a video! and a nyc ice cream crawl!

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since samson’s official birthday fell on memorial day this year, we thought it was the perfect excuse to really go all out with our treat day and do a big fancy ice cream crawl (or ice cream tour as josh prefers we call it!) around new york city! samson is probably the biggest 4 year old ice cream lover you ever did meet, and while he rarely veers far from his favorite flavors of vanilla and strawberry, he knows a good vanilla or strawberry when he tries one, he can’t get enough ice cream in his life. ;)

we hit up three ice cream shops around the city on this day (and we were so sugared out by the end i don’t know how we could have done any more) but i want to do it again on another birthday or holiday and try out some others!

we started with ample hills creamery in brooklyn (and concur it was our favorite of the day) and then tried 10 below in chinatown and finished with morgenstern’s at the bowery. all are great in their own ways, so i put some details below on each place if you’re interested in checking any out!

ample hills
we all agreed at the end of the day that ample hills was our favorite of the day! my sister hannah came along with us since she had the day off, and she also said this! so it’s not just we davises, but hannah said so too! ;) they have some pretty creative flavor combos and we sampled so many! their ooey gooey flavor is hands down the best. it’s a cream cheese based ice cream with globs of butter-soaked yellow cake in it (RIGHT?!) and it just can’t be topped. i know that in addition to their ice cream, all of their mix-in ingredients are made from scratch in house, and i feel like that is why it tastes so good. also, exciting news for all of us who aren’t in brooklyn often, in addition to finding them in midtown west at gotham market, they just opened a shop near the highline this month!

10 below
you can’t beat the experience you get at 10 below of watching them MAKE and ROLL your ice cream right before your eyes! i loved hearing that the concept for the rolled ice cream was inspired by how they make ice cream on the streets in thailand!  my mom actually served an 18-month mission for our church in bangkok in her early twenties and between her love for that place and our obsession with thai food, it’s so high on our list of places we are dying to go visit someday!  anyway, back to 10 below…. be prepared to wait about an hour in line. (i asked the guy the typical wait time and if he suggests a time of day that the line dies down. he said the only time without a line is when they open their doors in the morning, so go early if you’re not interested in the lines.  we were lucky both boys were asleep in the stroller while we waited in line and had also met up with friends at this point so the time passed quickly since we were visiting while waiting in line!) i wouldn’t say the ice cream leaves you craving to go back and have more over and over again (hi, ample hills!), but the experience as a whole is really cool, and worth checking out at least once!

okay, so we have heard rave reviews of this spot for ages and i don’t know how we’d never tried it before. the flavors are really intricate and detailed, and some of the combinations you wouldn’t think go together actually taste so good. we had to wait about an hour in line at this place as well (might have been due to it being a holiday though) but fortunately there is a playground right around the corner where the kids played while we waited. i don’t think i’d be willing to wait in line again for it , (to all my obsessed friends, please don’t hate me) but the raw milk was my favorite flavor, if you’re looking for a recommendation!

if you have a favorite ice cream place in new york, let us know! i want more ice cream crawls in my life (or any kind of crawl. can we please do this with lobster rolls sometime?! lol.)

my striped blouse HERE and sunglasses HERE. shot on our sony camera and edited in final cut pro.

  1. Lu

    I love you guys, but as your readers we already know you are carving out special treat days. Enjoy your treats! No need to explain each post. :)

  2. Marcy

    Have you ever been to the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory? I have to say, the ice cream is good, but the views are even better!

  3. Jessica

    I love all your videos! This one is adorable–also because I am ice cream obsessed ;) Your videos have been a big inspiration for me to start vlogging with my own family of 5 little ones (with number 6 on the way!) I don’t have any New York ice cream recommedations but if you ever find yourself in St. Louis, my favorite ice cream place makes their ice cream with liquid nitrogen as you order. So creamy and fresh!

  4. Sophie

    You have to try OddFellows Ice Cream in Williamsburg and the East Village. My kid loves their sprinkles ice cream and I love their meat flavors and their celery sorbet!

  5. Emily

    Cute video! Ample Hills is my faaaavorite!! I can’t wait to go to their new place by Bubby’s!!

  6. Mollie

    I want to check out ALL of these ice cream places!! I have been on an ice cream kick lately, probably due to the nice weather, and this isn’t helping… :)

    xoxo Mollie

  7. Baltina

    So sweet, thanks for sharing this cute adventure and what a fun idea!

  8. What a fantastic day for the kids :) I know that I would have been beside myself with joy if I had a full day of ice-cream when I was a kid! I mean, I’d still be beside myself now :P // omg those burpees… -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  9. How fun!! This is the cutest. I live in Pleasant Grove and I loved looking at your snap chat story while you were in Provo, I kept hoping i’d run into you somewhere haha, I saw that you went to Roll With It while in Provo, isn’t it the coolest?? I don’t know of Ice cream places in NYC, but next time you’re in Utah Valley you should do an ice cream crawl here, they have so many different places!! You should try Rockwell Ice cream for sure, it’s just around the corner from roll with it. All of their ice cream is “homemade” and is so good. Their snicker doodle flavor has big chunks of soft snicker doodle cookie in it – so good!

