coney island!

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i am so excited to share some photos with you guys today from our day at coney island a couple weeks ago! neither josh or i had ever been before, and it has been on our list of things we’d love to do as a family with the kiddos for ages now. i am so glad we finally made the trek out there, because you guys, that place is fun!

i am also excited to share some info with you all today about a fun campaign we are a part of this month for google express! i have talked about how much we love and use them before here and also when i hosted an event for them in washington d.c. last year here. they make city life so much easier by basically doing your shopping run to multiple stores around the city for you, delivering it all to your door! you can do one order online or on their app, eliminating all the time spent traveling to and from multiple stores around the city, standing in line, and schlepping it all back to the apartment. the service gives you back your weekend or afternoon or night of doing errands, and for us that means we’re able to spend more time together doing fun things like a full day of play at coney island!

you can get your everyday essentials from a nearby drugstore, office supplies, books, and larger items from costco in the same order. since google express has fast delivery, we think it is especially helpful when we run out of something and need it right away! some of the things we ran out of and ordered recently are construction paper so the kids could still do some arts and crafts on a rainy day, paper towels (which we unfortunately use way too many of and always seems to run out of and can’t keep up with!), hand soap and refill, and the kids food pouches (all from target), our favorite vitamins (from vitamin shoppe), and other random things like the kids’ swim goggles from REI that were delivered in just a few hours before swim lessons. we have gotten swim diapers for conrad from toys r us and sparkling water in bulk from costco too.  there is a code at the bottom of this post for anyone who would like to give google express a try for the first time!

here are a few of my favorite pictures below from our day at coney island. i love how using our google express service allows for more time to spend together and less time running around doing errands at a bunch of different stores.

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trying to break it to them softly that we’re about to sit on the train for over about an hour! haha. showing them on the map that we are going to the very last stop on the train, how exciting is that?! ;)

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when at coney island, you must have a nathan’s hot dog for lunch, right?!

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but seriously, how beautiful is this backdrop on the beach! the prettiest!

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this photo will most likely top all other photos of my boys forever and ever.

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ice cream cones from coney cones!

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after samson discovered this motorcycle ride, he asked to go on it over and over again! uh oh! (he went on it three times total, but he would have stayed right there all day!)

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i love how conrad was willing to put his hands and arms up in the air when we were on this ride together. it’s adorable how fast he picks up on things and then just goes with it!

LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-12 LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-13

high fiving eleanor as he passed her each time!

LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-14 LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-15LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-17LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-32LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-31LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-24LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-25

desperately working on getting him to forget he’s wearing a hat and keeping it on his head! also, conrad spilt an entire bottle of water on himself when he was sitting in the stroller, which or course made his pants look extra awesome for a little while there. ;)

LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-22 LOVE TAZA986 009 1802-21 the best day together with my little family and loved that we were able to make the time to go and cross this off our summer bucket list!

if anyone is interested in trying out google express for the first time, to take back your weekends or evenings or days you’d normally spend at the store running errands, use the code LOVETAZA at checkout to receive $15 off* your first order! thank you to google express and shopstyle for sponsoring this post.

*applies only to 1st purchase (even if it’s less than the coupon value). valid until 07/31/2016 while your account’s active. alcohol, gift cards, membership costs and shipping & service fees excluded. for complete terms and conditions,

  1. Carly

    Love!!! How cute are those kids?!

    Totally random but have you ever tried Soda Stream for sparkling water?! We’re hooked and it’s literally so easy. We don’t add the syrup, just drink the sparkling water!

  2. Natali

    Oh my! That’s a perfect spot to spend a whole day at and have tons of fun for the whole family! Lovely photos, smiles are huge! :D

  3. Kate

    Such cute pictures! Love the beautiful backdrops!
    -Kate //

  4. what a good idea “google express” When you need something but you have no time!!

    Iso ” jealous” from your day!!! here: no sun and working. Thank you to allow me to “travel” with you, its so funny…
    kisses from France

  5. Maggie

    Conrad makes so funny faces :)
    I hope we get soon google express in Poland, hahaha

  6. Sabrina

    Where are your sandals from? Love them!

