’t find colorful socks anywhere? Thanks!

  19. Jessica m.

    Where did you get Conrad’s red socks. I can’t seem to find colorful socks anywhere in my small town. Thanks!

  20. Amanda

    This is so great. I buy Organic Valley on occasion so it’s nice to see where their products come from. I approve. :) That baby calf is so adorable. Those eyelashes!

  21. Caroline

    I grew up on a farm in Illinois, and it was a pretty idyllic childhood. Climbing the silo and exploring the barns was a great way to grow up! I always imagined that my kids would spend time doing those same things, but they aren’t growing up on a farm – after four years living at the edge of Paris, we’re doing the suburbia thing in Raleigh, NC now, but they still get to experience farm life when we visit. Your kids look like they love it! It might be fun for your family down the road – you never know!


  22. Kailey

    This is such a wonderful post. I’ve been working harder in the past few years to be cognizant of where my food comes from (and doing my best to buy organic products and certified humane meet) so your comments here really spoke to me. I think you and Josh are doing such a great job teaching your children about these issues and giving them prominence in your family.

    Thank you so much for sharing!