the last of our utah pictures!

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a few more of my favorite pictures from last week in utah because you know i can’t help myself! this is a photo heavy blog after all! we stopped by a splash pad in st. george one morning with the grandparents and the kids went wild! it got all of us so excited for splash pad season in the city because it’s seriously one of the best things about summertime! they’ve turned the water on already here in new york so we are pretty anxious to get out there and have fun! we’re hoping to check out a different splash pad every week that we’re in town this summer and i can’t wait!


conrad standing up on his tippy toes next to josh’s mom is totally the sweetest thing, is it not?! he was trying to be super tall while pressing the button to turn on the water fountains! i love him.

utah02LOVE TAZA-11

also this photo of samson!!! have a feeling this summer will top last summer, which i didn’t think was possible because i loved the summer before that one, too! i can feel it though. it’s gonna be good.


putting back on our socks, then shoes, and all other layers after playing in the water. while i love summer, i don’t love the taking on and off of clothes all day long with kiddos. we tend to lose a sock or shoe or something wherever we go when there are multiple changes taking place.


pointing to his head telling me he just got it wet! then he’d pretend laugh while throwing his head back like it’s the funniest! i love when they start communicating by mimicking adults!!! haha!

utah love taza-2

can’t grow tired of seeing fields and fields like this. beautiful drives everywhere you go in utah.

utah love taza1

they are obsessed with my parents’ cats! (well, this is my sister’s cat, gabana, but she lives at my mom and dad’s house right now.

utah love taza1-3

also, i get such a kick out of this cat, because my parents literally named her “orange kitty.” orange kitty! like, come on guys!!!! i feel like that is basically just like naming the cat, cat! haha!

utah love tazaLOVE TAZA-18

the last of the bike rides on their bikes we are keeping in utah (you can see this post about when we got them!) samson was a little bit sad to leave behind rocket (what he named his red bike, but i think we are in the clear finally since he’s been reunited with his scooter in the city, so all is well! and who knows, we might have a family of bike riders here in the city before we know it. ;-)


BUTTERFLIES everywhere and we all love them so, but especially samson! i think he might be a butterfly whisperer, actually.

utah love taza2-2you were so good to us, utah! and we already miss our family terribly. FAMILY- COME VISIT US!!!!!!! and hope to see you again soon, utah!

my panama hat from shopbop, and the kids swimsuits from minnow swim!


  1. Jessica

    That’s okay, I don’t min you *miking* the Utah posts! I often take my niece/nephew to a water park when I see them. Mainly for the intention of playing there myself. Although I prefer the term *adult supervision* ;)

  2. Meghan

    You should check out Splish Splash (a waterpark) on long Island! They have great package deals with the LIRR. There’s a good amount of rides, splash zones, and attractions for little kids, and some family rides you might enjoy too!

  3. Scarlett

    I’ve been following along for a while now, just love your family! These pictures are stunning! (as usual!) I just love how you guys capture the kids! I have a Canon 70d, still have not mastered it (should probably take a class). Would love some pointers on settings, etc to capture my kids the same way this summer!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. hanna

    Your family photos are so cute! –Hanna Lei

  5. Kelsea

    What wonderful photos! Your children have such adorable personalities. Where is your grey t-shirt from? It looks super comfy and is such a cute cut for a tee.

  6. We need a splash pad here in my city!!! Please please. It must be so funny with children…..
    Kisses from France

  7. Rachel

    Samson looks SO big! When did he turn into a toddler. My little girl loves the splash park too. :)

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  8. Frances

    Ahh these photos were the cutest! Seriously, it’s like you capture the best moments.

  9. Mara

    My grandparents had MANY cats in their day, and by the lay handful or so, they must’ve run out of names. They were seriously Orangey, Blacky, Calico, and Brownie ;)

  10. kristen

    so so gorgeous! it must be so hard to leave!

  11. A lot of fun! They look so happy, I wanna go to a splash pad so bad. Still waiting for summer, it is raining here.

  12. Emma

    Gorgeous photos, I used to love going to splash pads when I was little! Also I remember ages ago you posted a vine of Eleanor when she had named a handbag or something Gabana, so cute! :)

  13. Emmy

    Haha I grew up in Utah and recently moved to NYC. I always wonder if I will get to the point where I miss it as much as you guys do!

    Emmy Jake NYC

  14. Lindsay

    I always love seeing the fun things you do with your cute crew. I especially loved these pics since I am a Utahn! We live in northern Utah now (Cache Valley), but I spent two years at Dixie College and LOVE the desert landscape too. I don’t know if many people realize how beautiful and diverse Utah’s landscape is! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Kelly

    Your kids are seriously the cutest and they look like they had SUCH a great time playing outside!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  16. Karis

    Absolutely love Eleanor’s swimsuit! Please tell me this comes in an adult size!

    They are so lucky to be able to travel with you and hold onto those times with grandparents. I used to go to my grandparent’s farm every summer until senior year in high school. Wouldn’t trade those times for anything!

  17. Krista

    We had a cat I named orange and white kitty. We loved him and mostly called him kitty! Such a doll.