an adventure at the crayola experience in pennsylvania!

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while we were in pennsylvania the other weekend, we stopped by the crayon factory (well, it’s now called the crayola experience, but i keep calling it the crayon factory. thank you mr. rogers!) in easton! that place was pretty cool, and my three tiny artists who love using anything and everything as their paper (including my white walls once or twice in the past) were in absolute heaven.

apologies in advance for the large amount of photos below. you know how i can get carried away when i get overly excited.


ps. can we all please take a moment to admire eleanor’s superhero mask that is on for a good portion of these photos. a woman who worked at crayola asked eleanor what her super power was and eleanor didn’t miss a beat responding, “i can walk on water!” haha! i had never heard her say that before and it caught me so off guard. she’s the best.
LOVETAZA crayola pictures-2LOVETAZA crayola picturesLOVETAZA crayola pictures-4LOVETAZA crayola pictures-5

THE largest crayon in all the world! and two very adorable kiddos standing in front of it.

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-37LOVETAZA crayola pictures-34

watching their crayons melt into a dinosaur shape!!!

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-35LOVETAZA crayola pictures-32LOVETAZA crayola pictures-31

dinosaur crayons made by melting crayons into a dinosaur mold!

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-33

i can’t get enough of this handsome man’s eyes in this photo. he’s just so happy to be down on the ground engaging with his kids and makes these experiences the most fun for them. he’s the one who found the crayon factory and put it on our itinerary for pennsylvania! he’s also the one who found antonio’s pizzeria in easton where we had a really good chicken parm sandwich and philly cheesesteak before we went to crayola! if you go, you gotta stop by there before or after! we couldn’t get enough.

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-29

he is always determined to do it by himself! he doesn’t even like when i try to hold the paper still for him so it doesn’t slide around. i wonder where he gets that from!

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-28LOVETAZA crayola pictures-27LOVETAZA crayola pictures-23LOVETAZA crayola pictures-25LOVETAZA crayola pictures-24LOVETAZA crayola pictures-22

we spent an extra long time at this station because eleanor was very intently creating several masterpieces. :)

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-30LOVETAZA crayola pictures-21

look at his proud little face in the background! i can’t get enough of samson at age 4. he’s the most affectionate and loving and happy little dude ever and it makes my day, all day long.

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-12LOVETAZA crayola pictures-15

making crayons! with our names on them!!!

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-8LOVETAZA crayola pictures-6LOVETAZA crayola pictures-7LOVETAZA crayola pictures-11

and using the wrapper machine to put our sticker wrappers perfectly straight!

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-10LOVETAZA crayola pictures-14LOVETAZA crayola pictures-13

samson chose the “tennis ball” symbol for my crayon. haha! i think it’s a baseball, but we’re going with tennis ball for now.

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-18LOVETAZA crayola pictures-3LOVETAZA crayola pictures-19LOVETAZA crayola pictures-39

this was such a fun station of bringing these crayon boats through the water upstream by passing through a system of locks. somehow we only got a little bit wet, which is huge considering conrad was present. :)

LOVETAZA crayola pictures-40LOVETAZA crayola pictures-41LOVETAZA crayola pictures-43crayola1

such a fun spot! and not too far from new york! we need to explore more of pennsylvania for sure. and the rest of the east coast. everything is so close and these city kids are finally getting used to long car rides and carseats!

ps. wearing this ruffled striped top and jeans from zara. pink adidas shoes and sunnies here.

  1. Emma

    Looks like so much fun, not gonna lie, kind of want to go there myself! :)

  2. Abi

    I love the shot of you and Conrad!! Your kids looked like they had a blast!

  3. Rose J.

    So glad you got to experience the crayola factory! We love it there. So fun to take the kids when they’re little!

  4. ahh every picture i keep thinking, “okay that is THE best!” …the giant marker! the crayons with their names on them! the melted dino crayons! the wall of colors! plus you all look adorable. such fun!!

  5. Mollie

    I love Crayola Cafes! I cannot wait until my nephews are old enough to enjoy it so I can take them on a visit!

    xoxo Mollie

  6. Gabrielle

    Cool photos! I like the reflection of your sun glasses!

  7. Bruna

    Wow, you guys must have had so much fun there, great experience for the kiddos!! Even I would like to have a crayon with my name :D


  8. Jess.

    That place must smell like heaven! Your kids are the sweetest. xox

  9. Col

    It is a fun place to visit. Both my kids came down with raging strep throat after visiting there, though– as did a friend who had been there (separately) the same week. Funny how that sticks in my memory!

  10. keetbunny

    you should totally take the fam to Montreal! i think you’ll love it :)
    good food and lots of places for photoshoots! haha

    love your blog !!! <3

  11. Tammy

    i’m way over the age where this is appropriate but i want to go so badly!!! looks like so much fun


    Love Samson’s shirt – Where is it from?

  13. Laura

    Your eyelashes are amazing! Have you ever done a post about what you do to achieve your look? As a mom I would love any quick tips to look as glam as possible and without much fuss! Crayon factory looks so great!

  14. Lauren Bee

    Wow, that place looks amazing! I want crayons with my name on them!

    Looks like such a fun day :)

  15. Rylee

    This is right by where I live!! So crazy. Looks like ya had fun, yay! :)

  16. Julie

    What a cool outing Taza! My kiddos who love their arts and crafts so much would enjoy it! Seems like your 3 had a super fun day visiting the factory. Your outfit is very cute, I lover a stripey top and the sleeves on yours as so feminine and I love your trainers, sadly can’ find my size through your link, Will see if I can find this pair elsewhere. Thanks for sharing. Julie xx

  17. annie

    Come to Philly! You’ll love it!

  18. Lindsay

    I hate to ask about the one thing you didn’t link but where is your backpack from?? I’ve been on the hunt for a good backpack to use as a diaper bag!

  19. what a wonderful experience for all of you!!
    I “travel” with you and I love it

  20. Emma

    Eleanor’s mask is too cute! Looks like such a fun place–even for adults!
    xx EM