sunday in the city.

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whenever we travel, it always feels so so good to get back to new york. we love our adventures on the road when we get the chance, but we have thoroughly enjoyed this weekend together back in the city. we went to a little street fair on saturday morning, took the older two kids to see fantasia live at lincoln center in the afternoon where the new york philarmonic orchestra accompanied onstage (unreal. so good. more on that later.) after church on sunday, we took a long walk around the upper west side on our way home (since conrad had just fallen asleep in the stroller during the last bit of church and the weather was screaming “IT DOESN’T GET BETTER THAN THIS!”). we also made a big salmon dinner with so much kale and rice on sunday night which was delicious, and somehow the kids are still on utah time so everyone was up past 8pm, which feels late but also just right when it’s summer and the sun doesn’t go to bed until later anyway.

josh and i don’t take for granted the chance to live in this beautiful city. but we also are incredibly in tune to gauging what is best for our family and especially what is best for our children. choosing where to raise our little ones is not something we take lightly. while sometimes i dream of living in new york forever, i know that could change with time depending on how our kids are doing here. i think as long as they are thriving here, we’ll try to stay. it’s so funny sometimes when we are away from the city, the kids often bring up how they are missing new york. i’ll ask them what they miss about it and am always so pleasantly surprised by their thoughtful and detailed answers about what they see and love about this city.  we sure are lucky to have so many playgrounds and parks and museums at our doorstep. the culture and caliber of people never cease to impress me. we’re really happy here for the time being and i’m so thankful it still feels right and good and my little family is doing well here.


we took the long route home from church since conrad was napping and no way were we going inside just yet. so many people were out and about (one of the things i love most about the good weather, you see people hanging out outdoors again! not rushing by in puffy jackets with their heads down!). when we were running out the door (late! ugh! one of those sunday’s) for church, i told josh to grab the camera and i am so glad we brought it with us! we paused and snapped photos for just about a block or two and this batch of photos might be my favorite right now!


she wanted to jump big all the way down the block, from each pavement crack to the next one! we were laughing so hard at her skirt parachuting out like that as she landed each time! i love witnessing this daddy-daughter relationship that is just so solid and sweet. they are the cutest together.


fact: i am totally wearing one of my old dance leotards right here. makes for major wedgies which is not very much fun, but sometimes the idea of not having to keep tucking your shirt into your skirt/pants/whatever outweighs the discomfort of the occasional wedgie. ;)


they could have done this a million times. i could only do it twice and my flat feet were done!


so samson asked papa to throw him in the air and then he asked to see the picture and as i showed him he said excitedly, “oh man! i look just like super man!” papa overheard and was all, “wait. you wanna do it like superman?! come back over here! we need to throw you like this!…” (see the following images below!) haha!


he couldn’t contain his excitement and it makes me so so happy!!!


first attempt! it was so sweet because josh and samson ran over to see the picture on the camera of him flying like superman! they decided to try again so samson could look straight ahead where he was flying instead of down. he kept saying while giggling, “i’ll be brave! i can do it!” haha!


getting ready!!!


mission accomplished!!!! this whole experience is something that makes me so happy. playing with our kids, helping them realize what they imagine in their heads, hearing them giggle, seeing them smile. love this family of mine.


crown braids on my little lady is my fave.


when my family humored me for a minute and allowed me to snap a photo of all our feet and shoes, minus conrad who was still sleeping in the stroller. (my little mouse flats are from HERE.)


i love the red in his beard. and the little patches of grey. we’ve come a long way, my love.


how fitting that i’m making some awkward attempt at first position with my feet considering i am wearing a leotard! :)


despite working out a lot, can only carry two of them at the same time for half a block. the stroller has it hard.


and then conrad finally woke closer to home! i had already put the camera away at this point but i had to pull it back out and take just a few pictures of my little conrad with us because he was there, too! and you all know how much joy i get out of making sure it’s all documented!


awake, but not sure he really wants to be awake just yet while samson gives him a kiss. sometimes we are a lot to handle, especially when you’re waking up!

have a wonderful week, friends!

ME: an old leotard (but legit bodysuit HERE and short-sleeved version HERE), vintage jean skirt (it was actually my mother in laws!, but similar HERE and HERE), and gold mouse flats. wearing THIS shade of red lipstick, bracelet HERE (on sale!) and rebecca minkoff backpack. ELEANOR: wren and james dress (c/o), gold flats. SAMSON: gingham button down, birkenstock sandals.


