celebrating our papa!

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everybody at the davis house sure loves papa! i really scored the jackpot marrying this man. one of his most attractive qualities for me is what an exceptional father he is to our three little ones. he doesn’t take his role as their papa lightly, and is consistently engaged, responsive, playful and loving with each of our little ones and i know we’re all better off because of it.

with father’s day just a few weeks away, we’ve started the celebrations early this year by partnering with pinhole press to make these sweet customized daddy & me board books for him! i ended up making three separate board books, each one full of photos of josh and one of the kiddos together with some special words on each page. i am really pleased with how they turned out, and it has been so special to see josh and the kids flipping through the pages together laughing and chatting about all the moments and memories each photo shares.  if anyone is looking for a sweet father’s day gift to give dad from your little one, here it is!!! and, there’s a discount code at the bottom of this post to use if you’d like!

so, i have to tell you the story behind this photo! if you know eleanor, you know she has a thing for crepes with nutella! because of this, we make and eat a lot of crepes, and host crepe parties regularly for her because she loves inviting her little friends over to “her” crepe party!

it all started a few years ago in paris when she was almost three and we played a fun game to keep our minds off the cold and wet november weather while walking the streets of paris together. whenever she called out from her stroller “crepe with nutella!” we would pause everything and race to find a crepe! (fortunately they are literally on every other corner over there!) crepes are seriously a major davis family affair now and we always have so much fun with it.  anyway, i had snapped this photo of josh and eleanor holding up a crepe with nutella on the streets of paris back when this whole crepe thing started and i don’t think eleanor had seen the photo for a few years now, so when she and papa got to this page in her daddy & me book, they both really lit up when they saw it! seeing their reaction together was adorable.


i love this old photo of josh and samson when he was just about six weeks old! samson kept asking who the baby was in the picture and when we said, “YOU!” he’d get all bashful and smiley. this photo was taken when we were still living in washington dc, but we took the train to new york because josh was being offered a job back in the city and was doing a last round of interviews! it’s so funny how a photo can seriously bring back the gush of feelings you were feeling during those moments the photo was being taken. i’ll never forget looking at my boys together there in a sea of yellow taxi cabs and feeling all the feelings because i wanted to move back and i didn’t want to move back and i was six weeks postpartum so very very emotional and just seeing josh showing samson his favorite city in all the world made me feel calm and happy and confident that this was a good next step for our little family.


samson and papa on the canals in venice, italy! one of my favorite photos of the two of them together! can i also just say how wonderful it is that you can drag and drop facebook or instagram photos into the template when making these books? because i have a hard drive somewhere that i couldn’t find with lots of my high res images from a few years back, so i was seriously so grateful that i could use a few lower resolution photos from instagram for these board books and not sacrifice the quality.


conrad kept flipping back to this photo and pointing at it saying, “this?! this?!” (his favorite word.) haha! in this case, i think “this” meant, “oh wow! this is my favorite photo of you and me, papa! i love you!” (maybe.)


recreating her face from the photo!!! lol. josh says this image from eleanor’s second easter is one of his favorite memories of the two of them together because she was shouting for joy and had so much confidence and trust standing on his hand.


sounding out the words as we flip through the books!


you all know what a sucker i am for old photos! or any photos, really! it was so hard to narrow down the pictures of the kids and papa for each book and not make them 100 page board books. i’m so glad photography exists.

fathersday1284795-32284795-4 we sure do love our papa, and i loved putting together these little books for him. i know they’ll be cherished by him and also the kiddos for years to come. thankful to have this man by my side and we love him dearly. excited to celebrate him plenty in the next few weeks leading up to father’s day. and thank you so much to pinhole press for the beautiful daddy & me board books, and for partnering with us on this post.

use the code TAZA to receive 15% off your board books through june 10th! you can see other father’s day gift ideas from pinhole press right here.

  1. Kaylee

    I and my sisters also used to sit on dad’s lap when we were little!
    And those board books are such adorable gift!
    Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures <3

    KayleeㅣJK’s Dawn

  2. Cynthia Sue

    VERY touching. Made me smile :)

  3. Rachel

    These are adorable, awesome gifts!! Also- Eleanor is killing me with her summertime freckles in these photos:)

  4. Celia

    Hello! Good idea those gifts!

    off topic but, have you deleted that old video of you dancing with short hair? I cant find it.

  5. hanna

    Those books are a great idea! –Hanna Lei

  6. Holly

    I love these board books, and good timing considering I need to figure out what to get Jason for Father’s Day!

  7. Elaine

    OMG… I am so impressed! What a wonderful memory and incredible Father’s Day gift. They are beautiful and the pictures with them and their papa are beautiful. You guys are making such wonderful memories!

  8. eleanor’s freckles are really cute.

  9. Ruby

    Done and done!! Just made one for Grampa and Papa–thank you for the code :))

  10. Shana

    What a great idea for Father’s Day!! I am going to bookmark this for next year since we are expecting our first little one later this summer :) Thank you for sharing we are always looking for a way to capture our experiences in a tangible form!

  11. Sara

    This post made me ache for travel with our littles. We’ve opted for staycation these past couple of years but your beautiful photo board books remind me to be brave and adventurous – thank you! And Happy Fathers Day x3 to Josh!!!

  12. Tammy

    i love that they’re interacting with these pictures. such a great gift, especially since you can keep these for a long long time


  13. Erica

    This is such a cute idea for Father’s Day! We did something similar for our son’s grandparents at his first birthday party. They loved them and can show off their little grandson wherever they go.

  14. Dorothy

    I love this idea! What a great gift for grandfathers too!

  15. In a world of online it’s so great to see printed photos for your kids to cherish! Love this idea! X

  16. Cara

    Wow, new reader here and I’m so much in love with your blog and especially this post, Naomi! I have two babies of my own and your blog is inspiring me on so many levels. I love creating beautiful memories with my family as well. Your family is so beautiful!
    Much love from Ghana!

  17. Hayley

    This is such an awesome gift idea! Thank you for the code! My niece’s birthday is next week so I actually used the code to make her a names and faces book since she has so many to remember!

    Thank you!


  18. Kim

    I so love you let your son where a “girls” ring. Let him decide what he likes to where. <3