    • TAZA

      thank you! from asos!

  7. Mary

    I love your dress! Where is it from?

    • TAZA

      thanks! from sonnet james!

  8. Reba

    Cute post and lovely colors… But what on earth does Google Express have to do with Coney Island? Lol.

  9. Ahlin

    Please don’t be mad! I took those pics for you! I kind of freaked out when I saw you guys and my split second decision was to let you guys be unknown and have your family outing without a stranger gushing about how much she loves you and your family, Was that wrong? I still am not sure. But you were all so sweet and friendly, you seriously made my day. Anyway, thank you so much for taking that instax of me, I had been dying to see Coney Island but the friend I was staying with couldn’t come with me. I wish I would have thought to take an instax of you guys, that would have been thoughtful! (You don’t have to publish this comment, it’s super long and strange haha)

  10. Julie

    Hi Taza! Love, love, love all those super fun and brightly coloured photos, they are amazing but I particularly love the one of you in the swings which looks so spectacular and Samson in the rocket! It seems like you had such a fun filled day! Bless you, you are making sure those kids of your have such a wonderful life! Fun days out like these with the family are to be treasured! PS: can you send us a bit of that sunshine to London, it’s raining again here:( Julie xx

  11. Alexandra

    Same day delivery? Awesome! Thank you for the code, that’s wonderful! What a sweet family you have, looks like a fun day :) Hope to get out there this summer as well.

  12. It looks like you all had the best day together! I’d love to visit something like this (i.e. super cheesey haha), It kind of reminds me a little of Blackpool in the UK, though I haven’t been there either!
    xo April | April Everyday

  13. Mhairi

    What lovely weather you had! I was there a few months ago but was not as lucky with the weather as you were! The colours are just so bright and awesome there!! Thank you for bringing back the memories!

    Mhairi :)

  14. felisha

    The way y’all make Coney Island NOT look like a overcrowded garbage can blows my mind! Haha – I live a few stops away and I just can’t stand the place. These pictures are amazing as always!! :)

  15. Bruna

    I am so used to see Coney Island on tv and movies, but now I know that it’s a real place! haha Even though, you guys seem to be in a really fun movie, great pics!!


  16. Sinead

    Your pictures are beautiful, as always! Conrad with his little arms in the air is so adorable!

  17. Emily Reynolds

    i love your dress and sunglasses so much!! where did you get the glasses?

    • TAZA

      thanks emily! they are karen walker sunglasses! i linked them in the post before this, my birthday recap post!

  18. TERESA


  19. Tiffany L.

    Grew up in Coney Island. Great memories with my mom and now my son. Check out the aquarium opening a huge shark exhibit next year I think. It’s in progress now. Worth another visit back. I just love CI. It’s my favorite place to be. My son was on TV recently on channel 55 saying first weekend in the summer. Whoo!!

    • TAZA

      that’s awesome!

  20. Jasmine

    Paper towels NEVER last, what is it with them? lol Also, thinking back to that post with Samson putting flowers in E’s hair and now his joy from that motorcycle ride…Mrs. Davis your house phone is going to be ringing off the hook when he gets older! ;)

    • TAZA


  21. Rose J.

    We love Coney Island! Definitely going to make it out there this summer again! So nostalgic, and that Wonder Wheel is an icon!

    Happy Summer Naomi & fam!


  22. Veronica

    Hello Naomi!
    what is your job to be able to travel so much with your family?
    your children do not attend school?
    Thank you!

  23. Desiree White

    Your pictures always capture the best moments!! Im from Brooklyn. I have to say you picked the best time to visit Coney Island. It is wayyy better than it used to be =)

  24. Ting

    what lipstick are you wearing?

  25. Beth

    Love your cute little family. Coney Island looks so fun! Where are Josh’s sunglasses from again? I love the bright color of them.

  26. Corina

    Gorgeous photos Naomi, as always. I just love to see your little crew in action :)

  27. aubrey

    hi naomi! I was wondering what camera/lense you use? I just adore your blog and your adorable family and all of the beautiful memories you share with us.