  1. You are right, You are so lucky to live in NY. It is my dream!! but…. (sometime I think why not!!!)
    Kisses from France (not so bad)

  2. Damla

    I really love you. You are the best family ever.
    Have a wonderful week too
    Love from İstanbul

  3. hanna

    That denim skirt is awesome! –Hanna Lei

  4. Aida

    I love your storys! i’m mamy too and i learn a lot from your blog.
    my boy is 17 m

  5. So lovely! And I love the idea of wering your old ballet leotards so you don’t have to tuck in your shirt all the time, I’m going to pull out mine too hah! Thanks for always sharing fun and happy moments with us Naomi <3


  6. Kathryn

    So many cute photos! Love the superman shots!! Thanks for sharing your Sunday with us :)

  7. Noemi

    Lanzar a un niño por los aires es muy peligroso para su cerebro….por favor no hagas eso

  8. Julie

    Hi Taza! I looooooove the pics of Samson with Josh! These are the cutest scenes of this blog post I think although all your pics are fantastic – as usual:) I love Eleanor’s dress too – red is my favourite colour – but they don’t have the right size left for my girl #1 who is 5:( It’s so nice when the weather is good, it gives you so many more options of things to do with the family and everybody in the streets seem to be in a good mood too. As we in London, like you, live in a flat, I am always on the look for things to do outdoor – weather permitting. It’s so nice to know we have now a few nice months of good and warm weather to enjoy. Have a lovely week in NYC with your adorable little family! Julie xx

  9. Jules

    YOUR SKIRT! I’m obsessed!

  10. Tammy

    samson the superman!!! they’re adorable- i cannot believe they’re getting so big already!

  11. Molly

    Such perfect photos of your beautiful family! The weather this past weekend really was THE best! Thank goodness for sunshine and warm weather.

    I wanted to be sure to say that your words about living where you’re living and gauging where the kids are ‘at’ as they get older, was so perfectly said! I moved all over the place with my two younger brothers and parents when I was younger (we lived in Singapore for two years, then London for two years and then moved back to Connecticut) and people always seemed to have opinions about it (how would it effect our learning, our grade placement, etc.) but my parents always knew what was best for us and I will forever be grateful to have had those experiences. It made me more confident and more spontaneous in my every day life, and I would never have wanted to trade those experiences for that world. You guys know what’s best for those kiddos and they look like they’re having THE time of their lives! xo

  12. Megan

    Absolutely adorable! Love you little family and aren’t days like this the best?


  13. Rachel

    I couldn’t agree more. Traveling is great, but it is always so nice to get home. :) I absolutely love your red lipstick!

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  14. Rachel

    Love this post. Your family photos are just so much fun! And you guys have got some amazing skills on photographing the little ones mid-air. You’re really going to have to share your secret!!

    Also adoring E’s hair…. Tutorial alert!!

    Also is your leotard zipped? I was wondering how you would breastfeed (if not too personal an ask) with a leotard on?!

    Rach //

    • TAZA

      yes, zipper down the front! which conrad started trying to unzip during church! haha!!!

  15. elaine

    Love that skirt! and can’t believe you are actually wearing it… even to church! You will have to tell me how you use the shopbop site. How many stores does it follow and when you look for something does it show several sites? Just wondering. Darling pictures; I love how brave Samson was and his great smile. I miss all of you and love your posts.

  16. Mia

    Gah! These pics are so so sweet! Im normally attached to my camera which I love since I have tons (and tons) of memories to look back on. It’s such a special thing. Although it’s been a challenge to get my real camera out lately. This is a good reminder of how important it is!

  17. Frances

    oh my gosh! i think your outfit in this post is my favorite (with the long green coat you wore this past Easter coming in close second). nyc looked so pretty this weekend! it really is funny how much good weather can have an effect on your mood. i hope everyone is doing well! xoxo

  18. Cat

    Can you confirm that the lip color
    is A-Go-Go?? When I click the link
    it doesn’t automatically select a color :(

    • TAZA

      oops! so sorry! the color name is underage red!!!

  19. Kelly

    Those superman pictures are incredibly precious and I love that picture with E’s dress billowing!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  20. Jane

    Woah! I never thought of wearing leotards to avoid the constant tucking in of shirts! I move and around way too much for a 26-year old and this is such a wonderful idea! Thank you, Taza!

  21. Kate

    My little family just moved back to Australia after six years living in New York. I miss it so much. Australia is wonderful, and we love being home, but New York is a special, special place. Part of me would have loved to live there forever too. Give it a big hug for me.

  22. Such a cool family! I like your mouse shoes! Fabulous!

  23. Kelly

    What products do you use to style your hair/bangs? I’m a long-time bang girl myself and am always looking for the best product to get that long bang french girl cool vibe going on, ha! Yours are killing it in this post!

  24. carey

    please do a hair styling post. literally am twinning with your haircut would love to know products that are working for you now. x

  25. Emmy

    Girl, those gym workouts are paying off! You are looking GOOD!

    Emmy Jake NYC

  26. Andrea

    I second what Rachel said. Please show us how to do E’s braid. It looks different from a crown braid. Thank you so much. Love your blog.

  27. Kenya

    I love your blog!! It’s the only blog I keep coming back to. I never, ever, get tired of you, your family and everything you share with us. Every time I see your pictures there’s something so emotional that comes out of me and it’s pure joy and happiness. I seriously get watery eyed! it’s ridiculous, I know. But I can’t help it! You are beautiful inside and out. Oh how I wish I have a family like yours in the near future!