father’s day!

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i have been laughing so hard at these photos of conrad ever so casually creating havoc on top of josh’s shoulders from a few weeks ago! haha! sometimes these kiddos are just so darn clever and fast, who cares if you’ve been parenting for over 5 years now and think you have a handle on things. ;) this right here is parenthood. parenthood wrapped up in a beautiful fancy gif!

i know father’s day is not until sunday, but i wanted to make sure i got something up on the blog before the weekend comes and goes too quickly about our main man around here, and how much we love him. josh is the kind of guy who is really good at a lot of things, but when it comes to being a father, he’s the best i know. he fathers with a level of patience and dedication and love that is an example to me as his teammate, and i want him to know it doesn’t go unnoticed.  i am thankful for the way he prioritizes his family and also for how hard he works for us. there is so much work behind the scenes of working for ourselves that no one ever sees… and he does so much of it.

my own dad is also an incredible example of a hard working father who made sure getting on the floor and playing with his kids was a top priority. i was reminded of this last month when we were visiting my parents’ house and he had all three of my kids laughing so hard they were practically crying because he was doing silly things with a plastic cup as we sat around the table together. it was a simple plastic cup, but he found every possible way to do the silliest things with it, and it brought back so many fun memories of my childhood where he wasn’t just present, but was playing.

i love father’s day and the chance to recognize all the hard working dads out there because sometimes i think they just don’t get the proper credit they deserve. and i’m so thankful my kids are growing up with such an exceptional father in their lives that is josh. happy father’s day (weekend), my love! we love you.

  1. Emma

    Love the picture up top, and the sweet sentiment in your post!

  2. Rena

    I’m totally convinced Josh is a wonderful father and obviously also your father did a really good job :) Yes, children are really clever and fast, personally I learned with our now grown up children that we should never underestimate them!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  3. McKinlay

    Josh is definitely a good example of characteristics I want to look for in a future husband, along with the amazing examples in my life. Thanks for sharing your love and dedication to your family. That’s something the world needs more of these days.

  4. Florencia

    Knowing that dads like Josh do exist out in the world gives me so much hope, My biological dad was not a positive or present figure in my life, and even my stepdad – as good of a provider as he has been for my family – has never really been the type to build relationships with his kids or step-kids. It makes me so so happy to see that awesome dads ARE everywhere, raising loving, curious, wonderful kiddos!

    Cheers all around for Josh! Happy Father’s Day!

  5. Rachel

    Father’s Day really is the best. I love celebrating my awesome husband and my amazing dad. :) I love the cute picture of Conrad and your Josh. You can just see how much they love each other. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  6. Corina

    Oh Naomi, you are so special. And you have the most beautiful family! Happy father’s day to all the wonderful dads out there

  7. Anna

    Ha! That’s awesome you caught that!

  8. Rachel

    Love the gif so much!

    Rach // illustratedteacup.com

  9. Kelly

    That GIF is adorable and Happy Father’s Day to Josh!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  10. Katrin

    Happy Father’s Day to such a cool dad! You rock, Josh!

  11. Maya

    Oh my gosh this melts my heart!! Happy Father’s Day to Josh!

    I can’t wait to have kids and see my hubby become a dad. I love what you said about making family a priority, and how little things like being silly with a plastic cup can mean the world.

    I can also TOTALLY relate to how hard you have to work when you’re your own boss. My man owns a small tech company and everyone’s always like, “Wow, you can work in your PAJAMAS?! NICE!!!” when in reality Stephen works 12 hour days every day, and often on weekends too.

    I love your blog! I’m a new follower and find myself coming back more and more frequently :)

    Xx Maya from Maya Unmarketed

  12. Abeer

    Josh is indeed an amazing and inspiring dad!
    Whenever i see him in your posts, I am reminded of my husband and father of my kids :)