  10. Daina

    I love all of those places! Ample Hills is one of my favorites for sure0 their Snap, Mallow, Pop flavor is amazing! My new recent favorite is Ice and Vice on East Broadway. I highly recommend checking them out!

    Also, Morgenstern’s is usually not so crazy. I am sorry you guys had to wait so long!

  11. Danielle Beickert

    Haven’t tried any of those yet, but I LOVE Davey’s ice cream in the east village… their Chocolate Babka is to live for.

    Also RIP DF Mavens and Blythe Anne’s ice cream.

  12. Tessa

    Ugh this is such a good idea, I got hungry just reading this post! Have you tried banana nice cream? Just pop a chopped frozen banana in the blender with a teeny tiny splash of milk, and then get creative with flavours and toppings. I like to add a scoop of crunchy peanut butter before I blend, and I top it with salted peanuts, a squeeze of honey and some desiccated coconut. Helloooo guilt free*REFINED SUGAR FREE ice cream! Also, I know ice cream sandwiches are less of a big deal over there but they are somewhat of a rarity on this side of the pond, check out this place in London, as soon as my exams are over I’m all over it!http://www.thelondoner.me/2016/05/blue-top-ice-cream-sandwiches.html#more-35575

    • TAZA

      can’t wait to try this!!! thanks tessa!

  13. Great vid. I always love the show when they make ice cream in front of you.

  14. Steffi

    Hi Naomi,

    thank you for that great idea and the review/video of your ice cream crawl (or taste). My friends and I are planning to go to an ice cream crawl next week. I’m currently so excited about it, so I could not wait until we will go. I mean, who don’t like ice cream? And we have some really good ice cream stores around (even if they are not as good as in the US).

    Cheers (from Germany)

  15. Kit

    For your next crawl: Stay in the very near vicinity of the Prospect Heights Ample Hills and you also have Blue Marble on Underhill and Brooklyn Bell’s The Local on Classon. I like AH, but think they sometimes get carried away with the mix-ins. BBTL had an excellent roasted strawberry last time I was there, but the flavors change frequently.

    • TAZA

      taking notes! thank you kit!

  16. Poperie

    I really like the style of your blog..and a post about ice cream is always a great post!

  17. Tereza

    Lovely!! You guys are so adorable and I wish I could visit New York and try out all these delicious treats.
    Also can’t wait for another Josh&Naomi chat video tho ;) got excited there was a new one today haha.

    • TAZA

      so nice of you to say! we shot one last week and i need to edit it! should be up soon!

  18. Kelly

    Oh my goodness, yum, I will have to check out all three!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  19. Ooooh how fun! Thanks for these awesome icecream recommendations! :)

  20. Jane

    As a big ice cream aficionado, this post gets all the thumbs up I can muster. Thank you – this was a lovely post!

    P.S. Hit me up if you need ice cream recommendations in LA! :)


  21. “10 below ”
    and watching them MAKE and ROLL your ice cream it’s really amaizing!!! I need to taste it! :)

    Kisses from France

  22. Love this video. My favorite Ice Cream place is Cones, on Bleecker St. Their dark chocolate is the best!! And they have amazing Ice Cream Cakes. Yummmm

    • TAZA

      keep hearing about this place! we need to go! thanks for the tip!

  23. suzanne

    Maybe you liked Ample Hills the best because it was the first one of the day. Perhaps you were a little saturated by the time you got to Morgensterns. As they say, “Hunger is the best ingredient.” Fun video!

    • TAZA

      it’s possible!!!

  24. katelyn

    seriously the cutest!

    katelyn @ katelynryan.com

  25. Erica M

    Go to Brooklyn Farmacy and soda fountain in Carroll Gardens! It is an old school joint that has AMAZING sundaes and egg creams.


    Besides farmacy I would have to agree that ample hills is above and beyond my favorite ice cream in the city. I have not had much else that compares.

    • TAZA

      yes! josh took the kids a few years ago but i still haven’t been and have heard great things! we will do it!

  26. louise

    so darling! i love your style of writing (really, you’re absolutely phenomenal), but your videos are so much fun too, and add a great dimension to your blog, so thumbs up and good job :) /Louise

    • TAZA

      thank you, lousie!!!

  27. Monica

    I turn 30 on Tuesday, and I’m thinking an ice cream TOUR is totally on the table now. I might just hire a babysitter and do it all myself. Annnnd fly to NYC.

    • TAZA

      happy birthday!!! and do it!!!!! love that idea.

  28. My corn-loving son’s favorite is the sweet corn ice cream (with cinnamon!) at Cones in the Village – though the Argentine-style ice cream might be more in the gelato camp. Now if we’re talking gelato in NYC…that’s a whole other post.

    • TAZA

      oh we will definitely have to try! samson’s is the biggest corn lover ever, so this is right up his alley! thanks for sharing!

  29. Anna

    Lovely video!! Where is the music from? Tried to Shazam it but no luck :( Would love to use it for a slide show I’m doing for my pupils’ final school day! /Anna

    • TAZA

      hi anna! i license our music through the music bed or audio jungle! i think this track was from audio jungle!

  30. Kate

    Me and my husband are headed to NYC in July! Can’t wait to try these places out. I’m a crazy ice cream lover! It would be so fun to run into y’all in the city! :)